List of baseball parks in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota

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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Metro Area. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

name of ballpark(s) unknown
Minneapolis - Keystone Association (1877 part)
St. Paul - Keystone Association (1877 part)
Minneapolis Millers - Northwestern League (1884 part)
Minneapolis Millers - Northwestern League (1886-87 part)
St. Paul Saints - Northwestern League (1886-87)
Minneapolis Minnies - Western Association (1888 part)
St. Paul Apostles - Western Association (1888-90)
Minneapolis Millers - League (1901)
St. Paul Apostles - Western League (1891 only)
St. Paul Apostles - Western League (1892 part)
St. Paul Saints - Western League (1895-96)
Minneapolis - Northern League (1913 only)
St. Paul - Northern League (1913 part)
West Seventh Street Park
Occupant: St. Paul Saints/Apostles - Northwestern League / Union Association (1884)
Location: St. Clair, Oneida, Duke Streets; railroad (just off West Seventh a.k.a. Fort Road)
Currently: Residential
Lexington Park
St. Paul Saints - Western League (1897-99)
St. Paul Apostles/Saints/Senators/Saints - American Association (1902-56)
Location: Lexington Parkway; University Avenue; Fuller; Dunlap
Home plate: southwest corner (1897); northwest corner (1916)
Currently: Retail businesses
Athletic Park
Occupant: Minneapolis Millers Western Association/League (1889-96-mid)
Location: 6th St North (third base); 5th Street North (right field); 1st Ave North (left field); Hennepin Avenue (first base); near Target Center site
Nicollet Park (mid-1896-1900)
Minneapolis Millers - Western League (mid-1896-1899) / American League (1900)
Minneapolis Millers - American Association (1902-55)
Minneapolis Millerettes - All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (1944 only)
Location: Nicollet Avenue (east, right field); 31st Street (south, first base); Blaisdell Avenue (west, third base); Lake Street (or 30th Street) (north, left field)
Currently: Bank and other offices and housing
Metropolitan Stadium
Minneapolis Millers - American Association (1956-1960)
Minnesota Twins - American League (1961-81)
Location: 8000 Cedar Ave. South (MN-77) (west, first base); I-494 (north, third base)
Currently: Mall of America
Midway Stadium
Occupant: St. Paul Saints - American Association (1957-1960)
Location: 1000 North Snelling Avenue
Currently: Energy Park, an industrial development
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
Occupant: Minnesota Twins - AL (1982-2009)
Location: 900 5th Street South; 4th Street South (northeast, left field); Chicago Avenue/Kirby Puckett Way (northwest, third base); 5th and 6th Streets (southwest, first base); 11th Avenue South (southeast, right field)
Currently: In process of demolition; Vikings Stadium is scheduled to open on the site in 2016
Midway Stadium
Occupant: St. Paul Saints - Northern League (1993-2005) / American Association (2006-present)
Location: 1771 Energy Park Drive
Target Field
Occupant: Minnesota Twins - AL (2010-present)
Location: 3rd Avenue North (southeast, right field, across from Target Center); 5th Street North (northeast, left field); 7th Street North (southwest, first base); Hennepin Environmental Recovery Center [garbage incinerator] and 6th Avenue North (northwest, third base); segment of 3rd Avenue North, to the southwest of the ballpark, renamed "Twins Way"; address styled as "1 Twins Way"

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