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This is an incomplete list of Members of the United States House of Representatives from Texas in alphabetical order.

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Representative Party District Years District home Note
Joseph Abbott Democratic 6th 1887–1897 Hillsboro
Bruce Alger Republican 5th 1955–1965 Dallas
Michael A. Andrews Democratic 25th 1983–1995 Houston
Edwin Le Roy Antony Democratic 9th 1892–1893 Cameron
William Reynolds Archer, Jr. Republican 7th 1971–2001 Houston Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee (1995–2001)
Dick Armey Republican 26th 1985–2003 Irving House Majority Leader (1995–2003)


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Joseph Weldon Bailey Democratic 5th 1891–1901 Gainesville
Joseph Weldon Bailey, Jr. Democratic AL 1933–1935 Dallas
Thomas Henry Ball Democratic 1st 1897–1903 Huntsville
Steve Bartlett Republican 3rd 1983–1991 Dallas
Joe Barton Republican 6th 1985–present Ennis
James Andrew Beall Democratic 5th 1903–1915 Waxahachie
Lindley Beckworth Democratic 3rd 1939–1953 Gladewater
Carlos Bee Democratic 14th 1919–1921 San Antonio
Charles K. Bell Democratic 8th 1893–1897 Fort Worth
Chris Bell Democratic 25th 2003–2005 Houston
John J. Bell Democratic 14th 1955–1957 Cuero
Peter Hansborough Bell Democratic 2nd 1853–1857 Austin Previously 3rd Governor of Texas (1849–1853)
Ken Bentsen, Jr. Democratic 25th 1995–2003 Houston
Lloyd Bentsen Democratic 15th 1948–1955 McAllen
Eugene Black Democratic 1st 1915–1929 Clarksville
Thomas L. Blanton Democratic 16th 1917–1919 Abilene
17th 1919–1929
Henry Bonilla Republican 23rd 1993–2007 San Antonio
Beau Boulter Republican 13th 1985–1989 Amarillo
John C. Box Democratic 2nd 1919–1931 Jacksonville
Kevin Brady Republican 8th 1997–present The Woodlands
Clay Stone Briggs Democratic 7th 1919–1933 Galveston
Moses L. Broocks Democratic 2nd 1905–1907 San Augustine
Jack Brooks Democratic 2nd 1953–1967 Beaumont
9th 1967–1995
Guy M. Bryan Democratic 2nd 1857–1859 Brazoria
John Wiley Bryant Democratic 5th 1983–1997 Dallas
James P. Buchanan Democratic 10th 1913–1937 Brenham Died
George Farmer Burgess Democratic 10th 1901–1903 Gonzales
9th 1903–1917
Michael C. Burgess Republican 26th 2003–present Flower Mound
Robert E. Burke Democratic 6th 1897–1901 Dallas Died
Albert S. Burleson Democratic 9th 1899–1903 Austin
10th 1903–1913
Omar Burleson Democratic 17th 1947–1978 Anson
George H. W. Bush Republican 7th 1967–1971 Houston Ran for U.S. Senate (lost); later 43rd Vice President (1981–1989) & 41st President (1989–1993); father of George W. Bush & Jeb Bush
Albert Bustamante Democratic 23rd 1985–1993 San Antonio


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Earle Cabell Democratic 5th 1965–1973 Dallas
Oscar Callaway Democratic 12th 1911–1917 Comanche
Quico Canseco Republican 23rd 2011–2013 San Antonio
John Carter Republican 31st 2003–present Round Rock
Robert R. Casey Democratic 22nd 1959–1976 Houston
Joaquín Castro Democratic 20th 2013–present San Antonio
Jim Chapman Democratic 1st 1985–1997 Sulphur Springs
William Thomas Clark Republican 3rd 1870–1872 Galveston
Jeremiah V. Cockrell Democratic 13th 1893–1897 Anson
Ronald D. Coleman Democratic 16th 1983–1997 El Paso
James M. Collins Republican 3rd 1968–1983 Dallas
Larry Combest Republican 19th 1985–2003 Lubbock
Jesse M. Combs Democratic 2nd 1945–1953 Beaumont
Mike Conaway Republican 11th 2005–present Midland
Tom Connally Democratic 11th 1917–1929 Marlin U.S. Senator (1929–1953)
John C. Conner Democratic 2nd 1870–1873 Sherman
Samuel B. Cooper Democratic 2nd 1893–1905 Beaumont
William H. Crain Democratic 7th 1885–1893 Cuero
11th 1893–1896 Died
John W. Cranford Democratic 4th 1897–1899 Sulphur Springs Died
Oliver H. Cross Democratic 11th 1929–1937 Waco
Miles Crowley Democratic 10th 1895–1897 Galveston
Henry Cuellar Democratic 28th 2005–present Laredo
David B. Culberson Democratic 2nd 1875–1883 Jefferson
4th 1883–1897
John Culberson Republican 7th 2001–present Houston


Representative Party District Years District home Note
James H. Davis Democratic AL 1915–1917 Sulphur Springs
Reese C. De Graffenreid Democratic 3rd 1897–1902 Longview Died
Kika de la Garza Democratic 15th 1965–1997 Mission
Edward Degener Republican 4th 1870–1871 San Antonio
Tom DeLay Republican 22nd 1985–2006 Sugar Land Resigned
Martin Dies, Sr. Democratic 2nd 1909–1919 Beaumont
Martin Dies, Jr. Democratic 2nd 1931–1945 Orange
AL 1953–1959 Lufkin
Lloyd Doggett Democratic 10th 1995–2005 Austin
25th 2005–2013
35th 2013–present
John Dowdy Democratic 7th 1952–1967 Athens
2nd 1967–1973


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Joe H. Eagle Democratic 8th 1913–1921 Houston
Robert C. Eckhardt Democratic 8th 1967–1981 Houston Nephew of Harry M. Wurzbach
Chet Edwards Democratic 11th 1991–2005 Waco
17th 2005–2011
Lemuel D. Evans Know-nothing 1st 1855–1857 Marshall


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Blake Farenthold Republican 27th 2011–present Corpus Christi
Scott Field Democratic 6th 1903–1907 Calvert
Jack Fields Republican 8th 1981–1997 Humble
O. C. Fisher Democratic 21st 1943–1974 San Angelo Resigned after open heart surgery
Bill Flores Republican 17th 2011–present Bryan
Ed Foreman Republican 16th 1963–1965 Odessa Unseated after one term by the Democrat Richard Crawford White; later served another term from 1969 to 1971 from New Mexico's 2nd congressional district
Martin Frost Democratic 24th 1979–2005 Dallas


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Pete Gallego Democratic 23rd 2013–2015 Alpine
Robert Gammage Democratic 22nd 1977–1979 Houston
John Nance Garner Democratic 15th 1903–1933 Uvalde 44th Speaker of the House (1931–1933); 32nd Vice President (1933–1941)
Clyde L. Garrett Democratic 17th 1937–1941 Eastland
Daniel E. Garrett Democratic AL 1913–1915 Houston
8th 1921–1932 Died
Brady P. Gentry Democratic 3rd 1953–1957 Tyler
Pete Geren Democratic 12th 1989–1997 Fort Worth
Dewitt Clinton Giddings Democratic 3rd 1872–1875 Brenham
5th 1877–1879
Oscar W. Gillespie Democratic 12th 1903–1911 Fort Worth
Louie Gohmert Republican 1st 2005–present Tyler
Charlie Gonzalez Democratic 20th 1999–2013 San Antonio
Henry B. Gonzalez Democratic 20th 1961–1999 San Antonio
Ed Gossett Democratic 13th 1939–1951 Wichita Falls
Phil Gramm Democratic 6th 1979–1983 College Station Changed parties
Republican 1983–1985 U.S. Senator (1985–2002)
Kay Granger Republican 12th 1997–present Fort Worth
Al Green Democratic 9th 2005–present Houston
Gene Green Democratic 29th 1993–present Houston
Alexander W. Gregg Democratic 7th 1903–1919 Palestine Chairman of House War Claims Committee (1913–1919)
Walter Gresham Democratic 10th 1893–1895 Galveston
Ben H. Guill Republican 18th 1950–1951 Pampa


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Ralph Hall Democratic 4th 1981–2004 Rockwall
Republican 2004–2015
Sam B. Hall, Jr. Democratic 1st 1976–1985 Marshall
Andrew Jackson Hamilton Independent Democratic 2nd 1859–1861 Austin Later 11th Governor of Texas (1865–1866)
Kent Hance Democratic 19th 1979–1985 Lubbock
John Hancock Democratic 4th 1871–1875 Austin
5th 1875–1877
10th 1883–1885
Rufus Hardy Democratic 6th 1907–1923 Corsicana Chairman of House Expenditures in the Navy Department Committee (1911–1919)
Silas Hare Democratic 5th 1887–1891 Sherman
Robert B. Hawley Republican 10th 1897–1901 Galveston
Robert Lee Henry Democratic 7th 1897–1903 Waco Chairman of House Rules Committee (1911–1917)
11th 1903–1917
Jeb Hensarling Republican 5th 2003–present Dallas
William S. Herndon Democratic 1st 1871–1875 Tyler
Jack English Hightower Democratic 13th 1975–1985 Vernon
Rubén Hinojosa Democratic 15th 1997–present Mercedes
Volney Howard Democratic 2nd 1849–1853 San Antonio
Claude Benton Hudspeth Democratic 16th 1919–1931 El Paso
Will Hurd Republican 23rd 2015–present
Joseph Chappell Hutcheson Democratic 1st 1893–1897 Houston


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Frank N. Ikard Democratic 13th 1951–1961 Resigned


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Sheila Jackson Lee Democratic 18th 1995–present Houston
Eddie Bernice Johnson Democratic 30th 1993–present Dallas
Luther Alexander Johnson Democratic 6th 1923–1946 Resigned
Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic 10th 1937–1949 U.S. Senator (1949–1961); later 37th Vice President (1961–1963) & 36th President (1963–1969)
Sam Johnson Republican 3rd 1991–present Plano
George Washington Jones Greenback 5th 1879–1883 Previously 10th Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1866–1867)
James H. Jones Democratic 3rd 1883–1887
John Marvin Jones Democratic 13th 1917–1919 Redistricting
18th 1919–1940 Resigned to become judge, United States Court of Claims (1940–1943); later its Chief Judge (1947–1964)
Barbara Jordan Democratic 18th 1973–1979 Retired


Representative Party District Years District home Note
David S. Kaufman Democratic 1st 1846–1851 Died; namesake of Kaufman County, Texas
Abraham Kazen Democratic 23rd 1967–1985 Lost primary
Paul J. Kilday Democratic 20th 1939–1961 Resigned to become judge on what was then United States Court of Military Appeals (1961–1968)
Constantine B. Kilgore Democratic 3rd 1887–1895
Joe M. Kilgore Democratic 15th 1955–1965 Retired
Richard M. Kleberg Democratic 14th 1931–1945 Lost primary
Rudolph Kleberg Democratic 11th 1896–1903 Retired
Bob Krueger Democratic 21st 1975–1979 Later U.S. Senator (1993)


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Nick Lampson Democratic 9th 1997–2005
22nd 2007–2009 Lost re-election
Fritz G. Lanham Democratic 12th 1919–1947 Retired; son of S. W. T. Lanham
S. W. T. Lanham Democratic 11th 1883–1893 Ran for governor (lost)
8th 1895–1903 Resigned to take office as 23rd Governor of Texas (1903–1907);

father of Fritz G. Lanham

Greg Laughlin Democratic 14th 1989–1995 Changed parties
Republican 1995–1997 Lost primary runoff
Marvin Leath Democratic 11th 1979–1991 Retired
Robert Quincy Lee Democratic 17th 1929–1930 Died
Mickey Leland Democratic 18th 1979–1989 Died
Robert M. Lively Democratic 3rd 1910–1911 Declined nomination
Tom Loeffler Republican 21st 1979–1987 Ran for governor (lost)
John B. Long Democratic 2nd 1891–1893 Lost primary
Wingate H. Lucas Democratic 12th 1947–1955 Lost primary
John E. Lyle, Jr. Democratic 14th 1945–1955 Retired


Representative Party District Years District home Note
George H. Mahon Democratic 19th 1935–1979 Colorado City Chairman of Appropriations Committee (1963–1979)
Chairman of Joint Reduction of Federal Expenditures Committee (1967–1975)
Joseph J. Mansfield Democratic 9th 1917–1947 Columbus Died; Chairman of Rivers and Harbors Committee (1931–1947)
Kenny Marchant Republican 24th 2005–present Carrollton
William Harrison Martin Democratic 2nd 1887–1891 Athens
Jim Mattox Democratic 5th 1977–1983 Dallas
Maury Maverick Democratic 20th 1935–1939 Lost primary
A. Jeff McLemore Democratic At-Large 1915–1919 Redistricting
Michael McCaul Republican 10th 2005–present Austin
Augustus McCloskey Democratic 14th 1929–1930 Election contested
William D. McFarlane Democratic 13th 1933–1939 Lost primary; father of Robert McFarlane
William P. McLean Democratic 2nd 1873–1875 Retired
Dale Milford Democratic 24th 1973–1979 Lost primary
James Francis Miller Democratic 8th 1883–1887 Declined nomination
Roger Q. Mills Democratic At-Large 1873–1875 Redistricting
4th 1875–1883 Redistricting
9th 1883–1892 U.S. Senator (1892–1899)
John M. Moore Democratic 8th 1905–1913 Grandfather of Hilmar Moore
Littleton W. Moore Democratic 8th 1887–1893


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Randy Neugebauer Republican 19th 2003–present Lubbock
George H. Noonan Republican 12th 1895–1897 Lost re-election


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Beto O'Rourke Democratic 16th 2013–present El Paso
Thomas P. Ochiltree Independent 7th 1883–1885 Galveston Retired
Pete Olson Republican 22nd 2009–present Sugar Land
Solomon P. Ortiz Democratic 27th 1983–2011 Corpus Christi Lost general


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Lucian W. Parrish[1] Democratic 13th 1919–1922 Henrietta Died
Thomas M. Paschal[2] Democratic 12th 1893–1895 Castroville Lost primary
William Neff Patman Democratic 14th 1981–1985 Ganado
Wright Patman Democratic 1st 1929–1976 Texarkana Died; Chairman of House Select Small Business Committee (1949–1953, 1955–1963)
Chairman of Joint Economic Committee (1957–1959, 1961–1963, 1965–1967, 1969–1971, 1973–1975)
Chairman of Joint Defense Production Committee (1963–1965, 1967–1969, 1971–1973, 1975–1976)
Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee (1963–1975)
Nat Patton Democratic 7th 1935–1945 Crockett
Ron Paul Republican 22nd 1976–1977 Lake Jackson Lost re-election
1979–1985 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
14th 1997–2013 Father of U.S. Senator Rand Paul
George C. Pendleton Democratic 7th 1893–1897 Belton
Tom Pickett Democratic 7th 1945–1952 Palestine Resigned
J. J. Pickle Democratic 10th 1963–1995 Austin
Timothy Pilsbury Democratic 2nd 1846–1849 Brazoria
John M. Pinckney Democratic 8th 1903–1905 Hempstead Killed
William R. Poage Democratic 11th 1937–1978 Waco Resigned; Chairman of House Agriculture Committee (1967–1975)
Ted Poe Republican 2nd 2005–present Humble
Joe R. Pool Democratic AL 1963–1967 Dallas Redistricting (see Wesberry v. Sanders, 1964)
3rd 1967–1968 Died
Bob Price Republican 18th 1967–1973 Pampa
13th 1973–1975
Graham B. Purcell, Jr. Democratic 13th 1962–1973 Wichita Falls Redistricting


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Choice B. Randell Democratic 5th 1901–1903 Redistricting
4th 1903–1913 Ran for U.S. Senate (lost)
Sam Rayburn Democratic 4th 1913–1961 Died; longest tenured Speaker of the House (1940–1947), (1949–1953), (1955–1961); Majority Leader (1937–1940); Minority Leader (1947–1949), (1953–1955); longest serving member of Congress from Texas until at least 2023
John Henninger Reagan Democratic 1st 1857–1861 Resigned due to the outbreak of the Civil War; member of the Provisional Confederate Congress; 1st Confederate Postmaster (1861–1865); 3rd Confederate Treasury Secretary (1865)
1st 1883–1887 U.S. Senator (1887–1891); resigned to become chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas
Kenneth M. Regan Democratic 16th 1947–1955 Lost primary
Silvestre Reyes Democratic 16th 1997–2013 El Paso
Ray Roberts Democratic 4th 1962–1981 Retired; Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee (1975–1981)
Ciro Rodriguez Democratic 28th 1997–2005 San Antonio
23rd 2007–2011
Walter Rogers Democratic 18th 1951–1967 Retired
Gordon J. Russell Democratic 3rd 1902–1910 Resigned to become a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas (1910–1919d)
Sam M. Russell Democratic 17th 1941–1947
J. T. Rutherford Democratic 16th 1955–1963 Lost general


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Morgan G. Sanders Democratic 3rd 1921–1939 Canton
Max Sandlin Democratic 1st 1997–2005 Marshall
Bill Sarpalius Democratic 13th 1989–1995 Amarillo
Joseph D. Sayers Democratic 10th 1885–1893 Bastrop Redistricting
9th 1893–1899 Chairman of House Appropriations Committee (1893–1895); resigned to take office as 22nd Governor of Texas (1899–1903)
Gustav Schleicher Democratic 6th 1875–1879 Cuero Died; had been re-elected to a 3rd term; Chairman of House Railways and Canals Committee (1877–1879)
Richardson A. Scurry Democratic 1st 1851–1853 Clarksville
Shelley Sekula-Gibbs Republican 22nd 2006–2007 Houston
Pete Sessions Republican 5th 1997–2003 Dallas Redistricting
32nd 2003–present
John Levi Sheppard Democratic 4th 1899–1902 Texarkana Died
Morris Sheppard Democratic 4th 1902–1903 Texarkana Redistricting
1st 1903–1913 Chairman of House Public Buildings and Grounds Committee (1911–1913);
U.S. Senator (1913–1941); longest serving Senator from Texas until at least 2021
James Luther Slayden Democratic 12th 1897–1903 San Antonio Redistricting
14th 1903–1919 Declined nomination
Lamar S. Smith Republican 21st 1987–present San Antonio Chairman of House Standards of Official Conduct Committee (1999–2001)
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (2011–present)
William Robert Smith Democratic 16th 1903–1917 Colorado City Chairman of House Irrigation of Arid Lands Committee (1911–1917)
George W. Smyth Democratic 1st 1853–1855 Jasper Declined nomination
Charles L. South Democratic 21st 1935–1943 Coleman
Alan Steelman Republican 5th 1973–1977 Dallas
Charles Stenholm Democratic 17th 1979–2005 Stamford Redistricting
John Hall Stephens Democratic 13th 1897–1917 Vernon Chairman of House Indian Affairs Committee (1911–1917); lost primary
Charles Stewart Democratic 1st 1883–1893 Houston Retired
Steve Stockman Republican 9th 1995–1997 Beaumont Redistricting
Sterling P. Strong Democratic AL 1933–1935 Dallas Lost primary
Hatton W. Sumners Democratic AL 1913–1915 Dallas Redistricting
5th 1915–1947 Chairman of House Judiciary Committee (1931–1947)
Mac Sweeney Republican 14th 1985–1989 Wharton Lost re-election


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Olin E. Teague Democratic 6th 1946–1978 Resigned; Chairman of Select Committee on Education, Training, and Loan Programs of World War II Veterans (1949–1953); Chairman of House Committee on Veterans' Affairs (1955–1972); Cochairman of the Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration (1973–1978); Chairman of Committee on Science and Astronautics (1973–1975); Chairman of Committee on Science and Technology (1975–1978)
Frank Tejeda Democratic 28th 1993–1997 Died
George B. Terrell Democratic 28th 1933–1935 Retired
Albert Richard Thomas Democratic 8th 1937–1966 Died; succeeded by widow, Lera Millard Thomas
Lera Millard Thomas Democratic 8th 1966–1967 Widow of Albert Richard Thomas; retired
R. Ewing Thomason Democratic 16th 1931–1947 Resigned to become a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas
Clark W. Thompson Democratic 7th 1933–1935
9th 1947–1966 Resigned
Homer Thornberry Democratic 10th 1949–1963 Resigned to become a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas (1963–1965); judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit (1965–1995)
Mac Thornberry Republican 13th 1995–present Clarendon
James W. Throckmorton Democratic 3rd 1875–1879 Previously 12th Governor of Texas (1866–1867); Chairman of Committee on Pacific Railroads (1877–1879); retired
5th 1883–1887 Chairman of Committee on Pacific Railroads (1885–1887); retired
Jim Turner Democratic 2nd 1997–2005 Retired


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Christopher C. Upson Democratic 6th 1879–1883 Lost primary


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Tom Vandergriff Democratic 26th 1983–1985 Lost general
Horace Worth Vaughan Democratic 1st 1913–1915 Lost re-election


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Craig Anthony Washington Democratic 18th 1989–1995 Lost primary
Randy Weber Republican 14th 2013–present
Olin Wellborn Democratic 3rd 1879–1883 Redistricting
6th 1883–1887 Lost primary; Chairman of House Committee of Indian Affairs (1883–1887)
Milton H. West Democratic 15th 1933–1948 Died; Chairman of Committee on Elections (1937–1939)
Richard Crawford White Democratic 16th 1965–1983 Retired
George W. Whitmore Republican 1st 1870–1871 Lost re-election
Guinn Williams Democratic 13th 1922–1933 Retired; Chairman of Committee on Territories (1931–1933)
Asa H. Willie Democratic AL 1873–1875 Retired; later Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (1882–1888)
Charle Wilson Democratic 2nd 1973–1997 Resigned
Joseph Franklin Wilson Democratic 5th 1947–1955 Retired
James Clifton Wilson Democratic 12th 1917–1919 Resigned (had been re-elected to another term) to become a judge for the
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas (1919–1947)
Dudley G. Wooten Democratic 6th 1901–1903 Lost primary
Eugene Worley Democratic 17th 1941–1950 Resigned to become judge for the U.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals (1950–1959), later its chief judge (1959–1974d)
Jim Wright Democratic 12th 1955–1989 Resigned; 56th Speaker of the House (1987–1989); 19th House Majority Leader (1977–1987)
Harry M. Wurzbach Republican 14th 1921–1929 Lost general; contested results; reinstated
1930–1931 Died; had been re-elected to another term; uncle of Robert C. Eckhardt
Joseph P. Wyatt, Jr. Democratic 14th 1979–1981 Retired


Representative Party District Years District home Note
Charles Henderson Yoakum Democratic 3rd 1895–1897
James Young Democratic 3rd 1911–1921 Retired
John Andrew Young Democratic 14th 1957–1979 Lost primary

Living former Members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee[edit]

As of April 2015, there are fifteen former members of the U.S. House of Representatives from the U.S. State of Tennessee who are currently living at this time.

Representative Term of office District Date of birth (and age)
Bill Brock 1963–1971 3rd (1930-11-23) November 23, 1930 (age 84)
Marilyn Lloyd 1975–1995 3rd (1929-01-03) January 3, 1929 (age 86)
Harold Ford, Sr. 1975–1997 8th (1975–1983)
9th (1983–1997)
(1945-05-20) May 20, 1945 (age 70)
Al Gore 1977–1985 4th (1977–1983)
6th (1983–1985)
(1948-03-31) March 31, 1948 (age 67)
Bill Boner 1979–1987 5th (1945-02-14) February 14, 1945 (age 70)
Don Sundquist 1983–1995 7th (1936-03-15) March 15, 1936 (age 79)
Bart Gordon 1985–2011 6th (1949-01-24) January 24, 1949 (age 66)
Bob Clement 1988–2003 5th (1943-09-23) September 23, 1943 (age 71)
John S. Tanner 1989–2011 8th (1944-09-22) September 22, 1944 (age 70)
Van Hilleary 1995–2003 4th (1959-06-20) June 20, 1959 (age 55)
Ed Bryant 1995–2003 7th (1948-09-07) September 7, 1948 (age 66)
Bill Jenkins 1997–2007 1st (1936-11-29) November 29, 1936 (age 78)
Harold Ford, Jr. 1997–2007 9th (1970-05-11) May 11, 1970 (age 45)
Lincoln Davis 2003–2011 4th (1943-09-13) September 13, 1943 (age 71)
David Davis 2007–2009 1st (1959-11-06) November 6, 1959 (age 55)


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