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Tri-service badge of the United Kingdom's armed forces.

List of active United Kingdom military aircraft is a list of military aircraft currently in service with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom. For RAF aircraft no longer in service see List of aircraft of the Royal Air Force. For aircraft expected to enter service with the RAF in the future, see Future of the Royal Air Force.

Royal Air Force[edit]

Main article: Royal Air Force
Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number[1][2][3] Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Boeing E-3D Sentry Nimrod E-3D Sentry Air Early Warning Aircraft MOD 45153803.jpg  United States AEW&C aircraft AEW1 6 Airborne early warning and control aircraft. A seventh aircraft has been withdrawn from use.[4]
Raytheon Sentinel Raf-sentinel-ZJ692-071023-27-16.jpg  Canada
 United States
Battlefield surveillance aircraft R1 5 ISTAR aircraft. Will be retained until suitable replacement is found.[5] Will be kept in RAF service until at least 2018.[6]
Beechcraft Shadow Shadow R1 5(AC) Sqdn RAF Waddington this morning.jpg  United States Battlefield surveillance aircraft R1 6[7] ISTAR aircraft.[8]
Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II UK F-35B Lightning II MOD 45157752.jpg  United States Multirole fighter aircraft FGR1 4[9] 48 announced for carrier duties from 2016.[10] Decision on final orders to be made in 2015.[11] Aircraft jointly operated with the FAA.[12]
Eurofighter Typhoon Farnborough Airshow 2012 (7570412148).jpg  United Kingdom Multirole fighter aircraft T3
FGR4 variants will replace the Tornado fleet by 2019.[14]
Panavia Tornado Tornado 7 (5824708543).jpg  United Kingdom Strike aircraft GR4
98[15] The GR4A variant performs an additional reconnaissance role. The Tornado fleet will be retired in March 2019.[16]
Boeing RC-135W Airseeker First Rivet Joint Aircraft Lands at RAF Waddington MOD 45156410.jpg  United States Signals intelligence aircraft R1 1 The first of three aircraft has been delivered in preparation for the UK aircraft entering operational service in late 2014[17] and will be flown by No. 51 Squadron RAF. The squadron is due to be fully operational by mid 2017.
Britten-Norman Islander RAF Northolt 2009 BN Islander CC2 RAF.jpg  United Kingdom Surveillance aircraft CC2A 3 Used for photographic mapping and light communications.[18]
Airbus Voyager Royal Air Force Airbus A330MRTT Bidini.jpg  France
Tanker & Transport aircraft KC2
11[19] There are 2 KC2 and 6 KC3 aircraft plus three further currently unconverted planes. 3 more to be delivered by 2016 for a total of 14.[20] The aircraft are jointly operated by the RAF and the AirTanker consortium.
Boeing C-17A Globemaster III C17 operated by 99 sqn, based at RAF Brize Norton. 29-05-2002 MOD 45140442.jpg  United States Transport aircraft C-17A-ER 8 Operated by No. 99 Squadron.
Airbus A400M Atlas Royal Air Force Airbus A400M ZM400 in flight over west of England (45158518).jpg  Spain Transport aircraft C1 4[21] Total of 22 on order, deliveries started November 2014. A total of 7 aircraft are expected to have been delivered by the end of 2015.[21]
Lockheed C-130J Hercules Hercules C130J of 24 Sqn MOD 45143727.jpg  United States Transport aircraft C4
The C4 (C-130J-30) is a stretched version of the C5 (C-130J), which adds 15 feet to the fuselage. Nine C-130J have been upgraded for extended range.[22] To be withdrawn from service by 2022, and replaced by 22 Airbus A400M Atlas.
BAe 146 RAF BAe 146 ZE700.jpg  United Kingdom Transport aircraft CC2
The CC2 (-100 variant) is used predominantly for VIP transport and the C3 (-200QC variant) for tactical transport.[23] Operated by No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron A Flight.
British Aerospace Hawk Bae hawk t1 xx245 inflight arp.jpg  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft T1
Hawk T1 and T2 are used at RAF Valley for fast-jet training with No 208(R) and No 4(R) squadrons. Additionally, the Red Arrows use the T1 at RAF Scampton. The T1A is used for weapons and tactical training with No 208(R) Squadron at RAF Valley, and by No. 100 Squadron at RAF Leeming for advanced fast-jet weapons systems officer training and operational support flying.
Beechcraft Super King Air Beechcraft b200 superkingair zk453 arp.jpg  United States Trainer aircraft B200
Used as an advanced, multi-engine pilot trainer by No. 45(R) Squadron, which is part of No. 3 Flying Training School based at RAF Cranwell, in Lincolnshire. Contractor owned.
Short Tucano Short tucano t1 zf210 flying arp.jpg  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft T1 82[15] Operated primarily from No. 1 Flying Training School, at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, to provide basic fastjet flying training to RAF and RN student pilots and basic Weapon Systems Officer training. 43 of the airframes are in storage.[15]
Boeing Chinook Chinook hc2 za682 arp.jpg  United States Transport helicopter HC3
HC2/HC2As have been upgraded to HC4 standard.[15] The HC3s have yet to been upgraded to HC5 standard. A further 8 HC6 Chinooks are due to be delivered by December 2015.[24] A total of 60 Chinooks will be in service by early 2017.[25]
Westland Puma Raf puma xw236 arp.jpg  United Kingdom Transport helicopter HC2 24[26] The last of the 24 HC2 helicopter has completed its conversion with the remaining 7 HC1s already having been removed from service in December 2012.[27][28] Two of the HC2s are currently with QinetiQ at Boscombe Down for flight trials of the enhanced variant.[28]
Agusta A109 ZR322 RIAT Bthebest.JPG  Italy Transport helicopter A109E Power Elite 1[29] Used predominantly for VIP transport. Contractor owned. Operated by No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron B Flight.
Bell Griffin Bell 412EP Griffin HAR2, UK - Air Force AN1560195.jpg  Canada Utility helicopter HAR2 4 Used at RAF Akrotiri for search and rescue duties and support of the UN in maintaining the Buffer Zone. Contracted from FB Heliservices.
Westland Sea King Sea King HAR3 XZ585 at RIAT 2010 arp.jpg  United Kingdom Search and rescue helicopter HAR3
21 To be withdrawn in March 2016 following the phased contracting out of search and rescue services to Bristow Helicopters between 2015-17.[30][31]
MQ-9 Reaper Royal Air Force MQ-9 Reaper 1 November 2010.jpg  United States Battlefield surveillance aircraft 10 Predominantly employed as an ISTAR RPAS but is routinely equipped with Hellfire missiles and Paveway II laser-guided bombs, giving it a secondary hunter-killer role. Operated by 39 Sqn & XIII Sqn.[32]

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Grob G115E Tutor Grob Tutor photographed over Lincolnshire. MOD 45142162.jpg  Germany Trainer aircraft T1 119 Used for Elementary Flying Training by the 14 University Air Squadrons and 12 Air Experience Flights in UK. It is also used by the Central Flying School and for elementary Weapons System Officer training at the RAF College Cranwell. Contractor owned.
Grob Vigilant Grob g109b zh268 motorglider arp.jpg  Germany Trainer aircraft T1 65 Used by the Air Cadet Organisation to give basic flying and gliding training to air cadets.
Grob Viking Air Cadet Sailplane - - 221200.jpg  Germany Trainer aircraft TX1 81 Used by the Air Cadet Organisation to give basic flying and gliding training to air cadets.

RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Hawker Hurricane Hawker Hurricane LF363 2a (6116238658).jpg  United Kingdom Fighter aircraft Mk IIc 2
Supermarine Spitfire Spitfire - RIAT 2010 (5005122622).jpg  United Kingdom Fighter aircraft Mk IIa
Mk Vb
Avro Lancaster
Avro Lancaster 02 (5968829500).jpg  United Kingdom Heavy bomber aircraft B.I 1
Douglas Dakota Douglas Dakota C.3, United Kingdom - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) JP7167919.jpg  United States Transport aircraft C.3 1
De Havilland Canada Chipmunk DHC1 Chipmunk T10 WK518 C (9624803936).jpg  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft T.10 2

Fleet Air Arm[edit]

Main article: Fleet Air Arm
Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number[33][34] Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II UK F-35B Lightning II MOD 45157752.jpg  United States Multirole fighter aircraft FGR1 4 To be operated by 809 Naval Air Squadron "The Immortals". First squadron flights from HMS Queen Elizabeth expected during 2018. 48 aircraft initially ordered for carrier operation and will be jointly operated with the RAF.
British Aerospace Hawk Hawk - RNAS Culdrose 2006 (2409940192).jpg  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft T1 17 Used for fast-jet training and target facilities as part of 736 Naval Air Squadron. Has been used for short range reconnaissance.
Beechcraft Avenger Beechcraft b200 superkingair zk453 arp.jpg  United States Trainer aircraft T1 4 Contractor owned and operated by 750 Naval Air Squadron for observer training.
Grob G115E Tutor Grob G 115E EA-3.JPG  Germany Trainer aircraft T1 5 The Grob Tutor is operated by 727 Naval Air Squadron and is used for Air Experience Flights. Contractor owned.
Westland Lynx Royal Navy Lynx 318.jpg  United Kingdom Battlefield helicopter
Naval helicopter (ASW/ASuW)
To be replaced by the Wildcat starting 2015.
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat Wildcat AH1  United Kingdom Battlefield helicopter
Naval helicopter (ASW/ASuW)
The four AH.1 aircraft will be operated by 847 NAS as part of the Commando Helicopter Force.
Orders have been completed for the extra HMA2 helicopters.[37]
EH Industries EH101 Merlin Merlin HM2  United Kingdom Naval helicopter (ASW)
Transport helicopter
Option exists to upgrade remaining eight HM1 to HM2 standard.[38] HC3/HC3A's officially handed over to the Fleet Air Arm.[39] First HC3/HC3A to undergo the marinisation upgrade to HC4/HC4A starting 2017, entire fleet complete by 2022.[40]
Westland Sea King Sea King ASAC7  United Kingdom Transport helicopter
Search & Rescue
All Sea Kings have an out of service date of 31 March 2016.[30] HC4's to be replaced by upgraded Merlin HC4/HC4A's. HU5's to replaced by a PFI with Bristow Helicopters.[31] ASaC7 capability to be replaced by Merlin HM'2 equipped with Crowsnest AEW&C.[41] Seven ASAC7's will remain in service until 2018.[42]
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin II US Navy 111006-N-FI736-003 ailors unload supplies from a Royal Navy AS-3645N Dauphin helicopter on the flight deck of the guided-missile destroyer.jpg  France Transport helicopter 2[43] Used in Flag Officer Sea Training to ferry instructors to vessels with minimal delay during periods of intense training.
Boeing Insitu ScanEagle US Navy 110226-N-RC734-156 A Scan Eagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) makes an arrested recovery on the Skyhook recovery system aboard the amphibio.jpg  United States Surveillance UAV 3[44] Procured as part of a Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) that runs out in 2017,[45] the vehicle is used predominantly on Type 23 frigates and RFA vessels.[46][47]

Royal Navy Historic Flight[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Hawker Sea Hawk HAWKER SEA HAWK FGA.6 WV908.jpg  United Kingdom Fighter bomber aircraft FGA6 1
De Havilland Sea Vixen De Havilland Sea Vixen at Yeovilton 2009  United Kingdom Fighter bomber aircraft D.3 1
Hawker Sea Fury Hawker.sea.fury.folded.arp.jpg  United Kingdom Fighter bomber aircraft FB11 1
Fairey Swordfish Swordfish (7582559196).jpg  United Kingdom Torpedo bomber aircraft Mk.I/II 2
De Havilland Canada Chipmunk Royal Navy Historic Flight Chipmunk (3644122574).jpg  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft T10 1

Army Air Corps[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number[33][34] Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Britten-Norman Islander Islander - RIAT 2008 (2758318418).jpg  United Kingdom Command and control AL1 9[3] Light aircraft used for airborne reconnaissance, command and communications, also has a limited use in transporting personnel. It has a range of 380 nautical miles and can carry two crew and six passengers.[48]
Britten-Norman Defender Britten-Norman Defender AL.2.jpg  United Kingdom Command and control AL2
9[3] Light aircraft used for airborne reconnaissance, command and communications. It has a range of 380 nautical miles and can carry two crew and six passengers. Also has a limited use in transporting personnel.
Westland Apache Apache WAH64D Helicopter MOD 45149194.jpg  United States
 United Kingdom
Attack helicopter AH1 50[49] 16 of the Armys 66 Apache helicopters have been mothballed, leaving 50 in operational service.[49]
Westland Lynx Lynx AH9A  United Kingdom Battlefield helicopter AH7
The AH7 aircraft are due to be replaced in 2015 by 34 Wildcat, the AH9A were upgraded to have the same engine as the Wildcat for increased 'hot and heavy' performance and part commonality.[50]
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AgustaWestland AW-159 Lynx Wildcat AH1 - Chris Lofting.jpg  United Kingdom Battlefield helicopter AH1 21[51] A total of 34 aircraft have been ordered, 4 in the LAH configuration to be operated by the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing. The Wildcat will enter operational service in 2014[37]
Bell 212 Army Air Corps Bell 212 Helicopter from 671 Squadron MOD 45151674.jpg  United States Battlefield helicopter AH1 8 Used in the jungle areas of Belize and Brunei.
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin II ZJ780 (8490634574).jpg  France Special forces 5 The Eurocopter Dauphin is used by No. 658 Squadron AAC in support of the United Kingdom Special Forces attached to the SAS.[52]
Westland Gazelle 4 Regiment Army Air Corp Gazelle Helicopter MOD 45146026.jpg  United Kingdom Reconnaissance helicopter AH1 34[3] The MOD has launched a process to extend the planned Out of Service Date to 31 March 2018.
Thales Watchkeeper WK450 Watchkeeper Remote Piloted Air System MOD 45156635.jpg  United Kingdom Battlefield surveillance aircraft 30 ISTAR UAV.[53] A total of 30 air vehicles and 14 ground systems have already been produced with an additional 24 air vehicles and one ground system to be delivered.[54][55] Operated by 32nd Regiment Royal Artillery.

Defence Helicopter Flying School[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Note
Bell Griffin Bell 412EP Griffin HT1 of the RAF at RIAT 2010 arp.jpg  Canada Training helicopter HT1 11 Contractor owned.
Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel Dhfs eurocopter as.350bb squirrel ht1 arp.jpg  France Training helicopter HT1 34[56] Contractor owned.

Empire Test Pilots' School[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
JAS 39B Gripen Etps jas39b gripen arp.jpg  Sweden Multirole fighter aircraft 1[57] Leased from SAAB Aviation AB.
Avro RJ A2790-UnitedKingdom-RJ100-QQ101-RIAT2013.JPG  United Kingdom Jet airliner RJ70
Beagle Bassett Beagle B-206 Basset CC2, UK - Air Force AN1487137.jpg  United Kingdom Experimental aircraft CC1 1[58] Variable Stability System.
British Aerospace Hawk British Aerospace Hawk T1 ASTRA, UK - Air Force AN1207601.jpg  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft
Experimental aircraft

Advanced Stability Training and Research Aircraft.
Short Tucano  United Kingdom Trainer aircraft T1 2
Agusta A109 ZE416-A109-ETPS-1494.jpg  Italy Military helicopter A109E Power 2[57]
Westland Gazelle Westland SA-341D Gazelle HT3, UK - Air Force AN2151087.jpg  United Kingdom Military helicopter HT2
Westland Lynx  United Kingdom Military helicopter AH7 1[60]

Ministry of Defence[edit]

As well as the military services a number of defence contractors operate military aircraft on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Note
Fixed-wing aircraft
Eurofighter Typhoon ZJ700-Typhoon-007.jpg  United Kingdom Fighter aircraft 2 BAE Systems, Warton for trials and development.
Panavia Tornado  United Kingdom Strike aircraft GR4A
BAE Systems, Warton for trials and development.
Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet Alpha jet zj646 arp.jpg  Germany Trainer aircraft 4 QinetiQ, Boscombe Down.
Gloster Meteor Gloster meteor of martin baker wl419 arp.jpg  United Kingdom Fighter aircraft T.7 (Mod) 2 Martin Baker Aerospace, Chalgrove for ejector seat trials.
Hawker Hunter HawkerHunter-ZZ191-690.jpg  United Kingdom Fighter aircraft F58
Hawker Hunter Aviation, used as airborne targets for naval trails and exercises.
North American Harvard KF183 3 Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB (cn 14A-1884) Royal Air Force. (5693571163) (2).jpg  Canada Trainer aircraft 1 QinetiQ, Boscombe Down for trials and photographic chase aircraft, active in military service since 1944.
Agusta AW109  Italy Military helicopter AW109E 1 QinetiQ Boscombe Down.
Westland Sea King  United Kingdom Military helicopter Mk 4X 1 QinetiQ, Boscombe Down.

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