List of avant-garde films of the 1960s: 1960–1964

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A list of avant-garde and experimental films released between 1960 and 1964. Unless where noted, all films had sound and were in black and white.

Title Director Cast Country Subgenre/Notes
Actua-Tilt Jean Herman (Jean Vautrin) Monique Le Porrier, Claude-Jean Phillipe France [1]
The Flower Thief Ron Rice Taylor Mead United States [2]
The Autumn Feast Piero Heliczer, Jeff Keen Piero Heliczer, Kate Heliczer United Kingdom Black & white/color, sound on tape [3]
Night Tide Curtis Harrington Dennis Hopper, Margaret Cameron United States [4]
La Jetée Chris Marker Hélène Chatelain, Davos Hanich France [5]
Towers, Open Fire Antony Balch William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin United Kingdom Black & white/color. First shown in 1966; written by Burroughs.[6]
William Buys a Parrot Antony Balch William S. Burroughs United Kingdom Color.[7]
Blonde Cobra Ken Jacobs, Bob Fleischner Jack Smith, Jerry Sims United States Filmed in 1959-60; completed by Jacobs in 1963.[8]
Flaming Creatures Jack Smith Jack Smith, Mario Montez, Judith Malina United States Color.[9]
Little Stabs at Happiness Ken Jacobs Jack Smith, Jerry Sims United States Color. Partly filmed in 1959-60 and often dated to 1960, but film states 1963.[10][11]
Scorpio Rising Kenneth Anger Bruce Byron United States Color.
Christmas on Earth Barbara Rubin Gerard Malanga United States Black & white.
Dog Star Man Stan Brakhage United States Begun in 1961. Color, silent.[12]


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