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United States Numbered Highway System
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Notes: Outside cities, some towns, and two counties, every road is state-maintained. These roads are split into Primary and Secondary State Routes, and receive different levels of funding. Inside cities, most Primary State Routes are locally maintained.
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United States Numbered Highways in the U.S. state of Virginia, are numbered by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation as a system of state highways. In Virginia, these Primary State Routes receive more funding than Secondary State Routes and are numbered from 1 to 599.


Route From To Years Notes References
US 1 North Carolina District of Columbia 1926–present

US 1 Bus.
Business routes of US 1: Fredericksburg
US 11 Tennessee West Virginia 1926–present US 11 is split into US 11E and US 11W from Tennessee into Bristol

US 11 Bus.
Business routes of US 11: Lexington, Staunton

US 11 Alt.
Salem Roanoke late 1950s - present
US 13 North Carolina Maryland 1926–present

US 13 Bus.
Business routes of US 13: Eastville, Exmore, Accomac-Onley
US 15 North Carolina Maryland 1926–present

US 15 Bus.
Business routes of US 15: Keysville, Farmville, Culpeper, Remington, Warrenton, Leesburg
US 17 North Carolina Winchester 1926–present Previous had a spur route: US 17-1 (1926 - early 1930s)

US 17 Bus.
Business routes of US 17: Chesapeake, Gloucester, Saluda, Fredericksburg, Warrenton, Marshall
US 19 Tennessee West Virginia late 1920s - present

US 19 Bus.
Business routes of US 19: Lebanon, Tazewell
US 21 North Carolina Wytheville 1926–present
US 23 Tennessee Kentucky early 1930s - present

US 23 Bus.
Business routes of US 23: Gate City, Big Stone Gap-Norton, Wise, Pound
US 25E   1926–1996 No current route
US 29 North Carolina District of Columbia 1931–present

US 29 Bus.
Business routes of US 29: Danville, Chatham, Gretna, Hurt-Altavista, Lynchburg-Madison Heights-Amherst, Lovingston, Charlottesville, Madison, Culpeper, Remington, Warrenton
US 33 West Virginia Richmond 1938–present

US 33 Bus.
Business routes of US 33: Elkton
US 48 West Virginia Strasburg early 2000s - present
US 50 West Virginia District of Columbia 1926–present
US 52 North Carolina West Virginia mid-1930s–present
US 58 Tennessee Virginia Beach early 1930s–present

US 58 Bus.
Business routes of US 58: Rose Hill, Gate City, Meadows of Dan, Stuart, Martinsville, Danville, Clarksville, Boydton, South Hill, Lawrenceville, Emporia, Courtland, Franklin-Holland, Suffolk, Virginia Beach

US 58 Alt.
Jonesville Abingdon early 1950s–present

US 58 Bus. Alt.
Business routes of US 58 Alternate: Norton
US 60 West Virginia Virginia Beach 1926–present

US 60 Bus.
Business routes of US 60: Clifton Forge
US 117   1926–early 1930s No current route
US 121 Pound West Virginia c. 2000–present Previously also 1926–mid-1930s route
US 158 Early 1930s–1940 No current route
US 170   1926–1931 No current route
US 211 New Market Warrenton 1926–present

US 211 Bus.
Business routes of US 211: Luray, Washington, Warrenton
US 219 Rich Creek West Virginia late 1930s–present
US 220 North Carolina West Virginia mid-1930s–present

US 220 Bus.
Business routes of US 220: Ridgeway, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, Roanoke, Clifton Forge
US 221 North Carolina Lynchburg early 1930s–present
US 240   1930s No current route
US 250 West Virginia Richmond mid-1930s–present

US 250 Bus.
Business routes of US 250: Charlottesville
US 258 North Carolina Fort Monroe 1940–present

US 258 Bus.
Business routes of US 258: Franklin, Smithfield
US 301 North Carolina Maryland early 1930s–present

US 301 Bus.
Business routes of US 301: Bowling Green

US 301 Alt.
Petersburg early 1950s–present
US 311 North Carolina Bachelors Hall 2013-present Previously also 1926–mid-1930s route [1]
US 321   early 1930s No current route
US 340 north of Greenville
West Virginia
West Virginia

US 340 Bus.
Business routes of US 340: Stanley-Luray
US 360 Danville Reedville early 1930s - present

US 360 Bus.
Business routes of US 360: Keysville, Burkeville, Amelia, Mechanicsville
US 401   1927–early 1930s No current route
US 411   1926–early 1930s, mid-1930s–late 1970s No current route
US 421 Tennessee Kentucky c. 1950–present Previously also 1930s–late 1940s route

US 421 Bus.
Business routes of US 421: Gate City
US 460 Kentucky
West Virginia
West Virginia
early 1930s–present

US 460 Bus.
Business routes of US 460: Richlands-Cedar Bluff, Tazewell, Pearisburg, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Bedford, Lynchburg, Appomattox, Pamplin City, Farmville, Burkeville, Blackstone, Petersburg, Suffolk

US 460 Alt.
Salem early 1960s–present

US 460 Alt.
Chesapeake Norfolk 1952–present
US 501 North Carolina Buena Vista 1926–present

US 501 Bus.
Business routes of US 501: Lynchburg
US 511   1926–late 1920s No current route
US 522 west of Powhatan West Virginia early 1940s–present

US 522 Bus.
Business routes of US 522: Washington

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