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Miss World America
Miss World America logo.png
Logo of the Miss World America
Formation 1951
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Miss World
Official language
National Director
Christopher W. Wilmer
Website www.missworldamerica.com

Miss World America is the official national pageant that selects the contestant from the United States to Miss World. The United States has continuously sent a representative to Miss World since its inception in 1951.


During the mid 1950s the 1st-runner up of Miss USA went to compete at Miss World (1953–57). Alfred Patricelli of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was the Executive Director of the Miss World USA[1] during its existence from 1958 to 1977. From 1958 to 1961, the winner of Miss United States competed at Miss World. Then from 1962 to 1966 Alfred Patricelli organized the Miss USA World pageant annually. In 1967, the pageant was renamed Miss World USA and was held every year until 1977. During this time, Miss World USA 1969 Gail Renshaw was the first person to resign from the title of "Miss World USA" after competing in Miss World 1969 in order to get married. Also in 1973, Marjorie Wallace won the Miss World title and became the first American woman to win the Miss World title.[2] Between 1978 through 1980, BBS Productions, Inc., based in New York City, was given the franchise for the Miss World pageant where Griff O'Neil was the organizer, during this time the pageant was named "Miss World America".

From 1981 to 1991, the Miss Universe organization were the license holders, and the American representative to Miss World ended up being the 1st Runner-up of the Miss USA pageant. The Miss World Organization however wanted a public announcement during the finals of the Miss USA pageant that the 1st Runner-up would be going to Miss World, but they refused to do so. Therefore, after 1991 the Miss World Organization did not accept any more Miss USA 1st Runner-ups.

From 1992 to 1997, Richard Guy and Rex Holt (GuyRex) were the national directors of Miss World in the United States and organized the Miss World America pageant in 1992 and 1993 and a Miss United States in 1994.[3] They discontinued the pageant in 1995 but handpicked a representative from 1995 to 1997.[4] In 1998, Hirsh Wilck succeeded GuyRex and became the license holder and sent contestants from 1998 to 2000.[5]

In 2001, the Miss World organization asked Pageantry Magazine to choose a contestant for Miss World 2001 since they did not have a license holder during this year.[6] In 2002, Jean Renard and Miss World Holdings Inc became license holders and handpicked the representative.[7] They dropped the license afterwards due to legal issues with Rebekah Revels, whom they had handpicked to compete in 2002. In 2003, Bruce Vermeulen and Geoff Kearney founded the US Miss World organization.[8] They chose the 2003 representative by mail-in entry and telephone interviews and in 2004 held the US Miss World pageant. In 2005, Barbizon Modeling became the license holders and organized the US Miss World pageant in San Francisco, California.[9]

From 2007-2011 Elite Models were the license holders for Miss World in the United States and they handpicked the representative from their list of models.[10] During this time it was common to know who was going to represent the United States in Miss World a week or two before the international pageant began. Among their designee was Alexandria Mills who in 2010 became one of the few Miss World winners to have won the international pageant without winning a national pageant. It is unknown who was in charge of selecting the contestants in 1951, 1952, 2006 and 2012. In 2012, an audition process was held and its main priority was to examine the background charity the contestants had, although it is unknown who was in charge of this audition.[11] In 2013, Crown Diva (license holder for Miss California USA) were asked to appoint a representative. They ended up choosing the 1st runner-up of the Miss California 2013 pageant, Olivia Jordan, and held a private celebration ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

In 2014 in an effort from Julia Morley who wanted all national directors to hold a national pageant to select the representative of their country as opposed to only designate, Christopher Wilmer, the organizer of the Miss United States pageant was appointed as the new national director of Miss World in the United States.[12] As a result, the winner of Miss United States 2014 was selected to compete at Miss World because she met the age requirements of the international pageant. In 2015, Wilmer reinstated the Miss World America pageant in order to properly reflect Miss World's age and contest requirements.[13]


The Miss World America pageant was reinstated in 2015 with the goal to select one woman aged 17–25 to represent the United States in Miss World. 52 contestants are selected through state-level pageants or through state-director designations to represent each U.S. state, the District of Columbia and American Samoa at the national pageant. The contestants take part in several competitions including interview, sports and fitness, evening gown, runway, public speaking, video introduction, social media, and on-stage question to determine the winner of the pageant. The 2015 edition will take place on July 3 at the Auditorium of the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC. The winner will represent the United States in Miss World 2015.[14]


Lynda Carter, Miss World United States 1972
Lisa Allred, Miss World United States 1983
Halle Berry, Miss World United States 1986
Gina Tolleson, Miss World United States 1990; Later Miss World 1990
Carrie Stroup, Miss World United States 2001
Abigail McCary, Miss World United States 2007
Lane Lindell, Miss World United States 2008
Alexandria Mills, Miss World United States 2010; Later Miss World 2010

This is a list of women who have represented the United States at the Miss World pageant.

Year Name City & State Represented Placement at Miss World Notes
1951 Annette Gibson Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky
1952 Tally Richards New York New York City, New York 4th Runner-up
1953 Mary Kemp Griffin† South Carolina Florence, South Carolina 5th Runner-up Miss Myrtle Beach USA 1953, 1st Runner up at Miss USA 1953; Miss South Carolina 1953, Sami-finalist at Miss America 1953.
1954 Karin Hultman New York Rochester, New York 1st Runner-up Miss New York USA 1954; originally 2nd Runner-up, later elevated to 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1954.
1955 Margaret Anne Haywood Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas 1st Runner-up Miss Arkansas USA 1955, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1955.
1956 Betty Lane Cherry South Carolina Orangeburg, South Carolina 1st Runner-up Miss South Carolina USA 1956, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1956.
1957 Charlotte Sheffield Utah Salt Lake City, Utah Miss Utah USA 1957, Miss USA 1957 (successor).
1958 Nancy Anne Corcoran New York New York City, New York Top 12
1959 Loretta Powell Connecticut Bridgeport, Connecticut
1960 Judith Achter Missouri St. Louis, Missouri 4th Runner-up Annette Driggers, disqualified for being underage, replaced by Judith Achter.
1961 Jo Ann Odum West Virginia Huntington, West Virginia Top 7
1962 Amadee Chabot California Northridge, California Top 8
1963 Michele Metrinko New York New York City, New York Top 14 Miss District of Columbia USA 1963, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1963.
1964 Jeanne Quinn New York East Meadow, New York Top 16 Miss New York USA 1963, Semi-finalist at Miss USA 1963.
1965 Dianna Lynn Batts Washington, D.C. Washington, District of Columbia 1st Runner-up Miss District of Columbia USA 1965, 4th Runner-up at Miss USA 1965.
1966 Denice Blair Utah Layton, Utah Top 7 Miss Utah USA 1966, Semi-finalist at Miss USA 1966.
1967 Pamela Pall California Norwalk, California Top 15
1968 Johnine Leigh Avery Washington (state) Olympia, Washington
1969 Gail Renshaw Virginia Arlington, Virginia 1st Runner-up Gail Renshaw, resigned her title in order to get married, and was replaced by Connie Haggard.
1970 Sandra Anne Wolsfeld Illinois Chicago, Illinois Top 15 Miss Illinois USA 1968.
1971 Brucene Smith Texas Port Lavaca, Texas Top 7 Miss International 1974.
1972 Lynda Carter Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Top 15
1973 Marjorie "Marji" Wallace Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Miss World 1973 Majorie Wallace won the Miss World title and was replaced by Lexie Brockway.
1974 Terry Ann Browning Florida Ormond Beach, Florida 4th Runner-up
1975 Annelise Ilschenko Ohio Middleburg Heights, Ohio
1976 Kimberly Marre Foley Michigan Southfield, Michigan
1977 Cindy Miller Virginia Chesapeake, Virginia 4th Runner-up
1978 Debra Freeze North Carolina Mooresville, North Carolina Top 15
1979 Carter Wilson Virginia Harrisonburg, Virginia Top 15
1980 Brooke Alexander Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Top 7
1981 Lisa Moss Louisiana Shreveport, Louisiana Top 7 Miss Louisiana USA 1981, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1981.
1982 Lu Ann Caughey Texas Abilene, Texas Top 7 Miss Texas USA 1982, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1982.
1983 Lisa Allred Texas Fort Worth, Texas Top 7 Miss Texas USA 1983, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1983.
1984 Kelly Anderson West Virginia Clarksburg, West Virginia Top 7 Miss West Virginia USA 1984, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1984.
1985 Brenda Denton New Mexico Hobbs, New Mexico 2nd Runner-up Miss New Mexico USA 1985, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1985.
1986 Halle Berry Ohio Oakwood, Ohio Top 7 Miss Ohio USA 1986, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1986.
1987 Clotilde "Cloe" Cabrera Florida Tampa, Florida Miss Personality; Miss Florida USA 1987, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1987.
1988 Diana Magaña California Rancho Palos Verdes, California Top 10 Miss California USA 1988, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1988.
1989 Jill Scheffert Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Top 5 Miss Oklahoma USA 1989, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1989.
1990 Gina Tolleson South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina Miss World 1990 Miss South Carolina USA 1990, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1990.
1991 Charlotte Ray New Jersey Camden, New Jersey Top 10 Miss New Jersey USA 1991, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1991.
1992 Sharon Belden Florida Miami, Florida Top 10 Miss Florida USA 1992.
1993 Maribeth Brown Massachusetts Holliston, Massachusetts Top 10
1994 Kristie Harmon Georgia (U.S. state) Conyers, Georgia Miss Georgia Teen USA 1992.
1995 Jill Ankuda Texas El Paso, Texas
1996 Kelly Webber Texas El Paso, Texas
1997 Sallie Toussaint New York New York City, New York Top 10 Miss Connecticut USA 2000.
1998 Shauna Gambill California Acton, California Top 10 Miss California Teen USA 1994, Miss Teen USA 1994; Miss California USA 1998, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 1998.
1999 Natasha Allas California Los Angeles, California Top 10 Miss California Teen USA 1992, Top 6 at Miss Teen USA 1992.
2000 Angelique Breaux California San Diego, California Top 10 Miss California USA 1999, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 1999.
2001 Carrie Ann Stroup North Carolina Cherokee, North Carolina Miss United States Teen 1998.
2002 Rebekah Revels North Carolina St. Pauls, North Carolina Top 10 Miss World Talent; Miss North Carolina 2002 (dethroned).
2003 Kimberly Harlan Georgia (U.S. state) Marietta, Georgia Miss Georgia Teen USA 2002, 4th Runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2002.
2004 Nancy Randall Illinois Chicago, Illinois 2nd Runner-up Miss World Beach Beauty and Top 20 in Miss World Top Model; 1st Runner-up at Miss Louisiana USA 2006; 1st Runner-up at Miss Earth United States 2006.
2005 Lisette Diaz California Chula Vista, California 1st Runner-up at Miss California USA 2006.
2006 Brooke Elizabeth Angus Vermont Essex, Vermont Top 20 in Miss World Dress Designer Award and Top 24 in Miss World Sports; Miss Vermont USA 2002.
2007 Abigail McCary Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Top 16 Miss World Sports.
2008 Lane Lindell Florida Tampa, Florida Miss World Dress Designer Award, Top 25 in Miss World Beach Beauty and Top 32 in Miss World Top Model.
2009 Lisa-Marie Kohrs California Malibu, California Top 20 in Miss World Beach Beauty.
2010 Alexandria Mills Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky Miss World 2010 1st Runner-up in Miss World Beach Beauty and 2nd Runner-up in Miss World Top Model.
2011 Erin Cummins Washington (state) Arlington, Washington Top 36 in Miss World Beach Beauty.
2012 Claudine Book California Malibu, California Top 15 2nd Runner-up in Beauty with a Purpose, Top 25 in Miss World Talent and Top 56 in Miss World Top Model.
2013 Olivia Jordan Oklahoma Tulsa, Oklahoma Top 20 1st Runner-up in Miss World Top Model; 1st Runner-up at Miss California USA 2013; Miss Oklahoma USA 2015.
2014 Elizabeth Safrit North Carolina Kannapolis, North Carolina 2nd Runner-up Miss World Multimedia, Top 5 in Miss World Talent and Top 32 in Miss World Sports; Miss United States 2014.
2015 TBA winner of Miss World America 2015


  • † Now deceased

By number of states[edit]

States Titles Years
 California 9 1962, 1967, 1988, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2009, 2012
 New York 6 1952, 1954, 1958, 1963, 1964, 1997
 Texas 5 1971, 1982, 1983, 1995, 1996
 North Carolina 4 1978, 2001, 2002, 2014
 Florida 1974, 1987, 1992, 2008
 South Carolina 3 1953, 1956, 1990
 Virginia 1969, 1977, 1979
 Oklahoma 2 1989, 2013
 Washington 1968, 2011
 Kentucky 1951, 2010
 Illinois 1970, 2004
 Georgia 1994, 2003
 Ohio 1975, 1986
 West Virginia 1961, 1984
 Utah 1957, 1966
 Minnesota 1 2007
 Vermont 2006
 Massachusetts 1993
 New Jersey 1991
 New Mexico 1985
 Louisiana 1981
 Hawaii 1980
 Michigan 1976
 Indiana 1973
 Arizona 1972
 District of Columbia 1963
 Missouri 1960
 Connecticut 1959
 Arkansas 1955

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