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Iran has several private and public airline companies in operation. The oldest is Iran Air. As of June 2009, Iranian planes fly 45 international flight routes. Most of the fleet of Iranian airlines today consist of old Boeings and used or leased Airbus and Russian manufactured aircraft such as Tupolevs.[1] Sanctions from the United States prevents Iran from purchasing most new western made aircraft to update its rapidly aging fleet. Iran's own poor safety regulations and mismanagement on behalf of the Iran civil aviation authorities has also been a known factor to blame.[2] This has resulted in a series of ongoing disasters and incidents.[3] Because of this, in the last 25 years there have been 17 plane crashes, and 1500 deaths (From 2000 to 2006, 11 Iranian plane crashes claimed about 700 lives).[4][5][6] The fact that Iran's economy has been controlled by the government for so many years is also an issue that has affected the aviation industry.[4] Iran has however initiated manufacturing aircraft on its own such as the IR.AN-140.[7]A number of 108 airliners have been added to the fleet of Iranian passenger planes during the last five years.[8] With a population of 70 million, Iran needs to have 6,300 airplanes while it does not possess more than nine aircraft for every one million individuals.[9] Iran plans to buy 400 passenger planes by 2025.[10] As of 2014, Iranian airliners spend 25% of their earnings on aircraft maintenance on average while the global average is only 6%.[11] Iran plans to liberalize airfare prices by 2015.[12]

Aria Air IX IRX ARIA 1999 Inactive since 2009
Ata Airlines ATA Airlines A320.jpg I3 TBZ ATAAIR 2010
Atrak Air AK ATR ATRAK 2013
Caspian Airlines Caspian Airlines Tu-154M EP-CPO DXB 2007-11-11.png RV CPN CASPIAN 1993
Chabahar Airlines IRU CHABAHAR 2009
Eram Air YE IRY ERAM AIR 2005 Inactive
Fars Air Qeshm Yakovlev Yak-42D, Fars Air Qeshm AN1140417.jpg QFZ FARS AIR Inactive since 2009
Iran Air A300 Iran Air EP-IBT THR May 2010.jpg IR IRA IRANAIR 1938 Flag Carrier
Iran Air Tours MD82 Iran Air Tour UR-CHZ May 2011.jpg B9 IRB AIRTOUR 1973
Iran Aseman Airlines Iran Aseman Airlines Airbus A340-300 Sharifi.jpg EP IRC ASEMAN 1980
Iranian Naft Airlines NV IRG NAFT 1992
Kish Air Kish Air Tupolev Tu-154 Geertsen.jpg Y9 IRK KISHAIR 1989
Mahan Air Mahan Air A310-300 EX-35003 DXB 2009-11-14.png W5 IRM MAHAN AIR 1992 Iran’s second-largest airline, and its largest privately owned airline.[13]
Meraj Airlines A320SYZ.JPG JI MRJ Meraj 2010 Iran's youngest Airline based on the fleet age
Payam Air 2F IRP PAYAMAIR 2008 Express Shipping/Cargo
Qeshm Airlines Qeshm Air Airbus A300 Sharifi.jpg QB IRQ QESHM AIR 1996
Safiran Airlines Safiran Airlines Boeing 737-300 KvW.jpg SFN SAFIRAN 1988
Saha Airlines Saha Air Lines Boeing 747-200 Maiwald.jpg IRZ SAHA 1990 Cargo and Commercial
Sahand Airlines DH IRS SAHAND 2010 Inactive since 2013
Sepahan Airlines SPN SEPAHAN 2010 Inactive since 2014
Taban Air TabanairTupolevTu-154M.jpg HH TBM TABAN AIR 2006
Zagros Airlines ZV IZG ZAGROS

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