List of airports in Belarus

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This is a list of airports in Belarus, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
ÿ Public airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Brest Brest UMBB BQT Brest Airport 52°06′30″N 023°53′53″E / 52.10833°N 23.89806°E / 52.10833; 23.89806 (Brest Airport)
Gomel (Homiel) Homiel UMGG GME Gomel Airport 52°31′37″N 031°01′00″E / 52.52694°N 31.01667°E / 52.52694; 31.01667 (Gomel Airport)
Hrodna (Grodno) Hrodna UMMG GNA Hrodna Airport 53°36′07″N 024°03′13″E / 53.60194°N 24.05361°E / 53.60194; 24.05361 (Hrodna Airport)
Minsk Minsk UMMM MHP Minsk-1 Airport 53°51′52″N 027°32′22″E / 53.86444°N 27.53944°E / 53.86444; 27.53944 (Minsk-1 Airport)
Minsk Minsk UMMS MSQ Minsk National Airport (Minsk-2) 53°52′56″N 028°01′50″E / 53.88222°N 28.03056°E / 53.88222; 28.03056 (Minsk National Airport (Minsk-2))
Mogilev (Mahilyow) Mahilyow UMOO MVQ Mogilev Airport 53°57′17″N 030°05′42″E / 53.95472°N 30.09500°E / 53.95472; 30.09500 (Mogilev Airport)
Polotsk (Polatsk) Vitsebsk Polotsk Airport 55°24′42″N 028°44′54″E / 55.41167°N 28.74833°E / 55.41167; 28.74833 (Polotsk Airport)
Vitebsk Vitsebsk UMII VTB Vitebsk Vostochny Airport 55°07′35″N 030°20′58″E / 55.12639°N 30.34944°E / 55.12639; 30.34944 (Vitebsk Vostochny Airport)
ÿ Military airports ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ
Gomel (Homiel) Homiel Pribytki Air Base 52°18′18″N 031°9′48″E / 52.30500°N 31.16333°E / 52.30500; 31.16333 (Pribytki Air Base)
Luninets Brest Luninets Air Base 52°16′30″N 026°46′30″E / 52.27500°N 26.77500°E / 52.27500; 26.77500 (Luninets Air Base)
Orsha Vitsebsk Balbasovo Air Base 54°26′24″N 030°17′48″E / 54.44000°N 30.29667°E / 54.44000; 30.29667 (Balbasovo Air Base)
Pastavy (Postavy) Vitsebsk Postavy Air Base 55°07′00″N 026°45′42″E / 55.11667°N 26.76167°E / 55.11667; 26.76167 (Postavy Air Base)
Polotsk (Polatsk) Vitsebsk Borovitsy Air Base 55°36′30″N 028°40′42″E / 55.60833°N 28.67833°E / 55.60833; 28.67833 (Borovitsy Air Base)
Vitebsk Vitsebsk Vitebsk Air Base 55°15′18″N 030°14′48″E / 55.25500°N 30.24667°E / 55.25500; 30.24667 (Vitebsk Air Base)

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