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Hugh Jackman has appeared as Wolverine in all the film series since the release of X-Men in 2000.

The following is a list of cast members who have portrayed characters appearing in the X-Men film series, based upon the comic books of the same name. Hugh Jackman is the only actor to have appeared in all seven films: he played Wolverine in the original trilogy (X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last Stand) and reprised his role in the prequel films X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: First Class, the latter in a cameo appearance. He again starred in The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, James Marsden and Shawn Ashmore have also appeared in the original trilogy and Days of Future Past, with Stewart also making a cameo appearance in Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine, and Janssen and McKellen in The Wolverine. Rebecca Romijn also appeared in the original trilogy and made a cameo appearance in First Class.

The films also feature numerous cameo appearances from characters from the comic books. In some cases, a cameo role in one film was expanded in the next, occasionally necessitating a recast. The character of Kitty Pryde, for example, was played by a different actress in each of the first three films, as she only had a cameo in her first two films before becoming a X-Man in her third and fourth film, where she is played by Ellen Page.

The list is sorted by film and character, because of multiple actors portraying the same role, some in flashbacks to when they were a child. The characters are divided by their primary allegiance, and listed in order when they first appeared in the series.

  • (y) indicates the actor portrayed the role in a flashback scene when the character was younger.
  • (f) indicates the actor or actress did not appear in any new footage for the film; footage from an earlier film was used.
  • (o) indicates the actor portrayed an older version of the character.
  • Italics indicate a cameo appearance.
  • A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film or the character presence in the film have yet to be announced


Character Film
X-Men X2 X-Men:
The Last Stand
X-Men Origins:
First Class
The Wolverine X-Men:
Days of Future Past
Deadpool X-Men:


James "Logan" Howlett
Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman
Troye Sivan(y)
Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman
Professor Charles Xavier
Professor X
Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart James McAvoy
Laurence Belcher(y)
Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart
James McAvoy
Laurence Belcher(y)(f)
James McAvoy
Scott Summers
James Marsden Tim Pocock James Marsden
Ororo Munroe
Halle Berry Halle Berry
Jean Grey
Famke Janssen Famke Janssen
Haley Ramm(y)
Famke Janssen Famke Janssen
Anna Paquin Anna Paquin
Bobby Drake
Shawn Ashmore Shawn Ashmore
Kitty Pryde Sumela Kay Katie Stuart Ellen Page Ellen Page
Peter Rasputin
Daniel Cudmore Daniel Cudmore
Henry "Hank" McCoy
Steve Bacic[A] Kelsey Grammer Nicholas Hoult Nicholas Hoult
Kelsey Grammer
Nicholas Hoult

Students of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters[edit]

Jubilation Lee
Katrina Florece Kea Wong
Theresa Rourke Cassidy
Shauna Kain
Jones[H] Connor Widdows
Artie Maddicks Bryce Hodgson
Flea[I] Luke Pohl
Cameron Bright

Brotherhood of Mutants[edit]

Erik Lehnsherr
Ian McKellen
Brett Morris(y)
Ian McKellen Michael Fassbender
Bill Milner(y)
Ian McKellen Ian McKellen
Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender
Raven Darkholme
Rebecca Romijn Jennifer Lawrence
Morgan Lily(y)
Rebecca Romijn(adult human form)
Jennifer Lawrence
Morgan Lily(y) (f)
Jennifer Lawrence
Victor Creed
Tyler Mane Liev Schreiber
Michael James Olsen(y)
Mortimer Toynbee
Ray Park Evan Jonigkeit
John Allerdyce
Alexander Burton Aaron Stanford
Callisto Dania Ramirez
Philippa Sontag
Omahyra Mota
Elizabeth Braddock
Meiling Melançon
Kid Omega Ken Leung
James "Jamie" Madrox
Multiple Man
Eric Dane
Cain Marko
Vinnie Jones
Spike Lance Gibson
Phat Via Saleaumua,
Richard Yee[B]
Robert Herman
Glob Herman
Clayton Watmough

Team X / Weapon Plus[edit]

William Stryker[L] Brian Cox Danny Huston Josh Helman,
Brian Cox (o) (f)
Yuriko Oyama
Lady Deathstrike
Kelly Hu
Jason Stryker
Mutant 143
Michael Reid McKay
Keely Purvis[C]
Wade Wilson
Weapon XI / Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds
Scott Adkins(Weapon XI)
Ryan Reynolds
John Wraith
Christopher Nord
Agent Zero
Daniel Henney
Frederick J. Dukes
Kevin Durand
Kayla Silverfox Lynn Collins
Chris Bradley
Dominic Monaghan

The Hellfire Club[edit]

Sebastian Shaw Kevin Bacon
Emma Frost January Jones
Azazel Jason Flemyng
Angel Salvadore Zoë Kravitz
Janos Quested
Álex González

Other mutants[edit]

Kurt Wagner
Alan Cumming
Warren Worthington III
Ben Foster,
Cayden Boyd (young)
Rémy LeBeau
Taylor Kitsch
Emma Silverfox Tahyna Tozzi[J]
Armando Muñoz
Edi Gathegi
Alexander Summers
Lucas Till[K] Lucas Till
Sean Cassidy
Caleb Landry Jones
Yukio[M] Rila Fukushima
Dr. Green
Svetlana Khodchenkova
James Proudstar
Booboo Stewart
Clarice Ferguson
Fan Bingbing
Lucas Bishop
Omar Sy
Roberto da Costa
Adan Canto
Peter Maximoff
Evan Peters Evan Peters
Eric Gitter
Gregg Lowe
En Sabah Nur
Brendan Pedder Oscar Isaac


Senator Robert Kelly Bruce Davison [E]
Edie Lensherr Rhona Shekter Éva Magyar
Mr. Lensherr Kenneth McGregor Georg Nikoloff
Henry Peter Gyrich Matthew Sharp[E]
Steven Drake Alfred E. Humphreys
Madeline Drake Jill Teed
Ronny Drake James Kirk
Mr. Grey Adrian Hough
Mrs. Grey Desiree Zurowski
Warren Worthington II Michael Murphy
Bolivar Trask Bill Duke[N] Peter Dinklage
Dr. Moira MacTaggert Olivia Williams Rose Byrne
Dr. Kavita Rao Shohreh Aghdashloo
John Howlett Peter O'Brien
Elizabeth Howlett Alice Parkinson
Thomas Logan Aaron Jeffery
Travis Hudson Max Cullen
Heather Hudson Julia Blake
Mrs. Xavier Beth Goddard
William Stryker Sr. Don Creech
Amy Annabelle Wallis
Mariko Yashida Tao Okamoto
Shingen Yashida Hiroyuki Sanada
Ichirō Yashida
Silver Samurai
Hal Yamanouchi
Kenuichio Harada[G] Will Yun Lee
President Richard Nixon Mark Camacho


A Dr. Henry McCoy and Dr. Shaw appear on a television in a bar. Given that McCoy appears in human form, this suggests a continuity error with events in X-Men: First Class, that this is an alternative Dr. Henry McCoy; however in X-Men: Days of Future Past McCoy uses a serum that can reverse his mutation, effective and prudent for use, implying that he used it in that interview.
B Richard Yee plays Little Phat.
C Keely Purvis plays a mental projection of Jason.
D Stuntman James Bamford filmed a scene which was cut from the final film.[1]
E The character is dead during the film, but is impersonated by Mystique (Gyrich in X-Men and Kelly in X2).
F It is not stated in X-Men: The Last Stand whether the president is a different person than the president seen in X2. The president in X2 is named McKenna. The novelization of X-Men: The Last Stand names the president Dave Cockrum.
G Unlike his comics counterpart, Harada in The Wolverine is neither a mutant nor related to the Yashida family, and does not wear the Silver Samurai armor.
H Jones is not a character from the comic books. He is the student at the school able to change television channels by blinking. The character was named after Jones the cat in the movie Alien.[2]
I Flea is not a character from the comic books. He is the character who Colossus shows his picture to in X2. He can be seen in Xavier's Mutant Ethics class in X-Men: The Last Stand. Luke Pohl was originally just an extra; it was Daniel Cudmore who named the character "Flea" because Pohl was a gymnast.[2]
J It is not specifically stated in X-Men Origins: Wolverine if Emma is the actual Emma Frost (she is only credited as Kayla's sister/Emma in the film). In the film, she appears as a teenager and is able to switch to her diamond form (but does not display psychic abilities), which suggests either a continuity error with events in X-Men: First Class, where Emma Frost is an adult, or that Emma Silverfox is simply another character with similar powers to Emma Frost.
K Alex Summers is, in the comics, the brother of Scott Summers although it is not stated what their relationship in the films might be.[3]
L In X-Men: First Class, Don Creech plays a CIA Agent also named William Stryker, who is the father of the army Colonel seen in X2 and Origins.[4]
M Unlike in the comics, Yukio in The Wolverine is a mutant, and has the power to see the deaths of people before they happen.
N In The Last Stand, the character played by Bill Duke is simply referred to as 'Senator Trask'.


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