List of books and publications related to the hippie subculture

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This is a list of books and publications related to the hippie subculture. It includes books written at the time about the counterculture of the 1960s and early 1970s, books that influenced the culture, and books published after its heyday that document or analyze the culture and period. The list includes both nonfiction and fictional works, with the fictional works including novels about the period. Each work is notable for its relation to the culture, in addition to any other notability it has.


Novels influential in the period[edit]

Poetry from the period[edit]

Nonfiction from the period[edit]

Guides to the subculture from the period[edit]

Current fiction about the subculture[edit]

Current nonfiction about the subculture[edit]


Underground comix[edit]

Spanish-language books[edit]

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