List of United States Representatives from South Dakota

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This is a list of the people who have represented South Dakota in the United States House of Representatives, since statehood in 1889.

Representative Years Party District
James Abdnor 1973–1981 Republican 2nd
James Abourezk 1971–1973 Democratic 2nd
E. Y. Berry 1951–1971 Republican 2nd
Charles H. Burke 1899–1907
Republican At-large, 2nd
Francis Case 1937–1951 Republican 2nd
Charles A. Christopherson 1919–1933 Republican 1st
Tom Daschle 1979–1987 Democratic 1st, At-large
Frank E. Denholm 1971–1975 Democratic 1st
Charles H. Dillon 1913–1919 Republican 1st
John Rankin Gamble 1891 Republican At-large
Robert J. Gamble 1895–1897
Republican At-large
Harry L. Gandy 1915–1921 Democratic 3rd
Oscar S. Gifford 1889–1891 Republican At-large
Philo Hall 1907–1909 Republican At-large
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin 2004–2011 Democratic At-large
Fred H. Hildebrandt 1933–1939 Democratic 1st
Bill Janklow 2003–2004 Republican At-large
Royal C. Johnson 1915–1933 Republican 2nd
Tim Johnson 1987–1997 Democratic At-large
John L. Jolley 1891–1893 Republican At-large
John Edward Kelley 1897–1899 Populist At-large
Freeman T. Knowles 1897–1899 Populist At-large
Harold O. Lovre 1949–1957 Republican 1st
William V. Lucas 1893–1895 Republican At-large
Eben W. Martin 1901–1915 Republican At-large, 3rd
George McGovern 1957–1961 Democratic 1st
Karl E. Mundt 1939–1948 Republican 1st
Kristi Noem 2011-present Republican At-large
William H. Parker 1907–1908 Republican At-large
John A. Pickler 1889–1897 Republican At-large
Larry Pressler 1975–1979 Republican 1st
Ben Reifel 1961–1971 Republican 1st
Clint Roberts 1981–1983 Republican 2nd
John R. Thune 1997–2003 Republican At-large
Theodore B. Werner 1933–1937 Democratic 2nd
William Williamson 1921–1933 Republican 3rd