List of current United States congressional joint committees

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This is a list of active joint United States congressional committees.


Chairmanship of joint committees alternates with each Congress between the senior majority Senator and the senior majority Representative. For purpose of seniority on joint committees, total time in Congress — Senate and House — is counted.

Table of Joint committee chairs and ranking members in the 113th Congress:

Committee Chairman Ranking Member
Joint Economic Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R) Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D)
Joint Committee on the Library Rep. Gregg Harper (R) Sen. Chuck Schumer (D)
Joint Committee on Printing Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) Rep. Gregg Harper (R)
Joint Committee on Taxation Sen. Ron Wyden (D) Rep. Dave Camp (R)
Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (Special) Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) Sen. Lamar Alexander (R)

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