List of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats players

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Wakefield Trinity Wildcats are an English rugby league club who have had numerous notable players (1,330 as of 1 September 2013) throughout their history.[1][2][3]

Players earning International Caps while at Wakefield Trinity[edit]

85 Players Earning International Caps Currently Identified.

Challenge Cup & Championship Winning Players[edit]

Other players 1873–1914[edit]

  • Rugby league was a 15-a-side game from its inception in 1895 until 1906, so #14 and #15 do not indicate substitutes, as the concept of substitutes was not actually introduced until 1964.

Other Players 1918…1939[edit]

Other Players 1940s[edit]

Other Players 1950s[edit]

Other Players 1960s[edit]

Other Players 1970s[edit]

Other Players 1980s[edit]

Other Players 1990s Pre-Super League[edit]

Other Players 1990s…2000s Super League (Including Current Players)[edit]


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