List of United Kingdom MPs who only sat in the February–November 1910 Parliament

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Twenty-two Members who sat throughout the 1910 Parliament were not members of any preceding or following Parliament. Their tenure as MPs therefore lasted 286 days, making them among the shortest-serving MPs in history.

Members defeated at the December 1910 election[edit]

William Augustus Adam, Woolwich
Gerald Archibald Arbuthnot, Burnley
Walter Annis Attenborough, Bedford
Robert Brassey, Banbury
Gerald Fitzgibbon Brunskill, Mid-Tyrone
Thomas Charles Pleydell Calley, Cricklade
Sir Henry Arthur Colefax, Manchester South West
Bryan Ricco Cooper, Dublin South
Sir Charles Dillwyn-Venables-Llewellyn, Radnorshire
Sir William Henry Dunn, Southwark West
John Kenneth Foster, Coventry
Frederick Hindle, Darwen
John Arthur Jackson, Whitehaven
Max Muspratt, Liverpool Exchange
Douglas Proby, Saffron Walden
George Henry Verrall, Newmarket

Members who retired at the Dissolution[edit]

Sir Thomas Barclay, Blackburn
Alfred du Cros, Bow and Bromley
Cecil Alfred Grenfell, Bodmin
James Knott, Sunderland
Trebitsch Lincoln, Darlington

1974 elections[edit]

On the only other occasion in the 20th century when two UK general elections took place in the same year, 1974, there was only one MP who served only in this parliament: Harry West.

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