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Computers, Engineering, and Technology[edit]

  • Harold Mertz (mechanical engineering), Created the standard crash test dummy (Hybrid III).
  • Ali Nasle (electrical engineering), founder of EDSA Micro Corporation, wrote the world’s first digital short circuit program.
  • Lawrence Patrick (mechanical and aeronautical engineering), award-winning researcher in the area of automotive passenger safety. Within his research, Patrick served as his own test subject to develop and improve safety systems that included air bags, collapsible steering columns, and automotive safety glass. A key researcher in the development of the Wayne State Tolerance Curve, still used for prediction of head injury, Patrick became vice president for research and development of Libbey Owens Ford Company, the original manufacturer of laminated safety glass.

Art & Design[edit]

Government & politics[edit]




Adolph McQueen, United States Army Major General who was the first commander of the Joint Detention Group at Joint Task Force Guantanamo, and Deputy Commander of United States Army North.

Performing Arts[edit]


  • Tony Brown, journalist, comedian, and businessman
  • Mark Fritz, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter
  • Helen Thomas, former White House correspondent
  • Elvis Mitchell, former film critic for the New York Times, current host of The Treatment on KCRW Public Radio and programmer of the LACMA Film Screening Program
  • Bob Giles, Retired 40-year Detroit broadcast news manager: WWJ-TV News, WDIV-TV News, and WXYZ-TV Action News, Inducted 2012 Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame





Honorary graduates[edit]

Faculty and staff[edit]

University president[edit]

  1. 1933 - 1942: Frank Cody
  2. 1942 - 1945: Warren E. Bow
  3. 1945 - 1952: David D. Henry
  4. 1952 - 1965: Clarence B. Hilberry[10]
  5. 1965 - 1971: William R. Keast[10]
  6. 1971 - 1978: George E. Gullen, Jr.[10]
  7. 1978 - 1982: Thomas Bonner[10]
  8. 1982 - 1997: David Adamany[10]
  9. 1997 - 2009: Irvin Reid[10]
  10. 2009 - 2010: Jay Noren[10]
  11. 2011–2013: Allan Gilmour
  12. 2013–Present: M. Roy Wilson

Board of governors[edit]

The Board of Governors is chosen by Michigan voters, which currently are: Debbie Dingell (chair), Gary S. Pollard (vice-chair), Eugene Driker, Diane L. Dunaskis, Paul E. Massaron, David A. Nicholson, Sandra Hughes O'Brien, Kim Trent.[11]



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