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List of active Italian Navy ships is a list of ships in active service with the Italian Navy.

Naval ensign of Italy.

As of 2014 the navy maintains approximately 62 ships in commission (excluding minor auxiliary vessels). Ocean going fleet units include: two aircraft carriers, three small 8,000 tonne amphibious transport docks, four destroyers, eleven frigates and six attack submarines. Patrol and littoral warfare units include: three light frigates, six corvettes and 14 patrol vessels. In support of the fleet there are 10 mine countermeasure vessels and a varied fleet of auxiliary ships.

Submarine fleet[edit]


Class Picture Type Boats Displacement Note
Submarines (6 in Service)
Type 212 Mmi S527.jpg Attack submarine Salvatore Todaro (S526)
Scirè (S527)
1,830 tonnes 2 more under construction to replace the remaining Sauro class.
Sauro class Sauro class.jpg Attack submarine Salvatore Pelosi (S522)
Giuliano Prini (S523)
Primo Longobardo (S524)
Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia (S525)
1,862 tonnes

Surface fleet[edit]

Aircraft carriers[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Aircraft carriers (2 in Service)
Cavour Napoli 2010.jpg Aircraft carrier Cavour (550) 27,910 tonnes
ITS Giuseppe Garibaldi (C 551).jpg Aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi (551) 13,850 tonnes V/STOL aircraft carrier [1]

Amphibious warfare ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Amphibious warfare ships (3 in Service)
San Giorgio-class San Giorgio L9892.jpg Amphibious transport dock (LPD) San Giorgio (L9892)
San Marco (L9893)
San Giusto (L9894)
7,790 / 8,000 tonnes Small amphibious warfare ships.

Frigates and destroyers[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Frigates and destroyers (15 in Service)
Orizzonte-class Nave Caio Duilio.jpg Destroyer Andrea Doria (D553)
Caio Duilio (D554)
7,050 tonnes
Durand de la Penne class Durand de la Penne D560.jpg Destroyer Luigi Durand de la Penne (D560)
Francesco Mimbelli (D561)
5,400 tonnes
Bergamini-class Nave Bergamini.jpg Frigate Carlo Bergamini (F590)
Virginio Fasan (F591)
Carlo Margottini (F592)
6,670 tonnes First 3 of 10 planned, 8 confirmed.
Maestrale class Maestrale-Class MAESTRALE (F 570).jpg Frigate Maestrale (F570)
Grecale (F571)
Libeccio (F572)
Scirocco (F573)
Aliseo (F574)
Euro (F575)
Espero (F576)
Zeffiro (F577)
3,040 tonnes Maestrale, Espero, Aliseo & Euro are to be gradually replaced by 4 new frigates (FREMM ASW)

Light frigates[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Light frigates (3 in Service)
Lupo class MM Sagittario Distant Drum 1983.jpg Light frigate Aviere (F583)
Bersagliere (F584)
Granatiere (F585)
2,986 tonnes The Lupo class are to be gradually replaced by 4 new frigates (FREMM GP).


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Corvettes (6 in Service)
Minerva class Urania F552.jpg Corvette Urania (F552)
Danaide (F553)
Sfinge (F554)
Driade (F555)
Chimera (F556)
Fenice (F557)
1,280 tonnes The Minerva class is to be gradually reduced to 2 ships by 2016.[2]

Patrol vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Patrol vessels (14 in Service)
Comandanti class US Navy 100528-N-3136P-207 An Italian Navy visit, board, search and seizure team returns to the Italian Navy offshore patrol vessel ITS Comandante Foscari (P-493).jpg Patrol boat Comandante Cigala Fulgosi (P490)
Comandante Borsini (P491)
Comandante Bettica (P492)
Comandante Foscari (P493)
1,512 tonnes
Cassiopea class Spica P403.jpg Patrol boat Cassiopea (P401)
Libra (P402)
Spica (P403)
Vega (P404)
1,400 tonnes
Sirio class Orione (P 410) 01.JPG Patrol boat Sirio (P409)
Orione (P410)
1,580 tonnes
Esploratore class Vedetta (P 407).jpg Patrol boat Esploratore (P405)
Sentinella (P406)
Vedetta (P407)
Staffetta (P408)
164 tonnes

Mine countermeasure vessels[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Mine countermeasure vessels (10 in Service)
Lerici class MM Crotone M5558.jpg Minehunter Milazzo (M5552)
Vieste (M5553)
Gaeta (M5554)
Termoli (M5555)
Alghero (M5556)
Numana (M5557)
Crotone (M5558)
Viareggio (M5559)
Chioggia (M5560)
Rimini (M5561)
620 tonnes

Auxiliary fleet[edit]

Replenishment ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Replenishment ships (3 in Service)
AOR Etna.jpg Replenishment oiler Etna (A5326) 13,400 tonnes Command & logistics support ship
Stromboli class Nave da rifornimento Vesuvio A 5329.jpg Replenishment oiler (small) Stromboli (A5327)
Vesuvio (A5329)
8,700 tonnes Stromboli-class planned to be replaced by project “LSS” in 2016[3]

Other auxiliary vessels[edit]

The Italian Navy also keeps in service various auxiliary support ships. These include:[4]

Small oil tankers

  • Panarea (A5370)
  • Linosa (A5371)
  • Favignana (A5372)
  • Salina (A5373)

Electronic surveillance & support ship

  • Elettra (A5340)

Research & multi-purpose support ships

  • Leonardo (A5301)
  • Raffaele Rossetti (A5315)
  • Martellota (A5320)

Hydrographic survey vessels

  • Magnaghi (A5303)
  • Aretuse (A5304)
  • Galatea (A5308)

Forward rescue & repair ship

  • Anteo (A5309) Planned to be replaced by ship “USSP” in 2015.[5]

Diving support vessels

  • Mario Marino (Y498)
  • Alcide Pedretti (Y499)

Landing craft

  • 9 landing craft MTM217 class
  • 5 landing craft LCM class
  • 20 landing craft MTP96 class

Training vessels

  • Astice (A5379) Astile, Mitilo, Murena and Porpora are planned to be decommissioned in 2015.[6]
  • Mitilo (A5380)
  • Murena (A5305)
  • Porpora (A5382)
  • Also various sailing vessels; including school sailing ships Amerigo Vespucci (A5312), Italia (A5314), and Palinuro (A5311).

Coastal transport ships

  • Gorgona (A5347)
  • Tremini (A5348)
  • Caprera (A5349)
  • Pantelleria (A5351)
  • Lipari (A5352)
  • Capri (A5353)

Water cistern ships

  • Ticino (A5376)
  • Tirso (A5377)
  • Bormida (A5359)

Materials transport ships

  • Ponza (A5364)
  • Levanzo (A5366)
  • Tavolara (A5367)
  • Palmaria (A5368)
  • Procida (A5383)


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