List of United States Representatives from Florida

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This is an incomplete list of Members of the United States House of Representatives from Florida in alphabetical order.

Unlike many smaller states that generally have continuity in their districts when reapportioned every 10 years after the US Census, Florida has had too much demographic change to consider each district to be a continuation of the same numbered district before reapportionment. For example, while Dennis Ross, Adam Putnam and Charles T. Canady have represented the 12th District since 1993, they are often seen as "successors" of Andy Ireland not Tom Lewis since the current district and the previous 10th district were the Polk County districts designed to give this medium sized district its own representative.

Representative Party District Years District home Note
Jim Bacchus Democratic 11th 1991–1993 Redistricting
15th 1993–1995 Retired
Louis A. Bafalis Republican 10th 1973–1983 Ran for governor (lost)
Charles Edward Bennett Democratic 2nd 1949–1967 Redistricting
3rd 1967–1993 Chairman of House Ethics Committee (1979–1981); retired; longest-serving member of Congress from Florida until at least 2015
Gus Bilirakis Republican 9th 2007–present Incumbent; son of predecessor Michael Bilirakis
Michael Bilirakis Republican 9th 1983–2007 Retired; father of successor Gus Bilirakis
Horatio Bisbee, Jr. Republican 1st 1877–1879 Election contested, unseated
2nd 1881 Contested election, seated
1882–1885 Contested election, seated, re-elected 1882, lost 1884 election
Allen Boyd Democratic 2nd 1997–2011 Lost re-election
William Henry Brockenbrough Democratic At-Large 1846–1847 Contested election, seated
Corrine Brown Democratic 3rd 1993–present Incumbent
Ginny Brown-Waite Republican 5th 2003–2011 Retired
Vern Buchanan Republican 13th 2007–present Incumbent
Robert Bullock Democratic 2nd 1889–1893 Retired
J. Herbert Burke Republican 10th 1967–1973 Redistricting
12th 1973–1979 Lost re-election
Edward Carrington Cabell Whig AL 1845–1846 1st Florida Representative; election contested, unseated
1847–1853 Chairman of Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings (1847–1849); lost re-election
Millard F. Caldwell Democratic 3rd 1933–1941 Retired; later 29th Governor of Florida (1945–1949)
Richard K. Call Delegate Territory 1823–1825 Retired; later 3rd & 5th Territorial Governor of Florida (1835–1840) & (1841–1844); uncle of Wilkinson Call
Courtney W. Campbell Democratic 1st 1953–1955 Lost re-election
Charles T. Canady Republican 12th 1993–2001 Retired; later Justice & current Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Florida
Pat Cannon Democratic 4th 1939–1947 Lost re-election
Kathy Castor Democratic 11th 2007–present Incumbent
William V. Chappell, Jr. Democratic 4th 1969–1989 Lost re-election
Frank Clark Democratic 2nd 1905–1925 Lost re-election; Chairman of Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds (1913–1919)
Charles Merian Cooper Democratic 2nd 1893–1897 Retired
William C. Cramer Republican 1st 1955–1963 Redistricting
12th 1963–1967 Redistricting
8th 1967–1971 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
Ander Crenshaw Republican 4th 2001–present Incumbent
Robert H. M. Davidson Democratic 2nd 1877–1879
1st 1879–1891 Chairman of the Committee on Railways and Canals (1883–1889); lost primary
Jim Davis Democratic 11th 1997–2007 Ran for governor (lost)
Robert Wyche Davis Democratic 2nd 1897–1905 Retired
Peter Deutsch Democratic 20th 1993–2005 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
Lincoln Diaz-Balart Republican 21st 1993–2011 Retired; succeeded by his brother, Mario Diaz-Balart
Mario Diaz-Balart Republican 25th 2003–2011 Changed districts
21st 2011–present Incumbent; succeeded his brother, Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Charles Dougherty Democratic 2nd 1885–1889 Retired
Charles Downing Delegate Territory 1847–1851
Herbert J. Drane Democratic 1st 1917–1933 Lost primary
Dante Fascell Democratic 4th 1955–1963 Redistricting
12th 1963–1973 Redistricting
15th 1973–1983 Redistricting
19th 1983–1993 Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee (1984–1993); retired
Tom Feeney Republican 24th 2003–2009 Lost general
Jesse J. Finley Democratic 2nd 1876–1877 Contested election, seated
1st 1879 Contested election, seated
1881–1882 Election contested, unseated; unsuccessfully appointed to U.S. Senate 1887
Mark Foley Republican 16th 1995–2006 Resigned
Tillie K. Fowler Republican 4th 1993–2001 Retired
Louis Frey, Jr. Republican 5th 1969–1973 Redistricting
9th 1973–1979 Ran for governor (lost)
Don Fuqua Democratic 9th 1963–1967 Redistricting
1st 1967–1987 Chairman of House Committee on Science and Technology (1979–1987); retired
Sam Gibbons Democratic 10th 1963–1967 Redistricting
6th 1967–1973 Redistricting
7th 1973–1993 Redistricting
11th 1993–1997 Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee; retired
Porter Goss Republican 13th 1989–1993 Redistricting
14th 1993–2004 Chairman of House Intelligence Committee (1997–2004); resigned to become 19th Director of Central Intelligence (2004–2005), redesignated Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2005)
James W. Grant Democratic 2nd 1987–1989 Re-elected, changed parties
Republican 1989–1991 Lost re-election
Alan Grayson Democratic 8th 2009–2011 Orlando Lost general
Robert A. Green Democratic 2nd 1925–1944 Chairman of Committee on Territories (1933–1944); ran for governor (lost); resigned to become lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy, served past the end of World War II
Bill Gunter Democratic 5th 1973–1975 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
Edward Gurney Republican 11th 1963–1967 Redistricting
5th 1967–1969 U.S. Senator (1969–1974)
James A. Haley Democratic 7th 1953–1973 Redistricting
8th 1973–1977 Chairman of Interior and Insular Affairs Committee (1973–1977); retired
Charles M. Hamilton Republican At-Large 1868–1871 Lost primary
Katherine Harris Republican 13th 2003–2007 Lost general
Alcee Hastings Democratic 23rd 1993–present Miramar Incumbent
George Sydney Hawkins Democratic At-Large 1857–1861 Withdrew due to the secession of Florida
Joe Hendricks Democratic 5th 1937–1949 Retired
Joseph Marion Hernández Delegate Territory 1822–1823 1st delegate; lost re-election
Albert S. Herlong, Jr. Democratic 5th 1949–1967 Redistricting
4th 1967–1969 Retired
Noble A. Hull Democratic 2nd 1879–1881 Election contested, unseated
Earl Dewitt Hutto Democratic 1st 1979–1995 Retired
Andy Ireland Democratic 8th 1977–1983 Redistricting
10th 1983–1984 Re-elected, changed parties
Republican 1984–1993 Retired
Craig T. James Republican 4th 1989–1993 Retired
Harry Johnston Democratic 14th 1989–1993 Redistricting
19th 1993–1997 Retired
Walter Kehoe Democratic 1st 1917–1919 Lost re-election
Ric Keller Republican 8th 2001–2009 Lost general
Richard Kelly Republican 5th 1975–1981 Lost primary
Ron Klein Democratic 22nd 2007–2011 Lost general
Suzanne Kosmas Democratic 24th 2009–2011 Lost general
William Bailey Lamar Democratic 3rd 1903–1909 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
William C. Lantaff Democratic 4th 1951–1955 Retired
William Lehman Democratic 13th 1973–1983 Redistricting
17th 1983–1993 Retired
Claude L'Engle Democratic At-Large 1913–1915 Lost primary
Tom Lewis Republican 12th 1983–1993 Redistricting
16th 1993–1995 Retired
Connie Mack Republican 13th 1983–1989 U.S. Senator (1989–2001); father of Connie Mack IV
Connie Mack IV Republican 14th 2005–present Incumbent; son of Connie Mack III
Buddy MacKay Democratic 6th 1983–1989 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost); later, 14th Lieutenant Governor of Florida (1991–1998) & 42nd Governor of Florida (1998–1999)
Tim Mahoney Democratic 16th 2007–2009 Lost general
Stephen Mallory II Democratic 1st 1891–1895 Later U.S. Senator (1897–1907d); son of Stephen Mallory
Donald Ray Matthews Democratic 8th 1953–1963 Redistricting
1st 1963–1967 Lost primary
Augustus Maxwell Democratic At-Large 1853–1857 Later Confederate Senator (1862–1865); Associate Justice Supreme Court of Florida (1865–1866); its Chief Justice, then Associate Justice (1887–1891); grandfather of Emmett Wilson
Dannite H. Mays Democratic 3rd 1909–1913 Lost primary
Bill McCollum Republican 5th 1981–1993 Redistricting
8th 1993–2001 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost); later Florida Attorney General (2007–2011)
Chester B. McMullen Democratic 1st 1951–1953 Retired
Carrie P. Meek Democratic 17th 1993–2003 Retired; succeeded by her son, Kendrick Meek
Kendrick Meek Democratic 17th 2003–2011 Succeeded his mother, Carrie P. Meek; ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
Dan Mica Democratic 11th 1979–1983 Redistricting
14th 1983–1989 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost primary)
Dan Miller Republican 13th 1993–2003 Retired
Jeff Miller Republican 1st 2001–present Incumbent; Chairman of House Veterans' Affairs Committee (2011–present)
Bill Nelson Democratic 9th 1979–1983 Redistricting
14th 1983–1991 Ran for governor (lost primary); U.S. Senator (2001–present)
Silas L. Niblack Democratic At-Large 1873 Contested election, seated; lost re-election
Ruth Bryan Owen Democratic 4th 1929–1933 Lost primary; later, first woman Ambassador (1933–1936)
Claude Pepper Democratic 3rd 1963–1967 Previously U.S. Senator (1936–1951); redistricting
11th 1967–1973 Chairman of House Select Committee on Crime (1969–1981); redistricting
14th 1973–1983 Chairman of House Committee on Aging (1977–1983); redistricting
18th 1983–1989 Died; Chairman of House Rules Committee (1983–1989)
J. Hardin Peterson Democratic 1st 1933–1951 Chairman of Committee on Public Lands (1943–1947) & (1949–1951); retired
Douglas Peterson Democratic 2nd 1991–1997 Former POW in Vietnam; retired; later, U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam (1997–2001)
Bill Posey Republican 15th 2009–present Incumbent
Emory H. Price Democratic 2nd 1943–1949 Lost primary
William J. Purman Republican At-Large 1873–1875 Resigned
1st 1875–1877 Re-elected; lost re-election
Adam Putnam Republican 12th 2001–2011 Retired
Dwight L. Rogers Democratic 6th 1945–1954 Died; had been re-elected to another term; succeeded by his son, Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers Democratic 6th 1955–1967 Succeeded his late father, Dwight L. Rogers; redistricting
9th 1967–1973 Redistricting
11th 1973–1979 Retired
Tom Rooney Republican 16th 2009–present Incumbent
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Republican 18th 1989–present Incumbent; Chairwoman of House Foreign Affairs Committee (2011–present)
Joe Scarborough Republican 1st 1995–2001 Resigned; had been re-elected to another term
William J. Sears Democratic 4th 1915–1929 Chairman of Committee on Education (1917–1919); lost primary
At-Large 1933–1937 Redistricting; lost primary
E. Clay Shaw, Jr. Republican 12th 1981–1983 Redistricting
15th 1983–1993 Redistricting
22nd 1993–2007 Lost general
Robert L. F. Sikes Democratic 3rd 1941–1944 Resigned to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II
1945–1963 Redistricting
1st 1963–1979 Retired
George Smathers Democratic 4th 1947–1951 U.S. Senator (1951–1969)
Lawrence J. Smith Democratic 16th 1983–1993 Retired
John H. Smithwick Democratic 3rd 1919–1927 Lost primary
Stephen M. Sparkman Democratic 3rd 1895–1917 Chairman of Committee on Rivers and Harbors (1911–1917); retired
Edward J. Stack Democratic 12th 1979–1981 Lost primary
Cliff Stearns Republican 6th 1989–present Incumbent
Karen Thurman Democratic 5th 1993–2003 Redistricting; lost general
Josiah T. Walls Republican At-Large 1871–1873 Election contested, unseated
1873–1875 Redistricting; re-elected
2nd 1875–1876 Election contested, unseated
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Democratic 20th 2005–present Incumbent
Dave Weldon Republican 15th 1995–2009 Retired
Allen West Republican 22nd 2011–present Incumbent
Robert Wexler Democratic 19th 1997–2010 Resigned; became president of S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace
Joseph M. White Delegate Territory 1825–1837 Lost re-election
J. Mark Wilcox Democratic 4th 1933–1939 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
Emmett Wilson Democratic 3rd 1913–1917 Lost primary; grandson of Augustus Maxwell
Tom A. Yon Democratic 3rd 1927–1933 Lost primary
Bill Young Republican 8th 1971–1973 Redistricting
6th 1973–1983 Redistricting
8th 1983–1993 Redistricting
10th 1993–2013 Chairman of House Appropriations Committee (1999–2005)
13th 2013
David Levy Yulee Delegate Territory 1841–1845 Statehood; U.S. Senator (1845–1851) & (1855–1861) (secession)