List of University of Chicago Booth School of Business faculty

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The following is a list of scholars and professors at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Distinguished faculty, including Nobel Prize winners, teach MBA students not only established best practices, but also the findings of their latest research. [1]

Economics and finance[edit]

Strategic management[edit]

  • James O. McKinsey, founder of McKinsey & Company in 1926, pioneered budgeting as a management tool
  • Ronald S. Burt, professor of sociology and strategy, known for his study of brokerage in social networks and the social structure of competitive advantage; author of Brokerage and Closure: An Introduction to Social Capital
  • James E. Schrager, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, teaches New Venture Strategy. Expert on New Venure Strategy and how it differs from Corporate Strategy.
  • Linda E. Ginzel, Clinical Professor of Managerial Behavior, teaches New Venture Strategy. Child product safety advocate and founder of Kids In Danger.

Private equity[edit]

  • Luigi Zingales, professor of entrepreneurial finance and private equity, and co-author (with Raghuram Rajan) of "Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists"
  • Scott Meadow, clinical professor of entrepreneurship and faculty director of global initiatives
  • Steven Kaplan, the Neubauer Family professor of entrepreneurship and finance

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