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This is an international list of beauty pageants around the world. They are categorized according to different criteria's and acknowledgement from various government, private institutions and agencies around the globe. Here are the following criteria's originality, their history, longevity and the years of existence, advocacies, mission and vision, motto or slogan, relevance, platforms, passion, purpose, patency, popularity and publicity, performance and production, prestige, pre-pageant events, controversies, consistencies and community involvement. Further categories which are important includes, the official language use by the presenter during the competition, list of participating countries, names and number of the delegates in an annual basis, the live and delayed broadcast, telecast either locally and internationally via satellite, webcast via the internet around the world of their annual international competition. And lastly, the pageant information’s through their official website and Wikipedia mode. See articles about beauty pageants.
Originality and History are the two most important in the world of pageantry especially when organizing a new title in a beauty contest. Best thing to do is investigate if it is feasible otherwise after few edition/s it will be defunct later, search if there is already existing title before launching a pageant to avoid copying others title.

Women's International Pageants[edit]

Major Beauty Pageants are beauty pageants that has proven their pageant history and importance in the field of pageantry and the society with all the specific criteria's aforementioned. With this category, these are the most respectable, renowned, and prestigious pageants around the world. They possess and embody the true essence and meaning of a beauty contest. 2nd Tier Beauty Pageants and 3rd Tier Beauty Pageants they were both considered important in their respective pageants and entities. 4th Tier Beauty Pageants they are pageants which are considered relevant, and majority in this category are those beauty contest which are relatively newbie in the world of pageantry. And these are the pageants which least number of countries and territories participated and lack of popularity and publicity. Modeling Pageants these are pageants which cannot be categorized to any of the tier pageants because of certain qualifications involved to be considered. This contest usually focused on modeling, fashion, beauty, body, career, profit and businesses, less participation in advocacy, platform and community involvement. Married Women Beauty Pageants these are pageants which is relatively limited for a mother and women who has been married. Teen Beauty Pageants they are the beauty pageants made for a teenager whose ages 14 to 19 years old. Miscellaneous Beauty Pageants these are pageants that were held in an inconsistent basis. Past/Former/Defunct Beauty Pageants pageants that has been discontinued and inactive for 3 to 5 consecutive years.[1]

Major Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Miss World logo.svg Miss World  United Kingdom London 1951
Miss Universe logo.png Miss Universe  United States New York City 1952
Missinternational.png Miss International  United States,  Japan Tokyo 1960
Missearth.png Miss Earth  Philippines Manila 2001

2nd Tier Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Miss Intercontinental  Panama Panama City 1971 [2]
Miss Globe International  Turkey Istanbul 1988
Miss Tourism International  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1994
Miss Supranational (WBA, S.A.)  Panama Panama City 2009 [3][4]
Miss Supranational (WBA, Ltd.)  Panama Kowloon, Hongkong 2009 [5][6]

Note 1: There were two Miss Supranational 2014 Edition both of them were under World Beauty Association, they're using almost similar logos except the crown on top of Miss Supranational , both of them had the same history from 2009 to 2013 except 2014 edition, Due to conflict of interest, one organization split into two. And now the question is? Which among of the two owns the original copyright, the old and official logo of Miss Supranational from 2009 was used by Miss Supranational WBA, Ltd. and the old crown of Miss Supranational from 2009 was used by Miss Supranational WBA, S.A.? Both of them were on their six editions when you look up in their website. For first five editions from 2009-2013 they had the same winners, but on their six editions two separate pageants were held one in Poland and one in India, two winners and two countries carried the title of Miss Supranational 2014. This is one of the major controversies in the world of pageantry. The status of both Miss Supranational as a 2nd tier is only temporarily until further issues will be resolved. You cannot rank a beauty pageant with same title one them it will be compensated and it will be unfair on other hand. To avoid confusion both of them should be presented and updates their website and Wikipedia showing off their official logo, history, advocacy, the mission and vision, list of countries, names and number of participating delegates every year, the winners, runner-ups and semifinalist, countries winner/s ranking and tally board, other special awards given. After splitting into two editions in 2014, here are the winners on both edition.
Miss Supranational 2014 (World Beauty Association, S.A.) - Asha Bhat of India was held in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland
Miss Supranational 2014 (World Beauty Association, Ltd.) - Yennifer Poleo of Venezuela was held in Udaipur, India

3rd Tier Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
World Miss University  South Korea Seoul 1986
Miss Tourism Queen International  Singapore,  China Toa Payoh, Singapore 1993, 2004 [7][8]
Miss Tourism Planet  Greece Athens 1999 [9]
Miss Tourism World United Kingdom Great Britain Nottingham 2000
Miss Tourism Universe  Lebanon Beirut 2000 [10]
Miss Globe (Albania Ed. Miss Globe ÂŽ under Deliart Ass.)  Albania Tirana 2010 [11][12][13]
Miss Globe (under WBO)  Panama Panama City 2010 [14]
18px Miss Grand International  Thailand Bangkok 2013

Note 2: Albania hosted Miss Globe International from 2004-2009. After hosted for six consecutive years, Albania started to founded and organized its own pageant as Miss Globe was established in 2010 under Deliart Association (DA).
There is another Miss Globe which was also existed since 2010 under World Beauty Organization (WBO) same organization with Miss Intercontinental and Top Model of the World. These two pageants are not related to each other.
Miss Globe 2014 (Albania Edition Miss Globe ÂŽ under Deliart Association) - Jacqueline Wojciechowki of Canada was held in Shkodër, Albania
Miss Globe 2013 (under World Beauty Organization) - Savanagh Walker[15] of Canada was held in El Gouna, Egypt
Miss Globe 2014 (under World Beauty Organization) - winner not specified[16] was also held in El Gouna, Egypt

4th Tier Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Reinado Internacional del Café  Colombia Manizales 1957
Miss All Nation  Thailand,  China Singapore 1989, 2010
Miss Humanity International  Barbados Bridgetown 2003 [17]
Miss United Continent.jpg Miss United Continents  Ecuador Guayaquil 2006
Miss Princess of the World  Czech Republic Praha, Ostrava 2006 [18][19]
Miss Summer International  Bulgaria,  Colombia Barranquilla 2008
Miss Progress International  Italy San Giorgio Ionico, Puglia 2010 [20]
Miss Global International  Jamaica Kingston 2010 [21]
Logo of Miss Asia Pacific World.png Miss Asia Pacific World  South Korea Seoul 2011
Miss Freedom of the World  Kosovo Prizren 2011 [22]
Miss Multiverse  Netherlands Amersfoort 2011 [23]
Miss Scuba International  Malaysia Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 2011 [24]
Miss Heritage International logo.jpg Miss Heritage International  Zimbabwe Harare 2011 [25]
Miss Heritage Pageant Logo.png Miss Heritage  Zimbabwe,  South Africa Sandton 2012
Miss Global  United States Los Angeles, California 2012
Miss Diversity Culture International  New Zealand Auckland 2012 [26]
Face of Beauty International  Thailand 2012 [27][28]
Miss Planet  France 2013 [29][30][31]
Miss Planet  Bulgaria Sofia 2014 [32][33]
Miss Universal Peace and Humanity  Lebanon Beirut 2014 [34]
Miss Culture and Peace International  Mexico Tijuana 2014 [35]
Face of the World 2014 [36]
Queen Beauty Universe  Spain 2015 [37]
Miss Eco Queen  Egypt Alexandria 2015

Note 3: Aside from Miss Supranational and Miss Globe, there is another beauty pageant with the same title Miss Planet one was established in 2013 in France and the other one was established in 2014 in Bulgaria . Here are the two Miss Planet winners on both editions in a two different owners, organizations and organizers.
Miss Planet 2014 (under MPO) - Anais Chetcuti of Malta was held in Lyon, France.
Miss Planet 2014 - Ana Sorokina of Russia was held in St. Vlas, Bulgaria.

Modeling Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Ford Models Supermodel of the World Logo.jpg Supermodel of the World  United States New York City 1980
Elite model look logo.jpg Elite Model Look  United States,  France Paris 1983
Miss Model of the World  Turkey Istanbul 1988
Best Model of the World  Turkey Istanbul 1990
Top Model of the World  United States,  Panama Panama City 1993
Miss Supermodel International  Thailand Bangkok 2011

Married Women Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Mrs. World  United States Santa Monica, California 1985
Mrs. International  United States Roanoke, Virginia 1988 [38]
Mrs. Globe  United States Newport Beach, California 1996 [39]
Mrs. Universe  Bulgaria Sofia 2007
Mrs. Earth  United States Bridgewater, Massachusetts 2008

Teen Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Miss Teen International  Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica 1993
Miss Teen World  United States Houston, Texas 2008 [40]
Miss Teenager  Guatemala Guatemala City 2008 [41]
Miss Global Teen 2010 [42]
Miss Teen Universe  Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua 2011 [43][44]
Miss teen earth international logo.jpg Miss Teen Earth  Panama Panama City 2012

Miscellaneous Beauty Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International  Malaysia Kuala lumpur 1993
Miss Global Beauty Queen  China Xiangshan 2005
Miss Beauty of the World/Miss International Beauty and Model Festival  Azerbaijan 2007 [45][46]
Miss University International [47][48]
Queen of the World  Austria 1988 [49][50]

Past/Former/Defunct Beauty Pageants[edit]

Title Country of Origin Year/s
International Pageant of Pulchritude  United States 1920-1932
International Model of the Year[51]  China 2005-2009
Miss Ambar del Mundo / Miss World Amber  Dominican Republic 1975-1978
Miss Asia Pacific International[52]  Philippines 1968-2005
Miss Bikini International  China 2006-2011
Miss Charm International  Russia 1989-1990
Miss Charming International  Thailand 1972
Miss Cyberspace International ? 1999
Miss International Teen Princess / World Teen Princess  United States 1966-1973
Miss Internet WWW  Turkey 2001-2006
Miss Italia Nel Mondo / Miss Italy in the World  Italy 1991-2011
Miss Flower Queen  Japan 1990
Miss Friendship International  China 2009-2010
Miss Global Queen  China 2005-2011
Miss Maja International  Spain 1966-1991
Miss Maja Mundial  Colombia 2004
Miss Model of the Universe-Asia  China 2002
Miss Model of the Year  China 2005
Miss Oriental Tourism  China 2012
Miss Tourism Intercontinental  Malaysia 2003,2010
Miss Tourism International (Anatolya Turkish version)  Turkey 2001
Miss Tourism International (Black Sea Ukrainian version)  Ukraine 2002
Miss Tourism International (Macau version)  Macau 1997
Miss Tourism Metropolitan International  Malaysia 2007
Miss Tourism Pageant  Malaysia 2005,2007
Miss Tourism Queen International-Asia  China 2013
Miss United Nations / Miss Naciones Unidas  Spain 1963-1964, 1981
Miss Wonderland  Malaysia 1987-1989
Miss Young International  Japan 1970-1983
Queen of Tourism International  China 2003
Queen of the Pacific Quest  Australia 1967-1978
Queen of the Year  Malaysia 1993-1997,2000
Reina Internacional del Carnaval / International Carnival Queen  Colombia 1968-1993

Note 4: Majority of the past/former/defunct pageants listed were founded in China and Malaysia. Other past/former or defunct pageants from international, continental and regional some are not included in the list due to lack of information's and history.

Continental and Regional Beauty Pageants[edit]

Association/League/Religion/Union Title
 Arab League Miss Arab World
 European Union Miss Europe
Miss Europe World
Union of South American Nations Hispanic America Miss América Latina
Reina Hispanoamericana
Miss Continente Americano
Nuestra Belleza Latina
Reina Mundial del Banano
 China Miss Chinese International Pageant
Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant
 India Indian Princess International
Miss India Worldwide
 IndonesiaWorld Muslimah Logo.png Miss World Muslimah
Southeast Asia Miss ASEAN
Miss Southeast Asian

Women's National Pageants[edit]


Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Algeria Miss Algeria
 Angola Miss Angola
 Botswana Miss Universe Botswana
 Cameroon Miss Cameroun
 Cape Verde Miss Cabo Verde
 Côte d'Ivoire Miss Côte d'Ivoire
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Miss Earth Democratic Republic of the Congo
 Egypt Miss Egypt
 Ethiopia Miss Ethiopia
Miss Universe Ethiopia
 Gabon Miss Gabon
 Ghana Miss Universe Ghana
Miss Ghana
 Kenya Miss Universe Kenya
Mr. & Miss University Kenya
 Liberia Miss Earth Liberia
 Libya Miss Libya
 Madagascar Miss Madagascar
 Mali Miss Mali
 Mauritius Miss Mauritius
Miss Earth Mauritius
Miss Intercontinental Mauritius
Miss Supranational Mauritius
Mrs Mauritius
Miss India Mauritius
Elite Model Look Mauritius
 Morocco Miss Morocco
 Namibia Miss Namibia
 Nigeria Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria
Miss Nigeria
World Miss University Nigeria
Miss Earth Nigeria
Miss New Nigeria World
 Republic of the Congo Miss Earth Republic of Congo
 Réunion Miss Earth Reunion
 Senegal Miss Senegal
 Somalia Miss Somalia
 South Africa Miss South Africa
Miss Earth South Africa
 South Sudan Miss South Sudan
Beauties of South Sudan
 Sudan Miss Sudan
 Tanzania Miss Universe Tanzania
Miss Tanzania
 Togo Miss Togo
 Tunisia Miss Tunisia
 Uganda Miss Uganda
 Zambia Miss Universe Zambia
 Zimbabwe Miss Zimbabwe


North America[edit]

Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Canada Miss Canada
Miss Universe Canada
Miss World Canada
Miss Earth Canada
 Greenland Miss Greenland
 Mexico Señorita Mexico
Nuestra Belleza Mexico
Miss Earth Mexico
Miss Grand Mexico
Miss Teen USA
Miss America
Miss America's Outstanding Teen
Miss Teen America
Miss World United States
Miss United States International
Miss Earth United States
Miss United States
Miss United States Teen
Distinguished Young Women
Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA
Hawaiian Tropic Teen Miss
Miss Black America
Miss Black USA Pageant
Miss Chinatown USA
Miss Latina US
Miss Teen US Latina
Miss National Asia
Miss Viet Nam Continents
Miss Black Deaf America
Mrs America
National Sweetheart
Miss Hmong Minnesota
Miss Arab USA
Ms. Arab USA

Central America[edit]

Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Belize Miss Belize
 Costa Rica Miss Costa Rica
 El Salvador Nuestra Belleza El Salvador
 Guatemala Miss Guatemala
Miss Guatemala Latina
 Honduras Miss Honduras
 Nicaragua Miss Nicaragua
 Panama Señorita Panamá

South America[edit]

Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Argentina Miss Argentina
 Bolivia Miss Bolivia
 Brazil Miss Universo Brasil
Miss Brazil World
Miss Earth Brazil
Miss Brasil International
Miss Brasil Globo
Miss Grand Brazil
 Chile Miss Chile
Miss World Chile
 Colombia Señorita Colombia
Miss Mundo Colombia
Miss Earth Colombia
 Ecuador Miss Ecuador
 Guyana Miss Guyana Universe
Miss Guyana
 Paraguay Nuestra Belleza Paraguay
 Peru Miss Perú
 Uruguay Miss Universo Uruguay
Miss Atlantico Internacional
 Venezuela Miss Venezuela
Miss Venezuela Mundo


Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Antigua and Barbuda Miss Antigua & Barbuda
 Aruba Miss Aruba
 Bahamas Miss Bahamas
 Barbados Miss Barbados Universe
Miss Barbados World
 British Virgin Islands Miss British Virgin Islands
 Cayman Islands Miss Cayman Islands
 Cuba Miss Cuba
 Curaçao Miss Curaçao
 Dominica Miss Dominica
 Dominican Republic Miss Dominican Republic
 Grenada Miss Grenada World
 Haiti Miss Haiti Universe
 Jamaica Miss Jamaica Universe
Miss Jamaica World
Miss Earth Jamaica
Miss Jamaica Global
 Puerto Rico Miss Universe Puerto Rico
Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico
 Saint Lucia Miss St. Lucia
 Saint-Martin Miss St. Martin
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Miss St. Vincent & Grenadines
 Trinidad and Tobago Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe
Miss World Trinidad and Tobago
 Turks and Caicos Islands Miss Turks and Caicos
 U.S. Virgin Islands Miss US Virgin Islands


Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Afghanistan Miss Afghanistan
 Bahrain Miss Bahrain
 Bangladesh Miss Bangladesh
 Bhutan Miss Bhutan
 Brunei Miss Brunei
 Cambodia Miss Cambodia
 China Miss China Universe
Miss China World
Miss Earth China
 Chinese Taipei Miss Chinese Taipei
 Hong Kong Miss Hong Kong Pageant
Miss Earth Hong Kong
Miss Asia Pageant
 India Femina Miss India
Miss Diva
Indian Princess
Elite Model Look India
Gladrags Megamodel Contest
Miss Heritage India
Miss India Worldwide India
Femina Miss India Delhi
Miss Kerala
Mrs. India
I Am She – Miss Universe India
Bharat Sundari
Eve's Weekly Miss India
Miss Progress India
Miss India Tourism Pageant
World Miss University India
Femina Miss India Bangalore
Femina Miss India Chandigarh
Femina Look of the Year
Miss Chennai
Miss Himalaya Pageant
Miss India South
Miss Tamil Nadu
Miss Tibet
Sananda Tilottama
 Indonesia Puteri Indonesia
Miss Indonesia
Miss Indonesia Earth
Putri Pariwisata Indonesia
 Iran Miss Iran
 Iraq Miss Iraq
 Israel Miss Israel
 Japan Miss Universe Japan
Miss World Japan
Miss International Japan
Miss Earth Japan
 Jordan Miss Jordan
 Kazakhstan Miss Kazakhstan
 Korea (South) Miss Korea
Miss World Korea
 Kurdistan Miss Kurdistan
 Kuwait Miss Kuwait
 Kyrgyzstan Miss World Kyrgyzstan
 Lebanon Miss Lebanon
 Macau Miss Macau
 Malaysia Miss Malaysia
 Mongolia Miss Mongolia
 Myanmar Miss Myanmar
Miss Golden Land Myanmar
Miss Myanmar International
   Nepal Miss Nepal
Little Miss World Nepal - Nepalese Council
Miss Chitwan
Miss Kathmandu
Miss Pokhara
Miss Purwancha
Miss Tourism Queen International Nepal
Miss Teen Nepal
Miss SLC Nepal
SLC Princess
 Oman Miss Oman
 Pakistan Miss Pakistan World
Mrs. Pakistan World
 Palestine Miss Palestine
 Philippines Binibining Pilipinas
Miss Philippines Earth
Miss World Philippines
Mutya ng Pilipinas
Miss Filipinas Heritage
Miss Global Philippines
Miss Globe International Philippines
Miss Grand Philippines
Miss Scuba Philippines
Miss Tourism Philippines
Pinay Beauty Queen Academy
 Qatar Miss Qatar
 Saudi Arabia Miss Saudi Arabia
 Singapore Miss Singapore Universe
 Sri Lanka Miss Earth Sri Lanka
Miss Universe Sri Lanka
Miss World Sri Lanka
Miss Sri Lanka Online
 Syria Miss Syria
 Thailand Miss Universe Thailand
Miss Thailand
Miss Thailand World
Miss Earth Thailand
Miss Grand Thailand
Miss Teen Thailand
Miss Chinese Cosmos Thailand
Thai Supermodel
Young Model Contest
 Tibet Miss Tibet
 Timor Leste Miss Timor Leste
 Turkmenistan Miss Turkmenistan
 United Arab Emirates Miss UAE
 Uzbekistan Miss Uzbekistan
 Vietnam Miss Vietnam
Miss World Vietnamese
Miss Universe Vietnam
Miss Earth Vietnam
 Yemen Miss Yemen


Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Albania Miss Universe Albania
Miss Albania
Miss Shqipëria
 Andorra Miss Andorra
 Armenia Miss Armenia
 Austria Miss Austria
 Azerbaijan Miss Azerbaijan
 Belarus Miss Belarus
 Belgium Miss Belgium
Miss Exclusive
Miss Présence
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Bulgaria Miss Universe Bulgaria
Miss Bulgaria
 Croatia Miss Universe Croatia
Miss Croatia
 Cyprus Miss Cyprus
 Czech Republic Česká Miss
 Denmark Miss Universe Denmark
Miss World Denmark
 Estonia Eesti Miss Estonia
 Finland Miss Suomi
 France Miss France
Miss Prestige National
 Georgia Miss Georgia
 Germany Miss Universe Germany
 Gibraltar Miss Gibraltar
 Greece Star Hellas
 Hungary Miss Universe Hungary
Miss Hungary
 Iceland Miss Iceland
 Ireland Miss Universe Ireland
Miss Ireland
 Italy Miss Italia
Miss Italia nel Mondo
Miss Universo Italia
 Kosovo Miss Universe Kosovo
Miss Kosovo
 Latvia Miss Universe Latvia
 Liechtenstein Miss Liechtenstein
 Lithuania Mis Lietuva
 Macedonia Miss Macedonia
 Malta Miss World Malta
Miss Malta
 Moldova Miss Moldova
 Monaco Miss Monaco
 Montenegro Miss Crne Gore
 Netherlands Miss Nederlands
 Norway Frøken Norge
 Poland Miss Polonia
Miss Polski
 Portugal Miss Portugal
 Romania Miss Universe Romania
Miss Romania
 Russia Miss Russia
Krasa Rossii
 San Marino Miss San Marino
 Serbia Miss Serbia
 Slovakia Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky
 Slovenia Miss Universe Slovenia
Miss Slovenia
 Spain Miss Spain
Miss Catalan Nation
 Sweden Miss Universe Sweden
Miss World Sweden
  Switzerland Miss Switzerland
 Turkey Miss Turkey
 Ukraine Miss Ukraine Universe
Miss Ukraine
Miss Ukraine Earth
Miss Crimea Earth
 United Kingdom Miss United Kingdom
Miss Universe Great Britain
Miss Great Britain
Miss Earth UK
Miss England
 Northern Ireland

Miss Northern Ireland
Miss Scotland
Miss Wales


Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Australia Miss World Australia
Miss Universe Australia
Miss Earth Australia
Miss International Australia
Miss Tourism Australia
Miss Supranational Australia
Miss Grand Australia
Miss Galaxy Australia
Miss Tourism World Australia
 Fiji Miss Fiji
 Guam Miss Guam Universe
Miss Earth Guam
Miss World Guam
 Marianas Northern Miss Marianas Universe
 New Zealand Miss Universe New Zealand
Miss World New Zealand
 Tahiti Miss Tahiti

No longer existing Country[edit]

Country/Commonwealth/State/Territory Title
 Czechoslovakia (before 1992) Miss Czechoslovakia
 Serbia and Montenegro (before 2006) Miss Serbia and Montenegro
 Yugoslavia (before 2002) Miss Yugoslavia
 USSR (before 1991) Miss USSR

Men's International Pageants[edit]

Major International Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Manhunt International  Singapore Singapore 1993
Mister World[53]  United Kingdom London 1996
Mister International  Singapore Singapore 2006
Men Universe Model  Dominican Republic Sto. Domingo 2008

2nd Tier International Pageants[edit]

Logo Title Country of Origin Headquarters Formation Ref
Mr. Tourism International  Panama Panama City 2001
Mr. Diversity Culture International  New Zealand Auckland 2012
Mister Global  Thailand Bangkok 2014
Mr. Universal Ambassador  Indonesia Bali 2015
Mister Globe  France 2015
Mister United Continents
Mister Worldwide International  United States Orlando, Florida 2015
Mister Model International
Mr. Tourism Intercontinental
Mr. Mundial Universe
World Championship of the Performing Arts / Model of the Year
International Best Male Model of the World

Miscellaneous International Pageants[edit]

Mr. Intercontinental
Mr. International
Mister Gay World

Continental and Regional pageants[edit]

Association/League/Union Title
Union of South American Nations Hispanic America Mister Latin America
Asian Region Mister Asia

Men's National Pageants[edit]

Other pageants[edit]


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