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The following is an alphabetical list of members of the United States House of Representatives from the state of Indiana. For chronological tables of members of both houses of the United States Congress from the state (through the present day), see United States Congressional Delegations from Indiana. The list of names should be complete, but other data may be incomplete.

Representative Years Party District Notes
E. Ross Adair 1951–1971 Republican 4th
John A. M. Adair 1907–1917 Democratic 8th
Nathaniel Albertson 1849–1851 Democratic 1st
John Harris Baker 1875–1881 Republican 13th
Lucien Barbour 1855–1857 Opposition 6th
William O. Barnard 1909–1911 Republican 6th
Henry A. Barnhart 1908–1919 Democratic 13th
Joseph W. Barr 1959–1961 Democratic 11th
John V. Beamer 1951–1959 Republican 5th
John S. Benham 1919–1923 Republican 4th
Adam Benjamin, Jr. 1977–1982 Democratic 1st
George A. Bicknell 1877–1881 Democratic 3rd
Thomas H. Blake 1827–1829 Adams 1st
Oscar E. Bland 1917–1923 Republican 2nd
John W. Boehne 1909–1913 Democratic 1st
John W. Boehne, Jr. 1931–1933 Democratic 1st
1933–1943 8th
Ratliff Boon 1825–1827 Jacksonian 1st
1837–1839 Democratic
John Brademas 1959–1981 Democratic 3rd
William G. Bray 1951–1967 Republican 7th
1967–1975 6th
Samuel Brenton 1851–1853 Whig 10th
1855–1857 Opposition
1857 Republican
John L. Bretz 1891–1895 Democratic 2nd
Abraham L. Brick 1899–1908 Republican 13th
Susan Brooks 2013–present Republican 5th Incumbent
Elijah V. Brookshire 1889–1895 Democratic 8th
Jason B. Brown 1889–1895 Democratic 3rd
William J. Brown 1843–1845 Democratic 5th
Thomas M. Browne 1877–1881 Republican 5th
1881–1891 6th
Charles B. Brownson 1951–1959 Republican 11th
Donald C. Bruce 1961–1965 Republican 11th
Larry Bucshon 2011–present Republican 8th Incumbent
Dan Burton 1983–2003 Republican 6th
2003–2013 5th
Steve Buyer 1993–2003 Republican 5th
2003–2011 4th
William D. Bynum 1885–1895 Democratic 7th
William H. Calkins 1877–1881 Republican 10th
1881–1884 13th
Jacob Call 1824–1825 Jacksonian D-R 1st
Harry C. Canfield 1923–1933 Democratic 4th
John Carr 1831–1833 Jacksonian 2nd
1833–1837 3rd
1839–1841 Democratic
Nathan T. Carr 1876–1877 Democratic 3rd
André Carson 2008–present Democratic 7th Incumbent
Julia Carson 1997–2003 Democratic 10th
2003–2007 7th
Charles Case 1857–1861 Republican 10th
Thomas J. Cason 1873–1875 Republican 7th
1875–1877 9th
Charles W. Cathcart 1845–1849 Democratic 9th
Ebenezer M. Chamberlain 1853–1855 Democratic 10th
John C. Chaney 1905–1909 Republican 2nd
Joseph B. Cheadle 1887–1891 Republican 9th
Chris Chocola 2003–2007 Republican 2nd
Cyrus Cline 1909–1917 Democratic 12th
Dan Coats 1981–1989 Republican 4th
Thomas R. Cobb 1877–1887 Democratic 2nd
John Coburn 1867–1869 Republican 6th
1869–1875 5th
Walpole G. Colerick 1879–1883 Democratic 12th
Schuyler Colfax 1855–1857 Opposition 9th
1857–1869 Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1863 - 1869
Daniel Webster Comstock 1917 Republican 6th
Charles G. Conn 1893–1895 Democratic 13th
Samuel E. Cook 1923–1925 Democratic 11th
George W. Cooper 1889–1895 Democratic 5th
David L. Cornwell 1977–1979 Democratic 8th
Calvin Cowgill 1879–1881 Republican 11th
William E. Cox 1907–1919 Democratic 3rd
James A. Cravens 1861–1865 Democratic 2nd
James H. Cravens 1841–1843 Whig 4th
George W. Cromer 1899–1907 Republican 8th
Thurman C. Crook 1949–1951 Democratic 3rd
Eugene B. Crowe 1931–1933 Democratic 3rd
1933–1941 9th
Edgar D. Crumpacker 1897–1913 Republican 10th
Shepard J. Crumpacker, Jr. 1951–1957 Republican 3rd
William A. Cullop 1909–1917 Democratic 2nd
William Cumback 1855–1857 Opposition 4th
John G. Davis 1851–1855 Democratic 7th
1857–1861 Anti-Lecompton Democrat
John Wesley Davis 1835–1837 Jacksonian 2nd
1839–1841 Democratic
1843–1847 6th Speaker of the House from 1845-1847
Gilbert De La Matyr 1879–1881 Greenback 7th
Mark L. De Motte 1881–1883 Republican 10th
H. Joel Deckard 1979–1983 Republican 8th
Joseph H. Defrees 1865–1867 Republican 10th
David W. Dennis 1969–1975 Republican 10th
George K. Denton 1917–1919 Democratic 1st
Winfield K. Denton 1949–1953 Democratic 8th
Lincoln Dixon 1905–1919 Democratic 4th
Joe Donnelly 2007–2013 Democratic 2nd
Charles T. Doxey 1883 Republican 9th
Ebenezer Dumont 1863–1865 Unionist 6th
1865–1867 Republican
James W. Dunbar 1919–1923 Republican 3rd
Cyrus L. Dunham 1849–1853 Democratic 2nd
1853–1855 3rd
George G. Dunn 1847–1849 Whig 6th
1855–1857 Opposition 3rd
George H. Dunn 1837–1839 Whig 4th
William M. Dunn 1859–1863 Republican 3rd
George R. Durgan 1933–1935 Democratic 2nd
Norman Eddy 1853–1855 Democratic 9th
Joseph K. Edgerton 1863–1865 Democratic 10th
Richard N. Elliott 1917–1931 Republican 6th
Brad Ellsworth 2007–2011 Democratic 8th
Elisha Embree 1847–1849 Whig 1st
William E. English 1884–1885 Democratic 7th
William Hayden English 1853–1861 Democratic 2nd
David W. Evans 1975–1983 Democratic 6th
James La Fayette Evans 1875–1879 Republican 11th
John Ewing 1833–1835 Anti-Jacksonian 2nd
1837–1839 Whig
Louis W. Fairfield 1917–1925 Republican 12th
George W. Faris 1895–1897 Republican 8th
1897–1901 5th
James I. Farley 1933–1939 Democratic 4th
John H. Farquhar 1865–1867 Republican 4th
Graham N. Fitch 1849–1853 Democratic 9th
Floyd Fithian 1975–1983 Democratic 2nd
James B. Foley 1857–1859 Democratic 4th
George Ford 1885–1887 Democratic 13th
John H. Foster 1905–1909 Republican 1st
Benoni S. Fuller 1875–1879 Democratic 1st
Frank Gardner 1923–1929 Democratic 3rd
Newton W. Gilbert 1905–1906 Republican 12th
Clarence C. Gilhams 1906–1909 Republican 12th
Courtland C. Gillen 1931–1933 Democratic 5th
George W. Gillie 1939–1949 Republican 4th
Willis A. Gorman 1849–1853 Democratic 6th
William Graham 1837–1839 Whig 3rd
Robert A. Grant 1939–1949 Republican 3rd
Finly H. Gray 1911–1917 Democratic 6th
1933–1939 10th
Arthur H. Greenwood 1923–1933 Democratic 2nd
1933–1939 7th
James M. Gregg 1857–1859 Democratic 6th
Francis M. Griffith 1897–1905 Democratic 4th
Glenn Griswold 1931–1933 Democratic 11th
1933–1939 5th
Albert R. Hall 1925–1931 Republican 11th
Katie Hall 1982–1985 Democratic 1st
Charles A. Halleck 1935–1969 Republican 2nd
Andrew H. Hamilton 1875–1879 Democratic 12th
Lee Hamilton 1965–1999 Democratic 9th
Thomas Hammond 1893–1895 Democratic 10th
Frank Hanly 1895–1897 Republican 9th
John Hanna 1877–1879 Republican 7th
Edward A. Hannegan 1833–1837 Jacksonian 7th
Cecil M. Harden 1949–1959 Republican 6th
Alexander M. Hardy 1895–1897 Republican 2nd
Andrew J. Harlan 1849–1851 Democratic 10th
1853–1855 11th
Randall S. Harmon 1959–1961 Democratic 10th
Forest Harness 1939–1949 Republican 5th
Henry W. Harrington 1863–1865 Democratic 3rd
Ralph Harvey 1947–1959 Republican 10th
Jethro A. Hatch 1895–1897 Republican 10th
Philip H. Hayes 1975–1977 Democratic 8th
William S. Haymond 1875–1877 Democratic 10th
William Heilman 1879–1883 Republican 1st
James A. Hemenway 1895–1905 Republican 1st
Thomas A. Hendricks 1851–1853 Democratic 5th
1853–1855 6th
William Hendricks 1816–1822 Democratic-Republican At-large
Thomas J. Henley 1843–1849 Democratic 2nd
Charles L. Henry 1895–1897 Republican 7th
1897–1899 8th
William Herod January 25, 1837 – March 4, 1837 Anti-Jacksonian 6th
1837–1839 Whig
Andrew J. Hickey 1919–1931 Republican 13th
John P. Hiler 1981–1991 Republican 3rd
Baron Hill 1999–2005 Democratic 9th
Ralph Hill 1865–1867 Republican 3rd
Elwood Hillis 1971–1987 Republican 5th
Earl Hogan 1959–1961 Democratic 9th
David Hogg 1925–1933 Republican 12th
Elias S. Holliday 1901–1909 Republican 5th
David P. Holloway 1855–1857 Opposition 5th
William S. Holman 1859–1865 Democratic 4th
1869–1875 3rd
1875–1877 5th
1881-1895 4th
March 4, 1897 - April 22, 1897 Died
Abraham J. Hostetler 1879–1881 Democratic 8th
John Hostettler 1995–2007 Republican 8th
Alvin P. Hovey 1887–1889 Republican 1st
Jonas G. Howard 1885–1889 Democratic 3rd
Tilghman Howard 1839–1840 Democratic 7th
William H. Hudnut III 1973–1975 Republican 11th
James Hughes 1857–1859 Democratic 3rd
Andrew Humphreys 1876–1877 Democratic 2nd
Morton C. Hunter 1867–1869 Republican 3rd
1873–1875 6th
1875–1879 8th
Andrew Jacobs 1949–1951 Democratic 11th
Andrew Jacobs, Jr. 1965–1973 Democratic 11th
1983–1997 10th
Virginia E. Jenckes 1933–1939 Democratic 6th
Jonathan Jennings December 2, 1822 – March 4, 1823 Democratic-Republican At-large
1823–1825 Jacksonian D-R 2nd
1825–1829 Adams
1829–1831 Anti-Jacksonian
Henry U. Johnson 1891–1899 Republican 6th
Noble J. Johnson 1925–1931 Republican 5th
1939–1948 6th Resigned after being appointed judge of the US Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
James T. Johnston 1885–1889 Republican 8th
Jim Jontz 1987–1993 Democratic 5th
George Washington Julian 1849–1851 Free Soil 4th
1861–1869 Republican 5th
1869–1871 4th
Andrew Kennedy 1841–1843 Democratic 5th
1843–1847 10th
Brian D. Kerns 2001–2003 Republican 7th
Michael C. Kerr 1865–1873 Democratic 2nd
1875–1876 3rd Speaker of the House from 1875-1876, Died
David Kilgore 1857–1861 Republican 5th
George L. Kinnard 1833–1836 Jacksonian 6th
John J. Kleiner 1883–1887 Democratic 1st
Charles A. Korbly 1909–1915 Democratic 7th
Milton Kraus 1917–1923 Republican 11th
Edward H. Kruse 1949–1951 Democratic 4th
Charles M. La Follette 1943–1947 Republican 8th
John E. Lamb 1883–1885 Democratic 8th
Franklin Landers 1875–1877 Democratic 7th
Earl F. Landgrebe 1969–1975 Republican 2nd
Charles B. Landis 1897–1909 Republican 9th
Frederick Landis 1903–1907 Republican 11th
Gerald W. Landis 1939–1949 Republican 7th
Amos Lane 1833–1837 Jacksonian 4th
Henry Smith Lane 1840–1843 Whig 7th
James H. Lane 1853–1855 Democratic 4th
William Larrabee 1931–1933 Democratic 6th
1933–1943 11th
John Law 1861–1865 Democratic 1st
Jacob D. Leighty 1895–1897 Republican 12th
Charles Lieb 1913–1917 Democratic 1st
James Lockhart 1851–1853 Democratic 1st
March 4, 1857 - September 7, 1857 Died
Jill L. Long 1989–1995 Democratic 4th
Robert Lowry 1883–1887 Democratic 12th
Louis Ludlow 1929–1933 Democratic 7th
1933–1943 12th
1943–1949 11th
Oscar R. Luhring 1919–1923 Republican 1st
Daniel Mace 1851–1855 Democratic 8th
1855–1857 Opposition
Ray J. Madden 1943–1977 Democratic 1st
Mahlon D. Manson 1871–1873 Democratic 7th
Augustus N. Martin 1889–1895 Democratic 11th
Courtland C. Matson 1881–1889 Democratic 5th
Johnathan McCarty 1831–1833 Jacksonian 3rd
1833–1835 5th
1835–1837 Anti-Jacksonian
Charles A. O. McClellan 1889–1893 Democratic 12th
Frank McCloskey 1983–1995 Democratic 8th
Joseph E. McDonald 1849–1851 Democratic 8th
James F. McDowell 1863–1865 Democratic 11th
Edward W. McGaughey 1845–1847 Whig 7th
David M. McIntosh 1995–2001 Republican 2nd
William F. McNagny 1893–1895 Democratic 12th
D. Bailey Merrill 1953–1955 Republican 8th
Luke Messer 2013–present Republican 6th Incumbent
Robert W. Miers 1897–1905 Democratic 2nd
Smith Miller 1853–1857 Democratic 1st
E. A. Mitchell 1947–1949 Republican 8th
William Mitchell 1861–1863 Republican 10th
Merrill Moores 1915–1925 Republican 7th
Martin A. Morrison 1909–1917 Democratic 9th
Ralph W. Moss 1909–1917 Democratic 5th
John T. Myers 1967–1997 Republican 7th
William R. Myers 1879–1881 Democratic 6th
Jeptha D. New 1875-1877 Democratic 4th
William E. Niblack 1857–1861 Democratic 1st
F. Jay Nimtz 1957–1959 Republican 3rd
James E. Noland 1949–1951 Democratic 7th
John H. O'Neall 1887–1891 Democratic 2nd
Godlove Stein Orth 1863–1869 Republican 8th
1869–1871 7th
1873–1875 At-large
1879–1892 9th
Jesse Overstreet 1895–1897 Republican 5th
1897–1909 7th
Robert Dale Owen 1843–1847 Democratic 1st
William D. Owen 1885–1891 Republican 10th
Jasper Packard 1869–1873 Republican 11th
1873–1875 At-large
Samuel W. Parker 1851–1853 Whig 4th
1853–1855 5th
William F. Parrett 1889–1893 Democratic 1st
David H. Patton 1891–1893 Democratic 10th
Edward A. Pease 1997–2001 Republican 7th
Stanton J. Peelle 1881–1884 Republican 7th
Robert B. F. Peirce 1881–1883 Republican 8th
Mike Pence 2001–2003 Republican 2nd
2003–2013 6th
John B. Peterson 1913–1915 Democratic 10th
Samuel B. Pettengill 1931–1933 Democratic 13th
1933–1939 3rd
John Pettit 1843–1849 Democratic 8th
John U. Pettit 1855–1857 Opposition 11th
1857–1861 Republican
Albert G. Porter 1859–1863 Republican 6th
Francis B. Posey 1889 Republican 1st
William Prince 1823–1824 Jacksonian D-R 1st
George H. Proffit 1839–1843 Whig 1st
Fred S. Purnell 1917–1933 Republican 9th
Dan Quayle 1977–1981 Republican 4th
James Rariden 1837–1841 Whig 5th
George W. Rauch 1907–1917 Democratic 11th
James M. Robinson 1897–1905 Democratic 12th
John L. Robinson 1847–1853 Democratic 3rd
Milton S. Robinson 1875–1879 Republican 6th
William Rockhill 1847–1849 Democratic 10th
Tim Roemer 1991–2003 Democratic 3rd
Todd Rokita 2011–present Republican 4th Incumbent
Richard L. Roudebush 1961–1967 Republican 6th
1967–1969 10th
1969–1971 5th
J. Edward Roush 1959–1969 Democratic 5th
1971–1977 4th
Harry E. Rowbottom 1925–1931 Republican 1st
Lemuel W. Royse 1895–1899 Republican 13th
Samuel C. Sample 1843–1845 Whig 9th
Everett Sanders 1917–1925 Republican 5th
Henry B. Sayler 1873–1875 Republican 10th
William T. Schulte 1933–1943 Democratic 1st
Harvey D. Scott 1855–1857 Opposition 7th
Leonidas Sexton 1877–1879 Republican 4th
John P. C. Shanks 1861–1863 Republican 11th
1869–1875 9th
Phil Sharp 1975–1983 Democratic 10th
1983–195 2nd
Benjamin F. Shively 1884–1885 Anti-Monopolist 13th
1887–1893 Democratic
Caleb Blood Smith 1843–1849 Whig 4th
Oliver H. Smith 1827–1829 Jacksonian 3rd
Thomas Smith 1839–1841 Democratic 4th
1843–1847 3rd
Mike Sodrel 2005–2007 Republican 9th
Mark Souder 1995–2003 Republican 4th
2003–2010 3rd
Raymond S. Springer 1939–1947 Republican 10th
George Washington Steele 1881–1889 Republican 11th
Thomas N. Stilwell 1865–1867 Republican 11th
Strother M. Stockslager 1881–1885 Democratic 3rd
Marlin Stutzman 2010-present Republican 3rd Incumbent
Arthur H. Taylor 1893–1895 Democratic 1st
John Test 1823–1825 Jacksonian D-R 3rd
1825–1827 Adams
1829–1831 Anti-Jacksonian
Richard W. Thompson 1841–1843 Whig 2nd
1847–1849 7th
Robert J. Tracewell 1895–1897 Republican 3rd
James Noble Tyner 1869–1875 Republican 8th
Ralph E. Updike 1925–1929 Republican 7th
Albert Henry Vestal 1917–1932 Republican 8th
Pete Visclosky January 3, 1985 – present Democratic 1st Incumbent
Daniel W. Voorhees 1861–1866 Democratic 7th
1869–1873 6th
David Wallace 1841–1843 Whig 6th
Jackie Walorski January 3, 2013 – present Republican 2nd Incumbent
John R. Walsh 1949–1951 Democratic 5th
Fred Wampler 1959–1961 Democratic 6th
Thomas B. Ward 1883–1887 Democratic 9th
Henry D. Washburn 1866–1869 Republican 7th
James Eli Watson 1895–1897 Republican 4th
1899–1909 6th
Daniel W. Waugh 1891–1895 Republican 9th
Albert S. White 1837–1839 Whig 7th
1861–1863 Republican 8th
James B. White 1887–1889 Republican 12th
Joseph L. White 1841–1843 Whig 3rd
Michael D. White 1877–1879 Republican 9th
William W. Wick 1839–1841 Democratic 6th
James D. Williams 1875–1876 Democratic 2nd
William Williams 1867–1873 Republican 10th
1873–1875 At-large
Earl Wilson 1941–1959 Republican 9th
James Wilson 1857–1861 Republican 8th
Jeremiah M. Wilson 1871–1875 Republican 4th
William E. Wilson 1923–1925 Democratic 1st
Simeon K. Wolfe 1873–1875 Democratic 2nd
Thomas J. Wood 1883–1885 Democratic 10th
William R. Wood 1915–1933 Republican 10th
Joseph A. Wright 1843–1845 Democratic 7th
Todd Young 2011–present Republican 9th Incumbent
William T. Zenor 1897–1907 Democratic 3rd
Roger H. Zion 1967–1975 Republican 8th

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