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This is a list of all aircraft (fixed-wing and rotary-wing) obtained or operated by the Argentine Naval Aviation since its formation. For the current inventory please refer to the main article.

Fixed-wing aircraft[edit]

Design Aircraft Origin Type # In service Notes
Italy Aermacchi MB-326 new
ex FAB
jet trainer 8 (GB)
11 (GC)
GC Xavante built by Embraer
Italy Aermacchi MB-339 new jet trainer 10 1980-1985 Falklands War: Six operating from Port Stanley Airport
United Kingdom Avro 552-A new seaplane 12 1922- 1927 Special seaplane configuration for the Argentine Navy
United States Beechcraft AT-11  ? transport / trainer  ?
United States Beech Queen Air B65-80 light transport 5 One outfitted as surveillance aircraft during the 1975 Operativo Independencia
United States Beech Super King Air 200 light transport
Maritime Patrol
4 refit under Cormoran program
United States Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor new built turboprop trainer 15 1978–present Falklands War: 4
United States Boeing-Stearman Model 75 Kaydet new
ex US
biplane trainer 16 (Model 76D1)
60 (N2S)
late 1940s to early 1960s
including 6 subtype S76D-1 with floats EDO Model 38-3430[1]
United States Consolidated PBY Catalina ex-US Navy flying boat  ? 1946-1970
United States Curtiss JN-4 ex-? piston training 4 1924-1935
United States Curtiss HS2L ex-US Navy? trainer flying boat 8+4 1921-1931
United States Curtiss CT-32 Condor new built transport 3 1937-1949
United States Curtiss F5L ex-US Navy ? patrol/bomber flying boat 8 1921-1935 replaced in 1931 and transferred to trainer duties
United States Curtiss-Wright 16E.3 "Kelito"[2] new built trainer 15 + 13 1935-1957 15 purchased in United States and assembled at BAPI workshops, 13 built under license at BAPI
France Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard new built embarked jet fighter 14 1981–present Falklands War: 5 from Rio Grande
Germany Dornier Wal  ? patrol/bomber flying boat 4 1922-1932
United States Douglas A-4Q Skyhawk ex US Navy embarked jet fighter 16 (+2) 1971-1988 Falklands War: 8 from Rio Grande
United States Douglas C-39/DC2 ex civ Venezuela transport 5 1946-1958
United States Douglas C-47/DC3 transport 13 1949-1979
United States Douglas C-54/DC4 transport 5 1949-1978
Brazil Embraer P-95 Banderulha loan FAB maritime patrol 2 1982 Falklands War replaced P-2 Neptunes
Netherlands Fokker F-28 new transport 3 1979–present Falklands War
Flag of the German Empire.svg Fokker D.VII ex French recoinassance trainer 1 1918-1919
United States Grumman F9F-2 ex US Navy embarked jet fighter 24 1958-1971 4 additional aircraft purchased and used as spares.
4 preserved at museums or as gate guardians in Argentina.[3]
United States Grumman F9F-8T Cougar ex US Navy embarked jet trainer 2 1962-1971 1 preserved at the Argentine Naval Aviation Museum (MUAN) [3]
United States Grumman J2F Duck ex US Navy ?? embarked recoinassance 4 1937-1958 on board Veinticinco de Mayo class cruisers
United States Grumman S-2 Tracker embarked Anti-submarine 7 (S-2A)
6 (S-2E)
3 (S-2G)
1962-1986(S-2A) 1978–present (S-2E/T) 5 converted by IAI to turbo-prop as S-2T
United Kingdom Hawker Siddeley HS-125 VIP 1 1972-1984
United States Lockheed Electra ex civilian transport
Maritime Patrol
Falklands War: transports
United States Lockheed P-2 Neptune ex RAF
US Navy
US Navy
ASW & maritime patrol 8 (P2V-5)
4 (SP-2E)
4 (SP-2H)
1958-1982 Falklands War: 2 SP-2H
United States Lockheed P-3B Orion ex US Navy ASW & maritime patrol 6 1997–present
Italy Macchi C-7  ? fighter flying boat 2 1919-1924
Italy Macchi B-9  ? bomber flying boat 2 1919-1928
United States Martin B-10 WAN new built land-based bomber 13 1937-1949
United States Martin PBM Mariner ex-US Navy flying boat 9 1954-1962
United States North American SNJ-5Cs Texan ex-? land-based and embarked trainer 94 1949-1971 They carried out several  missions  during  the  1955 Revolución Libertadora (2 lost)
On board carrier ARA Independencia since 1959
France Nieuport 12 ex French piston trainer 1 1918
Switzerland Pilatus PC-6/B-H2 utility aircraft 4
France Sud T-28 Fennec ex French piston trainer 65 1966-1979 Last 9 to Uruguayan Navy.
One T-28F preserved at Argentine Naval Aviation Museum[4]
United Kingdom Supermarine Walrus amphibious biplane reconnaissance aircraft 8  ?-1958
France Tellier T-3 new built flying boat 4 1918 Temporarily used by the Argentine navy, they were actually part of a French military mission
United Kingdom Vickers Viking new built flying boat 4 1923-1932
United States Vought O2U Corsair new?? embarked observation  ?
United States Vought F4U Corsair US Navy? embarked piston fighter 26 1956-1966 F4U-5/5N/5NL variants

Rotary-wing aircraft[edit]

Design Aircraft Origin Type # In service Notes
France Alouette III surface fleet helicopter 14 1960-2010 some participated on Falklands War, 1 lost aboard ARA General Belgrano. Last one to be retired on 2010
France Eurocopter Fennec surface fleet helicopter 4 1996–present
United States Bell 47 G-4 1949-1968
United States Sikorsky S-51 1949-?
United States Sikorsky S-55 Antarctic Support helicopter 3 1953-1971
United States Sikorsky S-58 antisubmarine helicopter
Antarctic Support
United States
Sikorsky Sea King antisubmarine helicopter
Antarctic Support
antiship on board ARA Hércules
1972–present 5 S-61D4, 2 AS-61D, 2 AS-61H, 3 UH-3H (plus 3+2 spares), 4 UH-3H (2008)
One S-61D-4 preserved at Argentine Naval Aviation Museum[5]
United Kingdom Sea Lynx Mk.23 new built surface fleet helicopter 2 1978-1985 ordered ten Mk.23/Mk.87 but only two were delivered before the outbreak of the Falklands War, in which it participated.
One written off after accident on board ARA Santísima Trinidad, 3 May 1982.
United States UH-1H ex US Army Argentine Marines - transport helicopter 8 [6] 2000-2008 [7] One destroyed prior delivery. One preserved at naval aviation museum.[8] Five transferred to Argentine Army Aviation in 2010.[9]

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