List of beaches in the Greater Manila Area

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Laiya Beach in San Juan

The beaches of the Greater Manila Area are located on an isthmus in the country of the Philippines between Manila Bay, which opens to the South China Sea to the west, and Laguna de Bay to the east. It shares a long coastline with surrounding provinces dotted with many coves and beaches. Manila Bay was also once ringed with sandy beaches, notably the area of Pineda (Pasay), Tambo (Parañaque) and San Roque (now Cavite City). However, increased urbanization and unchecked industrialization in the last century has led to serious water quality degradation making the whole area unsafe for swimming. Land reclamation has also permanently closed these once natural beaches.

Today, most of the beaches in this region are found in the surrounding provinces in the Greater Manila Area within a 100-mile radius from the capital Manila. The most prominent beaches are found in Batangas in the south, and Bataan in the north particularly those of Nasugbu, San Juan, Morong, Mariveles and Bagac. There is currently plans for a man-made beach in Entertainment City Manila, an integrated entertainment and gaming complex of PAGCOR now under construction in Bay City.[1]

North mainland[edit]

South mainland[edit]

Punta Fuego in Nasugbu


Corregidor Island in the entrance to Manila Bay

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