List of U.S. county name etymologies (E–I)

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This is a list of U.S. county name etymologies, covering the letters E to I.






County name State Origin
Iberia Parish Louisiana Named for the Iberian Peninsula.
Iberville Parish Louisiana Named for Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, who founded the French colony of Louisiana.
Ida County Iowa Probably named after Ida Smith, the first child of European immigrants to be born in this region.
Idaho County Idaho Named for a steamer called Idaho that was launched on the Columbia River in 1860.
Imperial County California Named for the Imperial Land Company, a subsidiary of the California Development Company.
Independence County Arkansas Named to honor the Declaration of Independence.
Indian River County Florida Named for the Indian River Lagoon.
Indiana County Pennsylvania Probably named for the Indiana Territory.
Ingham County Michigan Named for Samuel D. Ingham, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under President Andrew Jackson.
Inyo County California The meaning of the word inyo is "dwelling place of the great spirit" in the Mono language.
Ionia County Michigan Named after Ionia, an ancient region on the west coast of Asia Minor, in present-day Turkey.
Iosco County Michigan Pseudo-Native American name created by Henry Schoolcraft, meaning "water of light".
Iowa County Iowa Named for the Iowa River, which flows through the county.[4]
Iowa County Wisconsin Named for the Iowa Indian tribe
Iredell County North Carolina James Iredell, one of the first Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. He became governor of North Carolina.
Irion County Texas Named for Robert Anderson Irion, a secretary of state of the Republic of Texas.
Iron County Michigan For the abundance of iron ore found in the county
Iron County Missouri For the abundance of iron ore found in the county
Iron County Utah Named for the iron mines west of Cedar City.
Iron County Wisconsin For the abundant iron ore deposits
Iroquois County Illinois Named for the Iroquois people.
Irwin County Georgia Jared Irwin (1751–1818), governor who rescinded the Yazoo Act in 1796
Isabella County Michigan Named after Queen Isabella I of Castile.[5]
Isanti County Minnesota Named for the Santee Sioux (Izatys) people, meaning "[those that] dwell at Knife Lake"
Island County Washington The name reflects the fact that the county consists of two large islands, Whidbey and Camano, and seven smaller islands (Baby, Ben Ure, Deception, Kalamut, Minor, Smith, and Strawberry).
Isle of Wight County Virginia After the island off the south coast of England of the same name.
Issaquena County Mississippi Native American word which means Deer River.
Itasca County Minnesota Named for Lake Itasca, source of the Mississippi River; the name was coined by Henry Schoolcraft from a combination of the Latin words veritas ("truth") and caput ("head")
Itawamba County Mississippi Named for the Chickasaw leader Levi Colbert, who was also known as Itawamba.
Izard County Arkansas Named for War of 1812 General and Arkansas Territorial Governor George Izard.

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