List of World War II firearms of China

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List of National Revolutionary Army weapons, including warlords, communists and soldiers.



Submachine Guns[edit]

Light Machine Guns[edit]

Heavy Machine Guns[edit]


  • M4 Sherman (Only used in India-Burma Theater by Chinese Expedition Army)
  • M3 Stuart(Only used in India-Burma Theater by Chinese Expedition Army)
  • Type 95 Ha-Go (Captured only)
  • Panzer I (Bought from Germany before the war)
  • Vickers 6-ton (Bought from UK before the war)
  • T26 (Provided by Soviet during the early period of war)
  • L3/33 (Bought from Italy before the war)

Anti-Tank weapons[edit]

Mountain artillery[edit]

Field guns[edit]



Close quarters weapons[edit]

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