List of airports in Canada (A–B)

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This is an alphabetical list of terrestrial airports, water aerodromes and heliports in Canada. They are listed in the format:

Airports that are part of the National Airports System are emphasized.

Due to the size of the list it has been broken down into:


Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Community and province  
Abbotsford International Airport CYXX YXX Abbotsford, British Columbia
Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) CAB5 Abbotsford, British Columbia
Abbotsford (Teck) Heliport CTK8 Abbotsford, British Columbia
Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain) Heliport CSM7 Abbotsford, British Columbia
Aguanish Water Aerodrome CTQ3 Aguanish, Quebec
Airdrie Airport (Calgary/Airdrie Airport) CEF4 Airdrie, Alberta
Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport CPE2 Ajax, Ontario
Aklavik/Freddie Carmichael Airport CYKD LAK Aklavik, Northwest Territories
Aklavik Water Aerodrome CER6 Aklavik, Northwest Territories
Akulivik Airport CYKO AKV Akulivik, Quebec
Aldergrove (Hicks) Heliport CHK2 Aldergrove, British Columbia
Alert Airport CYLT YLT Alert, Nunavut
Alert Bay Airport CYAL YAL Alert Bay, British Columbia
Alert Bay Water Aerodrome CBC3 Alert Bay, British Columbia
Alexandria Aerodrome CNS4 Alexandria, Ontario
Alhambra/Ahlstrom Aerodrome CAM4 Alhambra, Alberta
Algoma Mills Water Aerodrome CPN6 Algoma Mills, Ontario
Alice Arm/Silver City Water Aerodrome CAC3 Alice Arm, British Columbia
Alida/Cowan Farm Private Aerodrome CCF7 Alida, Saskatchewan
Alliford Bay Water Aerodrome CBE7 Alliford Bay, British Columbia
Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport CPZ2 Alliston, Ontario
Alliston Airport CNY4 Alliston, Ontario
Alliston Heliport CPJ2 Alliston, Ontario
Alma (Rivière La Grande Décharge) Water Aerodrome CGD2 Alma, Quebec
Alma Airport CYTF YTF Alma, Quebec
Almaguin Highlands Air Park CPE6 South River/Sundridge, Ontario
Almonte (General Hospital) Heliport CAL5 Almonte, Ontario
Altona Municipal Airport CLJ6 Altona, Manitoba
Amherst Heliport CCB3 Amherst, Nova Scotia
Amos (Lac Figuery) Water Aerodrome CSC6 Amos, Quebec
Amos/Magny Airport CYEY YEY Amos, Quebec
Anahim Lake Airport CAJ4 YAA Anahim Lake, British Columbia
Angling Lake/Wapekeka Airport CKB6 YAX Wapekeka, Ontario
Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport CDY5 Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Anzac (Long Lake) Heliport CNZ2 Athabasca oil sands, Alberta
Apple River Airport CCA7 Apple River, Nova Scotia
Arborfield Airport CJM6 Arborfield, Saskatchewan
Arborg Airport CJU6 Arborg, Manitoba
Arcola Airport CJA7 Arcola, Saskatchewan
Arctic Bay Airport CJX7 YAB Arctic Bay, Nunavut
Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport CDT3 Arichat, Nova Scotia
Armstrong Airport CYYW YYW Armstrong, Ontario
Armstrong Heliport CPE9 Armstrong, Ontario
Armstrong Water Aerodrome CJF6 Armstrong, Ontario
Arnprior Water Aerodrome CNB5 Arnprior, Ontario
Arnprior/South Renfrew Municipal Airport (Arnprior Airport) CNP3 Arnprior, Ontario
Arnstein Airport CNR9 Port Loring, Ontario
Arthur (Arthur South) Aerodrome CAR5 Arthur, Ontario
Arthur (Metz Field) Aerodrome CMZ2 Arthur, Ontario
Arthur (Peskett Field) Aerodrome CPK9 Arthur, Ontario
Arthur (Walter's Field) Aerodrome CPC3 Arthur, Ontario
Arviat Airport CYEK YEK Arviat, Nunavut
Arviat Water Aerodrome CRV8 Arviat, Nunavut
Ashern Airport CJE7 Ashern, Manitoba
Assiniboia Airport CJN4 Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
Athabasca Airport CYWM Athabasca, Alberta
Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport CKF3 Atikokan, Ontario
Atikokan Municipal Airport CYIB YIB Atikokan, Ontario
Atikokan Water Aerodrome CJH6 Atikokan, Ontario
Atlin Airport CYSQ Atlin, British Columbia
Atlin Water Aerodrome CAD6 Atlin, British Columbia
Attawapiskat Airport CYAT YAT Attawapiskat, Ontario
Atwood/Coghlin Airport CAT1 Atwood, Ontario
Aupaluk Airport CYLA YPJ Aupaluk, Quebec
Avey Field State Airport (Avey Field State/Laurier Airport) 69S Laurier, Washington, Christina Lake, British Columbia[1]
Axe Lake Aerodrome CAX2 Axe Lake, Saskatchewan
Ayr/Sargeant Private Airfield CAY5 Ayr, Ontario


Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Community and province  
Baddeck (Crown Jewel) Airport CDW2 Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Bagotville Airport (CFB Bagotville) CYBG YBG Bagotville, Quebec
Baie-Comeau (Manic 1) Airport CSL9 Baie-Comeau, Quebec
Baie-Comeau Airport CYBC YBC Baie-Comeau, Quebec
Baie-Comeau Water Aerodrome CSD6 Baie-Comeau, Quebec
Baie-Comeau/Héli-Manicouagan Heliport CSN9 Baie-Comeau, Quebec
Baie-Saint-Paul Heliport CTD4 Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec
Baker Lake Airport CYBK YBK Baker Lake, Nunavut
Baker Lake Water Aerodrome CJK6 Baker Lake, Nunavut
Bala/Gibson Lake Water Aerodrome CGL3 Bala, Ontario
Bala/Muskoka Float Flying Club Water Aerodrome CBA6 Bala, Ontario
Baldwin Airport CPB9 Baldwin, York Regional Municipality, Ontario
Baldwin West Aerodrome CBW8 Baldwin, York Regional Municipality, Ontario
Bamfield Water Aerodrome CAE9 Bamfield, British Columbia
Bancroft (North Hastings District Hospital) Heliport CPB7 Bancroft, Ontario
Bancroft Airport CNW3 Bancroft, Ontario
Banff (Park Compound) Heliport CBP2 Banff, Alberta
Banff Airport CYBA Banff, Alberta
Banff Mineral Springs (Hospital) Heliport CBM7 Banff, Alberta
Bar River Airport CPF2 Bar River, Ontario
Bar River Water Aerodrome CNE5 Bar River, Ontario
Barkerville Airport CAS3 Barkerville, British Columbia
Barrage Gouin Water Aerodrome CTP3 Barrage Gouin Lodge, Quebec
Barrhead (Healthcare Centre) Heliport CHC3 Barrhead, Alberta
Barrhead Airport CEP3 Barrhead, Alberta
Barrie (Royal Victoria Hospital) Heliport CRV2 Barrie, Ontario
Barrie-Orillia (Lake Simcoe Regional) Airport CYLS Barrie, Ontario
Barry's Bay (St. Francis Memorial Hospital) Heliport CPV6 Barry's Bay, Ontario
Barry's Bay/Madawaska Valley Airpark (Madawaska Valley Airpark) CNZ4 Barry's Bay, Ontario
Bashaw Airport CFK2 Bashaw, Alberta
Bassano (Health Centre) Heliport CBL4 Bassano, Alberta
Bassano Airport CEN2 Bassano, Alberta
Bathurst Airport CZBF ZBF Bathurst, New Brunswick
Bawlf (Blackwells) Airport CFR2 Bawlf, Alberta
Beamsville/Panterra Heliport CBE3 Beamsville, Ontario
Beardmore (Health Centre) Heliport CPY3 Beardmore, Ontario
Bearskin Lake Airport CNE3 XBE Bearskin Lake, Ontario
Beauval Airport CJK3 Beauval, Saskatchewan
Beausejour/AV-Ranch Airpark CAV6 Beausejour, Manitoba
Beaver Creek Airport CYXQ YXQ Beaver Creek, Yukon
Beaverley Airport CBA8 Beaverley, British Columbia
Beaverlodge Airport CEU2 Beaverlodge, Alberta
Beaverlodge/Clanachan Aerodrome CLN4 Beaverlodge, Alberta
Beaverton Aerodrome CBV2 Beaverton, Ontario
Beaverton North Aerodrome CBN7 Beaverton, Ontario
Bécancour Heliport CSV3 Bécancour, Quebec
Bedwell Harbour Water Aerodrome CAB3 Bedwell Harbour, British Columbia
Beiseker Airport CFV2 Beiseker, Alberta
Bell Island Airport CCV4 Bell Island, Newfoundland and Labrador
Bella Bella (Campbell Island) Airport CBBC Bella Bella, British Columbia
Bella Bella/Shearwater Water Aerodrome CAW8 YSX Shearwater, British Columbia
Bella Bella/Waglisla Water Aerodrome CAR9 Waglisla, British Columbia
Bella Coola Airport CYBD YBD Bella Coola, British Columbia
Belleville Aerodrome CNU4 Belleville, Ontario
Belleville (QHC) Heliport CBV5 Belleville, Ontario
Belwood (Baird Field) Aerodrome CBF2 Belwood, Ontario
Belwood (Ellen Field) Aerodrome CEF2 Belwood, Ontario
Belwood (Heurisko Pond) Water Aerodrome CHP2 Belwood, Ontario
Belwood (Wright Field) Aerodrome CBW6 Belwood, Ontario
Benalto/Hillman's Farm Aerodrome CBH7 Benalto, Alberta
Berens River Airport CYBV YBV Berens River, Manitoba
Big Bay Water Aerodrome CAF6 Big Bay, British Columbia
Big Bend Airport (Innisfail Aerodrome) CEM4 Innisfail, Alberta
Big Hook Wilderness Camp Water Aerodrome CJS6 Opasquia Provincial Park, Ontario
Big River Airport CKX8 Big River, Saskatchewan
Big Sand Lake Airport CJQ9 Big Sand Lake, Manitoba
Big Trout Lake Airport CYTL YTL Big Trout Lake, Ontario
Biggar Airport CJF8 Biggar, Saskatchewan
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto Island Airport) CYTZ YTZ Toronto, Ontario
Billy Bishop Toronto City Water Aerodrome (Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Water Aerodrome) CPZ9 Toronto, Ontario
Billy Bishop Regional Airport (Owen Sound/Billy Bishop Regional Airport) CYOS YOS Owen Sound, Ontario
Birch Hills Airport CJD3 Birch Hills, Saskatchewan
Birch Mountain Airport CFM2 Birch Mountain, Alberta
Bird River (Lac Du Bonnet) Airport CJP7 Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba
Bird River Water Aerodrome CJX6 Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba
Bistcho Airport CPB8 Bistcho, Alberta
Bissett Water Aerodrome CJY6 Bissett, Manitoba
Black Diamond (Oilfields General Hospital) Heliport CFL3 Black Diamond, Alberta
Black Diamond/Cu Nim Airport CEH2 Black Diamond, Alberta
Black Diamond/Flying R Ranch Aerodrome CBD8 Black Diamond, Alberta
Black Lake Water Aerodrome CJZ6 Camp Grayling, Saskatchewan
Black Tickle Airport CCE4 YBI Black Tickle, Newfoundland and Labrador
Blackie/Wilderman Farm Airport CFT2 Blackie, Alberta
Blairmore (Crowsnest Pass Hospital) Heliport CBS9 Blairmore, Alberta
Blairmore (Forestry) Heliport CEK4 Blairmore, Alberta
Blind Channel Water Aerodrome CAG6 Blind Channel, British Columbia
Bloodvein River Airport CZTA YDV Bloodvein First Nation, Manitoba
Blue River Airport CYCP YCP Blue River, British Columbia
Bob Quinn Lake Airport CBW4 YBO Bob Quinn Lake, British Columbia
Bolton Heliport CNB2 Bolton, Ontario
Bonaventure Airport CYVB YVB Bonaventure, Quebec
Bonnyville Airport CYBF Bonnyville, Alberta
Borden Heliport CYBN YBN CFB Borden, Ontario
Boston Brook Airport CCJ3 Boston Brook, New Brunswick
Boundary Bay Airport CZBB YDT Delta, British Columbia
Bow Island Airport CEF3 Bow Island, Alberta
Bowmanville (Memorial Hospital) Heliport CPL7 Bowmanville, Ontario
Boyle (Healthcare Centre) Heliport CHJ4 Boyle, Alberta
Boyle Airport CFM7 Boyle, Alberta
Bracebridge (South Muskoka Memorial Hospital) Heliport CPL2 Bracebridge, Ontario
Bradford Aerodrome (Brantford Municipal Airport) CPM7 Bradford, Ontario
Braeburn Airport (Cinnamon Bun Airstrip) CEK2 Braeburn Lodge, Yukon
Brampton (National "D") Heliport CPC4 Brampton, Ontario
Brampton Airport CNC3 Brampton, Ontario
Brandon Municipal Airport (McGill Field) CYBR YBR Brandon, Manitoba
Brant (Dixon Farm) Airport CEX9 Brant, Alberta
Brantford Airport CYFD YFD Brantford, Ontario
Bridgewater (South Shore Regional Hospital) Heliport CDT6 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Bridgewater/Dayspring Airpark CDY6 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Briercrest South Airport CBS7 Briercrest, Saskatchewan
Bristol Aerodrome CDA6 Bristol, New Brunswick
Brochet Airport CYBT YBT Brochet, Manitoba
Brockville (Medical) Heliport CPH8 Brockville, Ontario
Brockville Regional Tackaberry Airport (Brockville Municipal Airport) CNL3 XBR Brockville, Ontario
Brockway Airport CCX3 Brockway, New Brunswick
Bromont (Roland Désourdy) Airport CZBM ZBM Bromont, Quebec
Brooks (Community Health Centre) Heliport CFV8 Brooks, Alberta
Brooks Regional Aerodrome CYBP Brooks, Alberta
Brussels (Armstrong Field) Airport CPD4 Brussels, Ontario
Buctouche Airport CDT5 Buctouche, New Brunswick
Buffalo (Jaques Farms) Aerodrome CJF4 Buffalo, Alberta
Buffalo Narrows Airport CYVT YVT Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
Buffalo Narrows Water Aerodrome CJB7 Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
Burditt Lake Water Aerodrome CJC7 Burditt Lake, Ontario
Burgeo (Calder Health Care Corp) Heliport CBC9 Burgeo, Newfoundland and Labrador
Burlington Executive Aerodrome CZBA Burlington, Ontario
Burns Lake Airport CYPZ YPZ Burns Lake, British Columbia
Burns Lake (LD Air) Water Aerodrome CLD3 Burns Lake, British Columbia
Burwash Airport CYDB YDB Burwash Landing, Yukon
Buttonville Municipal Airport (Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport) CYKZ YKZ Buttonville, Ontario


  1. ^ Runway crosses the United States/Canada border