List of West Virginia Attorneys General

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Below is a list of West Virginia Attorneys General since 1863:

Name Party Term County of Residence
Aquilla B. Caldwell Republican 1863-1865 Ohio
Ephraim B. Hall Republican 1865-1866 Marion
Edwin Maxwell Republican 1866-1867 Harrison
Thayer Melvin Republican 1867-1869 Ohio
Aquilla B. Caldwell Republican 1869-1871 Ohio
Joseph Spriggs Democratic 1871-1873 Hampshire
Henry Mason Mathews Democratic 1873-1877 Greenbrier
Robert White Democratic 1877-1881 Hampshire
Cornelius Clarkson Watts Democratic 1881-1885 Kanawha
Alfred Caldwell Democratic 1885-1893 Ohio
Thomas S. Riley Democratic 1893-1897 Ohio
Edgar P. Rucker Republican 1897-1901 McDowell
Romeo H. Freer Republican 1901-1905 Ritchie
Clark W. May Republican 1905-1908 Lincoln
William G. Conley Republican 1908-1913 Preston
Armistead Abraham (A.A.) Lilly Republican 1913-1917 Raleigh
Edward T. England Republican 1917-1925 Logan
Howard B. Lee Republican 1925-1933 Mercer
Homer A. Holt Democratic 1933-1937 Fayette
Clarence W. Meadows Democratic 1937-1942 Raleigh
William S. Wysong Democratic 1942 Webster
James Kay Thomas* Democratic 1942-1945 Kanawha
Ira J. Partlow Democratic 1945-1949 McDowell
William C. Marland Democratic 1949-1952 Wyoming
Chauncey H. Browning, Sr. Democratic 1952-1953 Logan
John G. Fox Democratic 1953-1957 Fayette
W.W. Barron Democratic 1957-1961 Randolph
C. Donald Robertson Democratic 1961-1969 Harrison
Chauncey H. Browning, Jr. Democratic 1969-1985 Logan
Charlie Brown Democratic 1985-1989 Kanawha
Roger W. Tompkins Democratic 1989-1990 Kanawha
Mario Palumbo* Democratic 1990-1993 Kanawha
Darrell V. McGraw, Jr. Democratic 1993-2013 Wyoming
Patrick Morrisey Republican 2013–present Jefferson

*elected to fill unexpired term

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