List of U.S. state sports

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This is a list of official U.S. state sports as recognized by state legislatures.

State Individual Sport Team Sport Year adopted
Alaska Mushing 1972
Hawaii[1] Surfing Outrigger canoeing 1998 (Surfing), 1986 (Outrigger canoeing)
Maryland[2] Jousting Lacrosse 1962 (Jousting), 2003 (Lacrosse)
Massachusetts[1] Basketball 2006
Minnesota[1] Ice Fishing Ice Hockey 2008
New Hampshire[1] Skiing 1998
North Carolina Stock car racing [3] 2011
South Dakota[1] Rodeo 2004
Tennessee[1] Golf American football 1996
Texas[1] Rodeo American football 1997
Wyoming[1] Rodeo 2003

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