List of animals in Galápagos Islands

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Galapagos Animals






  • Beetles -- Coleoptera: Some 200 beetle species are found in the Galápagos, including:
  • Ants, Bees and Wasps -- Hymenoptera: There are about twenty native ant species, a few wasps and only one bee in the Galápagos, including:
    • Carpenter ant (Camponotus sp.)
    • The introduced Little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata))
    • Carpenter bee (Xylocopa darwini)
  • Butterflies and Moths -- Lepidoptera: Eight species of butterfly and many species of moth are known from the Galápagos.
    • Galápagos sulphur butterfly; Phoebis sennae marcellina
    • Galápagos silver fritillary (Agraulis vanillae galapagensis)
    • Painted ladies (Two species, V.carye and V. virginensis)
    • Monarch butterfly
    • Queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus
    • Galápagos blue butterfly (Leptodes parrhasioides)
    • Large-tailed skipper (Urbanus dorantes)
    • Green hawkmoth (Eumorpha labruscae)
    • Hawkmoth (Hyles lineata florilega)
    • Hawkmoth (Manduca rustica calapagensis)
    • Footmen moths (Utethesia spp)
    • Noctuid moth (Ascalapha odorata)
    • Atteva sp.
  • Grass Insects
    • Praying Mantis (Galapagia solitaria)
    • Grasshoppers, Locusts, Katydids and Crickets -- Orthoptera


  • Galápagos scorpion, Centruroides exsul
  • Common yellow scorpion, Hadruroides lunatus
  • Several species of centipedes, including Scolopendra galapagensis
  • Over fifty species of spiders, including the giant crab spider (Heteropoda venatoria), the smaller Selenops, and the endemic Lathrodectes apicalis



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