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This list contains the names of albums that contain a hidden track and also information on how to find them. Not all printings of an album contain the same track arrangements, so some copies of a particular album may not have the hidden track(s) listed below. Some of these tracks may be hidden in the pregap, and some hidden simply as a track following the listed tracks. The list is ordered by artist name using the surname where appropriate.

  • Galactic:
    • Crazyhorse Mongoose: Untitled track hidden after a period of silence on the last track, "Quiet Please."
    • Late for the Future: Untitled instrumental hidden after a period of silence on the last track, "Two Clowns."
  • Gallows:
    • Orchestra of Wolves: A cover of the song "Staring at the Rude Bois," originally by The Ruts, can be heard after a period of silence on the final track, "Nervous Breakdown," a cover song originally by Black Flag, on the NA release and the bonus disc of the re-issued album in the UK.
  • Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Shady Grove. The album contains a hidden track at the end. It is a version of the blues classic "Hesitation Blues."
  • Gas, Gas 0095: "Timestretch" is a 4:30 long track shrunk to a 1 second hidden track, which in theory you can stretch back again to recover the full track. Also, unlisted tracks "Pink" and "Doom" at the end of the album.
  • The Gathering:
  • Marvin Gaye, The Master: 1961/1984: Untitled track at the end of Disc 3
  • Gear Daddies, Can't Have Nothin' Nice: A hidden track occurs during the last track, titled "African Killer Bees (reprise)." The song begins at the 6:42 mark.
  • Per Gessle, The World According to Gessle: At the end of the "Lay Down Your Arms" track, there is another version of "Kix" (Cha-cha-cha version), sung like Elvis Presley.
  • The Ghost Inside, Returners: The final track "Truth and Temper" is 8:50 long, with the actual song lasting until 4:23, followed by silence until 5:31, where an untitled instrumental plays until the end.
  • Ghostwriters: Second Skin: "Come clean" as unlisted track number 99; tracks 13 to 98 are untitled, each consisting merely of four seconds of silence
  • Girlyman, Joyful Sign: After the last listed song ("Right Here") finishes, a final 45-second track plays that features background singing and talking from the earlier track during the recording of "Through to Sunrise" without the accompanying music.
  • Glassjaw, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence: "Losten" at the end of the album
  • Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple: "Crazy" at 33 BPM at the end of the album
  • Godflesh, Hymns: Untitled track follows a minute of silence after the final listed track, "Jesu."
  • Godsmack, Godsmack: Untitled track beginning at 6:39 into the final track, "Voodoo."
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor, F?A?8: "J.L.H. Outro" begins 24:54 into the final track, "Providence."
  • Gojira: The Way of All Flesh 2008 at 12:33 on the song "The Way of All Flesh" the untitled instrumental track plays, after 5:42 of silence, until the end of the album In The Forest 2001 at 5:30 on the song "In The Forest" untitled instrumental track plays until about 10 seconds from the end of the album, played in live under the name Terra Incognita.
  • Good Charlotte:
  • Matthew Good, White Light Rock & Roll Review: "Hopeless" after a minute of silence at the end of "Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra"
  • Matthew Good Band, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts: "Omissions of the Omen" after a period of silence at the end of "The War Is Over"
  • Gorillaz:
    • Gorillaz: The Ed Case remix of "Clint Eastwood" comes after the last song on the album ("M1A1" or "Left Hand Suzuki Method," depending on what region the album was purchased from)
    • Demon Days: "Bill Murray," only on copies from Japan
    • Laika Come Home: There is track 12, "M1 A1," and it gets followed by hidden tracks, varieing from where it is bought. On the vinyl and limited edition CD versions: "Strictly Rubbadub (Version)" and "A Fistful Of Peanuts (Version)." Standard US CD contains "Strictly Rubbadub (Version)" as a hidden track.
  • Goldie, Saturnzreturn: "The Dream Within" begins six minutes and sixteen seconds into the song "Truth," after several moments of silence.
  • Goldie Lookin Chain, Safe as Fuck: "Bedsit" is located 4:09 before the first track.
  • Goldfinger: On the album Hang-Ups, the song "Chris Cayton" has 2 hidden tracks, in between great periods of silence.
  • Delta Goodrem, Mistaken Identity: "Nobody Listened" at the end of the Australian version of the album
  • David Gray, White Ladder: "Through to Myself" when "Please Forgive Me" is rewound to negative time.
  • Grand Buffet, Cigarette Beach: There is short untitled track, which begins after several minutes of silence from "Thus Ends the Beach"
  • Grandaddy, Just Like the Fambly Cat: Immediately following the last track "This is How it Always Starts," there is an unacknowledged cover of ELO's "Shangri-La."
  • Grateful Dead, Dick's Picks Volume 13: Disc 2; last track is Saint of Circumstance, then after a long silence, the hidden Scarlet>Fire begins
  • Great Big Sea, Play: An untitled track at the end of the album, often referred to as "Little Beggarman" or "Rigadoon"
  • Greazy Meal: Visualize World Greaze: A cover of "Funkytown" precedes the opening track.
  • Green Day, Dookie: "All By Myself" appears after final track "F.O.D.." The song is performed by drummer Tre Cool, who sings and plays acoustic guitar,[1] and was recorded at a party.
  • Green Lizard: Identity: "Why bother" follows the last track "No One Knew" after 8.30 minutes.
  • Green Velvet: Green Velvet: The track "Help Me" occurs in the middle of track 12.
  • Grey Daze:
    • Wake Me: After the final track, an a cappella version of "Morei Sky" starts after 2 minutes of silence.
    • ...No Sun Today: The unlisted track is an acoustic version of "The Down Syndrome" on track 13. Even though the hidden track is 5:23 long, the song actually starts at the 1:24 mark.
  • Grey Eye Glances:
    • Painted Pictures: "Close of the Day" at the end of the album
    • Songs of Leaving: "Your Move" following on from final track
  • The Grid, Evolver: A telephone answering message at the end of the album
  • Guns N' Roses, "The Spaghetti Incident?": "Look at Your Game, Girl," originally performed by Charles Manson, at the end of the album.
  • Gus Gus, Polydistortion: "Polybackwards"
  • Guster, Keep It Together: "Two at a Time" after a 30-second silent track at the end of the album
  • A Guy Called Gerald, Black Secret Technology (1995): Untitled track 14 with vocalist David Simpson after the end of the final track "Life Unfolds His Mystery."
  • GWAR: Carnival of Chaos (1997): "Drop Drawers": an incredibly short version of the 8 Minute long epic found on their incredibly rare 'Rare Trax' album.
  • Gym Class Heroes, The Papercut Chronicles: A computer generated voice talks at the end of "Band AIDS."

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