List of airports in the Edmonton Capital Region

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The following active airports serve the Edmonton Capital Region in Alberta, Canada:

Communities in parentheses () indicates the airport is not in a community.

Airport name ICAO/TC LID (IATA) Location Coordinates
Edmonton International Airport CYEG (YEG) Nisku, Leduc County 53°18′35″N 113°34′47″W / 53.30972°N 113.57972°W / 53.30972; -113.57972 (Edmonton International Airport)
Edmonton/Calmar (Maplelane Farm) Aerodrome CMF2 Maplelane farm, (Calmar,) Leduc County 53°11′04″N 113°44′22″W / 53.18444°N 113.73944°W / 53.18444; -113.73944 (Edmonton/Calmar (Maplelane Farm) Aerodrome)
Edmonton/Cooking Lake Airport CEZ3 South Cooking Lake, Strathcona County 53°25′39″N 113°06′57″W / 53.42750°N 113.11583°W / 53.42750; -113.11583 (Edmonton/Cooking Lake Airport)
Edmonton/Gartner Airport CFQ7 Gartner farm, (Rolly View,) Leduc County 53°16′51″N 113°27′21″W / 53.28083°N 113.45583°W / 53.28083; -113.45583 (Edmonton/Gartner Airport)
Edmonton/Josephburg Aerodrome CFB6 (Josephburg,) Strathcona County 53°43′41″N 113°05′14″W / 53.72806°N 113.08722°W / 53.72806; -113.08722 (Edmonton/Josephburg Aerodrome)
Edmonton/Lechelt Field Aerodrome CGF2 Lechelt farm, (Ardrossan,) Strathcona County 53°34′35″N 112°58′51″W / 53.57639°N 112.98083°W / 53.57639; -112.98083 (Edmonton/Lechelt Field Aerodrome)
Edmonton/Morinville (Currie Field) Aerodrome CCF6 Currie farm, (Morinville,) Sturgeon County 53°49′11″N 113°45′39″W / 53.81972°N 113.76083°W / 53.81972; -113.76083 (Edmonton/Morinville (Currie Field) Aerodrome)
Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field) Aerodrome CMN6 Poworoznik farm, (Morinville,) Sturgeon County 53°50′13″N 113°33′48″W / 53.83694°N 113.56333°W / 53.83694; -113.56333 (Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field) Aerodrome)
Edmonton/Twin Island Airpark CEE6 Twin Island Air Park, Strathcona County 53°28′16″N 113°09′16″W / 53.47111°N 113.15444°W / 53.47111; -113.15444 (Edmonton/Twin Island Airpark)
Edmonton/Villeneuve Airport CZVL (Villeneuve,) Sturgeon County 53°40′3″N 113°51′16″W / 53.66750°N 113.85444°W / 53.66750; -113.85444 (Edmonton/Villeneuve Airport)
Edmonton/Villeneuve (Rose Field) Aerodrome CRF3 Rose farm, (Villeneuve,) Sturgeon County 53°38′44″N 113°48′10″W / 53.64556°N 113.80278°W / 53.64556; -113.80278 (Edmonton/Villeneuve (Rose Field) Aerodrome)
Parkland Airport CPL6 (Stony Plain Indian Reserve No. 135,) Parkland County 53°28′28″N 113°49′46″W / 53.47444°N 113.82944°W / 53.47444; -113.82944 (Parkland Airport)
Stony Plain (Lichtner Farms) Airport CSP3 Lichtner farm, (Stony Plain,) Parkland County 53°32′15″N 114°04′06″W / 53.53750°N 114.06833°W / 53.53750; -114.06833 (Stony Plain (Lichtner Farms) Airport)
Warburg/Zajes Airport CFH8 Zajes farm, (Warburg,) Leduc County 53°13′04″N 114°20′12″W / 53.21778°N 114.33667°W / 53.21778; -114.33667 (Warburg/Zajes Airport)

Water aerodromes[edit]

Airport name TC LID Location Coordinates
Edmonton/Cooking Lake Water Aerodrome CEE7 Cooking Lake, (South Cooking Lake,) Strathcona County 53°25′21″N 113°06′16″W / 53.42250°N 113.10444°W / 53.42250; -113.10444 (Edmonton/Cooking Lake Water Aerodrome)


Airport name ICAO/TC LID (IATA) Location
(by municipality)
Edmonton/Bailey CBY2 Bailey's Subdivision, (Sherwood Park,) Strathcona County 53°30′28″N 113°14′11″W / 53.50778°N 113.23639°W / 53.50778; -113.23639 (Edmonton/Bailey Heliport)
Edmonton/Eastport Heliport CEP8 Harris estate, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County 53°30′30″N 113°20′00″W / 53.50833°N 113.33333°W / 53.50833; -113.33333 (Edmonton/Eastport Heliport)
Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport CES8 Grey Nuns Community Hospital, Edmonton 53°27′44″N 113°25′40″W / 53.46222°N 113.42778°W / 53.46222; -113.42778 (Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport)
Edmonton/Kelsonae Heliport CSG6 Sunwapta Helicopters, (Devon,) Parkland County 53°21′58″N 113°50′16″W / 53.36611°N 113.83778°W / 53.36611; -113.83778 (Edmonton/Kelsonae Heliport)
Edmonton/Leduc Heliport CLD2 Leduc Community Hospital, Leduc 53°15′11″N 113°32′34″W / 53.25306°N 113.54278°W / 53.25306; -113.54278 (Edmonton/Leduc Heliport)
Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport CMC2 Misericordia Community Hospital, Edmonton 53°31′13″N 113°36′39″W / 53.52028°N 113.61083°W / 53.52028; -113.61083 (Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton/Namao Heliport CYED (YED) CFB Edmonton, Sturgeon County 53°40′05″N 113°28′19″W / 53.66806°N 113.47194°W / 53.66806; -113.47194 (Edmonton/Namao Heliport)
Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport CFH7 Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton 53°33′29″N 113°29′46″W / 53.55806°N 113.49611°W / 53.55806; -113.49611 (Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport)
Edmonton/St. Albert Heliport CES3 Delta Helicopters, (St. Albert,) Sturgeon County 53°41′15″N 113°41′14″W / 53.68750°N 113.68722°W / 53.68750; -113.68722 (Edmonton/St. Albert Heliport)
Edmonton/Sturgeon Community Hospital CSA3 Sturgeon Community Hospital, St. Albert 53°39′16″N 113°37′38″W / 53.65444°N 113.62722°W / 53.65444; -113.62722 (Edmonton/Sturgeon Community Hospital Heliport)
Edmonton/University of Alberta (Stollery Children's Hospital) Heliport CEW7 University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton 53°31′13″N 113°31′19″W / 53.52028°N 113.52194°W / 53.52028; -113.52194 (Edmonton/University of Alberta (Stollery Children's Hospital) Heliport)
Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital) Heliport CSV4 Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital, Fort Saskatchewan 53°41′35″N 113°12′37″W / 53.69306°N 113.21028°W / 53.69306; -113.21028 (Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital) Heliport)
Redwater (Health Centre) Heliport CRW8 Redwater Health Centre, Redwater 53°56′59″N 113°07′37″W / 53.94972°N 113.12694°W / 53.94972; -113.12694 (Redwater (Health Centre) Heliport)
Redwater (Heliworks) Heliport CRW2 Heliworks Aviation, (Redwater,) Sturgeon County 53°55′09″N 113°06′15″W / 53.91917°N 113.10417°W / 53.91917; -113.10417 (Redwater (Heliworks) Heliport)
Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport CSP2 Westview Health Centre, Stony Plain 53°32′14″N 113°58′42″W / 53.53722°N 113.97833°W / 53.53722; -113.97833 (Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport)

Former airports[edit]

The following airports once served the Edmonton Capital Region, but have since been closed:

Airport name ICAO/TC LID (IATA) Location Coordinates Subsequent use
CFB Edmonton CYED (YED) CFB Edmonton, Sturgeon County 53°40′28″N 113°27′41″W / 53.67444°N 113.46139°W / 53.67444; -113.46139 (CFB Edmonton) Airport was closed in 1994, but continued operation as Edmonton/Namao Heliport
Edmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport CYXD (YXD) Edmonton 53°34′23″N 113°31′1″W / 53.57306°N 113.51694°W / 53.57306; -113.51694 (Edmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport) Airport closed November 30, 2013. Land to be redeveloped.
Edmonton/St. Albert Airport CES3 Snowbird Aviation, (St. Albert,) Sturgeon County 53°41′25″N 113°41′37″W / 53.69028°N 113.69361°W / 53.69028; -113.69361 (Edmonton/St. Albert Airport) Airport was closed in January 2009, but continued operation as Edmonton/St. Albert Heliport
St. Francis Airport CFE6 Byrne farm, (St. Francis,) Leduc County 53°16′32″N 114°26′59″W / 53.27556°N 114.44972°W / 53.27556; -114.44972 (St. Francis Airport) Abandoned in 2010

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