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WWE is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut.[1] WWE personnel consists of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, ring announcers, interviewers, referees, trainers, producers, script writers and various other positions. Executives and board members are also listed.

WWE contracts typically range from developmental contracts to multi-year deals.[2] Most personnel are independent contractors.[1] Personnel on the main roster appear on Raw, SmackDown, Main Event and Superstars (WWE's primary weekly television programming), on pay-per-views and at live events.

Personnel from WWE's developmental territory (NXT) appear on the television series of the same name which airs online in the U.S. and on TV in select countries. Personnel on the main roster will also occasionally wrestle in NXT.

Personnel are organized below by their role in WWE. Their ring name is on the left and their real name is on the right. If someone is inactive for any reason, due to injury, suspension, makes only limited appearances, not appearing in more than 30 days or otherwise, that information is noted. WWE refers to its male performers as "Superstars" and its female performers as "Divas". The term "Superstars" is also occasionally used to refer to all WWE performers, regardless of gender.

Main roster

Male wrestlers

Cesaro (left) and Tyson Kidd
Ring name Real name Notes
Rose, AdamAdam Rose[3] Raymond Leppan
Barrett, Bad NewsBad News Barrett[4] Stuart Bennett[5] WWE Intercontinental Champion
Big E, Big E[6] Ettore Ewen[7]
Show, BigBig Show[8] Paul Wight[9]
Dallas, BoBo Dallas[10] Taylor Rotunda[11]
Wyatt, BrayBray Wyatt[12] Windham Rotunda
Lesnar, BrockBrock Lesnar[13] Brock Lesnar[14] WWE World Heavyweight Champion
The Bunny[15] Unknown Inactive; has not appeared in over 30 days
Cesaro, Cesaro[16] Claudio Castagnoli[17] WWE Tag Team Champion
Christian, Christian[18] William Reso Inactive; has not appeared in over 30 days
Axel, CurtisCurtis Axel[19] Joseph Hennig[20]
Mizdow, DamienDamien Mizdow[21] Aaron Haddad[22]
Bryan, DanielDaniel Bryan[23] Bryan Danielson[24]
Young, DarrenDarren Young[25] Frederick Rosser III[26]
Ambrose, DeanDean Ambrose[27] Jonathan Good[28]
Diego, Diego[29] Edwin Colón[30]
Ziggler, DolphDolph Ziggler[31] Nicholas Nemeth
Rowan, ErickErick Rowan[32] Joseph Ruud
Fandango, Fandango[33] Curtis Hussey[34]
Fernando, Fernando[35] Orlando Colón[36]
Goldust, Goldust[37] Dustin Runnels
Slater, HeathHeath Slater[38] Heath Miller[39]
Swagger, JackJack Swagger[40] Donald Hager[41]
Uso, JeyJey Uso[42] Joshua Fatu[43]
Uso, JimmyJimmy Uso[44] Jonathan Fatu[45]
Cena, JohnJohn Cena[46] John Cena[47]
Kane, Kane[48] Glenn Jacobs[49] Director of Operations (storyline)
Kingston, KofiKofi Kingston[50] Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah[51]
Konnor, Konnor[52] Ryan Parmeter[53]
Harper, LukeLuke Harper[54] Jon Huber
Henry, MarkMark Henry[55] Mark Henry[56]
Miz, TheThe Miz[57] Michael Mizanin[58]
R-Truth, R-Truth[59] Ronnie Killings[60]
Orton, RandyRandy Orton[61] Randall Orton[62]
The Rock, The Rock[63] Dwayne Johnson[64] Makes limited appearances
Reigns, RomanRoman Reigns[65] Leati Anoa'i[66] Royal Rumble winner
Rusev, Rusev[67] Miroslav Barnyashev WWE United States Champion
Ryback, Ryback[68] Ryan Reeves
Rollins, SethSeth Rollins[69] Colby Lopez[70] Money in the Bank contract holder
Sheamus, Sheamus[71] Stephen Farrelly[72] Vignettes airing for return
Cara, SinSin Cara[73] Jorge Arias
Stardust, Stardust[74] Cody Runnels
Sting, Sting[75] Steve Borden Sr.
O'Neil, TitusTitus O'Neil[76] Thaddeus Bullard Sr.[77]
H, TripleTriple H[78] Paul Levesque Minority owner
Executive Vice President (talent/live events/creative)[79]
Member of the Board of Directors[80]
Chief Operating Officer (storyline)
Kidd, TysonTyson Kidd[81] Theodore Wilson[82] WWE Tag Team Champion
Undertaker, TheThe Undertaker[83] Mark Calaway[84]
Viktor, Viktor[85] Eric Thompson[86]
Woods, XavierXavier Woods[87] Austin Watson[88]
Ryder, ZackZack Ryder[89] Matthew Cardona[90]

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Lee, AJAJ Lee[91] April Brooks
Fox, AliciaAlicia Fox[92] Victoria Crawford[93]
Bella, BrieBrie Bella[94] Brianna Danielson[95]
Cameron, Cameron[96] Ariane Andrew[97]
Emma, Emma[98] Tenille Dashwood
Marie, EvaEva Marie[99] Natalie Coyle[100]
Layla, Layla[101] Layla El[102]
Naomi, Naomi[103] Trinity Fatu[104]
Natalya, Natalya[105] Natalie Neidhart[106]
Bella, NikkiNikki Bella[107] Nicole Garcia-Colace[108] WWE Divas Champion
Paige, Paige[109] Saraya-Jade Bevis[110]
Mendes, RosaRosa Mendes[111] Milena Roucka Valet of Fandango
Rae, SummerSummer Rae[112] Danielle Moinet
Snuka, TaminaTamina Snuka[113] Sarona Reiher[114] Inactive; torn ACL[115]

Other on-air personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Torito, ElEl Torito[116][117] Unknown Mascot of Los Matadores
Hornswoggle, Hornswoggle[118] Dylan Postl Inactive; shoulder surgery[119]
Noble, JamieJamie Noble[120] James Gibson Security for The Authority
Occasional wrestler
Also producer
Mercury, JoeyJoey Mercury[121] Adam Birch Security for The Authority
Occasional wrestler
Also producer
Lana, Lana[122] Catherine Perry Manager of Rusev
Inactive; filming a movie
Heyman, PaulPaul Heyman[123] Paul Heyman[124] Manager of Brock Lesnar
McMahon, StephanieStephanie McMahon[125] Stephanie Levesque Minority owner
Chief Brand Officer
Member of the Board of Directors[80]
Occasional wrestler
Regal, WilliamWilliam Regal[126] Darren Matthews General Manager of NXT
Talent scout/evaluator
Colter, ZebZeb Colter[127] Wayne Keown Manager of Jack Swagger
Inactive; unknown injury

Broadcast team

Ring name Real name Notes
T, BookerBooker T[128] Booker Huffman Jr. Color commentator for Raw
PPV Pre-show analyst
Hall of Famer
Saxton, ByronByron Saxton[129] Bryan Kelly Color commentator for SmackDown and Superstars
PPV Pre-show analyst
Cabrera, CarlosCarlos Cabrera[130] Carlos Cabrera Spanish color commentator for pay-per-views
Co-host of WWE en Español
Graves, CoreyCorey Graves[131] Matthew Polinsky[132] Color commentator for NXT
Pre-show analyst for Raw and PPVs
Otunga, DavidDavid Otunga[133] David Otunga Sr.[134] Pre-show analyst for Raw
Albert, JasonJason Albert[135] Matthew Bloom Color commentator for NXT
Interim NXT head trainer
Lawler, JerryJerry Lawler[136] Jerry Lawler[137] Color commentator for SmackDown and pay-per-views
Hall of Famer
Jerry Soto[138] Jerry Soto Spanish color commentator for pay-per-views
Co-host of WWE en Español
Layfield, John "Bradshaw"John "Bradshaw" Layfield[139] John Layfield[140] Color commentator for Raw, Main Event, and pay-per-views
Co-host of The JBL and Cole Show
Edwards, KyleKyle Edwards[141] Arda Ocal Co-host of Bottom Line and Experience
Rodriguez, MarceloMarcelo Rodriguez[142] Marcelo Laprea Spanish color commentator for pay-per-views
Co-host of WWE en Español
Cole, MichaelMichael Cole[143] Michael Coulthard[144] Lead commentator for Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-views
Co-host of The JBL and Cole Show
Young, ReneeRenee Young[145] Renee Paquette Co-host of Bottom Line, Experience, Vintage and Free for All
Backstage interviewer on Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-views
Color commentator for NXT
Host of This Week in WWE
PPV Pre-show host
Rich Brennan[146] Rich Bocchini Lead commentator for NXT and Superstars
Stanford, ScottScott Stanford[147] Scott Stanford[148] Co-host of Free for All
Pre-show host for Raw
Phillips, TomTom Phillips[149] Thomas Hannifan Lead commentator for Main Event and NXT[150]
Backstage interviewer

Ring announcers

Ring name Real name Notes
Eden[151] Brandi Runnels Ring announcer for SmackDown and Main Event
Backstage interviewer on Raw and pay-per-views
JoJo, JoJo[152] Joseann Offerman[100] Ring announcer for NXT
Garcia, LilianLilian Garcia[153] Lilián Garcia Ring announcer for Raw, Superstars, and pay-per-views


Ring name Real name Notes
Chad Patton[154] Chad Patton[155]
Robinson, CharlesCharles Robinson[156] Charles Robinson[157]
Engler, DanDan Engler[158] Daniel Engler
Darrick Moore[158] Darrick Moore
Ayers, JasonJason Ayers[158] Jason Ayers NXT senior referee
Cone, JohnJohn Cone[159] John Cone[160]
Chioda, MikeMike Chioda[161] Michael Chioda[162] Senior referee
Rod Zapata[163] Robert Vista
Tran, RyanRyan Tran[164] Brian Nguyen
Armstrong, ScottScott Armstrong[165] Joseph James Also producer[166]

NXT roster

See also: WWE NXT

Male wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Neville, AdrianAdrian Neville[167] Benjamin Satterly[168]
English, AidenAiden English[169] Matthew Rehwoldt[170]
Riley, AlexAlex Riley[171] Kevin Kiley Jr.[172]
Angelo Dawkins[173] Gary Gordon
Corbin, BaronBaron Corbin[174] Thomas Pestock
Blake, Blake[175] Cory Weston[176] NXT Tag Team Champion
Kendrick, The BrianThe Brian Kendrick[177] Brian Kendrick
Dempsey, BullBull Dempsey[178] James Smith
Cal Bishop[179] Clayton Jack
Parker, CJCJ Parker[180] Joseph Robinson[181]
Cassady, ColinColin Cassady[182] William Morrissey[183]
Dash Wilder[184] Steven Walters
Amore, EnzoEnzo Amore[185] Eric Arndt[186]
Bálor, FinnFinn Bálor[187] Fergal Devitt
Itami, HideoHideo Itami[188] Kenta Kobayashi
Jason Jordan[189] Nathan Everhart
Kalisto, Kalisto[190] Emanuel Rodriguez[191]
Owens, KevinKevin Owens[192] Kevin Steen NXT Champion
Inactive; knee surgery
Marcus Louis[193] Pierre Marceau
Rawley, MojoMojo Rawley[194] Dean Muhtadi Inactive; shoulder injury[195]
Murphy, Murphy[196] Matthew Adams NXT Tag Team Champion
Rhyno, Rhyno[197] Terrance Gerin
Zayn, SamiSami Zayn[198] Rami Sebei Inactive; shoulder injury[199]
Sawyer Fulton[200] Jacob Southwick
Scott Dawson[201] David Charwood[202]
Simon Gotch[203] Ryan Drago[204]
Crowe, SolomonSolomon Crowe[205] Sam Johnston
Lefort, SylvesterSylvester Lefort[206] Thomas La Ruffa[207] Inactive; has not appeared in over 30 days
Dillinger, TyeTye Dillinger[208] Ronnie Arneill
Breeze, TylerTyler Breeze[209] Mattias Clement[210]

Female wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Bliss, AlexaAlexa Bliss[211] Alexis Kaufman
Bayley, Bayley[212] Pamela Martinez[213]
Lynch, BeckyBecky Lynch[214] Rebecca Quin[215]
Carmella, Carmella[216] Leah Van Dale[217] Valet of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady
Charlotte, Charlotte[218] Ashley Fliehr
Brooke, DanaDana Brooke[219] Ashley Sebera[220]
Banks, SashaSasha Banks[221] Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado[222] NXT Women's Champion

Other on-air personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Dasha Kuret[223] Dasha Gonzalez Backstage interviewer for NXT
Taylor, DevinDevin Taylor[224] Brittany Fetkin Backstage interviewer for NXT
Greg Hamilton[225] Greg Hamilton Live event host and occasional interviewer for NXT


Ring name Real name Notes
Danilo Anfibio[226] Danilo Anfibio
Wuertz, DrakeDrake Wuertz[227] Drake Wuertz
Shawn Bennett[228] Matthew Bennett

Backstage personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Gunn, BillyBilly Gunn[229] Monty Sopp Trainer
Occasional wrestler
Brian Duncan Brian Duncan Head Athletic Trainer[230][231]
Ceman, CanyonCanyon Ceman Canyon Ceman Senior director of talent development[232]
David Bailey David Bailey General Manager of the WWE Performance Center[233]
Rhodes, DustyDusty Rhodes[234] Virgil Runnels Jr.[235] Trainer
Hall of Famer
Brisco, GeraldGerald Brisco Floyd Brisco Recruiter[236]
Hall of Famer[237]
Matt Wichlinski Matthew Wichlinski Strength and Conditioning Coach[238]
Keegan, MickeyMickey Keegan Max Pelham Creative[239]
Smiley, NormanNorman Smiley[240][241] Norman Smiley Trainer
Brookside, RobbieRobbie Brookside Robert Brooks Trainer[242]
Amato, SaraSara Amato[243] Sara Amato Trainer
Tara Halaby Tara Halaby Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer[230][231]
Taylor, TerryTerry Taylor Paul Taylor III Trainer[244]

Unassigned personnel

Real name Notes
Scherr, AdamAdam Scherr (Braun Stowman)[245] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Carelli, AnthonyAnthony Carelli (Santino Marella)[246] Inactive; neck surgery[247]
Brian Reid (Tony Briggs)[248] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Betts, ChasChas Betts (Chad Gable)[249] Wrestling on NXT
Chris Atkins[250] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Scobille, ChrisChris Scobille Has signed contract, will start as a producer in April[251]
Dustin Mueller[252] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Dylan Miley[253] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Gionna Daddio[254] Has signed contract, yet to debut
James Jensen[255] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Areebi, JasminJasmin Areebi[256] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Joshua Woods[252] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Kamel Dickinson[257] Has signed contract, yet to debut
KC Cassidy[258] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Leva Bates (Blue Pants)[259][259][260] Wrestling on NXT
Levi Cooper (Tucker Knight)[261] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Leyvonna Swygert[262] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Logan Shulo (Elias Samson)[263] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Michael Rallis (Michael Carter)[264] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Noah Kekoa[265] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Richard Blood Jr. (Richie Steamboat)[266] Inactive, back injury
Savelina Fanene[268] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Uhaa, SesughSesugh Uhaa[269] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Tomlinson, StuartStuart Tomlinson (Hugo Knox)[270][271] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Sunny Dhinsa[252] Has signed contract, yet to debut
Tommy Maclin (Steve Cutler)[272] Wrestling on NXT house shows
Kluttz, TylerTyler Kluttz (Brad Maddox)[273] Wrestling on WWE house shows
Zahra Schreiber[254] Has signed contract, yet to debut

Off-screen personnel

Creative writers

Name Notes
Brian Gewirtz Creative consultant[274]
David Kapoor (Ranjin Singh)[275][276] Head writer[277]
Ed Koskey Head writer for Raw[277]
Steven Guerrieri Head writer for SmackDown[277]
Ryan Ward Head writer for NXT[277]


Name Notes
Finlay Jr., DavidDavid Finlay Jr. (Finlay)[278]
Simon, DeanDean Simon (Dean Malenko)[279]
Laurinaitis, JohnJohn Laurinaitis[280]
James, BrianBrian James (Road Dogg)[281] Occasional wrestler
Rotunda, LawrenceLawrence Rotunda (Irwin R. Schyster)[282]
Lunde, MartinMartin Lunde (Arn Anderson)[283][284] Hall of Famer
Seitz, MichaelMichael Seitz (Michael Hayes)[285] Senior producer[286]
Clemont, PierrePierre Clemont (Pat Patterson) Hall of Famer[287]
Gruner Jr., PeterPeter Gruner Jr. (Billy Kidman)[283][288]

Backstage personnel

Name Notes
AJ Patterson Lighting technician[289]
Berkley Ottman[290] Timekeeper
NXT floor manager
Chris Amann Senior ringside physician[289]
Ciro Scotto-D'Antuono Chief pyro technician[289]
Ellis Edwards Stunt coordinator[289]
Okerlund, GeneGene Okerlund Co-host of Vintage
Hall of Famer[291]
Finkel, HowardHoward Finkel Occasional ring announcer
Interviewer for programs
Chief statistician
Hall of Famer[292]
James McEvoy International digital and sponsorship director[293]
Jen Hagopian[294] Catering crew chief[289]
Jet Prickett Stage manager[289]
Johnston, JimJim Johnston Music director[295]
Bonsignore, JosephJoseph Bonsignore (Joey Styles) Digital media content director[296]
Nicholas Daw Ring manager[289]
Sandra Gray Seamstress[289]
Tom Stewart Camera operator[289]
Chimel, TonyTony Chimel[297] Occasional ring announcer


Select former or retired WWE wrestlers not currently on the main roster (billed publicly as "WWE Legends") have contracts to make periodic appearances—either on WWE TV or for promotional events—serving as "Ambassadors" (public representatives/spokespeople) for the company.

Ring name Real name Notes
Backlund, BobBob Backlund[298] Robert Backlund Hall of Famer[299]
Torres, EveEve Torres[300] Eve Gracie [299]
Hogan, HulkHulk Hogan[301] Terry Bollea Hall of Famer[302]
Nash, KevinKevin Nash[303] Kevin Nash Hall of Famer[304]
Foley, MickMick Foley[305] Michael Foley Sr. Hall of Famer[299]
Steamboat, RickyRicky Steamboat[306] Richard Blood Hall of Famer[299]
Michaels, ShawnShawn Michaels[307] Michael Hickenbottom Hall of Famer[299]
Slaughter, Sgt.Sgt. Slaughter[308] Robert Remus Hall of Famer[299]
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stone Cold Steve Austin[309] Steve Austin Hall of Famer[299]
X-Pac, X-Pac[310] Sean Waltman [311]

WWE Corporate

Board of Directors and Executive Officers

Name Notes
Basil Devito Senior Advisor of Business Strategy
Member of the Board of Directors[312]
David Kenin Member of the Board of Directors[313]
Frank Riddick III Member of the Board of Directors[314]
George Barrios Chief Strategy and Financial Officer
Executive Officer[315]
Jeffrey Speed Member of the Board of Directors[316]
Joseph Perkins Member of the Board of Directors[317]
Kevin Dunn Executive Vice President of Television Production
Executive Officer[318]
Member of the Board of Directors[319]
Laura Brevetti Senior Vice President of General Counsel and Secretary[320]
Laureen Ong Member of the Board of Directors[321]
Lisa Fox Lee Executive Vice President.[322]
Michael Luisi President of WWE Studios
Executive Officer[323]
Michelle D. Wilson Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer
Executive Officer[324]
Patricia Gottesman Member of the Board of Directors[325]
Stuart Goldfarb Member of the Board of Directors[326]
McMahon, VinceVince McMahon[327] Majority owner
Chief Executive Officer[328][329]
Makes occasional on-air appearances as Mr. McMahon[330]

Senior Management

Name Notes
Tara Carraro Vice President, Corporate Communications[331]
Brian Flinn Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications[332]
Henry Jacob Senior Manager, International Communications - London, England[331]
Barry McMullin Senior Vice President, Sales & Partnership Marketing[333]
Monty Sarhan Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary[334]
Patrick Talty Senior Vice President, Live Events[335]
Joseph Villa Senior Publicist Manager[331]
Michael Weitz Senior Vice President, Investor Relations & Financial Planning[331]
Ed Wells Senior Vice President and Managing Director[336]

See also


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