List of U.S. Routes in Washington

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Marker for US 2 and US 101
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Notes: Maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
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Map of Washington's highways with the US Routes in red

Current U.S. Routes[edit]

Route number Length Western / southern terminus Eastern / northern terminus Counties Description References
US 101 365.55 miles (588.30 km) US 101 at the Oregon state line I‑5 near Tumwater Pacific, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Clallam, Mason, Thurston US 101 starts on the Astoria-Megler Bridge and goes north to Megler. From Megler, US 101 goes north and loops around Ilwaco before continuing northward to Aberdeen. In Aberdeen, US 101 intersects US 12 and goes west and north to Beaver. In Beaver, US 101 goes east towards Port Angeles and Sequim. After going south at Discovery Bay, US 101 intersects SR 8 and ends at I-5.
US 2 326.22 miles (525.00 km) SR 529 in Everett US-2 at the Idaho state line Snohomish, King, Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Lincoln, Spokane US 2 starts at an intersection with SR 529 in Everett and goes east to I-5. From Everett, US 2 becomes a short freeway and goes east and passes Stevens Pass to enter Eastern Washington. From there, US 2 goes to Cashmere, where it joins US 97 and then continues east towards Spokane. In Spokane, US 2 joins I-90 and US 395 into Downtown, where US 2 and US 395 split from I-90 and US 2 splits from US 395. From Spokane, US 2 goes northeast to Newport and intersects SR 20 and SR 41 before entering Idaho.
US 12 430.80 miles (693.31 km) US 101 in Aberdeen US-12 at the Idaho state line Grays Harbor, Lewis, Yakima, Benton, Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin US 12 starts at an intersection with US 101 in Aberdeen. From there, US 12 continues east to Elma and southeast to Chehalis, where it joins I-5 and leaves in Napavine. US 12 then goes east across White Pass to Yakima, where it joins both US 97 and I-82. US 97 exits off south of Yakima and US 12 exits off of I-82 at the interchange with I-182, which US 12 follows until I-182 ends at US 395 in Pasco. From Pasco, US 12 goes east to Clarkston, where it enters Idaho.
US 97 321.62 miles (517.60 km) US 97 at the Oregon state line BC 97 at the Canada – United States border Klicakitat, Yakima, Kittitas, Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan US 97 starts on the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge, which spans the Columbia River between Biggs Junction, Oregon (US 97 and US 30/I-84) and Maryhill (US 97 and SR 14). From there, US 97 goes north to join SR 14 before leaving towards Yakima. Once in Yakima, US 97 joins I-82 and US 12 through Downtown Yakima and US 12 separates north of Yakima and I-82 ends at a junction with I-90 in Ellensburg. US 97 joins I-90 at that point and exits off to join SR 10 (former US 10). After leaving SR 10, US 97 continues north to join US 2 and intersect US 97A before leaving US 2 and continuing north to Chelan. In Chelan, US 97 intersects US 97A again before continuing north to Canada.
US 195 93.37 miles (150.26 km) US-195 at the Idaho state line near I-90 (big).svgUS 2.svgUS 395.svg I-90/US 2/US 395 in Spokane Whitman, Spokane US 195 starts at the Idaho state line near Clarkston. From the border, US 195 intersects US 195 Spur (which connects US 195 to US 95 in Idaho), SR 27, SR 194, SR 270, and SR 272 before reaching Colfax, where it intersects SR 26, which used to be U.S. Route 295. After intersecting SR 23 and SR 271, US 195 ends at an interchange with I-90, US 2, and US 395 in Spokane.
US 395 275.03 miles (442.62 km) I‑82 / US 395 at the Oregon state line BC 395 at the Canada – United States border Benton, Franklin, Adams, Lincoln, Spokane, Stevens, Ferry US 395 begins on the Umatilla Bridge over the Columbia River, concurrent with I-82. US 395 continues concurrent until the road splits south of Kennewick and US 395 continues into Pasco on the Blue Bridge over the Columbia River. US 395 then becomes concurrent with I-182 and US 12 and later I-182 ends and US 395 splits from US 12 and continues to Ritzville. In Ritzville, US 395 becomes concurrent with I-90 and goes northeast into Spokane where it joins US 2 and exits off of I-90. North of Spokane, US 2 splits and US 395 goes northwest towards Colville, where it becomes concurrent with SR 20 and continues north to Canada where it becomes British Columbia Highway 395.
US 197 3.18 miles (5.12 km) US 197 at the Oregon state line SR 14 near Dallesport Klickitat US 197 starts on the The Dalles Bridge over the Columbia River at the Oregon state line. From there, US 197 goes north to SR 14, where it ends.
US 730 6.08 miles (9.78 km) US 730 at the Oregon state line US 12 near Wallula Walla Walla US 730 begins at the Oregon state line and continues northeast to end at US 12 near Wallula.

Former U.S. Routes[edit]

Route number Length Western / southern terminus Eastern / northern terminus Counties Description References
US 10 397 miles (639 km) US 99 in Seattle US-10 at the Idaho state line King, Kittitas, Grant, Adams, Lincoln, Spokane US 10 started in Seattle and went east across the Lake Washington Floating Bridge and passed Snoqualmie Pass before it joined US 97 for a short distance in Ellensburg. After passing Ellensburg, US 10 joined US 395 in Ritzville, and US 2 west of Spokane and continued into Downtown Spokane. In Downtown, US 10 intersected US 195 before splitting from US 2 and US 395 and continuing into Idaho.
US 295 45 miles (72 km) US 410 / US 12 near Pomeroy US 195 in Colfax Garfield, Whitman US 295 started at an intersection with US 410 and went north to cross the Snake River before going east to US 195 in Colfax.
US 410 469 miles (755 km) US 101 in Aberdeen US 410 at the Idaho state line Grays Harbor, Thurston, Pierce, King, Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin US 410 started at an intersection with US 101 in Aberdeen. From Aberdeen, US 410 went east and joined US 101 and then split from US 101 to join I-5 south of Olympia. From Olympia, US 410 and I-5 went into Tacoma, where US 410 split and went east to Chinook Pass and crossed the pass. From Chinook Pass, US 410 joined US 97 in Yakima and split in West Richland. From West Richland, US 410 went east across the Columbia River and shortly joined US 395 before continuing east to intersect US 295. From US 295, US 410 went east to Clarkston, where it crossed the Snake River and entered Idaho.
US 830 209 miles (336 km) US 101 in Johnson's Landing US 97 near Maryhill Pacific, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, Klickitat US 830 started at US 101 in Johnson's Landing and went east to Kelso. From Kelso, US 830 became concurrent with US 99 and split in Vancouver, where it started to follow the Columbia River. North of Dallesport, US 830 joined US 197 and ended, along with US 197, at US 97 near Maryhill.
US 95 0.54 miles (0.87 km) US-95 / US-195 at the Idaho state line US-95 at the Idaho state line Whitman US 95 entered Washington north of Lewiston, Idaho for 0.54 miles (0.87 km), partially concurrent with U.S. Route 195. The route was moved to a new 4-laned divided road that bypassed Washington in the 1970s.
US 99 387 miles (623 km) US 99 at the Oregon state line BC 99 at the Canada – United States border Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Thurston, Pierce, King, Snohomish County, Skagit, Whatcom US 99 starts at the Oregon border over the Columbia River and goes north to intersect US 830. From US 830, US 99 leaves Vancouver and intersects US 101 and US 410 in Olympia. After joining with US 410 in Olympia, US 99 splits from US 410 in Tacoma and continues north to Seattle. In Seattle, US 99 intersects US 10 and then goes north to Everett, where US 99 intersects US 2. From Everett, US 99 travels north to Blaine, where US 99 crosses the Canadian border and becomes British Columbia Highway 99.