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Wakefield Trinity Wildcats are an English rugby league club who have had numerous notable players (1,346 (exludes pre-1895 rugby union players) as of 14 September 2014) throughout their history, each player of the rugby league era has been allocated a sequential heritage number in order of their appearance by Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

Challenge Cup and Championship winning players[edit]

Other players 1873–1895 rugby union era[edit]

Other players 1885–1914 rugby league era[edit]

  • Rugby league was a 15-a-side game from its inception in 1895 until 1906, so 14 and 15 do not indicate substitutes, as the concept of substitutes was not actually introduced until 1964.

Other players 1918…1939[edit]

Other players 1940s[edit]

Other players 1950s[edit]

Other players 1960s[edit]

Other players 1970s[edit]

Other players 1980s[edit]

Other players 1990s Pre-Super League[edit]

Super League era (1999–present)[edit]


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