List of World War II aces from Rhodesia

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This is a list of fighter aces in World War II from Rhodesia. For other countries see List of World War II aces by country

Name Kills Notes
Bowker, NevilleNeville Bowker 11 [note 1]
Buchanan, George Andrew F. "Buck"George Andrew F. "Buck" Buchanan 7
Deall, John HowardJohn Howard Deall 5
Dicks-Sherwood, Eric Sidney "Dicky"Eric Sidney "Dicky" Dicks-Sherwood 7
Holman, FrankFrank Holman 9
Hull, Caesar BarrandCaesar Barrand Hull 8 [note 2]
Maguire, William Ivan HartleyWilliam Ivan Hartley Maguire 13
Newton, Percy Arthur "Ping"Percy Arthur "Ping" Newton 5
Plagis, Ioannis Agorastos "John"Ioannis Agorastos "John" Plagis 16 [note 3]
St. Quintin, Perry RobertPerry Robert St. Quintin 9
Williams, Ernest LeopoldErnest Leopold Williams 9

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Prisoner of war in 1941
  2. ^ Killed in action on 7 September 1940
  3. ^ Of Greek descent; joined the Royal Air Force as a Greek citizen, not holding British nationality