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This is a list of assassinated American politicians. Individuals listed were either elected or appointed to office, or were candidates for elected office.


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Politician Portrait Party Year assassinated Office held when assassinated Site of assassination Method of assassination Name of assassin Ref
Bent, CharlesCharles Bent CharlesBent-cropped.jpg 1847 Governor of New Mexico Territory Taos, New Mexico Arrows and scalping Pueblo Indians and New Mexican rebels, Tomás Romero, Pablo Montoya [1]
Brown, DerwinDerwin Brown 2000 Sheriff-elect of DeKalb County, Georgia Dekalb County, Georgia gunshots Patrick Cuffy, on orders by Sidney Dorsey, the incumbent sheriff of DeKalb County [2]
Burks, TommyTommy Burks Democratic 1998 Tennessee State Senator Cumberland County, Tennessee gunshot to face Looper, Byron [3]
Cermak, AntonAnton Cermak Anton Cermak cph.3b27410.jpg Democratic 1933 Mayor of Chicago Miami, Florida gunshot to lung Zangara, Giuseppe [4]
Chaves, José FranciscoJosé Francisco Chaves JosFChaves.jpg Republican 1904 Delegate (former) to the United States House of Representatives from New Mexico Territory Pinoswells, New Mexico gunshots through window Unknown assailant [citation needed]
Clayton, John M.John M. Clayton JMClayton-Arkansas.jpg Republican 1889 Congressman-elect from Arkansas Plumerville, Arkansas (at a boardinghouse) gunshots through window Unknown assailant [5]
Daronco, Richard J.Richard J. Daronco 1988 Judge, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York Pelham, New York (at his home) gunshot Koster, Charles L. [citation needed]
Davis, James E.James E. Davis Democratic 2003 New York City Councilman New York City, New York City Hall gunshots to chest Askew, Othniel [citation needed]
Garfield, James A.James A. Garfield James Abram Garfield, photo portrait seated.jpg Republican 1881 President of the United States Washington, D.C. (at railway station) gunshot to spine (death took three months) Guiteau, Charles J. [citation needed]
Goebel, WilliamWilliam Goebel William Goebel circa 1889.jpg Democratic 1900 Governor of Kentucky Frankfort, Kentucky (outside the Old State Capitol) gunshot to the chest Uncertain; political opponents [citation needed]
Gwatney, BillBill Gwatney Gwatney.jpg Democratic 2008 Chairman of Arkansas Democratic Party Democratic Party Headquarters, Little Rock gunshots Johnson, Tim [citation needed]
Hamilton, Cornelius S.Cornelius S. Hamilton Cornelius S. Hamilton ( Republican 1867 Congressman from Ohio Marysville, Ohio Beaten to death Thomas Hamilton (his son) [6]
Harrison, Sr., CarterCarter Harrison, Sr. Carter Harrison, Sr. - Brady-Handy.jpg Democratic 1893 Mayor of Chicago Chicago, Illinois (in his home) gunshot Prendergast, Patrick Eugene [citation needed]
Hasse, MarkMark Hasse 2013 Assistant District Attorney for Kaufman County, Texas Kaufman, Texas (outside the courthouse) gunshot Williams, Kim (charged, awaiting trial) [7]
Hindman, Thomas C.Thomas C. Hindman Hindman, Thomas Carmichael, 1828-1868-full.jpg Democratic 1868 Congressman (former) from Arkansas Helena, Arkansas (at his home) gunshots, hit in jaw and throat by shots through a window Unknown assailants [citation needed]
Hinds, James M.James M. Hinds Republican 1868 Congressman from Arkansas - Gunshot Ku Klux Klan member George A. Clark [citation needed]
Holbrook, Edward DexterEdward Dexter Holbrook Democratic 1870 Delegate (former) to the United States House of Representatives from Idaho Territory Idaho City, Idaho gunshot Douglas, Charles H. [citation needed]
Kennedy, John F.John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait.jpg Democratic 1963 President of the United States Dallas, Texas (while motorcading) gunshots to the neck/throat and head Oswald, Lee Harvey (Charged but not Convicted) (murdered while awaiting trial) [citation needed]
Kennedy, Robert F.Robert F. Kennedy Robert F. Kennedy 1964.jpeg Democratic 1968 United States Senator and leading presidential candidate from New York Los Angeles, California (in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel) gunshot to head Sirhan Sirhan [citation needed]
King, EdEd King 1986 Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa Mount Pleasant, Iowa at a city council meeting gunshot Davis, Ralph [8]
Lincoln, AbrahamAbraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait.jpg Republican 1865 President of the United States Washington, DC. (Ford's Theatre) gunshot, pistol shot to the back of the skull Booth, John Wilkes, a famous actor at the time of the assassination [citation needed]
Lloyd, Sr., Russell G.Russell G. Lloyd, Sr. Republican 1980 Mayor (former) of Evansville, Indiana Kitchen of home in Evansville, Indiana gunshot van Orden, Julia [9]
Long, HueyHuey Long HueyPLongGesture.jpg Democratic 1935 United States Senator and presidential candidate from Louisiana Baton Rouge, Louisiana (inside the State Capitol) gunshots Carl Weiss [citation needed]
Lowenstein, Allard K.Allard K. Lowenstein AllardLowenstein.jpg Democratic 1980 Congressman (former) from New York New York City, New York (in his Manhattan office) gunshots Sweeney, Dennis [citation needed]
McCook, Edwin StantonEdwin Stanton McCook Edwin Stanton McCook photograph.JPG Republican 1873 Governor of Dakota Territory Yankton, Dakota Territory (at a Saloon which was being used for a public meeting) gunshot Peter P. Wintermute [citation needed]
McKinley, WilliamWilliam McKinley William McKinley by Courtney Art Studio, 1896.jpg Republican 1901 President of the United States Buffalo, New York (at Pan-American Exposition) gunshot to the abdomen Czolgosz, Leon [citation needed]
McLelland, MikeMike McLelland 2013 District Attorney for Kaufman County, Texas Forney, Texas (in his home) gunshot wounds Williams, Kim (charged, awaiting trial) [10]
Milk, HarveyHarvey Milk Harvey Milk in 1978 at Mayor Moscone's Desk crop.jpg Democratic 1978 San Francisco City Supervisor San Francisco, California (in his City Hall office) gunshots to chest and head White, Dan [citation needed]
Moscone, GeorgeGeorge Moscone George Moscone.jpg Democratic 1978 Mayor of San Francisco San Francisco, California (in his City Hall office) gunshots to abdomen and head [citation needed]
Patterson, AlbertAlbert Patterson Democratic 1954 Alabama Attorney General-elect Phenix City, Alabama (outside his office) gunshots [citation needed]
Pinckney, John M.John M. Pinckney John M. Pinckney.jpg Democratic 1905 Congressman from Texas Hempstead, Texas gunshots Unknown (riot started by J. N. Brown) [11]
Ramsay, DavidDavid Ramsay David Ramsay (1749-1815).jpg 1815 South Carolina State Senator and former Continental Congressman Charleston, South Carolina "Horseman's" Pistol, gunshots to back and hip/groin William Linnen, whom Dr. Ramsay had reported to be insane in a criminal court inquiry [12]
Rockwell, George LincolnGeorge Lincoln Rockwell RockwellUSNRFOIANPRC.jpg American Nazi 1967 Fringe candidate for Governor of Virginia and founder of the American Nazi Party Arlington, Virginia (outside a laundromat) gunshot to aorta Patler, John [citation needed]
Roll, JohnJohn Roll Chief Judge John Roll.jpg 2011 Judge, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona Tucson, Arizona gunshots to back Loughner, Jared Lee [citation needed]
Romero, TomásTomás Romero 1848 Alcalde of Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico handgun John Fitzgerald [1]
Ryan, LeoLeo Ryan Leo Ryan.jpg Democratic 1978 Congressman from California Port Kaituma, Guyana (on airport tarmac) gunshots to body and face Members of the People's Temple from Jonestown. [citation needed]
Slough, John P.John P. Slough John potts slough.jpg Democratic 1867 Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court Santa Fe, New Mexico gunshot Rynerson, William D. [13]
Sharp, Solomon P.Solomon P. Sharp Solomon P Sharp.jpg Democratic-Republican 1825 Kentucky Attorney General, Kentucky State Senator-elect Home in Frankfort, Kentucky Stabbed in front of his home Beauchamp, Jereboam O. [citation needed]
Smith, JosephJoseph Smith Joseph Smith, Jr. portrait owned by Joseph Smith III.jpg 1844 Mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois, Presidential candidate Carthage, Illinois Shot The Carthage Greys [14]
Steunenberg, FrankFrank Steunenberg Franksteunenberg.jpg Democratic 1905 Governor (former) of Idaho Caldwell, Idaho (outside his home) Bomb, set at front gate of his home Orchard, Harry, possibly others [citation needed]
Strang, JamesJames Strang James Strang daguerreotype (1856).jpg Democratic 1856 Michigan State Representative Beaver Island, Michigan gunshot Bedford, Thomas [citation needed]
Swoboda, MikeMike Swoboda 2008 Mayor of Kirkwood, Missouri Kirkwood, Missouri (killed along with 5 other victims in the Kirkwood City Council shooting) 2 gunshots to head, died several months later from related complications.


Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton (shot and killed by police at the scene) [16]
Thornton, JohnJohn Thornton 2010 Mayor of Washington Park, IL Washington Park, Illinois (in his car) gunshot to the chest Jackson, Aaron (alleged, awaiting trial) [17]


Vance, Robert SmithRobert Smith Vance 1989 Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Mountain Brook, Alabama (in his home) mail bomb Moody, Walter Leroy, Jr. [citation needed]
Wood, Samuel NewittSamuel Newitt Wood Samuel Newitt Wood.jpg 1891 Kansas Territorial Legislator, Kansas State Senator Hugoton, Kansas gunshots to back and head Brennan, James [19]
Wood, Jr., John H.John H. Wood, Jr. 1979 Judge, U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas San Antonio, Texas (outside his home) gunshot Harrelson, Charles (hired by Jamiel Chagra) [citation needed]

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