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Data as of 2007 indicates that Japan has the second largest music market in the world,[1] but it is the largest in Asia. In 2008, Japan surpassed the United States for having the most physical sales.[2]

Best-selling albums on the Japanese Oricon weekly chart (1970 - present)[edit]

In the history of the Japanese Oricon Weekly Albums Chart which started in January 1970, 278 out of all the charting albums has sold more than 1 million copies.[3]

Top ten best-selling albums recorded by Japanese artists[edit]

This is the list of top-ten out of the best-selling albums on the Oricon. The Japanese albums chart had been separated into LPs (started in 1970), cassette tapes (introduced in 1974), and compact discs (launched in 1985) charts until they were unified in January 1987.

Sales figure derived from data that the Oricon provided in 2007.[4] Though digital sales play a big role in overall sales nowadays, this list does not take them into account.

Rank[3] Year Title Artist Sales
1 1999 First Love Hikaru Utada 7,650,215
2 1998 B'z The Best "Pleasure" B'z 5,135,922
3 1997 Review Glay 4,875,980
4 2001 Distance Hikaru Utada 4,469,135
5 1998 B'z The Best "Treasure" B'z 4,438,742
6 2001 A Best Ayumi Hamasaki 4,301,353
7 1996 Globe Globe 4,136,460
8 2002 Deep River Hikaru Utada 3,604,588
9 2000 Delicious Way Mai Kuraki 3,530,420
10 1998 Time to Destination Every Little Thing 3,520,330

Top ten best-selling albums recorded by non-Japanese artists[edit]

Aside from the materials recorded by Japanese artists or Asian performers who sang in Japanese, 21 out of all the charting albums has sold over 1 million copies as of November 2009.[5] This is the list of 10 best-selling non-domestic artists' recordings, including soundtrack albums. Sales figures listed here are based on the data provided by the Oricon (those are occasionally lower than reports by the record labels, tabloids, or other Japanese record charts).

Rank[3][5] Year Title Artist Sales[6]
1 1998 #1's Mariah Carey 2.80 million+ [nb 1]
2 1995 22 Hits of the Carpenters The Carpenters 2.32 million+ [nb 2]
3 1995 Daydream Mariah Carey 2.20 million+ [nb 3]
4 1994 Merry Christmas Mariah Carey 2.09 million+ [nb 4]
5 2000 1 The Beatles 2.00 million+ [nb 5]
6 1992 The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album Whitney Houston/Various artists 1.88 million+ [nb 6]
7 1982 Thriller Michael Jackson 1.74 million+ [nb 7]
8 1993 Music Box Mariah Carey 1.58 million+ [nb 8]
9 1995 Scatman's World Scatman John 1.56 million+
10 1997 Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack 1.41 million+

List of Million-certified albums by the Recording Industry Association of Japan[edit]

This is the list of the albums that have shipped over 1,000,000 copies and been certified Million by the RIAJ.[18][19] Albums are listed in alphabetical order of each recording artists' name.

Year Artist Title Level Notes
1999 19 Ongaku Million
1996 Nanase Aikawa red 2x Million
1997 paraDOX Million
1999 ID Million Compilation
2011 AKB48 Koko ni Ita Koto Million
2012 1830m Million
2014 Tsugi no Ashiato Million
2000 aiko Sakura no Ki no Shita Million
2001 Natsufuku
1995 Namie Amuro Dance Tracks Vol.1
1996 Sweet 19 Blues 3x Million
1997 Concentration 20 2x Million
1998 181920 2x Million Compilation album
2008 Best Fiction Million
2009 Arashi All the Best! 1999-2009 Compilation album
2010 Boku no Miteiru Fūkei Million
2011 Beautiful World Million
2006 Ayaka First Message
2009 Ayaka's History 2006–2009 Compilation album
2002 Kimimaro Ayanokoji Bakushou Super Live Dai-1 Shū: Chūkounen ni Ai wo Komete Live recording album
1989 B'z Off the Lock
1990 Break Through
Wicked Beat
1991 Mars EP
In the Life 3x Million
1992 Run 2x Million
Friends EP
1994 The 7th Blues Million
1995 Loose 3x Million
1996 Friends II Million EP
1997 Flash Back: B'z Early Special Titles Million Compilation album
Survive 2x Million
1998 B'z The Best "Pleasure" 5x Million Compilation album
B'z The Best "Treasure" 4x Million
1999 Brotherhood Million
2000 B'z The "Mixture" 2x Million Compilation album
Eleven 2x Million
2002 Green Million
The Ballads: Love & B'z Million Compilation album
2005 B'z The Best "Pleasure II" Million
2008 B'z The Best "Ultra Pleasure" Million
2001 Backstreet Boys The Hits: Chapter One Million
2000 The Beatles 1 2x Million
2002 BoA Listen to My Heart Million
2003 Valenti Million
2005 Best of Soul Million Compilation album
1994 Bon Jovi Cross Road Million Compilation album
1995 These Days Million
1998 Boøwy This Boøwy Million Compilation album
1998 The Brilliant Green The Brilliant Green Million
1993 Mariah Carey Music Box Million
1994 Merry Christmas 2x Million
1995 Daydream Million
1997 Butterfly Million
1998 Number 1's 3x Million Compilation album
1995 The Carpenters Seishun no Kagayaki: 22 Hits of the Carpenters 2x Million Compilation album
1991 Chage and Aska Tree 3x Million
1992 Super Best II 2x Million Compilation album
Guys Million
1993 Red Hill
1997 Chara Junior Sweet
2001 Chemistry The Way We Are 2x Million
2002 Second to None 2x Million
1992 Eric Clapton Unplugged Million Live album
1999 Clapton Chronicles Million Compilation album
2001 Da Pump Da Best of Da Pump Million
1994 Deen Deen Million
1997 Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love Million
1999 All the Way… A Decade of Song 2x Million Compilation album
2005 Def Tech Def Tech 2x Million
2006 Catch the Wave Million
1999 Dragon Ash Viva La Revolution 2x Million
2001 Lily Of Da Valley Million
1989 Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Million
Love Goes On... 2x Million
1990 Wonder 3 Million
1991 Million Kisses 3x Million
1992 The Swinging Star Million
1993 Magic 2x Million
1995 Delicious
1996 Love Unlimited
1997 The Best of Dreams Come True Compilation album
Sing or Die Million
1999 The Monster Million
2000 Greatest Hits "The Soul" 2x Million Compilation album
1997 Enya Paint the Sky with Stars Million Compilation album
2001 Theme from Calmi Cuori Appassionati Million
1997 Every Little Thing Everlasting Million
1998 Time to Destination 4x Million
1999 Every Best Single +3 2x Million Compilation album
2000 eternity Million
2001 4 Force
2003 Exile Exile Entertainment
2005 Perfect Best Compilation album
2007 Exile Love
2008 Exile Catchy Best Compilation album
Exile Ballad Best 2x Million
2009 Aisubeki Mirai e Million
2011 Negai no Tō
1993 Masaharu Fukuyama Calling
1995 M-Collection: Kaze wo Sagashiteru Compilation album
1999 Magnum Collection 1999 "Dear" Double-disc compilation album
2001 f
2011 Girls' Generation Girls' Generation
1996 Glay Beloved
1997 Review 5x Million Compilation album
1998 Pure Soul 3x Million
1999 Heavy Gauge 2x Million
2000 Drive: Complete Best 2x Million Double-disc compilation album
1996 globe globe 5x Million
1997 Faces Places 3x Million
1998 Love Again 2x Million
Relation 2x Million
1999 Cruise Record 1995-2000 Million Double-disc compilation album
2001 Gospellers Love Notes
2008 Greeeen A, Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu.
2009 Shio, Koshō
1989 Shogo Hamada Wasted Tears
2000 The History of Shogo Hamada "Since 1975" Compilation album
1999 Ayumi Hamasaki A Song for ××
"A" 14-track CD single
Loveppears 2x Million
2000 Duty 3x Million
2001 A Best 4x Million Compilation album
2002 I am... 3x Million
Rainbow 2x Million
2003 A Ballads Million Compilation album
Memorial Address EP
2004 My Story
2006 (Miss)Understood
1998 hide with Spread Beaver Ja, Zoo
1999 Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
2003 HY Street Story
1993 Kyosuke Himuro Memories of Blue
1995 Singles Compilation album
2000 Ken Hirai The Changing Same
2001 Gaining Through Losing Compilation album
2003 Life Is...
2005 Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection '95-'05 "Uta Baka" 2x Million Compilation album
1993 Eri Hiramatsu Single is Best Million
1998 Kohmi Hirose The Best "Love Winters" 2x Million
1999 Tomoyasu Hotei Greatest Hits 1990-1999 Million
2010 Ikimonogakari Ikimonobakari: Members Best Selection
1989 Miki Imai Ivory
1993 Ivory II
1997 Pride
1997 Koshi Inaba Magma
1999 Yōsui Inoue Golden Best Double-disc compilation album
1994 Judy and Mary Orange Sunshine
1995 Miracle Diving
1997 The Power Source 2x Million
1998 Pop Life Million
2000 Fresh Million
2001 Warp Million
The Great Escape Million
1996 Tomomi Kahala Love Brace 2x Million
1997 Storytelling 2x Million
1997 Makoto Kawamoto Makoto Kawamoto Million
1997 Ryuichi Kawamura Love 3x Million
2003 Ketsumeishi Ketsunopolis 3 Million
2005 Ketsunopolis 4 2x Million
1997 KinKi Kids A Album Million
1998 B Album Million
2000 Kinki Single Selection Million
1998 Kiroro Nagai Aida: Kiroro no Mori Million
2005 Kobukuro Nameless World Million
2006 All Singles Best 3x Million Compilation album
2007 5296 Million
1992 Kome Kome Club Octave 3x Million
1995 Decade Million
2005 Kumi Koda Best: First Things 2x Million Compilation album
2006 Best: Second Session 2x Million
Black Cherry Million
2000 Yuki Koyanagi Expansion Million
1986 Toshinobu Kubota Shake It Paradise Million
1987 Groovin' Million
1988 Such A Funky Thang! Million
1989 The Baddest Million Compilation album
1990 Bonga Wanga Million
2000 Mai Kuraki Delicious Way 3x Million
2001 Perfect Crime Million
2004 Wish You the Best Million Compilation album
1992 Keisuke Kuwata From Yesterday Million Compilation album
1994 Kodoku no Taiyou Million
2002 Rock and Roll Hero Million
Top of the Pops Million Double-disc compilation album
1996 L'Arc-en-Ciel True Million
1998 Heart Million
1999 ark 2x Million
Ray 2x Million
2000 Real Million
2001 Clicked Singles Best 13 Million Compilation album
2011 Lady Gaga The Fame Million
2002 Avril Lavigne Let Go Million
2004 Under My Skin Million
2007 The Best Damn Thing Million
2001 Love Psychedelico The Greatest Hits Million
1997 Luna Sea Singles Million Compilation album
1998 Shine Million
1992 Noriyuki Makihara Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono Million
1993 Self Portrait Million
1994 Pharmacy Million
1997 Smiling Million Compilation album
1989 Yumi Matsutoya Love Wars Million
1990 The Gates of Heaven (Tengoku no Door) 2x Million
1991 Dawn Purple 2x Million
1992 Tears and Reasons Million
1993 U-miz Million
1994 The Dancing Sun 2x Million
1995 Kathmandu Million
1997 Cowgirl Dreamin' Million
1998 Neue Musik: Yumi Matsutoya Complete Best Vol.1 3x Million Double-disc compilation album
2001 Sweet, Bittersweet: Yuming Ballad Best Million Double-disc compilation album
1996 Max Maximum Million
1997 Maximum II Million
1998 Maximum Groove Million
1999 Maximum Collection Million Compilation album
1998 Misia Mother Father Brother Sister 2x Million
2000 Love Is the Message 2x Million
2001 Marvelous Million
2002 Kiss in the Sky Million
2003 Misia Greatest Hits 2x Million Compilation album
1995 Chisato Moritaka Do the Best Million
2000 Morning Musume 3rd-Love Paradise MIllion
2001 Best! Morning Musume 1 Million Compilation album
1992 Mr.Children Kind of Love Million
1993 Versus Million
1994 Atomic Heart 3x Million
1996 Shinkai 2x Million
1997 Bolero 3x Million
1999 Discovery Million
2000 Q Million
2001 Mr. Children 1992-1995 2x Million Compilation album
Mr. Children 1996-2000 2x Million Compilation album
2002 It's a Wonderful World Million
2004 Shifuku no Oto Million
2005 "Four Dimensions" Million EP
I Love U Million
2007 Home Million
2008 Supermarket Fantasy Million
1996 My Little Lover Evergreen 3x Million
1989 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi Showa Million
2002 Mika Nakashima True Million
2003 Love Million
2005 Best Million Compilation album
1991 Kazumasa Oda Oh! Yeah! Million
2002 Jiko Best 2x Million Compilation album
1993 Maki Ohguro Da Da Da Million
1994 Eien no Yume ni Mukatte Million
1995 La. La. La. Million
Back Beats #1 3x Million Compilation album
1997 Power of Dreams 2x Million
1997 Mayo Okamoto Smile Million
2001 Chihiro Onitsuka Insomnia Million
2004 Orange Range musiQ 2x Million
2005 Natural Million
1991 Yutaka Ozaki Seventeen's Map (Jūnana-Sai no Chizu) Million Reissue (first released in 1983)
1992 Confession for Exist (Hounetsu e no Akashi) Million Posthumous album
1996 For All My Loves (Aisubeki Mono Subete ni) Million Compilation album
2001 Porno Graffitti foo? Million
2004 Porno Graffitti Best Red's Million Compilation album
Porno Graffitti Best Blue's Million
1989 Princess Princess Lovers Million
1990 Princess Princess Million
1992 Singles 1987-1992 Million Compilation album
1996 Puffy AmiYumi Million
1998 Jet-CD Million
2004 Queen Jewels Million Compilation album
2002 Rip Slyme Tokyo Classic Million
1995 Scatman John Scatman's World MIllion
1995 Sharam Q Gambler Million
1996 Single Best 10 Million Compilation album
1998 Shazna Gold Sun and Silver Moon Million
1999 Ringo Shiina Muzai Moratorium Million
2000 Shouso Strip 2x Million
2001 Smap Smap Vest 2x Million Compilation album
1997 Speed Starting Over 2x Million Studio album
1998 RISE 3x Million Studio album
1998 MOMENTS 3x Million Compilation album
1999 Carry on my Way 1x Million Studio album
1990 Southern All Stars Southern All Stars Million
Inamura Jane Million Motion picture soundtrack
1992 Yo ni Manyou no Hana ga Saku nari 3x Million
1996 Young Love 2x Million
1998 Umi no Yeah!! 4x Million Double-disc compilation album
Sakura Million
2000 Ballad 3: The Album of Love 2x Million Double-disc compilation album
2005 Killer Street Million Double album
1995 Spitz Hachimitsu Million
1996 Indigo Chiheisen Million
1999 Recycle: Greatest Hits of Spitz Million Compilation album
1999 Ami Suzuki SA 2x Million
2000 Infinity Eighteen Vol. 1 Million
1995 Masayuki Suzuki Martini II Million Compilation album
1992 Mariya Takeuchi Quiet Life Million
1994 Impressions 3x Million Compilation album
2001 Bon Appetit! Million
2008 Expressions Million Compilation album
2003 t.A.T.u. 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane Million
1998 T.M. Revolution Triple Joker Million
1999 The Force Million
1992 T-Bolan So Bad Million
1993 Heart of Stone Million
1996 Singles Million Compilation album
1999 TLC FanMail Million
2007 Hideaki Tokunaga Vocalist 3 Million
2003 Twelve Girls Band Beautiful Energy Million
1994 TRF Word Groove Million
Billionaire Million
1995 Dance to Positive 2x Million
Hyper Mix 4 Million
Brand-New Tomorrow Million
1998 Works Million Compilation album
1989 Tube Tubest Million
1993 Roman no Natsu Million
1994 Owaranai Natsu ni Million
Melodies & Memories Million
1995 Yuzurenai Natsu Million
1996 Tubest II Million Compilation album
2000 Tubest III Million
1996 Ulfuls Banzai Million
1993 Unicorn The Very Best of Unicorn Million Compilation album
1999 Hikaru Utada First Love 8x Million
2001 Distance 4x Million
2002 Deep River 3x Million
2004 Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 1 3x Million Compilation album
Exodus Million Released under the stage name "Utada"
2006 Ultra Blue Million
2008 Heart Station Million
1993 Wands Toki no Tobira Million
Little Bit... Million
1995 Pieces of My Soul Million
1991 X Japan Jealousy Million
1993 X Singles Million Compilation album
1995 Tatsuro Yamashita Treasures Million Compilation album
1998 Cozy Million
1996 The Yellow Monkey Triad Years Act 1: The Very Best of the Yellow Monkey Million Compilation album
1999 Yuzu Yuzuen Million
2000 Tobira Million
1996 Miwa Yoshida Beauty and Harmony Million
1993 Z-Dan Enoshima: Southern All Stard Golden Hits Medley Million
1992 Zard Hold Me Million
1993 Yureru Omoi 3x Million
1994 Oh My Love 2x Million
1995 Forever You Million
1996 Today Is Another Day Million
1997 Zard Blend: Sun & Stone 2x Million Compilation album
1999 Eien Million
Zard Best the Single Collection: Kiseki 3x Million Compilation album
Zard Best: Requested Memorial Million
2006 Golden Best: 15th Anniversary Million
1992 Whitney Houston / various artists  The Bodyguard 2x Million Motion picture soundtrack
2003 Various artists Winter Sonata Million Korean drama soundtrack

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