List of University of Chicago Laboratory Schools people

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This is list of notable people who attended, taught at, or were otherwise affiliated with the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.


Name Year Notability Reference
Anderson, RayRay Anderson 1969[citation needed] Jazz trombonist, composer, bandleader, artist-in-residence at Stony Brook University [1][2]
Anderson, Robert OrvilleRobert Orville Anderson 1935 American businessman and philanthropist who founded Atlantic Richfield Oil Co.
Bhat, RishiRishi Bhat 2002[citation needed] Former child actor, starred in The Indian in the Cupboard; internet entrepreneur [3][4]
Boudin, ChesaChesa Boudin 1999 Rhodes Scholar and progressive writer/lecturer
Bradbury, BillBill Bradbury 1967 Oregon Secretary of State
Brown, Torrey C.Torrey C. Brown 1957 Maryland Secretary of Natural Resources
Butterfield, PaulPaul Butterfield 1960 Blues musician and bandleader
Chemerinsky, ErwinErwin Chemerinsky 1971 Law professor at Duke University, dean of the law school at University of California, Irvine
Cordesman, AnthonyAnthony Cordesman 1956 Foreign policy commentator
Chiang, JoyceJoyce Chiang 1988 Murder victim, INS attorney
Clowes, DanielDaniel Clowes 1979 Author, screenwriter, and cartoonist of alternative comic books
Duncan, ArneArne Duncan 1982 Chicago Public Schools CEO, US Secretary of Education
Fama, ElizabethElizabeth Fama 1981 Children's author
Ghez, AndreaAndrea Ghez 1983 Astrophysicist, MacArthur Foundation Fellow (2008)
Gurvey, ScottScott Gurvey 1969 New York bureau chief, Nightly Business Report
Hinojosa, MariaMaria Hinojosa 1979 Journalist
Jarrett, ValerieValerie Jarrett (attended) Senior advisor to United States President Barack Obama
Johnson, NancyNancy Johnson 1951 Connecticut congresswoman (1983–2006)
Kaplansky, LucyLucy Kaplansky 1978 Folk singer and songwriter
Kass, LeonLeon Kass 1954 Professor at the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago
Katz, LeoLeo Katz 1974 Law professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School
Keohane, RobertRobert Keohane 1958 Political scientist
Koppel, LilyLily Koppel 1999 Journalist and writer
Lansing, SherrySherry Lansing 1962 Former chief of Paramount Studios and Academy Award winner (2007)
Levi, Edward H.Edward H. Levi 1928 Former United States Attorney General
Levi, David F.David F. Levi Judge and dean, Duke University Law School
Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis 1969 Trombonist, composer, author, Columbia University professor, MacArthur Foundation Fellow (2002), AACM member
Lipkin, W. IanW. Ian Lipkin 1970 Infectious disease epidemiologist Columbia University
Loeb, Richard A.Richard A. Loeb 1920 Murderer of Bobby Franks (along with Nathan Leopold)
Mann, EmilyEmily Mann 1970 Playwright; artistic director of McCarter Theater
McNeill, William HardyWilliam Hardy McNeill 1934 Professor emeritus, University of Chicago History Department, National Humanities Medal winner
Margulis, LynnLynn Margulis 1952 Biologist, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Meltzer, DanielDaniel Meltzer 1968 Deputy Assistant to the President; Principal Deputy White House Counsel to the U.S. President
Mincberg, ElliotElliot Mincberg 1970 Chief Counsel for Oversight and Investigations, U.S. House Judiciary Committee; director and lawyer at People for the American Way
Millikan, Clark BlanchardClark Blanchard Millikan Aeronautical engineer
Nitze, PaulPaul Nitze 1923 Public servant, winner of Presidential Medal of Freedom, namesake of Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University
Obama, Malia and SashaMalia and Sasha Obama (attended until December 2008) Daughters of United States President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama [5]
Patinkin, MarkMark Patinkin 1970 Newspaper columnist and author
Redfield, James M.James M. Redfield 1950 Professor, classics and social thought, University of Chicago
Richardson, SalliSalli Richardson 1985 Film and television actress
Rogers, Jr., JohnJohn Rogers, Jr. 1976 Founding chairman and chief executive officer of Ariel Investments [6]
Rorem, NedNed Rorem 1940 Pulitzer prize-winning composer and author
Roth, AriAri Roth 1978 Artistic director, playwright, Theater J, Washington, D.C.
Rowley, JanetJanet Rowley 1942 Geneticist, winner of Presidential Medal of Freedom
Sahlins, PeterPeter Sahlins 1975 Professor, history department, University of California, Berkeley
Stevens, John PaulJohn Paul Stevens 1937 United States Supreme Court Justice
Storr, RobertRobert Storr 1967 Curator, critic, painter, dean of Yale School of Art
Utley, GarrickGarrick Utley 1956 Television journalist
Ward, GeoffreyGeoffrey Ward 1957 Seven-time Emmy award-winning screenwriter and author
Wilkins, David B.David B. Wilkins 1973 Professor, Harvard Law School
Bloom, DavidDavid Bloom 1962 Jazz musician and instructor
Wright, AmyAmy Wright 1967 Actress
Moore, GrahamGraham Moore 1999 Screenwriter and author [7]
Bidwell, CharlesCharles Bidwell 1946 Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Chicago
Raoul, KwameKwame Raoul 1982 Illinois State Senator [7]
Higdon, HalHal Higdon 1947 Writer and runner, longtime contributor to Runner's World
Jefferson, DeniseDenise Jefferson 1947 Dance educator, former director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Currie, Barbara FlynnBarbara Flynn Currie 1958 Member of the Illinois House of Representatives
Lim, WendellWendell Lim 1983 Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology at University of California, San Francisco [7]
Cohen, Selma JeanneSelma Jeanne Cohen 1939 Dance historian and dance critic for The New York Times
Levi, John G.John G. Levi 1965 Chairperson of Legal Services Corporation
Bell, W. KamauW. Kamau Bell 1990 Stand-up comic
Sagan, PaulPaul Sagan 1977 Businessman, journalist, three-time Emmy award winner
Hairston, LeslieLeslie Hairston 1979 Chicago alderman
Neely, StephanieStephanie Neely 1983 Treasurer of the City of Chicago
Friedman, David D.David D. Friedman 1961 Economist, physicist, legal scholar and libertarian theorist
Meier, Diane E.Diane E. Meier 1969 Geriatrician, director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), MacArthur Foundation Fellow (2008)
Plotkin, Mark L.Mark L. Plotkin 1964 Political analyst, commentator, media personality, and outspoken champion of statehood for Washington, D.C. [8]
Jefferson, MargoMargo Jefferson 1964 Pulitzer Prize-winning author, former theater critic at the New York Times, professor at Columbia University and Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
Morrison, BillBill Morrison 1973 Director and artist
Wool, ChristopherChristopher Wool 197 Artist
Freeman, Jr., CastleCastle Freeman, Jr. 1962 Author, contributor to The Old Farmer's Almanac
Cambry, Jr., EmileEmile Cambry, Jr. 1998 Filmmaker, social entrepreneur
Vaux, BertBert Vaux 1987 Professor of phonology and morphology at University of Cambridge
Rotella, CarloCarlo Rotella 1983 Non-fiction writer, academic, professor at Boston College
Kass, SamSam Kass 1998 President Barack Obama's Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy and Let's Move! Executive Director
Swift, EleanorEleanor Swift 1962 Law professor at the University of California, Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law
Kreeger Davidson, CarolCarol Kreeger Davidson 1945 Sculptor