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List of aircraft of the Malaysian Armed Forces

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This list identifies the military aircraft which are currently being operated or have formerly been operated by the Malaysian Armed Forces.


Aircraft Photo Role Variants Operational Total Notes
Combat Aircraft
Sukhoi Su-30MKM A fighter jet sharpened.jpg Multirole fighter Su-30MKM 18[1] 18 An advanced version of the Sukhoi Su-30 family and highly specialised version for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.[2]
Boeing F/A-18 Hornet Malaysia - Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-18D Hornet edited.png Multirole fighter F/A-18D 8[1] 8 Upgraded in 2011.[3] Operable at night/in all weather.
Mikoyan MiG-29 Malaysia MiG-29 flying.jpg Air superiority fighter MiG-29N
12 Will be retired in 2015. The MRCA replacement program is currently narrowed down to 4 types of aircraft (Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and Saab JAS 39 Gripen). Under the program, the RMAF is looking to equip three squadrons with 36 to 40 new fighter aircraft with a budget of RM6 billion to RM8 billion (US$1.84 billion to US$2.46 billion).[7]
BAE Hawk Malaysia British Aerospace Hawk 200.jpg Light multirole fighter Mk 108
Mk 208
20 All upgraded in 2010 to enhance their capabilities.[8]
Mk 208 planes are single seat light multirole fighters
Mk 108 planes are advanced weapons trainers with combat capabilities[9]
Northrop F-5 Malaysia Northrop F5 Tiger II 2322530.jpg Light attack, Reconnaissance F-5 Tiger II
RF-5E Tigereye
18 Reactivated in 2003 as Tactical Air Reconnaissance Squadron.
Will be retired by end of 2014 and replaced under the MRCA program.[10]
Transport Aircraft/Aerial refueling/Patrol
Airbus A400M A400M-1969.jpg Long Range military transport A400M (4) (4) 4 on order. Will receive first batch in 2015.[11][12]
Lockheed C-130 Hercules Malaysia Lockheed KC-130H Hercules.jpg Military transport, Maritime patrol aircraft, Aerial refuelling C-130H
15 10 C-130H,1 C-130MP and 4 KC-130T. C-130MP is a maritime patrol variant and can be reconfigured into tactical airlift. The 4 KC-130T provide aerial refuelling capabilities for the RMAF. All aircraft are to be upgraded.
CASA CN-235 CN235 - RIAT 2006 (2392704212).jpg Military transport, Maritime patrol aircraft CN-235-220M-VIP
8[1][13] 8 Military transport for army airborne (PAC) and humanitarian uses.
Beechcraft Super King Air Angled shot of Malaysia Air Force's Beechcraft Super King Air MPA.jpg Maritime patrol aircraft B200T 4[4] 4 Equipped with tactical command system, one master search radar and one forward looking infrared system.
Cessna 402 Cessna402C-FFAP02.jpg Military transport 402B 10[4] 10
Boeing Business Jet Royal Malaysian Air Force Boeing 737-700BBJ PER Monty.jpg VIP Transport BBJ1(737-700) 1 1 Used for the Prime Minister and/or Deputy Prime Minister.
Bombardier Global Express RMAF Global Express MRD.jpg VIP Transport BD700 1 1
Dassault Falcon 900 RMAF Falcon 900 MRD.jpg VIP Transport 900B 1 1
Airbus 319 Malaysia - Air Force Airbus A319-115X CJ, 9M-NAA@ZRH,26.01.2008-494ah - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg VIP Transport A319CJ 1 1
Fokker F28 Fellowship RMAF Fokker F28 MRD.jpg VIP Transport F28-1000 1 1
Trainer Aircraft
Aermacchi MB-339 MB-339CD.jpg Lead-in fighter, Light fighter MB-339AM
18 originally 16 in inventory. 6 lost in accident. Were replaced by 8 new MB-339CM.
Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer RMAF PC-7 MRD.jpg Training aircraft PC-7
PC-7 Mk II
MD3-160 Aerotiga RMAF SME MD3-160 MRD.jpg Training aircraft Unknown 20 20
Aérospatiale Alouette III RMAF Sud SE-3160 Alouette III MRD.jpg Training helicopter SA-316B
13 13 Total of 26 received (not including 7× SA-316Bs transferred from Republic of Singapore Air Force in 1978/9), 10 transferred to Malaysian Army Aviation and 20 involved in crash and emergency landing in various incident.
Helicopter and Non Fixed wing Aircraft
Eurocopter EC 725 Caracal2552.jpg Transport helicopter, CSAR Super Cougar / Caracal 12 12
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Nuri helicopter.jpg Transport helicopter, SAR S61A-4 Nuri 17[14] 17[15] Multipurpose transport and utility. Built by Agusta under license. Carries troops, supplies, rations & humanitarian aid. To be upgraded[16] with new engine, gearbox and rotor blade. Some units will possibly be handed to Malaysian Army Aviation[17] Will be armed with 12.7mm HMG[18]

1 lost to crash 22 December 2013.[19] 12 transferred to the Malaysian Army Aviation

Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk ÖBH BlackHawk Zams Boden2st.jpg VIP Transport
Utility helicopter
6[21] 4 S-70A to be transferred to RMAF from the Royal Brunei Air Force.[22] The chopper will be armed with M134D gatling gun.[23]
Agusta A109 RNZAF A109 helicopter at the 2012 Wanaka Airshow.jpg Utility helicopter A109C 1 1
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King CH-124 Sea King.jpg VIP Transport AS-61N1 2 2
CTRM Aludra[24] Reconnaissance
Mk.1 and Mk.2 unknown Malaysian made UAV use as coastal surveillance
ScanEagle ScanEagle UAV catapult launcher 2005-04-16.jpg Reconnaissance
unknown Coastal surveillance
CTRM Eagle ARV APFTEAPA.JPG Reconnaissance
unknown Reconnaissance UAV

Malaysian Army Aviation

See also: Malaysian Army
Aircraft Photo Role Versions Inventory Notes
Agusta A109 Malaysian Army Agusta A-109E LUH Vabre.jpg Multi-purpose helicopter A109LOH[25] 10 Used for observation. A109LOH version armed with 20mm gun and/or rockets for area suppression missions[26] One lost to crash.
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Nuri helicopter.jpg Transport helicopter, SAR S61A-4 Nuri 12[27] 12 transferred from Royal Malaysian Air Force

Royal Malaysian Navy

Aircraft Photo Role Versions Inventory Notes
Westland Lynx
A Royal Malaysian Navy Super Lynx helicopter prepares to land on the flight deck of the littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) in the South China Sea during landing qualifications June 18, 2013, as part 130618-N-PD773-083.jpg
Anti-submarine warfare Super Lynx 300 6 It is equipped with 2 torpedoes or 4 MBDA Sea Skua anti-ship missile and also use as OTHT.
Eurocopter Fennec
Surface surveillance AS 555SN 6 Combat capable

Former aircraft

Photo Aircraft Variant Role Notes
Bell47G.jpg Bell 47 Bell 47G Light observation helicopter
Canadair Tutor Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment.jpg Canadair CL-41 Tutor CL-41G Tebuan Light Strike
CA-27 Sabre.gif CAC Sabre Sabre Mk. 32 Fighter ex-RAAF aircraft delivered 1969 to 1972
RAAF Caribou Vabre.jpg De Havilland DHC-4 Caribou DHC-4A Medium Transport
Argentina Air Force McDonnell Douglas A-4AR Fightinghawk Lofting-2.jpg Douglas A-4 Skyhawk A-4PTM and TA-4PTM Strike United States Navy Surplus. Only 40 out of 80 were delivered.
Hu16-N3HU-071022-13-12.jpg Grumman HU-16 Albatross HU-16B Utility
Brymon HPR-7.jpg Handley Page Dart Herald Transport
ZE395-125-1784.jpg Hawker Siddeley HS125 VIP Transport
Percival Provost NL.jpg Percival Provost T51 Trainer
Scottish Aviation Bulldog, SK 61C.jpg Scottish Aviation Bulldog Trainer
Scottish Aviation Pioneer Light transport
Twin Pioneer Prototype at Farnborough 1954.jpg Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Light transport
Wasp XT420 606.jpg Westland Wasp Anti-submarine helicopter
DH.114 Riley N15FB Fischer edited-2.jpg De Havilland Heron VIP Transport
De Havilland DH-104 Dove 8 D-INKA OTT 2013 05.jpg De Havilland Dove VIP Transport



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