List of United States Representatives from Washington

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Current members[edit]

Previous members[edit]

Representative Years Party District
Brock Adams 1965–1977 Democratic 7th
Brian Baird 1999–2011 Democratic 3rd
Don Bonker 1975–1989 Democratic 3rd
James W. Bryan 1913–1915 Progressive At-large
Maria Cantwell 1993–1995 Democratic 1st
Rod Chandler 1983–1993 Republican 8th
John M. Coffee 1937–1947 Democratic 6th
John E. Cunningham 1977–1979 Republican 7th
Francis W. Cushman 1899–1909 Republican At-large
Hugh De Lacy 1945–1947 Democratic 1st
Norman D. Dicks 1977–2013 Democratic 6th
Clarence Dill 1915–1919 Democratic 5th
William H. Doolittle 1893–1897 Republican At-large
Jennifer Dunn 1993–2005 Republican 8th
Jacob Falconer 1913–1915 Progressive At-large
Tom Foley 1965–1995 Democratic 5th
Lindley H. Hadley 1915–1933 Republican 2nd
Julia Butler Hansen 1960–1974 Democratic 3rd
Floyd Hicks 1965–1977 Democratic 6th
Knute Hill 1933–1943 Democratic 4th
Samuel B. Hill 1923–1936 Democratic 5th
Hal Holmes 1943–1959 Republican 4th
Walt Horan 1943–1965 Republican 5th
Ralph Horr 1931–1933 Republican 1st
William E. Humphrey 1903–1917 Republican At-large, 1st
Samuel C. Hyde 1895–1897 Republican At-large
Jay Inslee 1999–2012 Democratic 1st
Henry M. Jackson 1941–1953 Democratic 2nd
Albert Johnson 1913–1933 Republican 2nd, 3rd
Homer Jones 1947–1949 Republican 1st
Wesley Livsey Jones 1899–1909 Republican At-large
William Carey Jones 1897–1899 Republican At-large
Mike Kreidler 1993–1995 Democratic 9th
William La Follette 1911–1919 Republican 3rd, 4th
Charles H. Leavy 1937–1942 Democratic 5th
J. Hamilton Lewis 1897–1899 Democratic At-large
Wesley Lloyd 1933–1936 Democratic 6th
Mike Lowry 1979–1989 Democratic 7th
Russell V. Mack 1947–1960 Republican 3rd
Donald H. Magnuson 1953–1963 Democratic At-large, 7th
Warren G. Magnuson 1937–1944 Democratic 1st
Catherine Dean May 1959–1971 Republican 4th
Mike McCormack 1971–1981 Democratic 4th
William W. McCredie 1909–1911 Republican 3rd
Lloyd Meeds 1965–1979 Democratic 2nd
Jack Metcalf 1995–2001 Republican 2nd
John F. Miller 1917–1931 Republican 1st
John Ripin Miller 1985–1993 Republican 1st
Hugh Mitchell 1949–1953 Democratic 1st
Sid Morrison 1981–1993 Republican 4th
George Nethercutt 1995–2005 Republican 5th
Fred B. Norman 1943–1945
Republican 3rd
Thomas Pelly 1953–1973 Republican 1st
Miles Poindexter 1909–1911 Republican 2nd
Joel Pritchard 1973–1985 Republican 1st
Charles R. Savage 1945–1947 Democratic 3rd
Linda Smith 1995–1999 Republican 3rd
Martin F. Smith 1933–1943 Democratic 3rd
K. William Stinson 1963–1965 Republican 7th
John W. Summers 1919–1933 Republican 4th
Al Swift 1979–1995 Democratic 2nd
Randy Tate 1995–1997 Republican 9th
Thor C. Tollefson 1947–1965 Republican 6th
Jolene Unsoeld 1989–1995 Democratic 3rd
Monrad Wallgren 1933–1940 Democratic 2nd
Stanton Warburton 1911–1913 Republican 2nd
J. Stanley Webster 1919–1923 Republican 5th
Jack Westland 1953–1965 Republican 2nd
Rick White 1995–1999 Republican 1st
John L. Wilson 1889–1895 Republican At-large
Marion Zioncheck 1933–1936 Democratic 1st


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