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This is a list of notable bands and artists from Merseyside, North West England. For at least fifty years, the area has had a thriving pop and rock music scene, particularly since The Beatles popularised Merseybeat.



  • APAtT (a.P.A.t.T.): 2000s progressive pop/experimental rock band
  • A Flock of Seagulls: 1980s new wave/synthpop band
  • Alexis Blue: 2000s indie pop group
  • Alternative Radio
  • Alterkicks: 2000s indie rock band led by singer/songwriter Martin Stilwell
  • Against The Tide: Metalcore band formed in 2014
  • Amsterdam: Led by singer/songwriter Ian Prowse
  • Anathema: Formerly a death/doom metal band and currently alternative rock
  • Apollo 440: 1990s dance act which had hits with "Ain't Talkin 'bout Dub" and "Stop the Rock"
  • Astronaut: 1990s alternative band
  • Atomic Kitten: Girl group formed in 1997 by OMD's Andy McCluskey
  • Ian Astbury is an English rock musician and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist for the rock band The Cult.
  • Jacqui Abbott was the female lead singer with the band The Beautiful South after 1994, following the departure of Briana Corrigan. The band were arguably more successful with Abbott on board, releasing several Top 10 singles. Amongst their most successful hits during her stint were: "Rotterdam", "Perfect 10", "Don't Marry Her" and "Dream a Little Dream of Me"


  • The Bandits: 2000s blues rock band
  • BB Mak: 1998–2003 pop/rock band, biggest hit "Back Here" was No. 1 on the US Billboard AC chart for 7 weeks; sold 3 million albums worldwide
  • The Bassheads originally came to prominence in 1991 with the release of "Is There Anybody Out There?" Old Skool Dance Band.
  • The Beatles: 1960s rock band
  • Benny Profane: 1985–1990 indie pop band
  • Big in Japan: 1970s punk band that launched the careers of Budgie, Ian Broudie, Bill Drummond, David Balfe, Jayne Casey and Holly Johnson
  • The Big Three: Mersybeat band managed by Brian Epstein
  • Cilla Black: 1960s singer discovered by Brian Epstein, later to become a successful television presenter
  • Black: 1980s singer-songwriter best known for the hit "Wonderful Life"
  • The Boo Radleys: 1980s/90s Britpop/indie rock band, biggest hit "Wake Up Boo!"
  • Bongo Red. Eugene 'Redman' Lange, Blues harps, Bongos, Congas, Latin vocals, mostly in Spanish, some Cuban, New York Latin fusion, and Puerto Rican covers, plus original stuff, Tony Morgan, Bass, Henna al Rashid, percussion, also percussion samples.
  • Bop Cat. Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Redman Lange - Vocals, Beatnik Jazz-Rap, Comedy, with percussion, & digital sampler. CD "The Beat Years".
  • Black & Blue[disambiguation needed]. Levi Tafari - Dub poetry; Jennifer John - vocals & keyboards; Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Lange - Jazz poetry & percussion.
  • Peter Beckett is an English musician and songwriter who has written songs for many prominent recording artists, his own bands and solo work, and for several films. He is likely best known as the lead singer and guitarist for 1970s soft rock group Player, which scored a U.S. #1 hit in 1977 with "Baby Come Back".
  • The Builders formerly [Building 44] became the Builders in 1984 just before embarking on a national tour with China Crisis rehearsing for 1 week at Amazon studios,Kirkby with a hastily assembled line up by vocalist Pete Reynolds [who died in 2013] Joey Fearon [drums], Alan Cunningham [guitar/ebo], Chris Wilson [bass] and Tony Gallagher [keyboards].Tony aged 16 had to get a letter from his headmaster to 'perform pop concerts to excuse him from exams. Bassplayer Anthony Donovan and guitarist Keith Pritchard joined in 1986, replacing Wilson and Cunningham. Sometime before that, drummer Ste Duffy replaced Fearon. Several well-received demos were recorded, with Donovan, and to some extent Pritchard, sharing songwriting duties with Reynolds on new material, penning such songs as 'We Can Be Kings', '(Are We) Dreaming?', 'Gulliver', 'Fixerman' and 'Island'. Donovan left the band in mid-1987, followed a few months later by Pritchard.
  • [BOOM=Band Of Old Men]: formed 2013 by Chris Wilson ex Builders,State of a Nation,Toffee Hammers and Peroxide


  • Carol Decker lead singer with T'Pau
  • Carcass: 1990s death metal band and forebears of melodic death metal
  • Cast: 1990s Britpop group
  • China Crisis: 1980s new wave band
  • Christopher Starkey and The Sweats: Founders of Terrible Odour Music (record label). Signed bands such as Stink Floyd and top female solo artist St!nk
  • The Circulation: (group) starring Ken Rogers, Alan Simon, John Tetlow, Ian Moncrief-Scott, John Carney and later Les "Fillis" Mason (ex Connoisseurs) - a 60s group with a Brick in the Wall at the Cavern.
  • The Christians: 1980s/90s soul-influenced sophisti-pop band
  • Clinic: 2000s acid punk band
  • COLOUR: Electronic Art Rock band formed in Liverpool.
  • The Coral: 2000s indie group inspired by old-fashioned country, 1960s-style psychedelia and folk
  • Peter Edward Clarke (born 21 August 1957, in St Helens, Merseyside), better known as Budgie, is an English drummer. His first recording was with The Slits in 1979. He then became the drummer of the influential band Siouxsie and the Banshees (1979–1996) and its side-project The Creatures (1981–2004).
  • Elvis Costello: 1970s post-punk/new wave singer/songwriter/composer, has since successfully transitioned into other genres
  • The Crescent: 2000s indie band influenced by the La's
  • Crucial Three: 1980s "supergroup in reverse" which launched the careers of Ian McCulloch, Julian Cope and Pete Wylie
  • The Cryin' Shames: 1960s pop group
  • Chain of Command: Early 1980s electronic trio, briefly known as Discipline[1]
  • Cross Section[disambiguation needed]: Liverpool's first Reggae band, 1979–1985. Graham Amir singer song writer. 'Cross Section' LP out on Probe Records. Vocals and Graham Amir; rhythm guitar, Malcolm Fielding aka 'Milky';lead guitar, Lloyd Masset and also Leeroy Naffa; bass, Eugene Lange aka Ras Judah Tafari; drums and toasting, Junior Spencer; drums and percussion, Steve Wellesby; Percussion, Neil Innes; congas, Jay Xavier backing vocals and percussion.


  • Dalek I Love You: 1970s synthpop precursor to Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark & Big in Japan
  • Dead or Alive: 1980s synth/dance-pop band
  • The Dead 60s: Current punk/ska/reggae band
  • Deaf School are an English art rock/new wave band, formed in Liverpool in 1973. Between 1976 and 1978 they recorded three albums for the Warner Brothers label, in an art rock style that had its roots in cabaret, moving towards a harder punk rock sound. The band split in 1978 but have since been recognized as an important influence on many British musicians.
  • The Dennisons: 1960s Merseybeat outfit. Had two singles in the UK Singles Chart in 1963 and 1964[2]
  • Dirty Blue Hook: Mid to late 1990s heavy metal band from Maghull, Merseyside
  • Delado. Liverpool's first Ghanaan Drum and Dance Ensemble. also a vehicle for Levi Tafari's Dub Poetry on occasion. At big ensemble at times up to 40 members, which was constantly changing, so the main core of the band varied over a period of 7 years. Artistic Directors: Eugene 'Redman' Lange aka Ras Judah Tafari, aka Muhammad Khalil, Kif Isachaar Cole, aka Kif Stress, & Kif Higgins, Toni Morgan, Clifford Higgins, Lenny Kelly aka Levi Tafari, Ebony, Daniel Laryeah, Yoa. Directors and Management: Dave Gurn, Dave Elwand, Mike Story, John Kai Cole, Pat Manning, Pat Tolen, Shirley Jones, Dot 'Rabia' Thomas. Started in Flo Lange's back garden, and based in the Rialto Community Centre on Upper Parliament Street from 1981 to 1988.
  • Dominic Dunn: 2010 - present day.
  • Dog Flambé : 90s punk band
  • The Doo Doo Chasers

Latin Jazz-Funk Combo. Eugene Lange - vocals, and congas; Ian Templeton on drums; guitar and percussion; Wes Wilkie, flute, Giles Agis soprano sax; Jonathon Raisin - bass, Kevin Liddey - lead guitar; Edwin Dove - alto sax; Paul Gillespey - keyboards; Ben Jakes -bass trombone.


  • Echo & the Bunnymen: 1980s post-punk band, one of the most successful and long-lived of the era
  • Ellery Bop: 1980s indie band
  • Electrafixion: Echo & the Bunnymen side-project
  • Electronica: 1980s synthpop electro revival
  • Engine: 1979–1997 boogie-rock trio
  • The Escorts: 1962–1967 band whose members later joined The Swinging Blue Jeans and The Hollies
  • Evoss: Aalternative rock band
  • Eugene Redman Lange. The Mighty Wah! Liverpool's first Rap Artist/Jazz Poet. Appeared on the 'Word to the Wise' LP, and on a 12 inch disco mix limited edition, that came with the original album.
  • Esmedune. A Latin-Jazz-Funk combo. Eugene Lange vocals, words, and congas. Ian Templeton on drums. Francisco Carrasco, guitar and percussion, Wes Wilkie, flute, Giles Agis soprano sax, Jonathon Raisin, bass, Kevin Liddey lead guitar, Ronnie Williams, tenor sax, Paul Gillespey keyboards, Ben Jakes, bass trombone. On some gigs Elaine Harris backing vocals.



  • Gerry & the Pacemakers: 1960s beat group, most notable for their version of "You'll Never Walk Alone", which became an anthem for Liverpool F.C.
  • Gnarl: ferocious five-piece band mixing New Wave and Prog, formed in St. Helens, in 1989, by bassplayer Anthony Donovan, with drummer David Cunliffe and guitarist Rob Gillon, a little later recruiting keyboard-player Jack Derbyshire and vocalist Jason Glover. Recording appearances on the compilations 'Piranhas in the Canal' (audio tape) and 'I.D.E.A.' (vinyl), as well as the infamous and now incredibly rare self-published 'This' (audio tape). Gillon was replaced in 1990 by a second bassplayer, Sean Reynard. The band's last gig was as support to Dr. Phibes and the House of Wax Equations, July 1991.
  • Gomez: Indie rock band active since the late 1990s, Mercury Prize winners
  • Griot Workshop. Afro-Jazz-Reggae combo. Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Redman Lange - Vocals and percussion; Levi Tafari - Dub poetry and percussion; Brenda Kenny - backing vocals; Jennifer John - keybpards & backing vocals, Tony Pearse - trumpet; Paul Thomas - alto sax; Lloyd Masset - bass; Karl John - congas.


  • Half Man Half Biscuit: 1980s post-punk surrealist pop band from Tranmere, Birkenhead
  • The Hexmen: Liverpool four piece post-punk, old school R&B band active since the 1980s, played with an aggressive indie edge. Founder is George Hexmen[4]
  • The Hideaways: 1960s Merseybeat band in which Ozzie Yue began his career.
  • The Hillsiders: Due to their great popularity, the Hillsiders were invited on to the Grand Ole Opry in 1967, when it was held at the Ryman Auditorium. The Hillsiders are the first and maybe the only British band to be invited to play on the stage of the Ryman, where Hank Williams had stood before. The Hillsiders have recorded fifteen albums over the course of their career and have won numerous major country music awards
  • Paul Heaton is an English singer-songwriter. He was a member of The Housemartins, who disbanded in 1988, and a member of The Beautiful South, who disbanded in 2007. He is currently pursuing a solo career.
  • Hot Club de Paris: 2000s indie rock band
  • The Hop Art Project. Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Lange - words, and Jazz vocals; Paul Clarkeson - digital visuals; Nadia Drew - piano & vocals; Martin Smith - trumpet; Francisco Carrasco - congas; Simon James - tenor sax; Phil Hughes - soprano sax.
  • Howlin' Voodoo. A rootsy rockabilly blues band from Bootle & Kirkby. Colin Hutch - Guitar Vox; Josh Laffo - Lead Guitars; Dominic Williams - Bass guitar; Paul Rooney - Cajon; John Prosser - Piano/organ.


  • Icicle Works: 1980s power pop/new wave stalwarts, led by Ian McNabb. Reformed in 2006 for a 25th anniversary tour
  • It's Immaterial
  • The Imaginary Selves. Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Lange - Rap, poetry, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, & Soul, vocals and tenor sax; Dinesh Ali Raja - Jazz poet; Levi Tafari - DubPoet; Francisco Carrasco-poetry, congas, and acoustic guitar; Wes Wilkie - flute; Phil Hughes - soprano sax.


  • Jim McCarty: best known as the drummer for The Yardbirds and Renaissance.
  • Holly Johnson: Former lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, had solo hits in the late 1980s
  • Joker: Late 1970s band featuring Ozzie Yue on guitar
  • Simon Jones is an English bass player. He played bass and provided occasional backing vocals for the English band The Verve.


  • Kling Klang: Experimental rock band using lots of monophonic synthesizers, drums and guitars
  • Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas: Performed as 'Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas' and billed as a Merseybeat band when under Brian Epstein's management in the 1960s
  • Kapowera. Afro-Latin-Reggae fusion dance band. Eugene Lange aka Muhammad Khalil, vocals, words, and congas. Ian Templeton on drums. Francisco Carrasco, guitar, backing vocals, and percussion, Oscar Carrasco, guitar, backing vocals, and percussion, Wes Wilkie, flute, Giles Agis soprano sax, Jonathon Raisin, bass, Kevin Liddey lead guitar, Ronnie Williams, tenor sax, Paul Gillespey keyboards, Ben Jakes, bass trombone. On some gigs Elaine Harris backing vocals. Late 1980s to mid 1990s.
  • Keh Tuh. Mark Davis Markham - vocals; Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Lange - drums, vocals; John Kai Cole - bass; Pat Manning - congas & vocals; Dave Robinson - guitar, Tony Baily - Dub Poetry; Shy Mike backing vocals & guitar. 1979 1982.



  • Marseille: 1970s heavy metal band from Liverpool, featuring television celebrity Neil Buchanan
  • Marsha Ambrosius: Singer-songwriter, former member of the soul/R&B duo Floetry, she released her first solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings in 2011. Her debut album topped the Billboard's R&B chart. Has been nominated for Grammy Awards
  • The Maybes?: Band active since 2001
  • George Melly: Jazz musician, writer and expert on surrealist art.
  • The Merseybeats
  • Miles Kane: Musician originally from the Wirral, best known as the co-frontman of The Last Shadow Puppets and former frontman of The Rascals. Formerly the vocalist and lead guitarist for The Rascals, but announced the band's break-up in August 2009. Currently pursuing a solo career, and continues to be part of his side-project, The Last Shadow Puppets. His debut solo album, Colour of the Trap, was released in May 2011
  • Ministry of Love: Early to mid 1980s band. Recorded a 4 track EP with Moonlight Records called Burning and Looting. John Mcglone Rhythm guitar lead vocals, Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Redman Lange, Vocals, occasionally drums on the odd track when Mark played guitar, and congas, Levi Tafari, Dub poetry and percussion, Hilary Sunnyside, Vocal, Tony Pearse, trumpet, Paul Thomas, alto sax, Merlin Shepard, tenor & soprano sax, Jay Caldwell Bass, Mark Parry drums,& lead guitar on some tunes, Philly Fowler rhythm guitar.
  • Modern Eon: Post-punk band active 1978–1981
  • Mojo Pin: Band active since 2010
  • The Mojos
  • Nick McCabe is an English musician best known as the lead guitarist of The Verve.


  • Nutz: 1970s heavy rock band who released four albums and supported Black Sabbath and Budgie on tour.[5]
  • Naffi Locksman. Gerry Kenny - bass, keys, percussion, Dub; Brenda Kenny - vocals, percussion, glockenspiel; Kif Stress - percussion backing vocals; Karl John - congas; Muhammad Khalil, aka Ras judah Tafari, aka Eugene Lange - vari-vocals.


  • Ooberman: Indie pop band (late 1990s–2007)
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: (aka OMD) Globally successful new wave/electronic band from Wirral
  • The Open: 5-piece indie band (2003–2006)
  • Our Kid: 1970s boy band whose hit "You Just Might See Me Cry" went Top 5 in the UK chart
  • Oduduwa. Pan African Ensemble. Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Redman Lange - Vocals and percussion; Levi Tafari - Dub poetry and percussion; Jennifer backing vocals, Tony Pearse - trumpet; Paul Thomas - alto sax; Lloyd Masset - bass; Karl John - congas.
  • Orders from Above. Mark Davies Markham, vocals. danny Callahan, bass, dave Ribisnson, guitar, Eugene Lange, drums.


  • The Pale Fountains: Bacharach and Love-influenced early 1980s pop group, led by Mick Head. Later metamorphosed into Shack
  • Pele: 1990s Celtic pop outfit led by Ian Prowse. Released 3 albums on Polydor/M&G and had a number 1 hit, "Megalomania" in South Africa. Prowse now leads Amsterdam
  • Philadelphia Express: Soul band of the mid-1970s. Appeared on New Faces
  • Henry Priestman: Songwriter for The Christians and member of Yachts and It's Immaterial. Now has a solo career
  • Poisoned Electrick Head is an English psychedelic indie rock/punk band formed in 1986 in St Helens.
  • Psycamesh: Post modern industrialist rock band
  • Pathfinders. Mersey rock group, (1960 to 1966) 'morphed' into Motown style. Two records released. Disbanded 1966.Billy May, (Lead guitar/vocal), had a successful solo career as 'Billy May' up to 2012.
  • Trio of Pilgrims. Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene 'Redman' Lange on Jazz vocals and darabukka, Kevin Liddey on contra bass, Wes Wilkie on flute.
  • Peroxide: Kirkby teen punk trio formed in 1978 Mick Fazackerley on vocals, Chris Smith on guitar,Chris Wilson on bass and Steven Jones on drums


  • The Rascals: 2000s band from Hoylake (The Wirral)
  • The Real People: Proto-Britpop band from the early 1990s
  • The Real Thing: Soul band who sang the 1970s classic "You To Me Are Everything"
  • Red Flag: Liverpool-born and US-raised synthpop duo
  • Red Watts: Liverpool based four piece rock band
  • The Reynolds Girls: 1980s vocal duo signed to PWL
  • The Rigg: 1960s Liverpool band [1]
  • The Room: Critically acclaimed (by John Peel and others) band from Liverpool, signed to Virgin 10, released three albums and several singles, one produced by Tom Verlaine, between 1980 and 1985
  • River City People: a folk rock quartet formed in Liverpool in 1986 by vocalist Siobhan Maher, guitarist Tim Speed, his drummer brother Paul Speed and bassist Dave Snell
  • Rooney: Released three albums from 1998 to 2000 and recorded a Radio 1 John Peel session in 1999
  • Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Runaways: UK band of the mid-1960s, better known as Bill Kenwright and the Runaways
  • Rockinghorse:1970's band who supporter Rod Stewart on part of his 1976 tour.
  • Sir Simon Rattle OM CBE is an English conductor. He rose to international prominence during the 1980s and 1990s as conductor of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and since 2002 has been principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic (BPO).


  • The Scaffold: 1960s group featuring Mike McGear, Roger McGough and John Gorman. Had a number 1 with "Lily the Pink", and other hits with "Thank You Very Much", "Do You Remember?" and "Gin Gan Goolie" in the 1960s and "Liverpool Lou" in the 1970s
  • The Seal Cub Clubbing Club: Current post-punk band often compared to the likes of The Fall and Radiohead
  • The Searchers: 1960s Merseybeat group. No. 1 hits include "Sweets For My Sweet", "Needles and Pins" and "Don't Throw Your Love Away"
  • Shack: Cult band led by Mick Head, formerly of The Pale Fountains. Influential on Britpop bands such as Oasis Noel Gallagher repaid the debt by signing them to his record label
  • Short Sharp Shock: Crossover hardcore/thrash band from Wirral
  • Skinny: 1995 to 1998 indie pop band later known as Monochrome
  • Smaller: Mid-1990s indie band featuring Digsy of Oasis fame
  • Sonia: Pop singer from the PWL stable. Born in Skem but mostly associated with Liverpool
  • Space: 1990s indie-rock band best known for "Female of the Species" and their 6 other Top 20 hit singles
  • The Spitfire boys were the first Liverpool punk band to release a single ("British Refugee" c/w "Mein Kampf").The Spitfire Boys were mainly notable for including in their line-up Peter Clarke, who went on to drum for The Slits and later Siouxsie and the Banshees (as well as marrying Siouxsie of the Banshees) as Budgie, and Paul Rutherford, later better known for being a member of 1980s pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Jones (aka guitarist David Littler) went on to join The Photons, which also included Steve Strange (Visage) and Vince Ely (The Psychedelic Furs).
  • The Stands: 2000s rock & roll band led by songwriter Howie Payne. Split in 2006
  • Rory Storm and the Hurricanes: Merseybeat group
  • Supercharge: 1970s funk/rock band, led by Albie Donnelly and featuring Ozzie Yue
  • The Swinging Blue Jeans: 1960s Merseybeat group. Top 3 hits include "Hippy Hippy Shake" and "You're No Good"
  • Terry Sylvester was the English guitarist/singer with The Escorts, The Swinging Blue Jeans (1966–69) and The Hollies. In the latter guise, he took on the high parts formerly sung by Graham Nash, who had left the band in December 1968.
  • Sir Freddy Viaduct's Hi-Powered Hi-Fi. Gerry Kenny aka Sir Freddy - Dub producer, Sound System operator; Muhammad Khalil aka Ras Judah Tafari aka Eugene Lange - MCing in multipile vocal styles i.e. Scouse, Jazz, Blues, soul, Funk, African, Moroccan, Reggae, Hip-Hop.
  • Scott Miveld - Scott Miveld revolutionised the world of rock and roll as we know it part of the successful band named later, they concurred the world but Scott later came home to chill with his bowl headed son Elliott then went on to terrorise the music world with the band mohebbi.
  • State of a nation New Wave Funk band from Kirkby formed in 1981 by vocalist Dave Murphy [ex-Vox Arcana] and guitarist Alan Cunningham [ex-Glass Torpedoes] with Chris Wilson on bass and Jeff Kilroe on drums[later replaced by Dean Simister] and rapper Mick Fazakerley on congas and percussion


  • The Teardrop Explodes: Julian Cope led an ever changing line-up mixing pop, new wave and psychedelia with surprising commercial success. Split in 1982 after two albums
  • The Tempest: 1980s acoustic-pop band, signed to Magnet Records and produced by Glenn Tilbrook. Members included Ian Finney and ex-Prefab Sprout member Steve Dolder
  • The Troubadours: Liverpool indie band, known for the single "Gimme Love"
  • The Toffee Hammers: Liverpool punk/pop trio formed by Chris Wilson [ Bass/vocals] in 1989 with Dean Simister on drums but with Snideman Phillips from Maidenhead on guitar


  • Ultrabeat are a British electronic music group from Liverpool, consisting of producer and vocalist Mike Di Scala and producers Ian Redman and Chris Henry.
  • The Undertakers: 1960s Merseybeat group, launchpad for the careers of Jackie Lomax (bass guitar), Chris Huston (lead guitar), Geoff Nugent (rhythm guitar), Brian Jones (tenor saxophone, member of the Glitter band) and Brian (Bugs) Pemberton (drums). Today's members are Brian Jones, Geoff Nugent, Bill Good and Jimmy O'Brien (formerly New Image and Rockin Horse). Lomax rejoins the band when he is home in Liverpool
  • Urban Jazz Ritual. Kif Stress aka Kif Cole-Higgins - African drums and digital sampler; Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Redman Lange - Vocals and percussion; Dave martin - bass; Karl John - congas.


  • Frankie Vaughan was an English singer of traditional pop music who issued more than 80 singles in his lifetime. He was known as "Mr. Moonlight" after one of his early hits.
  • Valentine Bros


  • Wah!: Pete Wylie vehicle, variously known as Wah! Heat and The Mighty Wah!
  • Wave Machines: Indie band (2007–present)
  • The Wild Swans: Post-punk/new wave band
  • The Wombats: Pop punk/power pop three piece consisting of Matthew Murphy, Tord Overland Knudsen and Daniel Haggis from the Paul McCartney's LIPA
  • Wolfshead Blue. Eugene 'Redman' Lange, vocals, guitar, bongos, and harmonica. Raw John Lee Hooker Blues. CD "Medicine Beatz".
  • Words in Motion. Levi tafari - Dib Poetry; Ronnie Williaams - tenore sa; Edwin Dive - flute; Franscisco Carrasco - congas & djembe; Muhammad Khalil aka Eugene Lange - Vocals, and djembe.
  • Kathryn Williams released her first album, Dog Leap Stairs on her own Caw Records label in 1999 with a budget of £80. The follow-up, Little Black Numbers, garnered a Mercury Prize nomination in 2000, bringing her to the attention of a wider public.



  • Yue Who: Consists of members Ozzie Yue, Ian Bamford, Keith 'Nutz' Mulholland and Pete Tulloch



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