List of Victorian state by-elections

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This is an incomplete list of by-elections for the Victorian Legislative Assembly. A by-election may be held when a member's seat becomes vacant through resignation, death or some other reason.

By-election Incumbent Party Reason for by-election Date of by-election Winner of By-election Party
Lyndhurst Tim Holding   Labor Resigned 27 April 2013 Martin Pakula   Labor
Melbourne Bronwyn Pike   Labor Resigned 21 July 2012 Jennifer Kanis   Labor
Niddrie Rob Hulls   Labor Resigned 24 March 2012 Ben Carroll   Labor
Broadmeadows John Brumby   Labor Resigned following defeat as Premier 19 February 2011 Frank McGuire   Labor
Altona Lynne Kosky   Labor Resigned 13 February 2010 Jill Hennessy   Labor
Kororoit Andre Haermeyer   Labor Resigned 28 June 2008 Marlene Kairouz   Labor
Williamstown Steve Bracks   Labor Resigned as Premier 15 September 2007 Wade Noonan   Labor
Albert Park John Thwaites   Labor Resigned 15 September 2007 Martin Foley   Labor
Benalla Pat McNamara   National Resigned 13 May 2000 Denise Allen   Labor
Burwood Jeff Kennett   Liberal Resigned following election loss 11 December 1999 Bob Stensholt   Labor
Northcote Tony Sheehan   Labor Resigned 15 August 1998 Mary Delahunty   Labor
Mitcham Roger Pescott   Liberal Resigned 13 December 1997 Tony Robinson   Labor
Gippsland West Alan Brown   Liberal Resigned 1 February 1997 Susan Davies   Independent
Williamstown Joan Kirner   Labor Resigned 13 August 1994 Steve Bracks   Labor
Coburg Tom Roper   Labor Resigned 14 May 1994 Carlo Carli   Labor
Broadmeadows Jim Kennan   Labor Resigned 18 September 1993 John Brumby   Labor
Shepparton Peter Ross-Edwards   National Resigned 19 October 1991 Don Kilgour   National
Thomastown Beth Gleeson   Labor Died 3 February 1990 Peter Batchelor   Labor
Greensborough Pauline Toner   Labor Resigned due to ill health (cancer) 15 April 1989 Sherryl Garbutt   Labor
Rodney Eddie Hann   National Resigned 4 March 1989 Noel Maughan   National
Ballarat North Tom Evans   Liberal Resigned 23 July 1988 Steve Elder   Liberal
Kew Prue Sibree   Liberal Resigned 19 March 1988 Jan Wade   Liberal
Swan Hill Alan Wood   Liberal Resigned 7 May 1983 Barry Steggall   National
Warrnambool Ian Smith   Liberal Resigned in unsuccessful attempt to win Liberal preselection for the 1983 Wannon federal by-election 7 May 1983 Adam Kempton   Liberal
Springvale Kevin King   Labor Died 19 March 1983 Eddie Micallef   Labor
Malvern Lindsay Thompson   Liberal Resigned following defeat as Premier 4 December 1982 Geoff Leigh   Liberal
Keilor Jack Ginifer   Labor Resigned due to ill health 17 July 1982 George Seitz   Labor
Kew Rupert Hamer   Liberal Resigned following resignation as Premier 15 August 1981 Prue Sibree   Liberal
Morwell Derek Amos   Labor Resigned due to ill health 27 June 1981 Valerie Callister   Labor
Richmond Clyde Holding   Labor Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1977 federal election 17 December 1977 Theo Sidiropoulos   Labor
Melbourne Barry Jones   Labor Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1977 federal election 17 December 1977 Keith Remington   Labor
Greensborough Monte Vale   Liberal Died 5 November 1977 Pauline Toner   Labor
Brunswick East David Bornstein   Labor Resigned 12 April 1975 Ron McAlister   Labor
Greensborough Monte Vale   Liberal Result overturned by the Court of Disputed Returns 13 October 1973 Monte Vale   Liberal
Hampden Henry Bolte   Liberal Resigned as Premier 7 October 1972 Tom Austin   Liberal
Gisborne Julian Doyle   Liberal Resigned 11 December 1971 Athol Guy   Liberal
Kew Arthur Rylah   Liberal Resigned due to ill health 17 April 1971 Rupert Hamer   Liberal
Dandenong Len Reid   Liberal Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1969 federal election 6 December 1969 Alan Lind   Labor
Swan Hill Harold Stirling   Country Died 14 September 1968 Henry Broad   Country
Grant Roy Crick   Labor Died 8 October 1966 Jack Ginifer   Labor
Caulfield Alexander Fraser   Liberal Died 18 September 1965 Ian McLaren   Liberal
Mildura Nathaniel Barclay   Country Died 27 October 1962 Milton Whiting   Country
Broadmeadows Harry Kane   Liberal and Country Died 4 August 1962 John Wilton   Labor
Richmond Bill Towers   Labor Died 12 May 1962 Clyde Holding   Labor
Ballarat North Russell White   Country Resigned to take up position on the Trotting Control Board 12 November 1960 Tom Evans   Liberal and Country
Scoresby George Knox   Liberal and Country Died 17 September 1960 Bill Borthwick   Liberal and Country
Footscray Ernie Shepherd   Labor Died 8 October 1958 William Divers   Labor
Northcote John Cain   Labor Died 21 September 1957 Frank Wilkes   Labor
Camberwell Robert Whately   Liberal and Country Died in a car accident 21 April 1956 Vernon Wilcox   Liberal and Country
Mornington William Leggatt   Liberal and Country Resigned to take up appointment as Agent-General for Victoria in London 3 March 1956 Roberts Dunstan   Liberal and Country
Flemington Jack Holland   Labor Died 18 February 1956 Kevin Holland   Labor
Malvern Trevor Oldham   Liberal and Country Died 11 July 1953 John Bloomfield   Liberal and Country
Toorak Edward Reynolds   Liberal and Country Resigned 13 September 1952 Horace Petty   Liberal and Country
Port Melbourne Tom Corrigan   Labor Died 13 September 1952 Stan Corrigan   Labor
Prahran Frank Crean   Labor Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1951 federal election 16 June 1951 Robert Pettiona   Labor
Ivanhoe Rupert Curnow   Liberal and Country Died 24 February 1951 Frank Block   Liberal and Country
Clifton Hill Jack Cremean   Liberal and Country Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1949 federal election 17 December 1949 Joseph O'Carroll   Labor
Kew Wilfrid Kent Hughes   Liberal and Country Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1949 federal election 17 December 1949 Arthur Rylah   Liberal and Country
Richmond Stan Keon   Labor Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1949 federal election 17 December 1949 Frank Scully   Labor
Brunswick Jim Jewell   Labor Died 16 July 1949 Peter Randles   Labor
Prahran Bill Quirk   Labor Died 22 January 1949 Frank Crean   Labor
Geelong Fanny Brownbill   Labor Died 13 November 1948 Edward Montgomery   Liberal
Toorak Robert Bell Hamilton   Liberal Died 19 June 1948 Edward Reynolds   Liberal
Collingwood Tom Tunnecliffe   Labor Resigned 20 September 1947 Bill Towers   Labor
Benambra Roy Paton   Country Died 7 June 1947 Thomas Mitchell   Country
Prahran John Ellis   United Australia Died 18 August 1945 Bill Quirk   Labor
Clifton Hill Herbert Cremean   Labor Died 7 July 1945 Jack Cremean   Labor
Bendigo Arthur Cook   Labor Died 26 May 1945 Bill Galvin   Labor
Lowan Hamilton Lamb   Country Died in a Japanese prisoner of war camp on the Burma Railway 4 November 1944 Wilfred Mibus   Country
Bulla and Dalhousie Reginald James   Country Died 27 September 1944 Leslie Webster   Country
Rodney William Dunstone   Country Died 12 April 1944 Richard Brose   Country
Waranga Ernest Coyle   Country Died 9 October 1943 Wollaston Heily   Country
Nunawading Ivy Weber   Independent Resigned in unsuccessful attempt to enter federal politics at the 1943 federal election 4 September 1943 Bob Gray   Labor
Maryborough and Daylesford George Frost   Labor Died 28 November 1942 Clive Stoneham   Labor
Gippsland North Alexander Borthwick   Country Died 20 June 1942 Bill Fulton   Country
Port Melbourne James Murphy   Labor Died 18 April 1942 Tom Corrigan   Labor
Toorak Stanley Argyle   United Australia Died 11 January 1941 Henry Thonemann   United Australia
Polwarth Allan McDonald   United Australia Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1940 federal election 2 November 1940 Edward Guye   United Australia
Coburg Frank Keane   Labor Died 13 July 1940 Charlie Mutton   Independent Labor
Hawthorn John Austin Gray   United Australia Died 10 June 1939 Les Tyack   United Australia
Gippsland North James Weir McLachlan   Independent Died 5 November 1938 Alexander Borthwick   Country
Geelong William Brownbill   Labor Died 4 June 1938 Fanny Brownbill   Labor
Benalla Edward Cleary   Country Died 3 October 1936 Frederick Cook   Independent
Goulburn Valley Murray Bourchier   Country Resigned to take up appointment as Agent-General for Victoria in London 19 September 1936 John MacDonald   Country
Rodney John Allan   Country Died 18 April 1936 William Dunstone   Country
Allandale Thomas Parkin   United Australia Died 21 March 1936 Patrick Denigan   Labor
Nunawading Robert Menzies   United Australia Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1934 federal election 1 September 1934 William Boyland   United Australia
Gunbower Henry Angus   United Australia Died 12 May 1934 Norman Martin   Independent Country
Allandale Alexander Peacock   United Australia Died 11 November 1933 Millie Peacock   United Australia
Warrnambool James Fairbairn   United Australia Resigned to contest the 1933 Flinders federal by-election 11 November 1933 Keith McGarvie   United Australia
Polwarth James McDonald   United Australia Died 16 September 1933 Allan McDonald   United Australia
Boroondara Richard Linton   United Australia Resigned to take up appointment as Agent-General for Victoria in London 29 April 1933 Trevor Oldham   United Australia
Benambra Henry Beardmore   United Australia Died 15 October 1932 Roy Paton   Country
Carlton Robert Solly   Labor Died 9 July 1932 William Barry   Labor
Caulfield Frederick Forrest   Progressive Liberal Died 22 November 1930 Harold Daniel Luxton   Nationalist
Hawthorn William Murray McPherson   Nationalist Resigned 27 September 1930 John Austin Gray   Nationalist
Gippsland West Arthur Walter   Country Resigned in unsuccessful bid for the federal seat of Indi at the 1929 election 19 October 1929 Matthew Bennett   Country
Barwon Edward Morley   Nationalist Died 6 July 1929 Thomas Maltby   Nationalist
Castlemaine and Kyneton Harry Lawson   Nationalist Resigned to contest a Senate seat at the 1929 federal election 2 February 1929 Walter Langslow   Nationalist
Brighton Oswald Snowball   Nationalist Died 28 April 1928 Ian MacFarlan   Nationalist
Gippsland South Henry Bodman   Independent Died 3 December 1927 Walter West   Nationalist
Flemington Edward Warde   Labor Died 9 December 1925 Jack Holland   Labor
Fitzroy John Billson   Labor Died 4 February 1925 Maurice Blackburn   Labor
Glenelg William Thomas   Labor Died 14 August 1924 Ernie Bond   Labor
Gippsland West Sir John Mackey   Nationalist Died 23 May 1924 Arthur Walter   VFU
Dalhousie Allan Cameron   Nationalist Died 31 January 1924 Reg Pollard   Labor
Daylesford Donald McLeod   Nationalist Died 8 July 1923 Roderick McLeod [1]   Labor
Gippsland South Thomas Livingston   Nationalist Died 18 August 1922 Walter West   Nationalist
Upper Goulburn Edwin Mackrell   VFU Disqualified (failed to nominate on time) 27 January 1921 Edwin Mackrell   VFU
Swan Hill Percy Stewart   VFU Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1919 federal election 19 November 1919 Francis Old   VFU
Albert Park Joseph Hannan   Labor Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1919 federal election 19 November 1919 Arthur Wallace   Labor
Albert Park George Elmslie   Labor Died 13 June 1918 Joseph Hannan   Labor
Polwarth John Johnstone   Nationalist Resigned 13 July 1917 James McDonald   Nationalist
Benambra John Leckie   Nationalist Resigned 20 April 1917 Henry Beardmore   Nationalist
Geelong William Plain   Nationalist Resigned 20 April 1917 Robert Purnell   Nationalist
Warrnambool John Murray   Commonwealth Liberal Died 1 June 1916 James Deany   Commonwealth Liberal
Bendigo East Alfred Hampson   Labor Resigned to enter federal politics at the Bendigo by-election, 1915 4 February 1915 Luke Clough   Labor
Essendon William Watt   Nationalist Resigned to enter federal politics at the 1914 federal election 23 July 1914 Maurice Blackburn   Labor
Gippsland South Thomas Livingston   Nationalist Forfeited seat after joining Peacock Ministry 30 June 1914 Thomas Livingston   Nationalist


1 In the July 1923 Daylesford by-election following the death of Nationalist MP Donald McLeod, Labor candidate James McDonald was initially declared elected, but a subsequent recount in October found that Roderick McLeod, son of the deceased outgoing member, had in fact won the by-election.