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This is a list of books where a character's transgender identity has been noted as playing a role in the story. The list is sorted by year of publication.

  • Breakfast on Pluto (Patrick McCabe, 1998)
  • Almost Perfect (Brian Katcher, 2009) tells the story of an adolescent closeted transgender girl named Sage. Sage moves to a new high school in Missouri where she meets and becomes good friends with the narrator Logan. When she confides her secret in Logan, he must choose between his friendship with and attraction to Sage and his inner feelings of transphobia and homophobia. Katcher's novel is geared towards young adults and won the Stonewall Book Award from the American Library Association in 2011.[2]
  • Holding Still For As Long As Possible (Zoe Whittall, 2009)
  • I Am J (Cris Beam, 2011), J had always felt different. He was certain that eventually everyone would understand who he really was: a boy mistakenly born as a girl. Yet as he grew up, his body began to betray him; eventually J stopped praying to wake up a "real boy" and started covering up his body, keeping himself invisible—from his parents, from his friends, from the world. But after being deserted by the best friend he thought would always be by his side, J decides that he's done hiding—it's time to be who he really is. And this time he is determined not to give up, no matter the cost.
  • Parrotfish (Ellen Wittlinger, 2011), Angela Katz-McNair has never felt quite right as a girl, but it's a shock to everyone when she cuts her hair short, buys some men's clothes, and announces she'd like to be called by a new name, Grady. Although Grady is happy about his decision to finally be true to himself, everybody else is having trouble processing the news. Grady's parents act hurt; his sister is mortified; and his best friend, Eve, won't acknowledge his existence. On top of that, there are more practical concerns—for instance, which locker room is he supposed to use for gym class? Grady didn't expect his family and friends to be happy about his decision, but he also didn't expect kids at school to be downright nasty about it. But as the victim of some cruel jokes, Grady also finds unexpected allies, including the school geek Sebastian, and Kita Charles, who's a gorgeous senior.
  • The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy (ISBN 978-0987976307, S. Bear Bergman, 2012) Title-character Tulip deals with the birthday wishes of all the nine-year-olds in North America. Tulip receives a wish from a child known as David who wishes to live as Daniela. He doesn't understand how to help, so he seeks the wise counsel of the Wish Fairy Captain and learns (and teaches) how to help and respect a gender-independent young person. The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy was named a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in 2013.[3]
  • Roving Pack (Sassafrass Lowrey, 2012)
  • The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard (edited by Tom Léger and Riley MacLeod, 2012)
  • Beautiful Music for Ugly Children (Kirstin Cronn-Mills, 2012), "This is Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, on community radio 90.3, KZUK. I’m Gabe. Welcome to my show." My birth name is Elizabeth, but I’m a guy. Gabe. My parents think I’ve gone crazy and the rest of the world is happy to agree with them, but I know I’m right. I’ve been a boy my whole life. When you think about it, I’m like a record. Elizabeth is my A side, the song everybody knows, and Gabe is my B side—not heard as often, but just as good. It’s time to let my B side play. Winner of the 2014 Stonewall Book Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature.
  • Nevada (Imogen Binnie, 2013)
  • I Know Very Well How I Got My Name (Elliot DeLine, 2013)
  • I've Got a Time Bomb (Sybil Lamb, 2014)
  • A Safe Girl to Love by (Casey Plett, 2014)

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