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The list of UCLA Anderson School of Management people includes notable graduates, professors and administrators affiliated with the UCLA Anderson School of Management.



  • Cathy Saidiner (MBA 1998) President BLITZ
  • David Burk (MBA 1987) Partner & Senior VP, West Coast Digital Practice Fleishman-Hillard International Communications
  • Howard Davis (MBA 1970) CEO Tracy Locke, Inc. (Former)
  • Robert Humphreys (BS 1947) Chairman of the Executive Committee Grey Advertising, Western Division

Arts and Entertainment[edit]


  • Benjamin Hong (MBA 1972) President & CEO Nara Bank (Former)
  • Bill Gross (MBA 1971) Founder, Managing Director, Co-CIO PIMCO (also see Billionaires)
  • Bob Davidson (MBA 1972) Chairman and CEO The Davidson Group
  • Boyd Jefferies (BS 1953) Chairman and CEO Jefferies & Company (Former)
  • David Polak (MBA 1968) Chairman, NWQ Investment Management Co. (Former)
  • David Shulman (MBA 1966) Managing Director Lehman Brothers (Former)
  • Douglas Blagdon (MBA 1984) Managing Director SAC Capital Advisors
  • George Benter (MBA 1964) President and COO City National Bank (Former)
  • George Boutros (MBA 1986) Partner Qatalyst Partners
  • Guillermo Tagle (MBA 1991) CEO & Partner IM Trust
  • James Giles (MS 1969) CEO of International Banks Merrill Lynch (Former)
  • Jim McDermott (MBA 1997) Managing Partner US Renewables (also see High Tech)
  • James F. Montgomery (BS 1957) CEO & Chairman Great Western Bank
  • Karlheinz Muhr (MBA 1985) CEO QFS Asset and Risk Management
  • Kathryn B. Zukerman (MBA 1994) Managing Director, Trader BTIG
  • Laurence Fink (MBA 1976) CEO & Chairman BlackRock Financial Management Group
  • Leland Sun (MBA 1986) Managing Director Pan Asian Mortgage Company
  • Leslie Perkins (MBA 1983) Managing Director Citigroup
  • Lynn Haffner (MBA 1983) Managing Director Morgan Stanley
  • Mark Tsesarsky (MBA 1986) Managing Director Citigroup
  • Michael Gillfillan (MBA 1973) CEO & Chairman Alostar Bank of Commerce
  • Michele Havens (FEMBA 2005) Los Angeles Regional President Northern Trust
  • Peter H. Dailey (BS 1954) Chairman Enniskerry Financial, Ltd.
  • Richard Kayne (MBA 1968) CEO & President Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors
  • Theresa Lang (MBA 1982) Sr. VP and Treasurer Merrill Lynch (one of Top 50 Women in Finance — April '97) (Former)
  • Thomas Wu (MBA 1975) Chairman Taishin International Bank
  • Tom Schwartz (MBA 1983) Managing Director Goldman Sachs
  • Francesco Aquilini (MBA 1994) Managing Director, Aquilini Investment Group



  • Jim Moffatt (MBA 1987) Chairman & CEO Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Julianto Sidarto (MBA 1988) Country Managing Director Accenture Indonesia
  • Marshall Goldsmith (PhD 1977) Founding Director Alliance for Strategic Leadership (Former) (named World's Most Influential Leadership Thinker — November 2011)



  • Donald G. Castle (MBA 1970) CEO Chevron Corporation (Former)
  • Stephen Torres (MBA 1994) General Manager, U.S. Subsidiary Fonroche Energie

Food and Beverage[edit]

  • Bill Henry (MS 1973) President & CEO Stroh Brewery Company
  • Carl Karcher (EP 1982) President CKE Restaurants (Former)
  • Chris Johnson (MBA 1988) Exec Vice Pres & Zone Director, Americas Nestlé
  • Eric Anders (MBA 1991) Founder Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill
  • JJ Buettgen (MBA 1989) President & CEO Ruby Tuesday, Chief Marketing Officer Darden Restaurants
  • John Harris (MBA 1974) Chairman & CEO Nestlé Waters (Former)
  • Murray Loeterman (BS 1950, CERT 1965) President & CEO Good Stuff Food Co. (Former)
  • Richard Herzer (BS 1958) CEO International House of Pancakes (Former)
  • Steven M Neil (MBA) CAO, EVP, and CFO at Diamond Foods (Former)
  • Phoebe Wood (MBA 1980) Vice Chairman & CFO Brown-Forman Corp. (Former)
  • Sharon Rothstein (MBA 1984) Global CMO, Starbucks
  • Huntley Castner (MBA 1989) CEO, Yogurtland
  • T.K. Pillan (MBA 1996) Co-Founder, VeggieGrill



High Tech[edit]



  • John E. Parker (BS 1950) President Parker Industries



  • Lloyd Taylor (MS 1967) Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant

Real Estate[edit]


  • Alison Pincus (MBA 2002) Co-Founder, Chief Partnership Officer One Kings Lane (with Susan Feldman)
  • Andy Campion (MBA 2003) CFO The Nike Brand Nike, Inc.
  • Blair Taylor (MBA 1990) Chief Community Officer Starbucks
  • Frederick Port (BS 1963) Director Phoenix Footwear Group
  • Nobutada Saji (MS 1971) Chairman of the Board Suntory Limited (also see Billionaires)
  • Richard M. Rodstein (MBA 1978) CEO & President K2, Inc. (Former)
  • Scot Rank (MBA 1989) CEO & President Walmart de México y Centroamérica
  • Susan Feldman (MBA 1983) Co-Founder, Chief Merchandising Officer One Kings Lane (with Alison Pincus)


Venture Capital/Private Equity[edit]

  • B. Kipling Hagopian (MBA 1966) Director, Chairman of the Board Maxim Integrated Products
  • Gill Cogan (MBA 1977) General Partner Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Kenneth Lawler (MBA 1984) General Partner Battery Ventures
  • Pat Welsh (MS 1969) Co-founder, General Partner Welsh Carson Anderson and Stowe
  • Thomas Peterson (MBA 1985) General Partner El Dorado Ventures
  • Timothy Pennington (MBA 1966) Co-founder, General Partner Brentwood Associates
  • Christopher Shipman (MBA 1991) Co-founder, Partner Catalyst Investors


  • Elwin Svenson, Executive Director - International Programs, FEMBA Program, UCLA Anderson School of Management; recipient of knighthood of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, as a First Class Knight of the White Rose of Finland, on December 11, 2004[1] "for assisting the expansion of Finnish start-up companies through the UCLA Anderson's Global Access Program."[1]
  • Bob Foster (1965), Professor, Director - GAP, UCLA Anderson School of Management; recipient of knighthood of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, as a First Class Knight of the White Rose of Finland, on December 9, 2011[2] "in recognition of his efforts, through the GAP program, to help Finnish technology companies expand into markets abroad, including the United States"[3] and their advancement "further in corporate development."[2]


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