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The Westfield Group is a multinational company specialising in retail centre development, ownership, operation and management. As it was founded in Australia, they have an extensive presence in the Australian retail management industry. They also have a large presence in the United States and to a lesser extent in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The group plan to open Europe's biggest shopping center in Milan, Italy.


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New Zealand[edit]

Auckland Metro Area[edit]

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Former Westfield shopping centres[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]


Northern Ireland[edit]

United States[edit]

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New Jersey[edit]

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Former Westfield America properties[edit]


Westfield planned to open in Milan. It will be Europe’s largest, most exclusive shopping centre, designed on the basis of a clearly defined vision: 450 stores (including Galeries Lafayette), food court, 14-screen multiplex cinema, a luxury village, an exclusive hotel, entertainment and cultural spaces, probably Armani palasport (sport facility).[3]

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