List of battles involving France

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The Battle of Malakoff (1855) during the Crimean War, by Horace Vernet (1858)

This is a chronological list of the battles involving France from the reign of Clovis I (481–511) to the ongoing military operations.

This list does not include the battles of the French civil wars (as the Wars of Religion, the Fronde, the War in the Vendée) unless a foreign country is involved; this list includes neither the peacekeeping operations (such as Operation Artemis, Operation Licorne) nor the humanitarian missions supported by the French Armed Forces.

The list gives the name, the date, the present-day location of the battles, the French allies and enemies, and the result of these conflicts following this legend:

      French military victory
      French military defeat
      Indecisive or unclear outcome
      Ongoing conflict

Middle Ages (481–1492)[edit]

Renaissance (1492–1598)[edit]

Ancien Régime (1610–1789)[edit]

Modern history (1789–present)[edit]

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