List of attractions in Quincy, Illinois

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Registered Historic Places[edit]

Other Locations[edit]

  • Gardner Museum of Architecture & Design, Located at the heart of Downtown at Washington Park, the GMOA&D offers a breathtaking view of historic architecture from Quincy's historic past and beautiful stained glass architecture from all over the world.
  • Quincy Museum, Explore through one of Quincy's most beautiful mansions which once made the cover of National Geographic as one of ten most architecturally significant corners in the United States. There you can explore Quincy's past as well as have some fun with the Dinosaur and Space exhibits.
  • Quincy Art Center
  • Jesus Tree, an old tree located in Calvary Cemetery that has the image of Jesus holding a lamb embedded in its bark.
  • Illinois Veterans Home & All Wars Museum, the oldest and largest of the Illinois Veterans Home, has had its home in Quincy since the Civil War. Some features here include a small zoo/park, space rocket at the back gates, and the amount of military equipment on display throughout the facility.
  • Mississippi Valley Auto Museum, On the shores of Quincy Bay rests the Mississippi Valley Auto Museum, which features cars from the start, such as the Model A and more...
  • Quinsippi Isle, Located right in the middle of the mighty Mississippi is the isle of Quinsippi. Here explore old an historic village with log cabins, much like that of the 19th century. Hike or bike across the island through many of the island hiking trails.
  • Clatt Adams Park, Clatt Adams Park rests in-between both the Quincy Memorial Bridge and the Quincy Bayview Bridge, and offers a breathtaking view of the Mississippi, especially at sunset.
  • Stone Arch Bridge (South Park), South Park is located on the south side of Quincy. The park is bordered on the north by R.J Peters Road, east by 12th Street, west by 8th street, and south by Curtis Creek. The park features a baseball diamond, playground, many hiking trails, ponds, and in the winter is a popular spot for sledding and snowboarding due to its vast rolling hills.
  • Historic Maine Street, From 14th Street to 30th Street along Maine Street lies some of the nation's most beautiful examples of German architecture. Also, the street is home to some of Quincy's historic buildings such as the Quincy Museum, Junior High, and Madison School.
  • World Aero Space Museum, 5 miles east of Quincy at the regional airport is the World Aero Space Museum, which houses some of America's top fighter planes from the Cold War era.
  • Quincy National Cemetery, Located on Maine & 36th Streets, the Quincy National Cemetery serves as the final resting place of the nation's fallen heroes from the region.
  • Oakley-Lindsay Center, Just a half mile from Quincy's downtown and 3 blocks from the Mississippi, The Oakley-Lindsay Center is the area's convention complex ready for anything reserved. The Quincy Community Theater also resides in this building with many performances that almost match those of Broadway.
  • Muddy River Opera Company, Founded in 1989, the Muddy River Opera Company is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to presenting professional operatic performances and educational opportunities for the tri-state area.
  • First Maid Rite, Quincy is the home of the very first Maid-Rite restaurant in the franchise. It is located on North 12th Street, near the entrance to Blessing Hospital.

Regional Events[edit]

Past events[edit]

Quincy is a former home of the World Freefall Convention. The convention ("boogie") was the skydiving world's most heavily attended event. Quincy set the world record with 5,732 skydivers from 55 countries in August, 2000. The event is now held annually in Rantoul, Illinois. The convention was not invited to return to Quincy as a result of numerous brushes with local law enforcement by attendees, including petty theft, vandalism, and rampant drug use.