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The following is a list of Undergrads episodes made by Music Television/Teletoon.[1]

The show ran a total of 13 episodes, for one season. The season ran from April 22, 2001 to August 12, 2001. A DVD was released afterwards with all of season one's episodes on August 5, 2003.

List of episodes[edit]

Title Original airdate Prod # #
Party April 22, 2001 101 101
After arriving at college Nitz realises after a week he hasn't done anything so tries to cram a weeks college experiences into a day in order to have something to talk to Kimmy about.
Traditions April 29, 2001 102 102
Tradition Week at the colleges. State U's eXposed eXpo means that during the first snow fall of the winter all of the freshman run naked through the college quad.
Virgins May 6, 2001 103 103
Nitz is a virgin but thinks that Kimmy wants to have sex with him when she invites him to the clinic where she works.
New Friends May 13, 2001 104 104
Nitz's friends forget about his birthday so he decides to start hanging out with Jessie and her friends. At the same time at Tekerson Tech, Gimpy has lost command of his band of minions and must fight Number One for control.
Drunks June 8, 2001 105 109
Nitz who is under-age tries to get into a bar so he can talk to Kimmy. Rocko vows never to drink again after hallucinating about a giant whiskey bottle.
Roommates June 15, 2001 106 110
After Cal begins to make Nitz go crazy he starts sleeping in Jessie's room, whose roommate has gone for the week. Nitz suddenly realises that he's attracted to Jessie but then tries too hard to get her. Gimpy falls in love with a girl hacker.
Jerks June 22, 2001 107 107
Gimpy, unable to further tolerate Rita's tyranny, enlists Cal to woo her into submission. But the plan works a little too well... Kimmy tells Nitz that she is moving to England so he offers her his travel clock even though he doesn't have one. Rocko drags Nitz around town all night and then destroys the travel clock that Gimpy found for Nitz.
Rivalries June 29, 2001 108 112
Nitz and Gimpy enter a trivia competition but end up competing against each other in an inter-college competition.
Financial Aid July 6, 2001 109 113
Nitz does not receive his financial aid check and so joins the local student action group. Rocko joins the local college ROTC.
Identity Crisis July 22, 2001 110 105
After returning from winter break, nobody seems to remember Nitz so he locks himself in his room to create an identity. Rocko converts Cal into a version of Rocko.
Work Study July 29, 2001 111 111
Nitz receives a credit card from his parents but goes over his limit so must get a job. He ends up working at the library while Rocko, Cal and Gimpy manage to get large amounts of money without trying.
Risk August 5, 2001 112 106
Gimpy finds his Risk board and invites the rest of the clique around for a game. But Nitz has promised Kimmy that he would help at the Spring Fling carnival. Gimpy schemes so that Nitz cannot leave and Nitz's absence causes a fire.
Screw Week August 12, 2001 113 108
During the final week of college, Nitz tries desperately to attract Kimmy. Jessie becomes more annoyed with Nitz for ignoring her obvious attraction to him.


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