List of United States Representatives from Illinois

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This is a list of U.S. Representatives from Illinois. Illinois became the 21st state on December 3, 1818.

Current Representatives[edit]

List of Representatives[edit]

Representative Party District Service Notes
J. Leroy Adair Democratic 15th 1933–1937
George E. Adams Republican 4th 1883–1891
Charles Adkins Republican 19th 1925–1933
J. Frank Aldrich Republican 1st 1893–1897
William Aldrich Republican 1st 1877–1883
James C. Allen Democratic 7th 1853–1857
At-large 1863–1865
John Clayton Allen Republican 14th 1925–1933
Leo E. Allen Republican 13th 1933–1949
16th 1949–1961
William J. Allen Democratic 9th 1862–1863
13th 1863–1865
Willis Allen Democratic 2nd 1851–1853
9th 1853–1855
George A. Anderson Democratic 12th 1887–1889
John B. Anderson Republican 16th 1961–1981
William B. Anderson Independent 19th 1875–1877
Frank Annunzio Democratic 7th 1965–1973
11th 1973–1993
Leslie C. Arends Republican 17th 1935–1973
15th 1973–1974
Isaac N. Arnold Republican 2nd 1861–1863
1st 1863–1865
Laurence F. Arnold Democratic 23rd 1937–1943
William W. Arnold Democratic 23rd 1923–1935
John C. Bagby Democratic 10th 1875–1877
Edward D. Baker Whig 7th 1845–1847
6th 1849–1851
Jehu Baker Republican 12th 1865–1869
18th 1887–1889
Democratic 21st 1897–1899
William N. Baltz Democratic 22nd 1913–1915
Hiram Barber, Jr. Republican 3rd 1879–1881
James M. Barnes Democratic 20th 1939–1943
Granville Barrere Republican 9th 1873–1875
Harry P. Beam Democratic 4th 1931–1942
Melissa Bean Democratic 8th 2005–2011
Hugh R. Belknap Republican 3rd 1895–1899
John L. Beveridge Republican At-large 1871–1873
Judy Biggert Republican 13th 1999–present
C. W. Bishop Republican 25th 1941–1949
26th 1949–1953
25th 1953–1955
William H. Bissell Democratic 1st 1849–1853
Independent Democrat 8th 1853–1855
John C. Black Democratic At-large 1893–1895
Rod R. Blagojevich Democratic 5th 1997–2003
Shadrack Bond Independent (Illinois
Charles M. Borchers Democratic 19th 1913–1915
Henry S. Boutell Republican 6th 1897–1903
9th 1903–1911
James B. Bowler Democratic 7th 1953–1957
Thomas A. Boyd Republican 9th 1877–1881
Lewis L. Boyer Democratic 15th 1937–1939
Charles A. Boyle Democratic 12th 1955–1959
Martin A. Brennan Democratic At-large 1933–1937
Lorenzo Brentano Republican 3rd 1877–1879
Frederick A. Britten Republican 9th 1913–1935
Henry P.H. Bromwell Republican 7th 1865–1869
Edwin B. Brooks Republican 23rd 1919–1923
Terry L. Bruce Democratic 19th 1985–1993
Frank Buchanan Democratic 7th 1911–1917
John T. Buckbee Republican 12th 1927–1936
James R. Buckley Democratic 6th 1923–1925
James V. Buckley Democratic 4th 1949–1951
Horatio C. Burchard Republican 3rd 1869–1873
5th 1873–1879
Albert G. Burr Democratic 10th 1867–1871
Orlando Burrell Republican 20th 1895–1897
Fred E. Busbey Republican 3rd 1943–1945
Samuel T. Busey Democratic 15th 1891–1893
Cheri Bustos Democratic 17th 2013-present
Emmet F. Byrne Republican 3rd 1957–1959
Benjamin T. Cable Democratic 11th 1891–1893
Ben F. Caldwell Democratic 17th 1899–1903
21st 1903–1905
Alexander Campbell Independent 7th 1875–1877
James R. Campbell Democratic 20th 1897–1899
Thompson Campbell Democratic 6th 1851–1853
Joseph G. Cannon Republican 14th 1873–1883
15th 1883–1891
12th 1895–1903
18th 1903–1913
Cliffard D. Carlson Republican 15th 1972–1973
Zadok Casey Democratic 2nd 1833–1841
Independent Democrat 1841–1843
Bernard G. Caulfield Democratic 1st 1875–1877
Edwin V. Champion Democratic At-large 1937–1939
Pleasant T. Chapman Republican 24th 1905–1911
Chester A. Chesney Democratic 11th 1949–1951
Robert A. Childs Republican 8th 1893–1895
Carl R. Chindblom Republican 10th 1919–1933
Burnett M. Chiperfield Republican At-large 1915–1917
15th 1930–1933
Robert B. Chiperfield Republican 15th 1939–1949
19th 1949–1963
Marguerite S. Church Republican 13th 1951–1963
Ralph E. Church Republican 10th 1935–1941
13th 1949–1950
Isaac Clements Republican 18th 1873–1875
Roy Clippinger Republican 24th 1945–1949
Harold R. Collier Republican 10th 1957–1973
6th 1973–1975
Cardiss Collins Democratic 7th 1973–1997
George W. Collins Democratic 6th 1970–1972
James A. Connolly Republican 17th 1895–1899
Burton C. Cook Republican 6th 1865–1871
Daniel P. Cook Democratic-Republican At-large 1819–1825
National Republican 1825–1827
Edward D. Cooke Republican 6th 1895–1897
Ira C. Copley Republican 11th 1911–1915
Progressive 1915–1917
Republican 1917–1923
Tom Corcoran Republican 15th 1977–1983
14th 1983–1984
Franklin Corwin Republican 7th 1873–1875
Jerry F. Costello Democratic 21st 1988–1993
12th 1993–present
John W. Cox, Jr. Democratic 16th 1991–1993
Dan Crane Republican 22nd 1979–1983
19th 1983–1985
Philip M. Crane Republican 13th 1969–1973
12th 1973–1993
8th 1993–2005
John M. Crebs Democratic 13th 1869–1873
Joseph B. Crowley Democratic 19th 1899–1903
23rd 1903–1905
William Cullen Republican 7th 1881–1883
8th 1883–1885
Shelby M. Cullom Republican 8th 1865–1871
Thomas Cusack Democratic 4th 1899–1901
Danny K. Davis Democratic 7th 1997–present
George R. Davis Republican 2nd 1879–1883
3rd 1883–1885
Jack Davis Republican 4th 1987–1989
Jacob C. Davis Democratic 5th 1856–1857
William L. Dawson Democratic 1st 1943–1970
Stephen A. Day Republican At-large 1941–1945
Oscar De Priest Republican 1st 1929–1935
Edward E. Denison Republican 25th 1915–1931
Edward J. Derwinski Republican 4th 1959–1983
Charles S. Dewey Republican 9th 1941–1945
Frank S. Dickson Republican 23rd 1905–1907
William H. Dieterich Democratic At-large 1931–1933
Everett M. Dirksen Republican 16th 1933–1949
Donald C. Dobbins Democratic 19th 1933–1937
Robert Dold Republican 10th 2011-2013
Emily Taft Douglas Democratic At-large 1945–1947
Stephen A. Douglas Democratic 5th 1843–1847
Finis E. Downing Democratic 16th 1895–1896
Thomas A. Doyle Democratic 4th 1923–1931
Joseph Duncan Democratic At-large 1827–1833
3rd 1833–1834
Tammy Duckworth Democratic 8th 2013-present
Ransom W. Dunham Republican 1st 1883–1889
Richard J. Durbin Democratic 20th 1983–1997
Allan C. Durborow, Jr. Democratic 3rd 1891–1895
John R. Eden Democratic 7th 1863–1865
15th 1873–1879
17th 1885–1887
Reuben Ellwood Republican 5th 1883–1885
Rahm Emanuel Democratic 5th 2003–2009
Martin Emerich Democratic 1st 1903–1905
John N. Erlenborn Republican 14th 1965–1983
13th 1983–1985
Lane Evans Democratic 17th 1983–2007
Lynden Evans Democratic 9th 1911–1913
Thomas W. Ewing Republican 15th 1991–2001
John F. Farnsworth Republican 2nd 1857–1861
Charles B. Farwell Republican 1st 1871–1873
3rd 1873–1876
John G. Fary Democratic 5th 1975–1983
Harris W. Fawell Republican 13th 1985–1999
John J. Feely Democratic 2nd 1901–1903
Orlando B. Ficklin Democratic 3rd 1843–1849
Paul Findley Republican 20th 1961–1983
John F. Finerty Independent Democrat 2nd 1883–1885
Edward R. Finnegan Democratic 12th 1961–1963
9th 1963–1964
George W. Fithian Democratic 16th 1889–1895
Louis Fitzhenry Democratic 17th 1913–1915
Michael Patrick Flanagan Republican 5th 1995–1997
William St. John Forman Democratic 18th 1889–1895
Albert P. Forsythe Greenbacker 15th 1879–1881
Greenbury L. Fort Republican 8th 1873–1881
George E. Foss Republican 7th 1895–1903
10th 1903–1913
Bill Foster Democratic 14th 2008–2011
11th 2013-present
George P. Foster Democratic 3rd 1899–1903
4th 1903–1905
Martin D. Foster Democratic 23rd 1907–1919
Philip B. Fouke Democratic 8th 1859–1863
H. Robert Fowler Democratic 24th 1911–1915
Frank W. Fries Democratic 21st 1937–1941
Charles Eugene Fuller Republican 12th 1903–1913
Benjamin F. Funk Republican 14th 1893–1895
Frank H. Funk Republican 17th 1921–1927
Thomas Gallagher Democratic 8th 1909–1921
William H. Gest Republican 11th 1887–1891
Frank Gillespie Democratic 17th 1933–1935
Julius Goldzier Democratic 4th 1893–1895
Thomas S. Gordon Democratic 8th 1943–1959
George E. Gorman Democratic 3rd 1913–1915
John J. Gorman Republican 6th 1921–1923
Martin Gorski Democratic 4th 1943–1949
5th 1949
Joseph V. Graff Republican 14th 1895–1903
16th 1903–1911
James M. Graham Democratic 21st 1909–1915
William J. Graham Republican 14th 1917–1924
Peter C. Granata Republican 8th 1931–1932
Kenneth J. Gray Democratic 25th 1955–1963
21st 1963–1974
24th 1973–1974
22nd 1985–1989
John E. Grotberg Republican 14th 1985–1986
Luis V. Gutierrez Democratic 4th 1993–present
William F.L. Hadley Republican 18th 1895–1897
Homer W. Hall Republican 17th 1927–1933
Tim Lee Hall Democratic 15th 1975–1977
Debbie Halvorson Democratic 11th 2009–2011
Robert P. Hanrahan Republican 3rd 1973–1975
John J. Hardin Whig 7th 1843–1845
Abner C. Harding Republican 4th 1865–1869
Philip Hare Democratic 17th 2007–2011
Charles M. Harris Democratic 4th 1863–1865
Thomas L. Harris Democratic 7th 1849–1851
6th 1855–1858
Carter H. Harrison Democratic 2nd 1875–1879
William Hartzell Democratic 18th 1875–1879
J. Dennis Hastert Republican 14th 1987–2007
Robert M. A. Hawk Republican 5th 1879–1882
John B. Hawley Republican 4th 1869–1873
6th 1873–1875
John B. Hay Republican 12th 1869–1873
Charles A. Hayes Democratic 1st 1983–1993
Philip C. Hayes Republican 7th 1877–1881
James V. Heidinger Republican 24th 1941–1945
Thomas J. Henderson Republican 6th 1875–1883
7th 1883–1895
John Henry Whig 7th 1847
Charles A. Hill Republican 8th 1889–1891
Robert P. Hill Democratic 25th 1913–1915
William H. Hinebaugh Progressive 12th 1913–1915
William H. Hinrichsen Democratic 16th 1897–1899
Robert R. Hitt Republican 5th 1882–1883
6th 1883–1895
9th 1895–1903
14th 1903–1906
Charles D. Hodges Democratic 6th 1859
Elmer J. Hoffman Republican 14th 1959–1965
Richard W. Hoffman Republican 10th 1949–1957
Joseph P. Hoge Democratic 6th 1843–1847
William P. Holaday Republican 18th 1923–1933
Albert J. Hopkins Republican 5th 1885–1895
8th 1895–1903
George Evan Howell Republican 21st 1941–1948
Stephen A. Hoxworth Democratic 15th 1913–1915
Winnifred S.M. Huck Republican At-large 1922–1923
Morton D. Hull Republican 2nd 1923–1933
William E. Hull Republican 16th 1923–1933
Randy Hultgren Republican 14th 2011–present
Andrew J. Hunter Democratic At-large 1893–1895
19th 1897–1899
Stephen A. Hurlbut Republican 4th 1873–1877
Henry J. Hyde Republican 6th 1975–2007
James T. Igoe Democratic 6th 1927–1933
Michael L. Igoe Democratic At-large 1935–1937
Ebon C. Ingersoll Republican 5th 1863–1871
Clifford C. Ireland Republican 16th 1917–1923
Edward M. Irwin Republican 22nd 1925–1931
Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. Democratic 2nd 1995–2012
Edward H. Jenison Republican 18th 1947–1949
23rd 1949–1953
Thomas M. Jett Democratic 18th 1897–1903
Anton J. Johnson Republican 14th 1939–1949
Calvin D. Johnson Republican 22nd 1943–1945
Timothy V. Johnson Republican 15th 2001–2013
William Richard Johnson Republican 13th 1925–1933
Edgar A. Jonas Republican 12th 1949–1955
Norman B. Judd Republican 1st 1867–1871
Niels Juul Republican 7th 1917–1921
Charles A. Karch Democratic 22nd 1931–1932
Russell W. Keeney Republican 14th 1957–1958
Kent E. Keller Democratic 25th 1931–1941
William Kellogg Republican 4th 1857–1863
Edward A. Kelly Democratic 3rd 1931–1943
Robin Kelly Democratic 2nd 2013-present
Fred J. Kern Democratic 21st 1901–1903
Edward John King Republican 15th 1915–1929
Adam Kinzinger Republican 11th 2011–2013
16th 2013-present
Mark Kirk Republican 10th 2001–2010
John C. Kluczynski Democratic 5th 1951–1975
Anthony L. Knapp Democratic 6th 1861–1863
10th 1863–1865
Robert M. Knapp Democratic 11th 1873–1875
Philip Knopf Republican 7th 1903–1909
James Knox Whig 4th 1853–1855
Oppositionist 1855–1857
Leo Kocialkowski Democratic 8th 1933–1943
Stanley H. Kunz Democratic 8th 1921–1933
Andrew J. Kuykendall Republican 13th 1865–1867
Ray LaHood Republican 18th 1995–2009
Silas Z. Landes Democratic 16th 1885–1889
Edward Lane Democratic 17th 1887–1895
William Lathrop Republican 4th 1877–1879
Frank Lawler Democratic 2nd 1885–1891
John V. Le Moyne Democratic 3rd 1876–1877
John H. Lewis Republican 9th 1881–1883
Roland V. Libonati Democratic 7th 1957–1965
Abraham Lincoln Whig 7th 1847–1849
Neil J. Linehan Democratic 3rd 1949–1951
William W. Link Democratic 7th 1945–1947
William O. Lipinski Democratic 5th 1983–1993
3rd 1993–2005
Dan Lipinski Democratic 3rd 2005–present
John A. Logan Democratic 9th 1859–1862
Republican At-large 1867–1871
Lewis M. Long Democratic At-large 1937–1939
William Lorimer Republican 2nd 1895–1901
6th 1903–1909
Owen Lovejoy Republican 3rd 1857–1863
5th 1863–1864
Frank O. Lowden Republican 13th 1906–1911
Scott W. Lucas Democratic 20th 1935–1939
Frederick Lundin Republican 7th 1909–1911
A. F. Maciejewski Democratic 6th 1939–1942
Peter F. Mack, Jr. Democratic 21st 1949–1963
Martin B. Madden Republican 1st 1905–1928
Edward Rell Madigan Republican 21st 1973–1983
15th 1983–1991
William F. Mahoney Democratic 5th 1901–1903
8th 1903–1904
J. Earl Major Democratic 21st 1923–1925
James R. Mann Republican 1st 1897–1903
2nd 1903–1922
Donald A. Manzullo Republican 16th 1993–2013
Benjamin F. Marsh Republican 10th 1877–1883
11th 1893–1895
15th 1895–1901
14th 1903–1905
Samuel S. Marshall Democratic 9th 1855–1859
11th 1865–1873
19th 1873–1875
Charles Martin Democratic 4th 1917
James S. Martin Republican 16th 1873–1875
John C. Martin Democratic At-large 1939–1941
Lynn Morley Martin Republican 16th 1981–1991
Harry H. Mason Democratic 21st 1935–1937
Noah M. Mason Republican 12th 1937–1949
15th 1949–1963
William E. Mason Republican 3rd 1887–1891
At-large 1917–1921
William L. May Democratic 3rd 1834–1839
James McAndrews Democratic 4th 1901–1903
5th 1903–1905
6th 1913–1921
9th 1935–1941
John A. McClernand Democratic 2nd 1843–1851
6th 1859–1861
Robert McClory Republican 12th 1963–1973
13th 1973–1983
Joseph M. McCormick Republican At-large 1917–1919
Ruth H. McCormick Republican At-large 1929–1931
John J. McDannold Democratic 12th 1893–1895
James T. McDermott Democratic 4th 1907–1917
Lawrence E. McGann Democratic 2nd 1891–1895
3rd 1895
Charles McGavin Republican 8th 1905–1909
John C. McKenzie Republican 13th 1911–1925
Raymond S. McKeough Democratic 2nd 1935–1943
William B. McKinley Republican 19th 1905–1913
James McKinney Republican 14th 1905–1913
John McLean At-large 1818–1819
Robert T. McLoskey Republican 19th 1963–1965
Rolla C. McMillen Republican 19th 1944–1949
22nd 1949–1951
Thompson W. McNeely Democratic 9th 1869–1873
John McNulta Republican 13th 1873–1875
William E. McVey Republican 4th 1951–1958
James A. Meeks Democratic 18th 1933–1939
Ralph H. Metcalfe Democratic 1st 1971–1978
M. Alfred Michaelson Republican 7th 1921–1931
Anthony Michalek Republican 5th 1905–1907
Robert H. Michel Republican 18th 1957–1995
J. Ross Mickey Democratic 15th 1901–1903
Abner J. Mikva Democratic 2nd 1969–1973
10th 1975–1979
Edward E. Miller Republican 22nd 1923–1925
Daniel W. Mills Republican 4th 1897–1899
Arthur W. Mitchell Democratic 1st 1935–1943
Richard S. Molony Democratic 4th 1851–1853
Allen F. Moore Republican 19th 1921–1925
Jeese H. Moore Republican 7th 1869–1873
Isaac N. Morris Democratic 5th 1857–1861
James L.D. Morrison Democratic 8th 1856–1857
William R. Morrison Democratic 12th 1863–1865
17th 1873–1883
18th 1883–1887
Samuel W. Moulton Republican At-large 1865–1867
Democratic 15th 1881–1883
17th 1883–1885
William J. Moxley Republican 6th 1909–1911
P. H. Moynihan Republican 2nd 1933–1935
Everett J. Murphy Republican 21st 1895–1897
Morgan F. Murphy Democratic 3rd 1971–1973
2nd 1973–1981
William T. Murphy Democratic 3rd 1959–1971
James C. Murray Democratic 3rd 1955–1957
William H. Neece Democratic 11th 1883–1887
Walter Nesbit Democratic At-large 1933–1935
Walter C. Newberry Democratic 4th 1891–1893
Edward T. Noonan Democratic 5th 1899–1901
Jesse O. Norton Whig 3rd 1853–1855
Oppositionist 1855–1857
Republican 6th 1863–1865
George M. O'Brien Republican 17th 1973–1983
4th 1983–1986
Thomas J. O'Brien Democratic 6th 1933–1939
Frank T. O'Hair Democratic 18th 1913–1915
Barratt O'Hara Democratic 2nd 1949–1951
Thomas L. Owens Republican 7th 1947–1948
George A. Paddock Republican 10th 1941–1943
Claude V. Parsons Democratic 24th 1930–1941
Lewis E. Payson Republican 8th 1881–1893
9th 1883–1891
David D. Phelps Democratic 19th 1999–2003
Ralph Plumb Republican 8th 1885–1889
Nathaniel Pope (Illinois
John Edward Porter Republican 10th 1980–2001
Glenn Poshard Democratic 22nd 1989–1993
19th 1993–1999
Philip S. Post Republican 10th 1887–1895
Melvin Price Democratic 22nd 1945–1949
25th 1949–1953
24th 1953–1973
23rd 1973–1983
21st 1983–1988
George W. Prince Republican 10th 1895–1903
15th 1903–1913
Roman C. Pucinski Democratic 11th 1959–1973
Michael Quigley Democratic 5th 2009–present
Tom Railsback Republican 19th 1967–1983
Henry T. Rainey Democratic 20th 1903–1921
John W. Rainey Democratic 4th 1918–1923
Frank M. Ramey Republican 21st 1929–1931
Henry Riggs Rathbone Republican At-large 1923–1928
Green B. Raum Republican 13th 1867–1869
William H. Ray Republican 10th 1873–1875
Chauncey W. Reed Republican 11th 1935–1949
14th 1949–1956
Walter Reeves Republican 11th 1895–1903
Charlotte T. Reid Republican 15th 1963–1971
Frank R. Reid Republican 11th 1923–1935
Frederick Remann Republican 18th 1895
Alexander J. Resa Democratic 9th 1945–1947
John Reynolds Democratic 1st 1834–1837
Mel Reynolds Democratic 2nd 1993–1995
Edward Y. Rice Democratic 10th 1871–1873
John B. Rice Republican 1st 1873–1874
William A. Richardson Democratic 5th 1847–1856
James M. Riggs Democratic 12th 1883–1887
Hugh M. Rigney Democratic 19th 1937–1939
John I. Rinaker Republican 16th 1896–1897
Zeno J. Rives Republican 21st 1905–1907
James C. Robinson Democratic 7th 1859–1863
11th 1863–1865
8th 1871–1873
12th 1873–1875
William A. Rodenberg Republican 21st 1899–1901
22nd 1903–1913
Daniel J. Ronan Democratic 6th 1965–1969
Peter Roskam Republican 6th 2007–present
Lewis W. Ross Democratic 9th 1863–1869
Dan Rostenkowski Democratic 8th 1959–1993
5th 1993–1995
William A. Rowan Democratic 2nd 1943–1947
Jonathan H. Rowell Republican 14th 1883–1891
Donald Rumsfeld Republican 13th 1963–1969
Bobby Rush Democratic 1st 1993–present
Marty Russo Democratic 3rd 1975–1993
Adolph J. Sabath Democratic 5th 1907–1949
7th 1949–1952
George E. Sangmeister Democratic 4th 1989–1993
11th 1993–1995
Gus Savage Democratic 2nd 1981–1993
Edwin M. Schaefer Democratic 22nd 1933–1943
Janice D. Schakowsky Democratic 9th 1999–present
Bobby Schilling Republican 17th 2011–2013
Gale Schisler Democratic 19th 1965–1967
Brad Schneider Democratic 10th 2013-present
Aaron Schock Republican 18th 2009–present
Leonard W. Schuetz Democratic 7th 1931–1944
Owen Scott Democratic 14th 1891–1893
Thomas J. Selby Democratic 16th 1901–1903
Aaron Shaw Democratic 7th 1857–1859
16th 1883–1885
Guy L. Shaw Republican 20th 1921–1923
Timothy P. Sheehan Republican 11th 1951–1959
John C. Sherwin Republican 4th 1879–1883
John Shimkus Republican 20th 1997–2003
19th 2003–2013
15th 2013-present
George E. Shipley Democratic 22nd 1959–1979
Paul Simon Democratic 24th 1975–1983
22nd 1983–1985
Edna O. Simpson Republican 20th 1959–1961
James Simpson, Jr. Republican 10th 1933–1935
Sid Simpson Republican 20th 1943–1958
James W. Singleton Democratic 11th 1879–1883
Charles Slade Democratic 1st 1833–1834
Dietrich C. Smith Republican 13th 1881–1883
Frank L. Smith Republican 17th 1919–1921
George W. Smith Republican 20th 1889–1895
22nd 1895–1903
25th 1903–1907
Robert Smith Democratic 1st 1843–1847
Independent Democrat 1847–1849
Democratic 8th 1857–1859
Thomas V. Smith Democratic At-large 1939–1941
Henry Snapp Republican 6th 1871–1873
Howard M. Snapp Republican 11th 1903–1911
Herman W. Snow Democratic 9th 1891–1893
Adam W. Snyder Democratic 1st 1837–1839
William A.J. Sparks Democratic 16th 1875–1883
William L. Springer Republican 22nd 1951–1973
William M. Springer Democratic 12th 1875–1883
12th 1883–1895
Elliott W. Sproul Republican 3rd 1921–1931
Edmund J. Stack Democratic 6th 1911–1913
Benjamin Stephenson (Illinois
John A. Sterling Republican 17th 1903–1913
Bradford N. Stevens Democratic 5th 1871–1873
Adlai E. Stevenson Democratic 13th 1875–1877
Lewis Steward Democratic 8th 1891–1893
Bennett M. Stewart Democratic 1st 1979–1981
Claude U. Stone Democratic 16th 1911–1917
William Stratton Republican At-large 1941–1943
Lawrence B. Stringer Democratic At-large 1913–1915
John T. Stuart Whig 3rd 1839–1843
Democratic 8th 1863–1865
Jessie Sumner Republican 18th 1939–1947
Clyde H. Tavenner Democratic 14th 1913–1917
Abner Taylor Republican 1st 1889–1893
Napoleon B. Thistlewood Republican 25th 1908–1913
John R. Thomas Republican 18th 1879–1883
20th 1883–1889
Chester Thompson Democratic 14th 1933–1939
Charles M. Thomson Progressive 10th 1913–1915
Anthony Thornton Democratic 10th 1865–1867
Thomas F. Tipton Republican 13th 1877–1879
Richard W. Townshend Democratic 19th 1877–1889
Thomas J. Turner Democratic 6th 1847–1849
Robert J. Twyman Republican 9th 1947–1949
Richard B. Vail Republican 2nd 1947–1949
Harold H. Velde Republican 18th 1949–1957
Charles W. Vursell Republican 23rd 1943–1949
24th 1949–1953
23rd 1953–1959
Joe Walsh Republican 8th 2011–2013
James H. Ward Democratic 3rd 1885–1887
Jasper D. Ward Republican 2nd 1873–1875
Vespasian Warner Republican 13th 1895–1903
19th 1903–1905
Elihu B. Washburne Whig 1st 1853–1855
Republican 1855–1863
3rd 1863–1869
Harold Washington Democratic 1st 1981–1983
Jerry Weller Republican 11th 1995–2009
John Wentworth Democratic 4th 1843–1851
2nd 1853–1855
Republican 1st 1865–1867
Charles S. Wharton Republican 4th 1905–1907
William H. Wheat Republican 19th 1939–1944
Hamilton K. Wheeler Republican 9th 1893–1895
Loren E. Wheeler Republican 21st 1915–1923
George E. White Republican 5th 1895–1899
Richard H. Whiting Republican 9th 1875–1877
Scott Wike Democratic 11th 1875–1877
12th 1889–1893
James R. Williams Democratic 19th 1889–1895
20th 1899–1903
24th 1903–1905
Thomas Sutler Williams Republican 24th 1915–1929
William E. Williams Democratic 16th 1899–1901
At-large 1913–1917
William W. Wilson Republican 3rd 1903–1913
Benson Wood Republican 19th 1895–1897
Charles W. Woodman Republican 4th 1895–1897
James H. Woodworth Republican 2nd 1855–1857
Nicholas E. Worthington Democratic 10th 1883–1887
Richard Yates Whig 7th 1851–1853
6th 1853–1855
Richard Yates Republican At-large 1919–1933
Sidney R. Yates Democratic 9th 1949–1963
Samuel H. Young Republican 10th 1973–1975
Timothy R. Young Democratic 3rd 1849–1851
Representative Party District Service Notes

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