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This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon comedy-drama Zoey 101. The characters and related events are described below.

Main characters[edit]

Zoey Brooks[edit]

Zoey Brooks
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance "PCA Confidential"
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Jamie Lynn Spears
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Brooks (father)
Mrs. Brooks (mother)
Dustin Brooks (brother)
Significant other(s) Chase Matthews (boyfriend)
James Garrett (ex-boyfriend)
Lance Rivers (ex-boyfriend)

Age: 13-14 (season 1), 14-15 (season 2), 15 (season 3), and 16 (season 4)

Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) is the main character in the series. Zoey is the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, and the older sister of Dustin Brooks. She is the roommate and best friend of Lola Martinez (season 2-4), Nicole Bristow (season 1-2), Quinn Pensky (season 1-4) and Dana Cruz (season 1), she is also the best friend of Chase Matthews. Her other best friends are Michael Barrett, Logan Reese and James Garrett. Zoey enjoys basketball and is one of the first girls on the PCA Basketball Team, she also enjoys designing clothes and backpacks, she is quite good at playing Disc Golf, and is a good actress and won the role of a female alien in the school play alongside Logan Reese. Zoey owns a pink Jet-X and enjoys eating at Sushi Rox. Zoey ran for class president but dropped out due to her friendship with Chase. Zoey has two enemies, Rebecca and Stacy, but mostly she is friends with everyone at PCA and has two boyfriends during the series, she briefly dated the dean's son and then dated James Garrett. Zoey sticks up for her friends and her little brother and proves herself as a true friend.

Zoey is a natural leader, whose spunk, charm, and independent nature help her rally support for anything she does. In the third Zoey 101 movie, "Goodbye Zoey?", she moves to London to go to a preparatory school called Covington while her dad works in England. She comes back to tell Chase her true feelings after overhearing him tell Michael and Logan that he missed and loved her due to a webcam malfunction. However, he transferred to Covington in London, because he decided he must be with Zoey. They try to date via web-cam, but decide that it wouldn't work out and that they would have to wait until Chase returns to PCA after one full semester.

While Chase is in London, Zoey dates James Garrett, and he tells her that he loves her before prom. Zoey, unsure of her feelings, decides to break up with him, though they decide to remain friends. After a long wait, Chase and Zoey share their awaited first kiss and officially become a couple in the series finale "Chasing Zoey".

Dustin Brooks[edit]

Dustin Brooks
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance

"Chasing Zoey"

"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Paul Butcher
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Brooks (father)
Mrs. Brooks (mother)
Zoey Brooks (sister)

Age: 9-10 (season 1), 10-11 (season 2), 11 (season 3), and 12 (season 4)

Dustin Brooks (Paul Butcher) is Zoey's younger brother. Besides being his fiercest protector and closest confidante, Zoey has more recently become her brother's classmate at the newly coed PCA. A child prodigy, Dustin enjoys sharing an 8th grade geometry class with his equally savvy elder sister. He also enjoys helping Quinn Pensky with her scientific experiments, when he is not talking his way in and out of assorted sticky situations.

Whenever he gets in over his head, Zoey is always the first one to rush to her kid brother's aid. Although her playing bodyguard gets on Dustin's nerves from time to time, he loves Zoey too much to hold that against her. By season three, not only is Dustin friends with all of the main characters, but he also spends much time with kids closer to his own age. When Zoey and his parents move to London, he stays at PCA. In the TV movie "Chasing Zoey", he went to the prom with Quinn, but stormed out when he thought he was being used and was not seen afterward, but in the alternative ending Quinn apologizes to Dustin and he later dances with an unknown girl.

Although credited as a main character, Dustin only appeared in 25 of 65 episodes throughout the series. He was absent for the season one episodes "Webcam," "Prank Week," "Jet-X," "Backpack," "Disc Golf," and "School Dance." He was also absent in the season two episodes "Time Capsule," "Elections," "Broadcast Views," "Robot Wars," "People Auction" and "Quinn's Alpaca," the season three episodes "Chase's Girlfriend," "Zoey's Tutor," "The Great Vince Blake," "The Silver Hammer Society," "The Curse of PCA, Parts 1 and 2," "Wrestling," "Zoey's Balloon," "Michael Loves Lisa," "The Radio," "Zoey's Ribs," "Paige at PCA," "Son of the Dean," "Hands on a Blix Van," "Dance Contest," "Miss PCA," "Logan Gets Cut Off" and "Goodbye Zoey, Part 2," and the season four episodes "Trading Places," "Fake Roommate," "Alone at PCA," "Rumor of Love," "Quinn Misses the Mark," "Vince is Back," "Dinner for Two Many," "Coffee Cart Ban," "Roller Coaster." He also does not appear in the season three episode "PCA Confidential," only in flashbacks from past episodes.

Chase Matthews[edit]

Chase Matthews
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance "PCA Confidential"
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Sean Flynn
Gender Male
Occupation Student, viral webstar
Family Mr. Matthews (father)
Mrs. Matthews (mother; alive)
Grandpa Matthews
Grandma Matthews (deceased)
Emily "Millie" Brooks (cousin)
Significant other(s) Zoey Brooks (girlfriend)
Rebecca (ex-girlfriend)

Chase (Sean Flynn) is the main male character in Zoey 101, the first person that Zoey meets at PCA. In several episodes, people make fun of Chase's bushy hair. His bushy hair is referred to by Michael as a "crazy Jewish afro" in the episode "The Dance Contest". Chase is a dork, but girls enjoy hanging out with him. It is revealed that he is from Baltimore. Chase has a "secret" crush on Zoey that he is afraid to tell her. He has been known to be very clumsy, usually falling down stairs. It was revealed in the episode "Favor Chain", that Chase has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things having to do with comic books. Chase has a dog named Chester, mentioned only once in the episode "Lola Likes Chase". He used to be best friends with a boy named Rusty Dickerson.

He is also very gullible, as seen in "New Roomies," where Zoey makes Chase believe there is a hamster behind him to win a game of foosball; and this is also shown when he believes that everyone died of Quinn's germ in "Quarantine," when they all pretend to be dead for Chase's benefit, and in "Girls will be Boys" when Lola said, "Chase is gullible and Logan's a moron," referring to him believing that Lola was a boy. He has worked at PCA's Sushi Rox for the first three seasons. He is frequently seen playing or carrying a guitar and is also shown to play the cello. Chase once wrote a play for the school, and cast himself as a lifeguard that falls in love with a cute alien girl (played by Zoey), so they would actually kiss in the play, but Logan had a good audition for the male lead role, and he got the part instead (although he never did kiss her). Chase's crush on Zoey strengthens between the second and third seasons, and at the same time, there have been hints that Zoey has a small crush on Chase too. However, Chase decides to hold back on his feelings for her when he gets the idea he and Zoey are just meant to be friends (though it was never mentioned that he was officially over her).

In the TV movie "Goodbye Zoey?", Zoey gets an offer to go to London with her parents and attend Covington Preparatory School, but she wants to ask Chase about it. Unfortunately, he overhears rumors that she had already decided to go without talking with him about it. This leaves him very hurt, so he acts very bitter when Zoey actually does come to talk with him. He sarcastically convinces her she should go and he does not say goodbye to Zoey when she leaves. Chase learns from Michael about how much Zoey cared about his opinion and regrets his actions. Chase soon he begins hanging out with a girl named Gretchen, who looks like Zoey but is completely the opposite in personality. Logan and Michael finally talk to Chase about it, and he finally admits to missing her, as well as being in love with her. Due to a webcam malfunction, Zoey overhears him say it, thereby learning of his feelings for her. This leads to Chase moving to Covington so he can be with her, exactly at the same time that Zoey moves back to PCA so she can be with him. They talk to each other via video chat, and decide to go on a video chat "date," but it does not work out at all, due to a malfunction with the video chat. They decide to put off their relationship until Chase returns from England. Chase has a roommate at Covington named Colin, (Benjamin Diskin), though Chase pronounces his roommates name as "Colon". In the series' final episode "Zoey 101: Chasing Zoey", Chase returns, and he and Zoey kiss. Later, it is revealed that they have become a couple and then spend the summer together in Hawaii.

James Garrett[edit]

James Garrett
First appearance "Rumor of Love"
Last appearance "Chasing Zoey"
Created by Dan Schneider
Jeff Bushell
Portrayed by Austin Butler
Gender Male
Occupation Student, replacement for Chase Matthews
Family Mr. Garrett (father)
Mrs. Garrett (mother)
Unnamed uncle
Significant other(s) Zoey Brooks (ex-girlfriend)

James Garrett (Austin Butler) is Zoey's ex-boyfriend and new roommate of Logan and Michael. He is originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, this is said when Logan and Michael try to find information about him. He replaces Chase in his old bedroom, much to the dismay of Michael and Logan. They make it very clear that they do not want him there and he eventually gets the point and leaves. There was also a rumor going on that him and Zoey were dating, which was started by Logan. Michael then comes to James' new bedroom and apologizes, inviting him back to live with them. Later they get Logan to admit that the rumor he spread about James and Zoey was untrue. Later in the same episode, James and Zoey however, kiss and become a couple. James repeatedly helps the girls get back at Logan. He has an uncle who owns a hardware store as mentioned in "Chasing Zoey".

In "Chasing Zoey", James gets Zoey a necklace with an inscription on it that says "I love you". She does not talk to him and ends up breaking up with him, saying she loves him but "there's something in the way." However, they decide to remain friends. In the alternative ending to the final episode, he dances with an unknown girl as well as Dustin, implying that he has fallen for someone else and will leave Zoey alone.

James appeared in nine episodes of season four. He was absent for the second part of "Chasing Zoey". In addition to playing James, Butler also portrayed Stacy Dillsen's boyfriend, Danny, in the episode "Quarantine," before being cast as James. James has the least amount of appearances out of all the main characters, being present in only nine episodes throughout the whole series.

Dana Cruz[edit]

Dana Cruz
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance "Little Beach Party"
"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Kristin Herrera
Gender Female
Occupation Student, basketball player, skateboarder
Family Mr. Cruz (father)
Mrs. Cruz (mother)

Dana Cruz (Kristin Herrera) is one of Zoey's roommates in season 1 and one of two main characters to only appear in one season of the series, the other being James Garrett. Dana is a tomboy and good at sports, particularly basketball. In some episodes, it was seen that she also liked to skateboard. She also loves to sleep, hates to be waken up, and considers mankind's greatest invention to be the snooze button on her alarm clock. She frequently argues with her roommate Nicole Bristow.

Dana's bad attitude is comparable to that of Logan Reese, whom she cannot stand, although both have quite a bit in common and went to a school dance together. Dana has a strong willed personality and will often try to do things on her own, which is shown in the episode "Jet X", but finds she succeeds more in a group. She tends to be thuggish, very aggressive and lazy.

In season two, Dana was accepted by a European student exchange program for the rest of the series; she is currently studying in Paris. She was originally written to end up as Logan's girlfriend, but was replaced by Quinn Pensky. She appeared in a total of thirteen episodes, all in season one. Dana has two arguments throughout the series with Zoey Brooks. In "The PCA Survival Guide", her name is Dana Ramsey. She is a slob according to Nicole but she can be sweet at times. It is never mentioned if Zoey or anyone else at PCA remained in contact with her after she left. Dana is devious at times and really knows how to mess with Logan. After season 1, she is mentioned a few times in seasons 2, but not seen in seasons 2 through 4, nor is she mentioned during seasons 3 and 4. She appeared on "PCA Confidential", but only in flashbacks.

The character was written off the series after Nickelodeon thought that Herrera looked too old for the part. Dana has the second-least amount of appearances out of all the main characters in the series being present for all of season one and not seen again after.

Lola Martinez[edit]

Lola Martinez
First appearance "Back to PCA"
Last appearance

"Chasing Zoey"

"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Victoria Justice
Gender Female
Occupation Student, actress, replacement for Dana Cruz (season 2 afterwards)
Family Mr. Martinez (father)
Mrs. Martinez (mother)
Unnamed younger sister
Significant other(s) Chase Matthews (ex-boyfriend)Vince Blake (boyfriend)

Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice) is an aspiring movie star who came to PCA after Dana moved out in season 2 episode "Back to PCA"; Lola became the new roommate of Zoey, Nicole and Quinn (later in season 3). As an acting exercise, Lola pretended to be a "freaky goth chick" by wearing a white wig, black clothes, trying to pierce her tongue, and speaking to the dead on her first day at PCA, frightening Zoey and Nicole to the point where they wish to sleep in tents outdoors, rather than share a room with her. They hear a phone call that reveals the truth that she was simply acting, and in the morning stage a fight to show her they can also act.

Lola is dedicated to her dream of becoming a famous Hollywood actress, and confident of winning an Oscar by her 19th birthday. Her true acting talent became apparent in "Girls Will Be Boys", when she fooled Chase and Logan into thinking she was a boy, in order to make the point that boys do not have to behave differently when girls are around. She is overly confident in that dream in "Son of a Dean", when she says it is her "destiny" to win a raffle to the premiere of the movie Peaches 'n' Cream. In "Lola Likes Chase", she dated Chase briefly after she developed a crush on him during a review session when he was tutoring her for her biology exam. They dated throughout the episode, but split up when Lola was convinced that it was not working as she felt he had feelings for someone else. Zoey was freaked out by the fact that they were dating; she said that it was because she did not want either of them to get hurt, but Nicole suspected it maybe due to other reasons, which may have been that she had feelings for Chase herself. Lola really loves to talk; she loses her voice in "Quarantine," after practicing her scream too much for a part in a play. This makes the rest of the gang very happy, because they are all cooped up in the girls' dorm room, and get fed up with her screaming all the time. She can talk in a very convincing British accent, as shown in "Dance Contest". She is afraid of people in big costumes, due to an accident with a man in giant hot dog costume that took place when she was younger, as revealed in "Zoey's Balloon".

Lola can also tell if a boy is a good kisser by eating an apple. Her crush, Leaf, from "Curse of PCA", appears to be identified by Lola as a "good kisser".

In the episode "Vince is Back," it is revealed that Lola likes Vince, who has come back to PCA after being expelled. She kisses Vince four times, after she finds out that he has changed. It is then clear that the two are dating. Vince is also in her yoga class. She and Vince always like to constantly make out. In "Walk-A-Thon", it is seen that Lola also enjoys knitting, but is terrible at it, as she forgets to put in a head hole when knitting a sweater. In the series finale "Chasing Zoey", Vince takes Lola out to dinner before the prom, promising her that they will be at the prom late like she wanted, but earlier than 8:30 p.m. On the way back from the restaurant, the taxi driver (played by series creator Dan Schneider) quits his job and throws away the keys, so they are stranded in the dark and have no clue where they are. Her dress gets ruined and they get scared by a rat that Vince found in an old guitar. Eventually, they meet some PCA nerds (originally seen in "The Favor Chain") and follow them back to PCA, and arrive back to the prom just in time. In the episode "Zoey's Tutor," she was hit in the head by a plasma bolt and became briefly unconscious. Although her name is Lola Martinez in the series, on the Pacific Coast Academy website in her section "Lolascopes," her name is Lola Camacho.

Lola appears in 50 of 65 episodes throughout the series, having joined the series in season two, though was absent for the season two episode "Haunted House" and the season three episode "PCA Confidential". In "PCA Confidential". she only appeared in flashbacks from the past, as did many other characters.

Michael Barret[edit]

Michael Barret
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance

"Chasing Zoey"

"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Christopher Massey
Gender Male
Occupation Student, singer, viral webstar, flautist, Rapper
Family Mr. Barrett (father)
Mrs. Barrett (mother)
Grandma Barrett
Significant other(s) Lisa Perkins (girlfriend)
Alley Ophelia (ex-girlfriend)

Michael Barret (Christopher Massey) is Chase's roommate and best friend. Michael is a natural athlete, yet he also plays the flute & owns a pair of stinky white sneakers. He and Logan keep urging Chase to open up with how he feels about Zoey. Michael, who was once addicted to potato chips, gets along with practically everyone at PCA. He is a very loyal and supportive friend who loves to make people laugh (he once became obsessed with making Quinn laugh when he found out that she did not think he was funny).

He had his own web show with Chase, called The Chase and Michael Show, which was said to be watched by only nine students at PCA initially and was cancelled for a short time by Dean Rivers in the season two episode "Broadcast Views" after a segment that he and Chase started on the show in order to boost viewership featuring Zoey and Logan in which they voice their opposing opinions on various subjects about boys and girls causes an argument among all the male and female students at PCA. Michael is a good singer, when he is not in front of girls he likes. He is sometimes the test subject of Quinn's science projects. Michael also likes to play with his Clackers, a toy which everybody else hates. On several occasions, when he does not wish for a certain course of action to be taken, he babbles that, "You can't ---!" Someone then usually does what he said could not be done, causing him to respond by saying, "He/She just ---!"

In the season three episode "Drippin' Episode", he also started a new slang word, "Drippin'," which he wasn't credited for as Logan (who was beat up by the male students of the dorm hall he, Michael and Chase live) chose not to let two male students know he coined the phrase in retaliation over being beat up after it was discovered that an imported state-of-the-art cell phone from Japan that Logan received from his father set off the fire alarms due to its tonal frequency, Chase and Michael chose not to come to Logan's defense. In season four's "Rollercoaster," it is revealed that Michael has an immense fear of roller coasters, a secret that Logan spread around campus, much to his humiliation; Zoey convinced Michael to overcome his fear, eventually taking him to a coaster at a local theme park, though he was afraid initially, he got over his fear of rollercoasters and realized he actually liked riding them. He has a girlfriend named Lisa, who is friends with Zoey. His father gave him a stick shift car, so that he could drive Lisa to the prom, the car with which Mark Del Figgalo hit Stacey Dillsen, causing her to lose her lisp. He also played the flute in three episodes.

Michael has the second most appearances in the show, behind Zoey.

Nicole Bristow[edit]

Nicole Bristow
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance "Quinn's Alpaca"
"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Alexa Nikolas
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Bristow (father)
Mrs. Bristow (mother)
Grandfather Bristow

Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas) is a student at PCA originally from Kansas, where her father owns a juice company. She is the second friend Zoey makes at PCA and one of her roommates in the first two seasons. She admires Zoey for her good ideas and enjoys coming to her when she needs help. In season one, it is learned that she is "boy-crazy" and bad at sports, particularly disc golf and basketball. Nicole is a typical Girly girl and a Valley girl who can be a little ditzy yet very sensitive. She also fears the thought of new roommates after her rivalry with Dana Cruz in season 1, but gets along with Lola Martinez in season 2. It is revealed in the episode, "New Roomies" in season 1, that she loves boys and is obsessed with how they think of her.

In season 2, it is revealed that Nicole is a straight-A student, but kept getting distracted by the cute boys in her class, until she was hypnotized by Quinn and Lola to see boys only as her grandfather. She was later sent to an all-girls school after being diagnosed with Obsessive Male Gender Disorder(OMGD) as revealed in the third season premiere "Surprise". Although Zoey says it will not be for long and that she would come back, she is never seen to return, although it's possible she returned after the series ended. She is mentioned several times throughout season 3 but is not mentioned in season 4. It is never revealed whether Zoey or anyone else at PCA remained in contact with her after she left. She appeared in all 26 episodes of seasons one and two, including one TV movie, "Spring Break-Up." She also appeared in flashbacks in the episode "PCA Confidential". Nikolas quit the show due to dispute between her and the whole Spears family.

Quinn Pensky[edit]

Quinn Pensky
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance

"Chasing Zoey"

"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Erin Sanders
Gender Female
Occupation Student, scientist
Family Mr. Pensky (father)
Mrs. Pensky (mother)
Otis (pet alpaca)
Significant other(s) Mark Del Figgalo (ex-boyfriend)
Logan Reese (boyfriend)

Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders) is an extremely intelligent girl and also one of Zoey's best friends. She is from Seattle, Washington. She is best known for working on crazy experiments, which makes other students thinks she is a freak. Quinn is curious most of the time and is outlandish with her experiments. Quinn has the tendency to overlook the dangers of most of her experiments, which almost always have a tendency to go awry (e.g., creating a breath spray that causes uncontrollable laughter, making a hair growth formula that repeatedly generates hair under her left arm and on Mark's eyebrows [which were blown off in an accident while testing an everlasting liquid candle that she also invented], creating a humane mouse trap to capture a lab rat loose in the dorm room that shoots a plasma bolt which accidentally knocks Lola unconscious, etc.). She was first seen in the pilot episode, when the girls challenged the boys to a basketball rematch; she is not a very good basketball player.

In the episode "New Roomies," it is revealed that she is also a budding inventor, referring to them as "Quinnventions." One of Quinn's inventions that does not go awry, but creates a nuisance is a wristwatch that shoots lasers at the push of a button (seen in "Quarantine," where she shoots a laser at a girl who she thinks Mark is dating behind her back and also at Zoey, prompting her to confiscate it, and "Chases Grandma," in which Quinn shoots a laser to stop Michael's alarm clock from ringing, destroying it). Occasionally, she is shown to play the trombone. It was revealed in season three episode "Zoey's Balloon," that she has seven toes on her right foot, which is later referenced in "Drippin Episode" as she says the extra toes caused her to get charged a dollar extra for her pedicure than Zoey and Lola were charged.

In the season two episode "Quinn's Alpaca," it is revealed she has a pet alpaca named Otis back in her hometown, and tries to leave PCA to be with him. She also has a pet rat, a spider, and a snake named Marvin. For the first two seasons, she lived by herself, and only once had Zoey as a roommate, until Quinn could not handle Zoey's disrespect and uptightness towards her science work. She became roommates with Zoey and Lola starting in season three, after Nicole left. Quinn can be easily offended; as seen in "Chase's Girlfriend," she did not like being called a "spaz" when she was a child, which causes her to teach Logan a lesson by messing with him when she teaches him how to work on his foul shooting (including having him chase a taxidermy chicken on a remote control car, and wearing a dress to have him get over his nerves of the crowd watching him make a shot). Quinn fell in love with Mark Del Figgalo and dated him throughout much of the series. At one point, Mark thought it would be nice to put their relationship on hold, but Quinn dumped him when he started dating Brooke Margolin. She hated Logan Reese, but shortly after Mark and her broke up, Quinn and Logan fall in love in the beginning of season 4 and start dating, but keeping it a secret under fear of what other students would say. She took Dustin to the PCA prom in "Chasing Zoey", so she would not have to go with Logan and thus reveal their secret. But they end up revealing their relationship anyway, growing tired of dealing with the extent to keep it a secret, and sealing it with a kiss. Although Zoey is the only girl to appear in every episode, Quinn is the only main girl character to stay on campus the entire series and she and Zoey are the only two main girls to appear in all four seasons.

Quinn appears in 62 of 65 episodes throughout the series. She is absent during the season one episodes "Defending Dustin" and "School Dance," and the season 4 episode "PCA Confidential." She only appeared in flashbacks from the past in "PCA Confidential." In the iCarly episode "iWas A Pageant Girl," after Sam is called off-stage following her fried chicken "speech," the announcer can be heard calling Quinn Pensky to the stage. In an episode of Zoey 101, it is revealed that Quinn used to be a pageant girl and that her talent was ribbons. The pageant also took place in Seattle (Quinn's hometown), so there is a strong possibility it may have been her.

Logan Reese[edit]

Logan Reese
First appearance "Welcome to PCA"
Last appearance

"Chasing Zoey"

"PCA Confidential"
(flashbacks only)
Created by Dan Schneider
Portrayed by Matthew Underwood
Gender Male
Occupation Student, film, television producer, and Secret Chemist
Family Malcolm Reese (father)
Unnamed mother
Chauncy (servant at house in Santa Barbara)
Significant other(s) Quinn Pensky (girlfriend)

Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood) is the spoiled son of a rich and famous film and TV producer named Malcolm Reese. He's the anti-hero of the show. He's considered a flirtatious jerk by many students. Logan likes to take pictures of himself and autograph them to give out to girls at PCA. His dad gave him money for all of the appliances in the boys' dorm room, and also for whatever Logan might want to buy. He once hid a camera in a bear to spy on the girls' lounge in season one. He thinks he is the best-looking guy on campus, and is very stuck up and full of himself. He is portrayed as being less than intelligent when it comes to school, spending money and exhibiting street smarts on many occasions, but it is revealed in the season three episode "Zoey's Tutor" that he is very gifted in chemistry, and is smart enough to tutor Zoey; this is due to being tutored every summer as a child by his grandfather who works as a chemistry professor at Caltech University. He also enjoys being active and making out with girls. He also is portrayed to have a crush on Zoey on numerous occasions, including "Broadcast Views," where he flirts and asks her to make out, until he starts dating Zoey's best friend and roommate, Quinn Pensky.

Many girls are attracted to Logan; however, many others are turned off by his cocky personality. He is fairly sexist towards women. He is also shown to be overcompetitive and will do anything to get what he wants, as shown in season three's "Hands on a Blix Van", in which he competes in a competition to see who can keep their hands on a Blix Cola van the longest to win a trip on a private jet, resorting to faking a leg injury in order to sit down while competing, scaring a male student, fake sneezing on a female student, getting Stacey Dillsen to take her hands off the van and disqualify herself claiming he will be her boyfriend for one week if she does, and even locking Zoey in a portable bathroom during the contest's scheduled bathroom break (though Chase manages to get her out before the bathroom break ends, narrowly missing getting disqualified from the competition); In many situations, however, Zoey, with the help of her friends, manages to come up with a plan to outsmart Logan.

In the TV movie Spring Break-Up, it is revealed that he has a beach house in Santa Barbara. While cocky, he continues to be good friends with Chase and Michael. Unlike Michael, Logan has mocked Chase for his crush on Zoey instead of being supportive, until Chase put it on hold in season three. However, when Chase began apparently trying to replace Zoey with another girl in "Goodbye Zoey?", he and Michael had an intervention for him. Logan helped Chase admit how much he missed and loved Zoey when he ripped the head off a giraffe Zoey gave him, showing that he does care for Chase and wishes him to be happy. In spite of constantly annoying Zoey with his egotistical and immature attitude, Logan seems to cares for her as well, visibly when he helps Zoey from being expelled after she went too far in a prank against the boys; and in an episode where she is entered in the boys sparing challenge and injured by a psychotic fighter, defending her and scolding the fighter for being so violent with her, despite being violently beaten up later, and thus showing how he can go far to protect his friends. He helped Michael convince the housing lady that Chase did not move, to prevent getting a new roommate, and so that they could keep their hot tub. He also stood up to and fought his friend Vince Blake when he tried to beat up Chase. In season four, he and Quinn begin dating, but keep it a secret. Logan seems to have become nicer since he started dating Quinn. Despite the fact that Logan has always been obsessed with girls through the series, and he suddenly loses interest in them after beginning to date Quinn; although it appears that no one else notices this change. In the episode "Coffee Cart Ban," he and Quinn have their first disagreement. In the movie Zoey 101: Chasing Zoey, he and Quinn announce their relationship in public at prom when Stacey is trying to kiss him and he instantly shouts that he loves Quinn. This followed by her returning the message and then sealing their announcement with a kiss.

Logan appears in 60 of 65 episodes of Zoey 101. He was absent during the season-one episodes "Defending Dustin", "Quinn's Date", "Spring Fling" and "Backpack" and the season three episode "PCA Confidential", where he only appeared in flashbacks from past episodes. Also, he had no lines in the episode "Zoey's Balloon" and only appeared in two scenes there.

Recurring characters[edit]

PCA students[edit]

Mark Del Figgalo[edit]

Mark Del Figgalo
First appearance "New Roomies"
Last appearance "Chasing Zoey"
Portrayed by Jack Salvatore Jr.

Stacey Dillsen[edit]

Stacey Dillsen
First appearance "Chase's Girlfriend"
Last appearance "PCA Confidential"
Portrayed by Abby Wilde
Aliases Bow Girl
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Dillsen (father)
Mrs. Dillsen (mother)
Suzanne Dilsen (sister)
Cousin from "Goodbye Zoey"

Stacey Dillsen (Abby Wilde) is possibly Nicole's replacement. She has a very noticeable lisp on her "s's". She has an obsession with cotton swabs and white glue, which is used in different arts n' crafts, and she sings a song that goes: "You can sip it in the morning, sip it in the evening, even at a quarter to three, 'cause I like sassafras, you like sassafras, we all like sassafras tea!"

Stacey has a crush on Logan Reese, because of his muscular physique, and frequently calls him "hot and spicy", though this repulses and irritates Logan. Stacey becomes the roommate of Lola and Quinn in the last episode of season three (part two of "Goodbye Zoey?"), after Zoey leaves to go to a boarding school in London. In "Chasing Zoey", Logan (Quinn's secret lover) asks Stacey to prom because Quinn and Logan picked a date for each other for prom, so nobody would suspect that they were dating. While Michael tries to teach Mark how to drive a stick shift to the prom, Mark hits Stacey, causing her to lose her lisp and allows her to speak "perfectly" (in her opinion). After she gets hit by the car, it seems that Stacey and Mark are going out.

Stacey began as a recurring character in season three, and was present in 31 of the 39 combined episodes making up seasons three and four. She does not appear in the season three episodes "Surprise", "Hot Dean", "Zoey's Tutor", "The Silver Hammer Society", "Wrestling", "Chase's Grandma" and "Drippin' Episode" and the season four episode "Quinn Misses the Mark". Unlike several other main characters, Stacey made an appearance in the episode "PCA Confidential" and not just in the flashbacks from past episodes. Two years after the end of Zoey 101, Stacey made two appearances in the fourth season of iCarly. In the episode "iStart a Fan War", it is shown that Stacey got her lisp back over the last couple of years. She reappeared in "iHire An Idiot" being interviewed for the position as an intern working for iCarly. She was quickly kicked out by Carly, after being annoyed of her lisp. In 2013, she appeared on Sam & Cat where she was sent to the hospital after a bike accident. Later in the episode, it was revealed that she graduated from PCA several years ago and is currently a sophomore at San Francisco State University.

Jeremiah Trotman[edit]

Jeremiah Trotman (Creagen Dow) is the school anchorman, who reports on all the happenings around PCA. He takes his job very seriously, and can always be spotted wearing his trademark orange converse as part of his anchorman attire. After most of his broadcasts, he pauses, then says "courage." His name is a possible play on former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter. In "Chasing Zoey", he sees Zoey alone and is interested in taking her to the prom, even if he has to get "rid" of his date, Martha. He plans on leaving school after graduation heading to New York with hopes of becoming a network news anchor.

Jeremiah appeared in 14 episodes of Zoey 101, making his first appearance as a recurring character in the season two episode "Election". Jeremiah also makes an appearance in the season two episode "Robot Wars", in the season three episodes "Hot Dean", "Quarantine", "Wrestling", "Son of the Dean" and "Goodbye Zoey (parts 1 and 2)" and in the season four episodes "Rumor of Love", "Anger Management", "Quinn Misses the Mark", "Walk-A-Thon" and "Chasing Zoey (Parts 1 and 2)".

Vincent "Vince" Blake[edit]

Vince (Brando Eaton) first appeared in "The Great Vince Blake," and he is a star football player, who is supposed to be the best high school quarterback on the planet. He is very popular at PCA, a chick magnet, and a hero which many other guys look up to. Chase seemed to be the only one bothered by his special attention and popularity. However, Vince was found out to be very dishonest, as Chase caught him cheating on a test. Chase ended up turning him in, causing Vince to be put on academic probation. Enraged, he rounded up the football team and beat up Chase, along with Michael, Logan, and Mark Del Figgalo, who came by to stand up to them with Chase. Henceforth, he was expelled from PCA.

Vince came back in "Vince is Back," and appears to have had a change of heart. The guys wanted revenge on Vince for beating them up while the girls decided to just ignore him. However, he and Lola had the same yoga class, and while she tried to ignore him, she could not resist how nice he had become and ended up kissing him four times, and later became a couple. Eventually Zoey, Quinn, Logan and Michael,(but it is unknown if Chase ever forgave him, but this is possible since he didn't react to him at the end of Chasing Zoey when he came back from England) forgive him, as well and they all become friends with him. He makes his final appearance in "Chasing Zoey," by taking Lola to the prom.

In a small glitch by the Zoey 101 writers, in "Vince is Back," Vince says he does not like coffee when he is offered a free one by the PCA coffee cart (which had an explosive inside it and was drank by Mark), but in the episode "Coffee Cart Ban", he kisses Lola and his mouth tastes like coffee (though it is possible that he has grown to like it again). He then showed them that Michael and Logan were selling it illegally in their dorm.

Lisa Perkins[edit]

Lisa Perkins (Lisa Tucker) is Michael's girlfriend throughout seasons three and four. She first appears in "Michael Loves Lisa" and becomes Michael's girlfriend. Before dating Michael, she used to date some other guy, but after breaking up with him (she was picnicking with him when Chase's go-kart went out of control, and while her old boyfriend ran away in fear, Michael saved her), she started dating Michael. She appears again in the episode "Hands on a Blix Van", breaking up and reuniting with Michael after he makes fun of her necklace, thinking that it was a necklace that Lisa said was horrible. She then appeared in the final two episodes of the series, "Roller Coaster" and "Chasing Zoey".

Wayne "Firewire" Gilbert[edit]

Firewire (Allen Evangelista) is a tech geek in the science club. In "Robot Wars," his name was revealed to be Wayne Gilbert, and he gets upset when they do not call him "Firewire." He worked on a robot which exceeded the maximum height of 36 inches, and therefore had to use the robot without its 39-inch tall "hammer." He appears again helping Rebecca get revenge on Zoey, and also helps Michael and Logan to get revenge on Vince. He wants to be Ryan Seacrest. Quinn hates him, because he and his two friends (from "Robot Wars") would not let her join the science club, because she was a girl. His last appearance is in "Chasing Zoey" when he and his friends think the world is ending and run into the woods for safety, but return when they hear that Zoey is not going to the dance.

Rebecca Martin[edit]

Rebecca (Daniella Monet) was Chase's girlfriend at the start of season three. However, they broke up because Rebecca hated Zoey and was trying to tell Chase to stay away from her. Later in the episode 'Zoey's Balloon', as revenge, she threatened to tell all of PCA that Zoey was a butt model for a sunscreen bottle when she was younger if she did not do whatever she said. Such things included wearing a banana costume and dancing "The Macalana," a parody of the "Macarena", a song by Los del Rio. However, Zoey and the gang managed to thwart her. Rebecca only appears in Season 3; however, later, in Season 4, she is never seen or mentioned again. It was very likely she was expelled for her cyber-bullying scheme against Zoey. Daniella would go on to play Trina Vega in Victorious which also stars Victoria Justice, who plays Lola.

Brooke Margolin[edit]

Brooke (Mariah Buzolin) is Mark's new girlfriend. Mark breaks up with Quinn, since he and Brooke share several common interests. Brooke is seen in three episodes of season four. Logan said that Brooke was hot when Quinn told him that Mark fell in love with her. Brooke dumped Mark at the end of the Zoey 101 movie "Chasing Zoey", because he was not exciting.


Gretchen (Madison Riley) is a slob and a do-nothing (as in her role). She is Chase's Zoey replacement, and is only seen in "Goodbye Zoey?". Lola, Quinn, Michael, and Logan all hate her. Chase hangs out with her to get his mind off Zoey (and also because she looks like Zoey), since Zoey left PCA. Gretchen is seen doing various disgusting things, including digging in her nose, scratching her armpits, spitting, and popping her zits at lunch. Also, she randomly takes a bite out of Quinn's apple. This all is considered gross by Lola, Quinn, Michael, and Logan, but Chase does not seem to notice, wanting to believe her to be just like Zoey, but eventually he admits the truth. Despite the similar appearances, Gretchen and Zoey are exact opposites!


Vicky (Miki Ishikawa) was a recurring character in season one. Vicky is an Asian-American girl, who spoke to Zoey on numerous occasions. She has not been seen since, and was rumored to make a cameo in the Zoey 101 movie "Spring Break-Up". This, however, was not true, as she did not make any appearances in the episode.


Melissa was in the season 2 episode "Election". In the episode you could see she had a crush on Chase. But the way she said her S's was like the and the way she said her name sounded like Melitha. And second the nomination for Chase after Zoey nominated him. She sounded like the recurring character to replace her, Stacey Dillsen.


Leif (Jarron Vosburg) guided everyone to Red Stone Gulch in the season 3 episode Curse of PCA. He had led them there to hang out with Lola because he liked her. Lola and Leif were always kissing which upset everyone else. He never was in any other episode because he was a senior so it is said that he graduated but could not get into a good college.


Coco Wexler[edit]

Coco Wexler (Jessica Chaffin) is the girls' dorm advisor, who is sensitive and a crybaby. She is often seen eating canned ravioli and is an emotional wreck half the time. She breaks up and gets back together with her boyfriend Carl on almost a weekly basis and during the break-ups, she is seen crying and venting to students, mainly the girls. In one episode a new dean appears during her breakup, so Zoey and her roommates set Coco up on a date with him and things turn shaky when Coco's ex-boyfriend Carl finds out. When she gets nervous, she sweats a lot, as revealed in the episode "Hot Dean".

Coco later makes a surprise cameo in the Sam & Cat episode "#FirstClassProblems" where she sits next to Sam & Cat who are waiting to be boarded on their flight to the Bahamas. While waiting, she reveals that she married Carl but later got divorced and Carl is now marrying Coco's mother at the Bahamas.

Dean Rivers[edit]

Dean Charles W. Rivers (Christopher Murray) is the Dean of PCA. He is married to his overbearing wife and spends a lot of money on video games. He and Zoey often have different ideas on things, like vending machines. His full name, as shown in "Spring Fling," was "Charles W. Rivers" on a sign next to Dana that is seen after the girls ask Dean Rivers about putting up a fund-raiser. However, in "Quinn's Alpaca," his wife called him Carl. He likes lions, but was attacked by one in "Fake Roommate." He was also a student at PCA, and also revealed he won the PCA golf tournament when he was a senior there. He appeared on the LazyTown episode, "Dean Back Again".


Kazu (Brian Tee) is a Japanese-American from Alabama. He is the manager of PCA's restaurant Sushi Rox, which was accidentally burned down but rebuilt again. He made his first appearance in "Webcam." He later appeared in "People Auction" and "Hot Dean," and made cameo appearances in "Quarantine" and "Quinn Misses the Mark."

Nurse Crocker[edit]

Nurse Margeret Crocker (Mariah Sussman in seasons three and four) is the lady who takes care of hurt PCA students and who replaces Nurse Krutcher, who was in Seasons 1-2. She is seen several times taking care of Zoey and Michael. She took care of Zoey in The Curse of PCA.

Nurse Krutcher[edit]

Nurse Francine Krutcher (Diane Delano in seasons one and two) is the former nurse at PCA. She is very mean and cannot let the sick and hurt PCA students leave. In the season 1 episode, The Play, it is revealed she can be violent and is seen pouncing on and dragging the sick students, such as the scene where Chase tries to escape to keep Zoey from kissing Logan.

Mr. Takato[edit]

Mr. Takato (James Hong) is an old man who taught Michael how to drive a stick shift in "Chasing Zoey." He said that he was a lower school math teacher, but no one else had heard of him. At the end of the movie, he appeared before Michael one final time, mounted atop a Water Buffalo,wearing a rice hat. Michael asked him to come and tell his girlfriend, Lisa, that he taught him how to drive a stick shift, but Mr. Takato responded by telling Michael that he "does not exist." He then rode off into the night and mysteriously vanished into thin air. Whether or not he is real is unknown.

Mr. David H. Bender[edit]

Mr. Bender (Michael Blieden) is the school's film and tech teacher. David Bender was also a former PCA student and a member of the Cheerleading squad. He was a favorite throughout season 1. In one episode, he helped the group go back to PCA after they got to a wrong beach. He made 2-3 appearances in season 2. In "Chasing Zoey", his name was announced over the loudspeaker at the prom. It was also mentioned in the episode "Favor Chain" that Lola was babysitting his son for him while he and his wife were out.

Seamus Finnigan[edit]

Seamus Finnigan, the PCA's maintenance man who was Dean Rivers' classmate and on the golfing team with Dean Rivers. He doesn't like Dean Rivers. He only appears in "Alone at PCA", and is apparently named after the Harry Potter character.

Malcolm Reese[edit]

Malcolm (Michael Corbett) is Logan's father. Malcolm Reese lives in Santa Barbara, with his assistant, Ciara. Malcolm Reese made his debut in Spring Break-Up. Malcolm Reese also was in "Logan Gets Cut Off". His name may be a combination of the names of the brothers Malcolm and Reese Wilkerson on the Fox Television Series "Malcolm in the Middle".

Ms. Burvich[edit]

Ms. Burvich (Suzanne Krull) is the divorced room assigner at PCA. She was first seen in "Back to PCA." Nicole broke her hard earned collection of rare perfume bottles, causing her to hold a grudge against Zoey and Nicole and reject their plea to choose their new roommate. Her second appearance was in "Fake Roommate," when Michael and Logan tried to trick her into thinking that Chase was still at PCA, after moving to England, so they would not have to get a new roommate. But eventually, Ms. Burvich found out and promised them both that they would indeed get a new roommate. Their new roommate ended up being James (Austin Butler). Her third appearance is in "Rumor of Love" when she introduces Michael and Logan to their new roommate James Garrett. She is seen in seasons two and four.

Guest stars[edit]

Paige Howard[edit]

Paige Howard (Miranda Cosgrove), who appears once in "Paige at PCA", seems to be the smartest young girl on the Pacific coast.[attribution needed] She wants to run the whole campus on "Paige Power", which saves a lot of energy. Her name also appeared in Chase's phone contacts in the episode "Little Beach Party".


Stacy (Allison Scagliotti) is a student at PCA who stole Zoey's backpack idea in the episode "Backpack". Stacy has remained Zoey's enemy.

Keith Finch[edit]

Keith Finch (Erik Walker) only appears in "Defending Dustin". He intimidated Dustin because Dustin corrected his mistake in their math class. He remained Dustin's enemy after the episode.


Greg (Stephen Lunsford) is a boy that Lisa Perkins used to date. He broke up with Lisa when she kissed Michael.

Lance Rivers[edit]

Lance Rivers (Ben Perry) is the son of Dean Rivers (head of P.C.A). He was supposed to go to a premiere with Zoey, but he cheated to go with Zoey and Quinn and Lola told her their feelings but Zoey still went in a limo but half way there Zoey ditched him for being a jerk.

Trisha Kirby[edit]

Trisha Kirby (Jennette McCurdy) is the "bad girl" in Dustin's grade. She dated Dustin in the episode "Bad Girl". She also has a passion for being crude. Zoey ends up trying to break the two up.


Courtney (Zoe Keller) is Mark Del Figgalo's ex-girlfriend. Her only appearance was on the season one episode "Quinn's Date," in which she accuses Mark of cheating on her, after she caught Mark was on a date with Quinn Pensky, even though Mark didn't originally intend on dating Quinn.


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