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This is a list of episodes of the television series Zoboomafoo.

Season 1 (1999-2000)[edit]

Title [1] Overview [1][2][3] Release Date Mystery Animals
1 The Nose Knows (Series premiere) Thanks to his sensitive nose, a baby elephant named Toothbrush sniffs out Chris and Martin after they've been climbing around in a bat cave. After learning more about what an amazing tool his trunk is, they help him get back to his herd. Jackie spots a garter snake while mowing her backyard and decides to leave a patch of grass unmowed so it will have some shade to hide in. January 25, 1999
2 Eye Spy After admiring the camouflaged coats and amazing night vision of two visiting black jaguar cubs, Martin and Chris build a pair of "Eye-Spy goggles"—a contraption that lets them see the world as various animals do. Jackie replants the evergreen that was her Christmas tree and decorates it with apples and popcorn for the birds. January 26, 1999
3 Dinosaurs While the brothers are building a model of a dinosaur they call the "Martinandchrisaurus," Zoboo tells them he thinks he saw a dinosaur on his way to Animal Junction. The mystery creature turns out to be a monitor lizard. Jackie breaks open a pellet from an owl's stomach to see its prey's bones and fur inside, then runs into the Kratts while visiting the Royal Ontario Museum to see dinosaur bones. January 27, 1999
4 Who's In the Hole A flying squirrel glides in looking for a hole to live in, and a search around Animal Junction reveals lots of other animals—from foxes and rabbits to snakes and porcupines—already living in various holes. When a man starts to cut down a dead tree with a hole in it, Jackie stops him by explaining that it may be the home of an owl. January 28, 1999
5 Happy Lemur Day When two fellow ring-tailed lemurs come to visit, Zoboo is stunned to hear that many people don't know what a lemur is. The Kratt brothers offer to remedy things by declaring an international Lemur Day holiday, complete with party and cake. Jackie rescues two turtles who were heading for a busy highway. January 29, 1999
6 Swimming A couple of river otters arrive at Animal Junction and the gang gets in the swim of things. Everybody's swimming in the Junction: black jaguars, soft-shelled turtles, African penguins, capybaras, Kratts, and even Zoboo! Since otters love to slide almost as much as they like to swim, the gang builds a slide into the big pond, so the otters can do both. Jackie and her dog Goldie both love swimming in MudPuppy pond. Swimming is great exercise and it's an easy way to get Goldie to take a bath. Plus, swimming at MudPuppy Pond means swimming with all kinds of amazing water creatures. February 1, 1999
7 Slimy Buddies Chris, Martin and Zoboo get a lesson in slime from Saint Bernard puppies, a giant bullfrog, a Pacman frog and a Budgetts frog. February 2, 1999 African Bullfrog
8 Snow Day During the snowstorm of the century, Martin, Chris, Zoboo, and Jackie shelter one very cold Japanese snow monkey and shovel paths for animals having trouble maneuvering through the white stuff. February 3, 1999
9 Night Time A camp-out at Animal Junction gives everyone a chance to discover nocturnal animals—creatures who sleep during the day and are active at night. Binturongs, raccoons, owls, ringtails, and dormice are among those living the night life. February 4, 1999
10 Climbing Many animals have unique features that help them climb, from the sticky pads on the bottoms of frogs' feet to the prehensile tail of the kinkajou. The Kratts lose a climbing contest to a band of coatis, whose sharp claws and long tails give them an advantage, while Jackie and the Animal Helpers rescue a kitten who has figured out how to climb up a tree—but not how to get back down to the ground. February 5, 1999
11 Fierce Creatures Zoboo decides he wants to join a visiting pack of Arctic wolvess, so he takes lessons in howling, hunting, and obeying the pack pecking order. But just when he's ready to go home with his new friends, someone explains how different from warm, sunny Animal Junction the wolves' home territory is, and he rethinks his decision. Meanwhile, Jackie rescues a spider who's been stranded in a neighbor's bathtub. February 8, 1999
12 Homes The Kratts help out a beaver who's looking for wood to build a dam, and Jackie and the Animal Helpers build nest boxes for Eastern bluebirds. February 9, 1999
13 Puppies The discovery of a litter of eight puppies turns Chris, Martin, and Zoboo into puppysitters. When one of the puppies and a calf both wander off from their mothers, everyone at Animal Junction learns how important it is to keep a close watch on babies. February 10, 1999
14 Tracks Martin and Chris follow the tracks of a lynx through the snow, and Jackie works on protecting her bird feeder from marauding squirrels. February 11, 1999
15 Fling A visiting white-fronted capuchin monkey earns the nickname "Fling" because of his love for throwing things around. While walking him home, the Kratts see several other troops of monkeys. Jackie tries making a terrarium as a home for a frog she found at MudPuppy Pond, but decides he'd be happier in the wild after all. February 12, 1999 White-Fronted Capuchin
16 Itchy Everyone at Animal Junction is scratching various itches—with causes ranging from fleas to poison ivy to burrs—and not even Chris and Martin's new contraption, the Scratching Machine, seems to help. November 1, 1999
17 Ears Hear An investigation into how well various animals hear leads to rabbits, a bloodhound, springhares, foxes, Toothbrush the baby elephant, and an aye-aye. Martin and Chris build some Super Ear Sensors, but there's so much to hear that the contraption overheats. Jackie builds a fence to protect some fox kits from traffic on a busy road. November 2, 1999
18 Feeling Good A visit from a porcupine prompts an exploration of different animals' coats, from the thick wool of sheep to the soft fur of a lynx. While herding baby ducklings across a road to the pond, Jackie discovers how soft their down feels. November 3, 1999
19 Running After meeting an emu—a bird that can't fly but runs fast—the Kratts try running like various other creatures: sideways like a crab, across tree branches like a fisher, up walls like a gecko, and superfast like a cheetah. November 4, 1999
20 Animal Daycare An influx of babies needing care, including lynx and bobcat kittens, a coatis and a young ring-tailed lemur, keeps Martin and Chris from getting any rest. Jackie and the Animal Helpers rescue a baby bird who's fallen out of his nest. November 5, 1999
21 Giants The brothers and Zoboo learn all about big animals, such as elephants, tigers, giraffes, and camels. November 8, 1999
22 Pets When the Animal Helpers drop off their pets to be looked after, Chris, Martin, and Zoboo learn how much work it is to take care of a pet. November 9, 1999
23 Bears A bear cub visits Animal Junction. November 9, 1999
24 Lids Zoboo sees a ram, a male sheep as a visitor to Animal Junction and learns about horns and antlers. November 10, 1999
25 Great Singers Chris, Martin, and Zoboo learn about animals that sing, such as birds. November 11, 1999
26 Playtime Animal Junction is filled with the sounds of playtime when lion cubs, serval kittens, ducklings, and even children drop in for some much-needed recreation. November 12, 1999
27 Fast and Slow With the help of a cheetah and a snail, Martin and Chris show Zoboo the difference between fast and slow animals. Then they play with a chameleon and discover that some animals are fast at some times but slow at other times. November 29, 1999 Cheetah
28 Horses A foal visits Animal Junction and Martin, Chris, and Zoboo learn all about horses. November 30, 1999
29 Bathtime February 14, 2000
30 Jumpers February 15, 2000
31 Funny Faces Funny faces pop up everywhere, from Animal Junction to the wild. Moose, pigs, bats, and others stop by to strut their stuff and make fun faces for the camera. May 8, 2000
32 Spots and Stripes When the brothers decide to paint Animal Junction, Zoboo suggests tiger stripes and serval and Dalmatian spots. But when Zoboo gets a little carried away with the painting, Martin and Chris end up blending in with the newly painted room—thus demonstrating the camouflage effect spots or stripes can have. After cleaning up, the brothers set out to find as many striped and spotted animals as they can. May 9, 2000
33 Sand Creatures May 10, 2000
34 Water Creatures Chris, Martin, and Zoboo discover and learn about different types of aquatic animals. May 11, 2000 Penguins
35 Who's In the Egg? Chris, Martin, and Zoboo learn all about animal babies and where they come from. Chickens visit Animal Junction and they lay eggs to make baby chicks. May 12, 2000
36 Hail to Tails May 15, 2000
37 Cats Animal Junction is overrun by kittens of all kinds, from domestic cats to lions, and things get pretty chaotic until the mother cats show up to take charge. The brothers investigate whether wild cats purr like house cats. May 16, 2000
38 The Four F's May 17, 2000
39 Stinky A skunk visits Animal Junction. May 18, 2000
40 Bzzz Chris, Martin, and Zoboo learn about different types of insects. May 19, 2000

series premiere

Season 2 (2001)[edit]

Title [1] Overview [1][2][3] Release Date
41 Green Creatures Zoboo realizes that plants and trees are as alive as all the creatures he meets in Animal Junction. The Kratt Brothers teach the lemur that plants grow well if they get good soil, lots of sunlight and enough water. And there are plenty of creatures willing to help plants flourish, including Toothbrush the elephant, Popcorn the binturong and a whole family of sloths. When Martin and Chris follow Popcorn to India, they visit a 2,000-year old fortress, where green creatures like vines and plants are taking over the site. January 1, 2001
42 Brain Power The Kratt Brothers and Zoboo put their heads together with Braniac the really intelligent chimpanzee and build an "Invisibility Machine." They meet some other animals with great brains including elephants and crows and discover that all creatures are smart in their own ways. January 2, 2001
43 Bovine A cow and her calf visit Animal Junction, and Martin and Chris tell their lemur friend that cows are ruminants, with special second stomachs to digest the grass they eat. The Kratt Brothers take off for India to see how cows live there and discover that there are cows everywhere, even in houses! When they return home, Zoboo is entertaining another ruminant, a red kangaroo. While the Kratt Brothers hop like kangaroos, Zoboo leaps like a lemur. January 3, 2001
44 Snakebellies Zoboo and the Kratt Brothers find a snakeskin but it doesn't fit the anaconda in the pool, the rattlesnake sunning itself by the window or even the Burmese python. Finally, Zoboo discovers the owner-a trans-pecos rat snake! January 4, 2001
45 Humans Zoboo is curious about what it's like to be human and a whole class of kindergarten kids arrives in Animal Junction to help him out. There are a few differences, but Zoboo discovers that children and lemurs are a lot alike. January 5, 2001
46 Zoboo the Super Lemur Inspired by a comic book hero, Zoboo becomes a Super Lemur with a little assistance from Muscles and Muscley, two black bear cubs. After Zoboo rescues some kittens, the Kratt Brothers travel to India to find other heroes in the creature world. January 8, 2001
47 Pop Goes the Tiger Popper the Tiger and her sister arrive in Animal Junction and pounce and pop on every ball in sight as they practice their hunting skills. An effort to make an indestructible superball sends Zoboo and the Kratt Brothers to a place where tigers live right after Martin messed up the invention-India. January 9, 2001
48 Powerhouse When a snow leopard and Toothbrush the elephant come to Animal Junction, Zoboo is afraid that he will never be a powerhouse like these two creatures until he realizes every creature is a powerhouse in its own way – and discovers his very own power. January 10, 2001
49 Talk to Me With the help of the Kratt Brothers and Toothbrush the elephant, Zoboo learns how animals communicate with each other. While Zoboo does his best to answer all of the letters sent in by kids, Martin and Chris go to India to find out how animals talk to each other in the wild. January 11, 2001
50 Flying Buddies After meeting a flying fox fruit bat, Zoboo wants to fly, too, so the Kratt Brothers build him a pair of wings. Zoboo flies to India with Martin and Chris right behind. On the way, they meet vultures and learn some lessons about flight. January 12, 2001
51 Creature Neighbors It's treasure hunt time in Animal Junction for the Kratt Brothers, Zoboo and all of their creature neighbors. With the help of two fox kits, Zoboo locates the first piece of the puzzle leading them to the treasure … but will they find the treasure itself? January 20, 2001
52 Buddies Martin and Chris are buddies and Zoboo wants a special friend he can depend on as well. He meets a clown fish and a sea anemone, some sloths, langur monkeys and chital deer. At last, he finds his own best buddy - Shark, the chameleon. January 27, 2001
53 Can You Feel It? Brainiac, the chimp, and Lost and Found, the Labrador retriever would love to do something fun together. Zoboo first advises going to the pool but Brainiac is sad because she doesn't like to swim. Next Zoboo suggests climbing and swinging all over Animal Junction but this idea makes Lost and Found sad. At last Zoboo comes up with a game they can both play-chasing after balls. Martin and Chris go on a special trip and fall into a river, where they discover an elephant who is delighted to have a bunch of children give him a bath. Animals have feelings, just like people-they just have different ways of showing them. February 3, 2001
54 Fearfest A big thunderstorm hits Animal Junction and animals are headed for cover and Zoboo sees something frightening in the dark. But the scary creatures are just grizzly bear cubs! Martin and Chris tell their lemur friend all about grizzlies and other animals that seem scary – but really aren't. February 10, 2001
55 Superclaw Zoboo wants to climb like some visiting kinkajous so the Kratt Brothers create special "Superclaws" for Zoboo to wear. After falling off vines, Zoboo realizes that his own claws – nails really – are just right for a lemur and other creatures have claws just perfect for them. February 17, 2001
56 Grow, Zoboo, Grow The Kratt Brothers are taking care of a human baby and a baby red kangaroo, and Zoboo wants to help the two babies grow. Martin and Chris show Zoboomafoo that all creatures grow, but to do so they need rest, food and play. February 24, 2001
57 Don't Fence Me In Zoboo decides he wants to live in Animal Junction and tries to get a wolverine to live with him. March 3, 2001
58 Families When a baby African pygmy hedgehog comes to Animal Junction, Zoboo, tries to find the right family for her to live with. The Kratt Brothers explain that there are all different kinds of creature families, and they finally find the perfect family for the baby hedgehog. March 10, 2001
59 H2O The pond in Animal Junction has dried up and two lion cubs and all the animals who live there are thirsty! As water is essential to the animal world, Zoboo does the Malagasy (Madagascar) rain dance and the rain finally starts. The Kratt Brothers take a trip to Africa to check out some amazing water creatures. March 17, 2001
60 Crocodilian The Kratt Brothers build a time machine and decide to investigate crocodilians, like the American alligator and caiman, but almost get stranded in the Jurassic period with a hungry T-Rex! and teach zoboo about these March 24, 2001
61 Hot and Cold A gila monster (hot) and a snow leopard (cold) come to Animal Junction. So Zoboo and Kratt Brothers make Animal Junction hot and cold. March 31, 2001
62 Armor Zoboo thinks that if he had armor, like his new African crested porcupine friends, he would be safe as he leapt from place to place. After some unsuccessful armor experimentation with the Kratt Brothers, he realizes that his eyes, ears and brain are the best protection he can have. April 7, 2001
63 Ants and Eaters When an anteater shows up, Zoboo worries that it will eat a colony of ants living in Animal Junction. He tries to broker a peace agreement between the creatures. Zoboo learns that even though anteaters need ants to survive, ants have many ways of protecting themselves from anteaters. Predation is part of life in the creature world and every creature has what she needs to survive. April 14, 2001
64 World of Legs Zoboo spies a larva and wonders what kind of legs this animal will have once it grows. Will it have strong legs like a tiger, hundreds of legs like a millipede or long ones like a kangaroo? When the larva finally transforms into a salamander, its legs are like nothing Zoboo imagined they would be! April 21, 2001
65 Messy and Clean It's time to clean out the closet but the more Zoboo tries to help, the bigger the mess he makes! No sooner is everything back in its place, than some European wild boars and a capuchin monkey mess everything up again. Zoboo has lots of fun learning how messy and clean means different things to different animals. (This is the series finale) April 28, 2001

series finale


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