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There are 35 licensed banks with combined total assets of US$315 billion.

17 Local Thai Commercial and Retail Banks[edit]

6 local commercial banks ranked by total assets (data from Forbes 2000) (2014)[edit]

  • reference [1]
Rank Name Total Assets
1 Bangkok Bank US$79.0 billion
2 Siam Commercial Bank US$77.1 billion
3 Krung Thai Bank US$76.5 billion
4 Kasikorn Bank US$69.7 billion
5 Bank of Ayudhya US$35.9 billion
6 Thanachart Bank US$32 billion

15 local commercial banks ranked by total assets as of 31 Dec 2007[edit]

With total combined assets of US$277 billion

  • Using an exchange rate of USD1 = 31.5 baht
Rank Name Total Assets
1 Bangkok Bank US$55.0 billion[1]
2 Krungthai Bank (56% owned by Thai government) US$38.1 billion
3 Siam Commercial Bank US$40.0 billion[2]
4 Kasikorn Bank US$30.8 billion[3]
5 TMB Bank (30% owned by ING, 7% DBS, 26% Thai Ministry of Finance, 2% Thai military) US$25.7 billion
6 Thanachart Bank (49% owned by Scotiabank of Canada + merged with Siam City Bank) US$21.9 billion
7 Bank of Ayudhya US$21.2 billion
8 Kiatnakin Bank US$18.1 billion
9 CIMB Thai (subsidiary of CIMB of Malaysia) US$8.2 billion
10 Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) (subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank of the UK) US$ 6.1 billion
11 United Overseas Bank (Thai) (subsidiary of UOB of Singapore) US$5.9 billion
12 Tisco Bank US$3.4 billion
13 ICBC Bank (subsidiary of ICBC of China) US$2.1 billion
14 Mega ICB (subsidiary of Mega ICB of Taiwan) US$0.4 billion

2 local retail banks[edit]

Rank Name Total Assets
1 LH Retail Bank US$980 million
2 The Thai Credit Retail Bank US$81 million

15 Foreign banks with a Full Branch (one location) in Bangkok[edit]

With total combined assets of US$36 billion

Ranked by total assets as of 31 Dec 2006[edit]

Rank Name Total Assets
1 The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (Japan) US$7.3 billion
2 Citibank (US) US$5.7 billion
3 Sumitomo Mitsui (Japan) US$5.6 billion
4 Mizuho (Japan) US$4.4 billion
5 HSBC US$3.7 billion
6 Others US$3.8 billion
Total US$36.1 billion

5 foreign banks (European)[edit]

7 foreign banks (Asian)[edit]

4 foreign banks (North American)[edit]

Representative offices in Bangkok, Thailand[edit]

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